Jul 27, 2013

RhoDeo 1329 Beats

Hello, as hi-summer continues around me with a regular heatwave and rain only an image on tv where storm and thunder dumped a months worth in a few hours, around here not a drop, the accumelated heat keeps on radiating. As a deluded traindriver tried some hi speed action around the bend, which would likely have succeeded if not for the fact he was towing much lighter carriages that torqued and simply flew out of the bend killing 78 passengers. Most of us have seen the images and the carnage that followed thanks to cctv, flesh is weak in more ways than one. Meanwhile hundreds have died since the crash in car wrecks around the world but we don't take note of that, somehow collective deaths shock us much more.

Meanwhile we're here for some beats, we've been getting serious and clinical and it should hardly be a surprise we turned to Germans for that, at Beats we've checked out Berlin as it is such a cosmopolitan city where creativity /art is highly regarded. As Berliners face the hottest day of the year today 38 C we say goodbye to them, not that we posted everything here, we've been to Berlin Beats before think Basic Channel and Rhythm & Sound for instance but for now we wave goodbye with a trio of compilations ....... N'joy

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Further background and music of Modeselektor @ Beats 1323 and these past weeks you'll find a bio on Ellen Allien

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The Modeselektor duo had made enough of an impact to be asked to compile the third disc in Bpitch Control’s excellent Boogy Bytes series Techno has had a renaissance these last few years, as has been abundantly stated by myself and others, and Germany is ground zero. So it’s good to see that while the intellectually stimulating minimal house will always be well represented, there’s room for something a bit rowdier as well.

And let there be no doubt, this is an extremely fun disc. I can definitely admire the assiduousness with which Modeselektor have designed their mix with the goal of having a good time. There’s not a lot in the way of overarching thematic content, but the disc is never dumb. There’s a lot of smart music here—they finish the set with a Radiohead track, for goodness’ sake (“Ideotheque”)—but it’s not presented simply for the sake of being smart. What we have instead is a great party mix put together by folks with discerning tastes, in such a way as manages to neither insult the listener’s intelligence nor float over their heads when they’re just trying to have a good time. I mean, “Ideotheque” is actually a pretty crunk track. I’m serious! The duo have chosen some of the tightest tracks ranging from experimental hip hop to techno, dubstep, and IDM. All of which flow so perfectly together. Bronsert & Szary's creativity with their track selection and mixing skills shine to a whole new level here.

VA - Modeselektor - Boogybytes vol3 ( flac 380mb)

01 Panacea - Intro 0:40
02 Siriusmo - W.O.W. 3:03
03 The Detroit Experiment - Vernors 1:56
04 Flying Lotus - 1983 1:37
05 Spank Rock - Rick Rubin 2:04
06 Paul Kalkbrenner - Gia2000 (Modeselektor Gia2007 Remix) 0:50
07 James Holden - Idiot 4:51
08 Bobby Peru - Erotic Discourse (Audiojack Remix) 2:40
09 C'hantal - The Realm (Accapella) 1:03
10 Nathan Fake - Charlie's House (Apparat Rmx) 3:09
11 Errorsmith - Free For All 2:31
 b  Robag Wruhme - Papp-tonikk
 c  Female - Cally 2
 d  Krause Duo - Tigerbett
12 Skream - Midnight Request Line 2:57
 b  Angelo Battilani - Empty
13 Rhythm & Sound w/ Bobbo Shanti - Poor People Must Work (Carl Craig Remix) 3:53
14 Burial - Southern Comfort 1:45
15 Jean Jacques Perrey* & Luke Vibert - Moog Acid (Plastician Mix) 3:23
 b  Philippe Cam - Karine
16 Various - Lost 2:56
17 Modeselektor - Fill In #1 0:15
18 Siriusmo - Minirock 2:34
19 Modeselektor Feat. Teki Latex - Fill In #2 0:37
20 TTC Feat. Modeselektor - Une Bande De Mecs Sympas 3:50
21 Clatterbox - Collision Detection 0:45
22 Mr. Oizo - Half A Scissor 2:16
23 Marcel Dettmann - Let's Do It 2:31
  b Errorsmith - Untitled
24 µ-Ziq - µ-Ziq Theme 2:49
25 Phon.O - Ridin' Dirty 1:16
26 Radiohead - Idioteque 5:45
27 Modeselektor - Outro 3:18

