Mar 31, 2015

RhoDeo 1513 Re-Up 8


Storage maybe dirt cheap these days -compared to 5 years ago, but the hosts are much more money orientated and look at turnover and notice that keeping data longer than 1 month isn't making them money. Thus the coming months i'm making an effort to re-up, it will satisfy a small number of people which means its likely the update will  expire relativly quickly again as its interest that keeps it live. Nevertheless here's your chance ... asks for re-up in the comments section prefarbly at the page where the expired link resides....requests are satisfied on a first come first go basis. As my back up ogg hard disk is nonresponsive currently, i most likely will post a flac instead~for the the pre medio 2011 posts~ but i would think that is not really a problem...updates will be posted here and yes sign a name to your request and please do it from the page where the link died!

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3x Ellen Allien (back in flac)

3x On U Sound On The Wire (Back in flac)

2x Undisputed Truth (back in ogg 9 234mb)

Sixties Sunshine, Joe Higgs now in flac (224mb)

Joe Gibbs Discomix Showcase 2+4  back in flac 266mb

Joe Gibbs Discomix Showcase 1+3  back in flac (975mb)

King Tubby - Dub From The Roots back in flac (258mb)

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Mar 30, 2015

RhoDeo 1513 Empire Strikes Back 03

Hello, Hamilton fans got a big shock today...Vettel is back backed by a great Ferrari once again world's fastest cruiser took the flag first. Circumstances in Malaysia were special as in extremely hot apparently this suited Ferrari better then Mercedes but hey it was good see these getting passed once more. Rookie Verstappen had a great race and scored his first points. In all there was plenty of action today.. Lets hope this will continue

Tomorrow a new re-up posting, get your request in....

This week the Empire will Strike Back !

A long time ago in a galaxy far far away...................

At first, the idea seems bizarre, even ridiculous. Star Wars, a movie best known for its vistas of alien worlds and epic battles, as a 13 part radio drama? Well, unless you have the cold heart of a Sith, Star Wars did indeed translate well from the silver screen to radio, thank you very much. Yes, Star Wars' visual effects are a big part of the magic of the saga, but the heart and soul of George Lucas' galaxy far, far away are the characters and the storyline. And while the movie is satisfying on its own, the radio dramatization written by the late Brian Daley takes us beyond the movie....beyond the screenplay...and even beyond the novelization.

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This landmark production, perhaps the most ambitious radio project ever attempted, began when Star Wars creator George Lucas donated the story rights to an NPR affiliate. Writer Brian Daley adapted the film's highly visual script to the special demands and unique possibilities of radio, creating a more richly textured tale with greater emphasis on character development. The success of the first series led to a 10-part, four hour 15 minute series based on the 1980 film The Empire Strikes Back, again written by Daley and directed by Madden. The series debuted on NPR on February 14, 1983.

Like the preceding series, The Empire Strikes Back expands on the movie's story by incorporating new scenes. Examples include an Imperial attack on a Rebel convoy set before the film's opening scene and a tense conversation between Solo and Skywalker while the two are stranded in the Hoth wastelands.

National Public Radio's promoted the series in part by getting Craig Claiborne to create his version of Yoda's rootleaf recipe, which the Jedi Master serves Luke in the hut on Dagobah. The recipe ran in magazines and newspapers across the country.
Billy Dee Williams reprised Lando Calrissian, and John Lithgow played Yoda at the same time Madden was directing Lithgow in the play Beyond Therapy. Hamill and Daniels returned to voice Skywalker and C-3PO.

