Jul 16, 2013

RhoDeo 1328 Roots

Hello, after 2 years of reggae/dub it's time to return to where our human history started, Africa, thus it's safe to say our musical history started there as well.  Today and the coming weeks we'll find ourselves in an environment that gave rise to the worlds monotheistic religions be it on the Arabian peninsula, here we stay in the Saharan/Sahel band stretching from the West-Atlantic coast to the highlands of Ethiopia in the east of the continent, a vast area where fresh water tends to come at a premium , where the sun is burning down during daytime and nighttime can be cold, where the moon is the sole light source apart from the warming campfires. Is it any surprise then that singing and making music together lifted the spirits of those gathering in these desolate landscapes.  For the coming weeks your place at the campfire is available  

The spiritual ambiance, the purity and innocence and soulfulness of this music is something that speaks volume about peace and, ultimately, the love of music and the joy in its creation. The artistry you'll find on this collection is masterful, driving, rudimetary and refreshing. The music presented creates a yearning to return to it, again and again. It taps into the fundamental rhythm of the human spirit one needn't understand the languages, but you'll understand the music. It speaks across cultural boundaries, time and genres. ...N'joy

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As on the initial volume, Rêves D´Oasis explores assorted blueslike traditions found in and around the Sahara. Many of these artists use pentatonic scales and yes, their earthy vocals are often reminiscent of acoustic North American strains. But as each song unfolds into the next, like stanzas of an epic poem, individual identities and nationalities emerge loud and clear. Malian troubadour Boubacar Traore's woebegone keening could melt a heart of industrial-grade granite, while Momo Wandel Soumah of Conakry, Guinea, trades licks with a honking sax and periodically breaks into an irrepressible talking blues. When, or even if, African and Western players first began to influence one another is irrelevant in the face of such soul-stirring beauty. Wherever these tunes originated or have traveled since, they deal with real life in all its heartbreak, frustration, and glory and are triumphs of fierce, vulnerable humanity.

Desert Blues 2 - Rêves D´Oasis (1) (flac  386mb)

01 Majid Bekkas - Daymallah 7:02
02 Boubacar Traoré - Soma Ye 6:16
03 Rokia Traoré - Laiduï 6:25
04 Djeli Moussa Diawara & Bob Brozman - Almany 5:45
05 Momo Wandel Soumah - Félénko Yéfé 8:08
06 Lobi Traoré - Anunka Ben 8:44
07 Abaji - Gibran 4:19
08 Aziza Brahim & Tarba Bibo - Dios Mio! 2:13
09 Kadda Cherif Hadria - Djezaïr 4:43
10 Hasna El Becharia - Lakdar 5:49
11 Djélimady Tounkara - Mande Djeliou 5:07
12 Habib Koité - Forobana 5:10

Desert Blues 2 - Rêves D´Oasis (1)  (ogg 177mb)


Desert Blues 2 - Rêves D´Oasis (2)  (flac  363mb)

01 Cheb Mami - Trab 2 2:56
02 Nahawa Doumbia - Minia 4:58
03 Lobi Traoré - Wolodennu 6:55
04 Momo Wandel Soumah - Toko 7:40
05 Soliman Gamil - Sufi Dialogue 5:27
06 Boubacar Traoré - Baba Dramé 4:31
07 Rasha - Azara Al Hay 6:31
08 El Hadj N'Diaye - Sama Guitare 4:11
09 Tartit - Aītma 3:56
10 Teita Leibid & Luís Delgado - Jaarou 2:00
11 Netsanet Mellessè & Wallias Band - Minew Jal 4:42
12 Mansour Seck - Yango 4:43
13 Grand Papa Diabaté Feat. Sona Diabaté - Mamaya, 15éme Partie 4:53
14 Yandé Codou Sène & Youssou N'Dour - Lees Waxul 6:14

Desert Blues 2 - Rêves D´Oasis (2) (ogg 168mb)

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Anonymous said...

Hey Rho, Thanks for all your great posts! Any chance of a London Underground in flac feature?Its very hard to find this early ON U Sound groups stuff anywhere! Thanks !

Rho said...

I Know can't find it either, so sorry can't help you, who knows it might appear on Itunes one day

Anonymous said...

Dear Mr. Rho!
I love the Sahara Blues, can please re-up

Desert Blues 2 - Rêves D´Oasis (1) flac
Desert Blues 2 - (2) flac

Thank you