Jul 21, 2013

Sundaze 1329

Hello, as the Tour took it's final shape this afternoon, it's been established that the first three have been the strongest and smartest. Froome with his African constitution has been amazing and has potential to grow even stronger, Nairo Quintana who had already lived a hard life before becoming the new climbing sensation, and Joaquim Rodriguez who kept his powder dry till the final tough stages, a deserved podium. Just a Paris by night criterium left...

Today's artist is an amazing musician, he wrote soundtracks for short films, creates music for commercials, voice of fashion shows, participates in theater productions. Under the pseudonym Cell he has produced dozens of tracks to see the light on various compilations (of which there are more than 30), here now his first solo album on Indica Music, as well as two 'live' sets

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1984 saw Alex entering the world of machines. Aged 10 he received his first machine from his mother and father, respectively pianist and drummer, a Juno 106 Roland. At that time, student at the Conservatoire, he started looking at LFOs and filters. His favourite instruments remain keyboards and especially the piano, an instrument which he will get back to at 13 when entering the Jazz section at the Conservatoire of ChambĂ©ry. His growing interest for machines and electronic music enticed him to listen to artists such as Kraftwerk, Tangerine Dream, Pink Floyd, John Cage, Peter Gabriel…

Convinced that a fusion of styles is fundamental, Alex decided at 16 to look into Pop-Electro fusion. He took part in several bands as keyboard player and arranger, his main function being to mingle and mix electronic sounds into Pop-Rock atmospheres. After his Acoustic Engineer studies, Alex definitely made a turn towards electronic music. While collaborating with different directors he got to carry out all types of orders. Original soundtracks for advertising, short films, catwalk and even contemporary dance for which he wrote more than an hour of music.

Formerly reviewer for Claviers Magazine, for which he wrote the « Hardware » trials and the « Vintage » column, he currently works as a teacher in a Sound School, training future engineers to different techniques such as sound synthesis, sound design and use of machines. The several remix queries and collaborations with DJs turned Alex Scheffer into a many-faceted composer, able to create as much for dance-floors as for intimate or mental atmospheres…

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Cell's debut album Phonic Peace was released on the Italian Indica Music, which is the chilled division of Neurobiotic Records. Sensitiv' Garden provides a mystic start, floating, totally deep vibe from beginning to end. Some ethnic voices and drums too.  Mister Ayatih is with 11:25 the longest track on the album, it continues the deep floating vibes, but with more melody and ethnic vocals. It builds up a little, with relaxing beats, more vocals etc. Really beautiful! Track 3 starts with a nice female, Indian vocal that some of you probably have heard in several other tracks. The rest goes very ethnic, with totally Indian vibe. This track was also released as an opening of the first compilation release (Namaskar) on Indica Music. Track 4 is another floating masterpiece. Definitely one of my many favorite tracks on this album. Sort of melancholic Indian vocals, with tribal drums and sitar in between.

Track 5 goes even deeper and more mystic. Here we get some down tempo beats and a quite dark sound picture. Still, totally relaxing, with flute sounds, ethnic voices etc. Track 6 has the sound of water, an owl, flute, tribal drums and deep, floating vibes. Some of you will probably recognize the flute in this one from other tracks. Very tribal, beautiful track that will do good in the chill out areas this summer. Track 7 takes another direction. This one has a very atmospheric vibe, and it builds up to a stumping trance track. Still it is very relaxing. Chill out you can dance to... Track 8 slows down again, and we get a beautiful floating journey with a really nice, little melody, which Cell has proven several times that he is really good at. The last track on this album is also one of the most beautiful chill out tracks I have heard by this guy. The Indian vocals are melancholic, and we get some breaks and a totally relaxing melody.

Cell - Phonic Peace (433mb)

01 Sensitiv' Garden 5:21
02 Mister Ayatih 11:25
03 Zaz 9:37
04 Magic Karma 5:43
05 Soon 7:04
06 Lord Of Silk 5:31
07 White Call 8:29
08 Phonic Peace For Tibet 7:58
09 Orange 9:19

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Against this background this set of original material was live recorded by Cell, June 2006.

Kumharas, thanks to the restaurant area and bar chillout lounge, becomes a magical, mix of cultures, tastes and smells can transport more restless mind to distant places of India. A space created to detail, from the hand of the artist and Miguel Sola, owner and promoter of the idea, with rich decor, exotic and varied, the result of a lot of trips around the world and gifted with one of the best views for sunset in Ibiza

Created with the collaboration of hippy collective having its beginnings in a community project, Kumharas born with the goal to become a meeting point for alternative cultures and to be the springboard for young artists. Percussion workshops, capoeira, African dance, activities aimed at children living with the most impressive performances daily, alternative music and sessions of the best live DJs, all at the magic hour of sunset.

Kumharas Ibiza, evokes facilities hippy spirit of India in the 80s. A lounge bar on the beach where you can enjoy the best sunsets accompanied by a unique musical style, different and personal. With the deity Shiva as hostess and a defense tower as the hub, gathers each evening Kumharas tourists and residents who come in search of a real space in which to feel the force of the sun  In short, a rich multi-space environment on offer for all tastes.

Cell - Live At Kumharas - Ibiza (430mb)

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01 The Gate 8:17
02 Above The Clouds 11:22
03 Misty Morning 13:38
04 Under Your Mind 9:36
05 T-Ion (Part 2) 9:12
06 Hawaii Transit 13:25
07 Shiny Girl 7:58

xxxxx xxxxx xxxxx xxxxx xxxxx

February 16, 2008 Frenchman Alexandre Schaeffer, better known to the public as sophisticated Cell, played his originals set in "Ketama". Everyone who for some reason missed this event, there is a great chance to catch up - in the framework of the project "Ketama Live" Company "Government Sound» / World Club Music releases exclusive mix Cell, recorded during his Moscow speech. "Ketama" - perhaps the best chillout-cafe in Moscow. This place enjoys continued popularity not only among fans of leisurely "Eastern" pastime, but also for fans of dub-and downtempo-music. For almost three years of "Ketama" managed to take the lead among the few chillout-schools in the capital - to get to the cafe at the weekend, you need to worry about bookings at least at the beginning of the week. Pride of the creators of "Ketama" - unique design Cyril Sokolsky (the man who also designed the coffee shop "Moscow-Berlin" and the club Fabric) and competent, well-tested music policy "ideologists" institutions - Anton Miksmeykera and Mike spirit. It is thanks to them within the walls of "Ketama" were such prominent artists as Alex Paterson (The Orb), Naoki Kenji, Youth (Liquid Sound Design), Abakus, Tripswitch, Cell, Aes Dana, and many others. In his "Moscow mix» Cell greets eight authoring, editing and peresvedennyh specifically for performances in the cafe "Ketama". Eight stunning tracks, the listener into the ocean of tranquility, beauty and harmony. Harmony with the music, harmony with the environment, harmony with itself.

Cell - Ketama Live (437mb)

01 12 Inch Gold 9:45
02 Spinning Whale 8:10
03 Audio Deepest Night 5:25
04 Blue Embers 4:49
05 Fusion 8:55
06 Misty Morning 15:43
07 Hawaii Transit 14:42
08 Erasing Pluto 12:14

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