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It was recorded in 1982 at A&R Studios, New York City

With among others:
Mark Hamill as Luke Skywalker
Perry King as Han Solo
Ann Sachs as Princess Leia Organa
Billy Dee Williams as Lando Calrissian
Bernard Behrens as Obi-Wan Kenobi
Brock Peters as Lord Darth Vader
John Lithgow as Yoda
Anthony Daniels as C-3PO
James Eckhouse as Beta
Peter Friedman as Dak
Ron Frazier as Deck Officer
Merwin Goldsmith as General Rieekan
Peter Michael Goetz as Ozzel
Gordon Gould as Veers
Paul Hecht as The Emperor
Russell Horton as 2-1B
James Hurdle as Controller
Nicholas Kepros as Needa
David Rasche as Piett
Alan Rosenberg as Boba Fett
Jay O. Sanders as Imperial Pilot
Don Scarino as Wedge
Ken Hiller as Narrator

The Empire Strikes Back 03 A Question Of Survival (mp3  23mb)

203 A Question Of Survival 03 25:07

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The Empire Strikes Back 02 The Coming Storm (mp3  24mb)
The Empire Strikes Back 01 Freedom's Winter (mp3  24mb)

A New Hope 101 A Wind to Shake the Stars (mp3 25mb)
A New Hope 102 Points of Origin (mp3 25mb)
A New Hope 103 Black Knight, White Princess (mp3 25mb)
A New Hope 104 While Giants Mark Time (mp3 25mb)
A New Hope 105 Jedi That Was Jedi To Be (mp3 25mb)
A New Hope 106 The Millenium Falcon Deal (mp3 25mb)
A New Hope 107 The Han Solo Solution (mp3 25mb)
A New Hope 108 Death Star's Transit (mp3 26mb)
A New Hope 109 Rogues, Rebels And Robots (mp3  26mb)
A New Hope 110 The Luke Skywalker Initiative (mp3  26mb)
A New Hope 111 The Jedi Nexus (mp3  25mb)
A New Hope 112 The Case For Rebellion (mp3  25mb)
A New Hope 113 Force And Counter Force (mp3  25mb)

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Mar 29, 2015

Sundaze 1513


Today's Sundazers are pointed to Europe's creative heart, Berlin . N'joy

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Lars Fenin started to make music as a guitarist end of the 80ties in random post-wave/reggae band projects in his hometown Hamburg.  After several visits to Berlin in 1993 he decided to move there, and found himself back in raisin east-berlin with its fresh and unconvential potential of new arts, clubs, and squatted house-partys. After continuing the post-rock-stuff in a 3 member band fenin went more and more into dub/reggae type o music, and founded 1996 his own reggae–band “Tribal Notes”, musically ranging from dub/experimental to straight roots orientated songs.  In 1996 all changed of a sudden after the first outdoor rave and visits of drum’n’bass partys in Berlin. In 1997 Fenin bought his first synthesizer, and an atari 1040 st sequencer, producing little dub/bass/electro pieces in his small homestudio. Fenins first release soon followed on a compilation, done by friends in Hamburg. After that he played his first live-sets with a friend and an 808 bouncing in the back.  In 1999 contact was made to at that time unkown label Shitkatapult, and in 2000 fenins first release followed under alias “Herr Pitzelberger”.

Since then Fenin has released serveral Eps and albums for his homies Shitkatapult as well as 12" s and remixes for labels like Echocord, Revolver, Eintakt and Mitek among others. Along the years he could boast collaborations with artists such as Deadbeat, Mikael Stavöstrand, D-meteo, k.j.gibbs, der dritte raum, Eraldo Bernocchi and Jeff Milligan. In 2005 Shitkatapult released his debut album "Grounded" Since 2008 he runs also his own label called "Dock-records"..Never the less his albums are still released thru Shitkatapult 2008 Been Through and 2 years later Mixes and Maxes is last album thusfar was 1013's Heartware.

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Lars Fenin is one of those people whose past musical heritage reads like a succession of events that were pre-ordained in order to get him from his mid-90's reggae days in Berlin's Tribal Notes, through the cities electronic renaissance and his first 12" in 2000, to now and the release of debut album 'Grounded'.

Longtime Shitkatapult and Meteosound crew member Lars Fenin delivers his second album since 2005's 'Grounded' with 'Been through'. Alongside Daniel Meteo, Anders Ilar and Pole amongst others Fenin has consistently foraged in the dub undergrowth to roughly define the Berlin dub-tech aesthetic, aiming for a calculated post-dub-techno approach that still clings to the basic tenets of dub minimalism but enhanced by updated production processes and open to incorporating new rhythms and styles from hiphop to electronica. With vocal assistance from reggae singer Gorbi, Fenin moves through dubbed mutations on discoid electro on 'breakin', tricky shufflers on 'colourfields', moody melodic steppers on 'Complain' feat Scorcha and ace dub tech on album highlight 'Red wine'. There's a wonderfully inviting early evening dub haze about the whole album which definitely makes it worth a look in, give it a crack like.

