Jul 23, 2013

RhoDeo1329 Roots

Hello, today the British anxiety for the the new royal baby was deflated, as Prince Pi (22/7) was born in a natural way at 4.24 pm, so with all the birthing stress most babies go through, those demented Royal subjects can go back to their crib now.

We still find ourselves in an environment that gave rise to the worlds monotheistic religions be it on the Arabian peninsula, here we stay in the Saharan/Sahel band stretching from the West-Atlantic coast to the highlands of Ethiopia in the east of the continent, a vast area where fresh water tends to come at a premium , where the sun is burning down during daytime and nighttime can be cold, where the moon is the sole light source apart from the warming campfires. Is it any surprise then that singing and making music together lifted the spirits of those gathering in these desolate landscapes.  For the coming weeks your place at the campfire is available  

The spiritual ambiance, the purity and innocence and soulfulness of this music is something that speaks volume about peace and, ultimately, the love of music and the joy in its creation. The artistry you'll find on this collection is masterful, driving, rudimetairy and refreshing. The music presented creates a yearning to return to it, again and again. It taps into the fundamental rhythm of the human spirit one needn't understand the languages, but you'll understand the music. It speaks across cultural boundaries, time and genres  .....N'joy

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For Desert Blues III, the editorial team has evaluated all the new releases of recent years and is now presenting the creme of musicians from 10 countries and their highly emotional ballads: including, super-stars Khaled and Souad Massi from Algeria; Malouma "The Lady of the Blues" from Mauritania; the poignant voice of Dhafer Youssef from Tunisia;
Gigi, the current queen of Ethiopian soul music; expressive music from Mali by Amadou andMarian, Ali Farka Toure, Oumo Sangare, Rokia Traore with the Kronos Quartet; "Fula Flute" from Guinea; Tuareg music from West Africa by the successful
group Tinariwen. And all of this is complemented by several completely new discoveries and first releases. A musical dream journey to the voices and vibes of the oases, the savannas, the caravans, the endless seas of sand and Tuareg campfires.
Anyway, this compilation is full of beautiful voice, melodies envoutantes or magic full of smells of Africa ...

Desert Blues 3 - Entre Dunes Et Savanes (1) (flac  416mb)

01 Djelimady Tounkara - Fanta Bourama 5:41
02 Idrissa Soumaoro - M´Ba Den Ou 3:52
03 Souad Massi - Raoui 3:38
04 Khaled - Wahrane, Wahrane 4:36
05 Tiris - El Nabi 5:27
06 Boubacar Traoré / Regis Gizavo - Kanou 7:02
07 Markus James - Dream After Dream 3:36
08 Bako Dagnon - Lassidan 5:29
09 Fula Flute - Keme Bourema 5:00
10 Gigi - Bati Bati 3:44
11 Cherif M'Baw - Baayo 2:47
12 Abdoulaye Alhassane Touré - Humaisa 5:53
13 Rokia Traoré Feat. Kronos Quartet - Bownboī 5:50
14 Toumani Diabaté / Ali Farka Touré - Ai Ga Bani 4:32

Desert Blues 3 - Entre Dunes Et Savanes (1)  (ogg 163mb)


Desert Blues 3 - Entre Dunes Et Savanes (2)   (flac  398mb)

01 Dhafer Youssef - A Kind Of Love 6:55
02 Seckou Keita Quartet - Tounga 5:42
03 Ali Farka Touré - Penda Yoro 5:20
04 Boubacar Traoré - Kar Kar 5:18
05 Malouma - Yarab 4:58
06 Bassekou Kouyate / Lobi Traoré - Banani 3:36
07 Abdallah Ag Oumbadougou - Imidiwan 3:39
08 N'gou Bagayoko - Kulu 3:38
09 Tinariwen - Izarharh Ténéré 4:59
10 Oumou Sangare - Djorolen 6:38
11 Habib Koité - Mai Ba 4:42
12 Amadou & Mariam - Ce N´est Pas Bon 4:18
13 Getatchew Mekurya - Eywat Setenafegagn 5:01
14 Gigi - Ethiopia 6:15

Desert Blues 3 - Entre Dunes Et Savanes (2)  (ogg 156mb)

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Anonymous said...

Thank you so much !!
Since I own the first two compilations, I searched so long for this third chapter in good quality.

Perfect compilations, especialy the first two. Essential material.

Looking forward to what you will present next.....

Anonymous said...

Dear Mr. Rho!
I love the Sahara Blues, can please re-up

Desert Blues 1 - Entre Dunes Et Savanes (1) flac
Desert Blues 1 - AEntre Dunes Et Savanes (2) flac

Thank you