Jul 28, 2013

Sundaze 1330

Hello, as we finally got some rain and the odd rumble of thunder in the distance temps finally dropped somewhat alas midweek it will be back into the thirties. Moan Today it was reported that Barnaby Jack, an (in)famous hacker was found dead, was scheduled to be one of the star guests at the Black Hat hacking convention in Las Vegas next week. In a presentation called Hacking Humans, he was planning to highlight the shortcomings of commonly used pacemaker machines by demonstrating how he could hack into them and kill the heart patient from 50ft away with a deadly power surge triggered by a wireless transmitter. Anyway its safe to say he underestimated the life is cheap attitude of the corporations and it's goons CIA & FBI latter certainly didn't want to forgo on this quiet murder tool. Im certain some CEO's and ex presidents who have a pacemaker installed have yet another problem on top of the fact that NSA knows everything about them...

Todays artist is a member of the US electronic scene and Ten and Tracer seems to fit in as the perfect equivalent of UK acts like Boards of Canada and Plaid.  Living in the mountains of Longmont Colorado, JON CANUPP has been creating a pleasant mix of uplifting sounds, gentle melodies and crystal clear rhythms all combined with hidden and touching structures. Go figure they legalized marihuana there as well   ...N'Joy

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Ten and Tracer is Jonathan Canupp. He was born in Boulder, Colorado a while ago. Some rappers say they were born with a microphone in their hand; Jonathan was born with a Macbook, Vaio, Roland JP-8000, Roland JX-10, Electrix FX units, Roland MKS-100, Yamaha FB-01, Violin, Flute, Cello, Minidisk recorder, several vintage reel-to-reels (Sony, Grundig), several cassette and micro-cassette recorders, Reaktor, Max/Msp, Ableton Live, FL Studio, and Adobe Audition in his hand(s). He has many hands. However his main influence is all things visual usually. The scenery in Colorado provides a lot of influence. Weather affects his sound too.

Since the year 2000, Jonathan Canupp has been producing music under the moniker Ten and Tracer.  In that time, he has released a great diversity of music, both as a solo artist and collaboratively.  Throughout these many releases, he has received high praise from a similarly diverse group, from Taylor Deupree to Magda, Troy Pierce and Richie Hawtin.

Ten and Tracer has released on many labels, including U-Cover, Bitlab, Archipel, Zymogen, 8bitpeoples, and others. He has supported and headlined with such acts as Thomas Fehlman, Proem, Lusine, Kangding Ray, Sawako, Terminal 11 and CDatakill.

His most recent shows in 2007 have earned him a growing reputation in Colorado. He has also played shows in Belgium, France, Germany and Holland. Ten and Tracer once had a Wikipedia article about him, but he encouraged people to vandalize it (idiot!) and now it has been removed. Ten and Tracer has more than one-thousand friends @ NSA facebook.

In 2010, he received a degree in Biology and Religious Studies – two profoundly influential topics, most evident in his ambient book/music releases Tsotsitaal and Cold Finishes the Monk.  After graduating college, he went to work on the LEGO Universe video game, making sound effects and music – all of which received the highest accolades and perfect scores in virtually every review.

Now, 2012 sees the complete convergence of these many influences and experiences with the refinement of his talents – ind a number of albums and EPs on the way.  If you don’t know Ten and Tracer, it’s time to get to know him, friend.

Jonathan Canupp
"Basically I make music to compliment the scenery of Colorado. Keylemon Reports is perfect for driving down the countryside here. My latest stuff is a lot warmer sounding since it's summer, so it's more of a 'drive down the beach in a convertible' kind of record. All of it is basically for chilling out though. Making people think."

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An Hour Brighter has all the trademark sounds of Boards Of Canada - spooky soundscapes, echoing voices, downtempo beats, and short interludes. The whole album is filled with diferente kinds of Moods, most of the musics are melancholic, while other are more like celebrating a good event, other tracks are more deep , there is a constant presence of extended melodic waves throughout each song, reminding you of similar flow of boards of canada, but this time it is colder, cooler, never achieving rampant melancholy or often overdone warmth of boc. yet another ever-present property is continuous percussion, with steady heavy rhythmic feel, without any of the fuzziness or crackling, splintery feel so common in this genre. combined with elegant melodies, it might remind you of more rhythmic side of arovane. 'An hour brighter' contains 60 minutes exactly divided into 22 emotional tracks full of melodic layers and subtle IDM rhythms that immediately find a place in your mind and heart.