Fenin - Been Through  (flac 254mb)

01 Dub Eraldo - Intro 3:17
02 A Try 5:02
03 Breakin 5:31
04 Colourfields 6:26
05 Miles And More 4:34
06 So Weit So Gut 2:08
07 Complain 4:47
08 Elephants 3:56
09 Red Wine 5:30
10 I Guess 5:03
11 Years Ago 3:25

Fenin - Been Through (ogg  112mb)

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Fenin showcases a selection of some of his finest deep and dubby techno with a collection of previously unreleased and vinyl-only tracks for Berlin's Shitkatapult. While showcasing a good understanding of the minimal dub sound, it's interesting to hear traces of UK garage and dubstep incorporated into Fenin's sound. Fenin seems to have found the knack of creating a counterbalance to the flow and texture of each track, often playing off smooth with rough, or dreamy with alert, thereby building a dynamic tension that is perfect for repeat listening or losing it on the dance floor. The highlight has to be "Seems Like" whose combination of pulsing electro, rugged dubstep rhythms and carnivalesque synths is simply sublime. The slow, but insistent bass-weight thuggery of "Done," the restless percussive detail of "Romeo Kalimba" and "Driven" with its lusty, but patient kick drum, sparking snares and chiselled Jamaican guitar run a close second.

 Fenin's long-term collaborator Gobi also rises to the challenge with two driven performances, the first on the minimal styled "None of Them" and, most tellingly, on the closing track "Sound and Power" whose refrain "Sound and power is coming your way" is delivered with venom and freshness. Perhaps the only surprise here is that it tails off so quickly, ending the album on a lurch, when so much effort had been made to build a cohesive set out of a collection of released and unreleased tracks. That he does so is just one more reason to want to know more.

Fenin - Mixes and Maxis  (flac  243mb)

01 Done (Edit) 5:20
02 Divison El Norte 6:08
03 Seems Like 5:37
04 None Of Them (Voc.Gorbi) (Robags Wokksikon Remikks) 6:30
05 Romeo Kalimba 6:17
06 Driven 5:43
07 Adeto 2:52
08 And Again 4:06
09 Sound And Power 5:37

Fenin - Mixes and Maxis  (ogg 108mb)

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Onmutu Mechanicks is Arne Weinberg, who has been creating Detroit- and dub-inspired techno for ten years on quality labels such as Down Low Music, Styrax Records, Matrix Records, Frantic Flowers, Dpress Industries, and his own AW-Recordings. Onmutu Mechanicks supposedly represents Weinberg at his most abstract. This is his second full-length release under the alias, after a CD-R earlier this year on Diametric.

From the dub stasis of 'Catatonic' he guides us on an inward trajectory with the heavy breathing shuffle of 'Aspiring To Aspire' and continues an internal spiral with the soundtracky space of 'Lupos Moon', recalling the bleakness of Demdike Stare's spare grooves. Down the line and the sleep-techno of 'Neutrino' only keeps consciousness because of its metronomic woodblock, before 'When You Return' inhabits the blue zones of Signer or Fluxion and 'Across The Styx' pulls the rhythmic anchor to drift in placid dub lagoon. With 'Nocturne' Arne proves he knows how to sooth and salve heads with elegance and substance, resulting in a sumptuous listen from start to finish.

Onmutu Mechanicks - Nocturne  (flac  410mb)

01 Catatonic 6:32
02 Aspiring To Aspire 9:29
03 Lupus Moon 10:27
04 Neutrino 6:12
05 Constant X 6:50
06 When You Return 8:57
07 Across The Styx 11:07
08 Your Touch Is So Electric 5:32
09 On Silent Wings 9:10

Onmutu Mechanicks - Nocturne   (ogg 143mb)

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