Ten And Tracer - An Hour Brighter (230mb)

01 On Your Marks 5:12
02 Wizard Start 1:36
03 Cine Fil 6:31
04 Aurora Reflect 4:16
05 Next Sun 0:52
06 Yellows Home 3:21
07 Lions 2:01
08 No Magic Martin 4:29
09 This Is Mixed Medium 0:45
10 Ever Go Rolling 4:41
11 Deep Sky Objects 0:33
12 Signal Red Volunteers 4:27
13 Ven Mirror 0:49
14 Fifth Lake And Screams 4:23
15 Balloon Go 1:25
16 Next Wind 1:33
17 Funshine 3:01
18 1987A 1:14
19 Circle Alaska Missed 0:55
20 Glow Days 4:00
21 Falls 2:32
22 We Can Ride 1:11

Ten And Tracer - An Hour Brighter (ogg 117mb)

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Filled with melancholic and dark tunes, most of the musics will make you feel surrounded by ghosts, while others will relax you and provide you a melancholic feeling. This albums seems to be a constant revelation of uncovered secret events and mysteries. "Companion" is a unique jewelry within its genre . It may still initiate the (usual?) Boards of Canada frequencies, however, it should be noted that T&T also captures life-changing memories rolled into a sphere of sampled soundscapes and unusually attractive melodies. The opening “Get Set” and “With Water from Hawaii” reveal the intricate atmospheres of found-sound textures while “Harold’s Quiet Adventure” and “Creature Called Fire” manifest hollow beat-structures and rhythmic flows. Tracks such as “Very Same Paradox” and “One By Four By Nine” are cropped pieces of audio oddities layered with subtle vocal elements and splashes of psychedelic ambience. It’s a formula that Ten And Tracer has kept true to form, without breaking new territory -he encapsulates his sound and grows within it.

By far, one of the highlights on Companion is the emotionally warped chant of “A Strange World For Milo and Tock;” this piece disassociates itself from the others by combining a more detailed percussive loop enriched with a haunted analog rumble. “Growing Aqua” also delivers a rhythmic punch and propelling beat-work, but it simply ends too quickly to digest in one take. As is the trend lately, three remixes are also attached –the rendering experimental flux of Ontayso’s 10-minute audio journey with Helios and Kettel providing interpretations of emotively charged soundtrack ambiences closing.

Ten And Tracer - Companion (253mb)

01 Get Set 1:36
02 Dragon Simply Speaking 4:20
03 The Rivers Are Furious 3:29
04 Imaginary Scales 0:44
05 A Strange World For Milo And Tock 4:14
06 Creature Called Fire 6:01
07 One By Four By Nine 1:06
08 Growing Aqua 3:04
09 Very Same Paradox 0:58
10 Harold's Quiet Adventure 4:48
11 Salem P. 2:02
12 Spin Me Good Morning 4:06
13 With Water From Hawaii 2:29
14 Ten Minutes Of Shade (Ontayso Remix) 10:15
15 Invisible Scales (Helios Remix) 5:35
16 The Rivers Are Furious (Kettel Remix) 6:09

Ten And Tracer - Companion (ogg 128mb)

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Telecine Bus / Redix Reports, compiles previously issued (in this case already issued vinyl-only tracks) and unreleased material. Specifically, the opening six tracks originally appeared on the Keylemon Reports  twelve-inch, while others come from vinyl releases (An Hour Brighter, Bubble Plus Bus) that other labels planned to issue but didn't for one reason or another. Though some if it extends as far back as 2002, the material sounds as fresh as the day it was born, with Canupp digging deep into a downtempo tip for settings both dreamy (“Two Medicine”) and funky (“Cine Fil (Third Edit)”). At times, a darker vibe seeps into a given song (“Signal Red Volunteers (Version Two),” for example) but generally the Ten And Tracer sound remains breezy and free of portent, as the light-footed outro “Free Agent” indicates. The stylistic similarities between Ten And Tracer and Boards of Canada are again clearly evident in certain songs (“Redix Winter” and “Ledix Winter” could easily have snuck onto Geogaddi  without anyone batting an eye).

This is a collection of Ten And Tracer's past vinyl tracks:
-Tracks 1-6 originally from the 2001 Keylemon Reports 12".
-Tracks 7-10 originally from a planned vinyl release of An Hour Brighter though Inc.us, which was scrapped and went unreleased.
-Tracks 11, 12 originally from the 2003 Redix Winter 7".
-Tracks 13, 14 originally from a planned vinyl split called Bubble Plus Bus through Neo Ouija, which was scrapped and went unreleased.

Ten And Tracer - Telecine Bus Redix Reports (276mb)

01 Hoxton For You 4:48
02 Understanding Waves 3:10
03 Moraine Park 5:18
04 Two Medicine 4:16
05 Kemia Devine 4:05
06 Keylemon Reports 5:06
07 Cine Fil (Third Edit) 4:11
08 Next Moon 1:11
09 No Magic Martin (Even I Know That) 4:37
10 Signal Red Volunteers (Version Two) 5:54
11 Redix Winter 4:47
12 Ledix Winter 4:11
13 Bus Plus Bubble 4:58
14 Free Agent 4:22

Ten And Tracer - Telecine Bus Redix Reports  (ogg 125mb)

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