VA - Modeselektor - Boogybytes vol3 (ogg 163mb)

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Ellen Allien tapped Kiki, Sascha Funke, and Modeselektor to contribute the first three volumes of her label's Boogybytes series. For its fourth, she takes the reins. In the context of her other mixes released since 2001's Flieg Mit Ellen Allien, Boogybytes, Vol. 4 is lacking in range-y playfulness, opting instead to operate within a rather inhibited set of parameters within the field of subdued, if moderately jittery, minimal techno (or what is termed minimal techno in 2008). With a couple exceptions, the tracks fit together neatly, if to a fault; apart from the first two tracks (including Vera's pinging "In the Nook," a truly minimal track worthy of the Sähkö label or Sleeparchive) and the finale (Little Dragon's quietly stunning "Twice"), any given drop-in point could be mistaken for any other point in the set, meaning that there's not much of an arc, or even any "up" or "down" moments relative to one another. It could be an ideal companion for brain-dead early-morning drives home, or it might provide pleasant, unintrusive accompaniment for office work. If you're looking for a mix within a similar realm that is more stimulating and varied, either Jennifer Cardini's Feeling Strange or Wighnomy Brothers' Metawuffmischfelge -- both of which were released around the same time -- will do.

VA - Ellen Allien - Boogy Bytes Vol. 04 ( flac 451mb)

01 Agf - Liniendicke 2:58
02 Vera - In The Nook 6:12
03 Ricardo Villalobos & Patrick Ense - Fizpatrick 4:47
04 Melon - Nitzi (In My Mind, So Fine) 4:09
05 Andres Zacco* & Lucas Mari - Carbonela (Seph's Vidrionela Remix) 4:44
06 Konpiùta - Christmas Fairytale (Moessap Edit) 3:42
07 Sozadams - Eyes Forlon 3:55
08 Richard Seeley -  Juicy Vermin 3:15
09 Lucio Aquilina - Magic M 4:10
10 Melchior Productions - Don Juan 6:20
11 Friendly People - Music Is Improper (Damien Schwartz Remix) 5:50
12 Sascha Funke - Double Checked 4:08
13 Gaiser - Withdrawal 4:11
14 Kassem Mosse - A1 2:38
15 Little Dragon - Twice 5:13

VA - Ellen Allien - Boogy Bytes Vol. 04  (ogg 183mb)

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A big part of Modeselektor's appeal, and what's set them apart from their Berlin techno and international bass music peers over the years, has been their sense of humor and play. Their records have come stamped with a frazzled cartoon monkey logo or bearing a fugly Photoshop of the duo as Madonna and child. That playfulness extends beyond the gags, into their eclectic, enthusiastic taste as selectors and producers, but it's tempered by a serious-minded approach to sound design and even the occasional moment of emotional weight. It's been an animated balancing act on their two full-length studio albums and DJ mixes, but it's one they don't quite maintain on Modeselektion Vol 01.

The compilation, curated for Modeselektor's own Monkeytown Records, is meant to be a calling card for the duo's recently expanding role as event organizers, and it comes across as coolly businesslike-- despite the rainbow monkey face. The duo told Resident Advisor that "the main concern in all of this was the idea of defying genres and the usual beef between different camps, i.e., to create without borders and be completely freestyle." But Modeselektion is probably the most narrowly focused thing they've released this side of the melancholic Apparat collaboration Moderat, sticking to the territory between German techno and UK bass with little in the way of diversion. But at 18 tracks and nearly 80 minutes, it's also a decent survey of those scenes, presenting unreleased tracks from important and rising artists, and displaying Modeselektor's consistently keen ear for quality, low-end-friendly sounds.

Modeselektor - Modeselektion Vol.01 ( flac 503mb)

01 Siriusmo - Das Geheimnis 2:50
02 Sbtrkt - The Unspoken 4:41
03 Feadz - The Assistant Manager 4:11
04 Tadd Mullinix & Daniel Meteo - The Good Star 3:11
05 Robag Wruhme - Bierholer 3:27
06 2562 - The Wind-Up 4:36
07 eLan - Pussy Posse 2:43
08 Cosmin TRG - Space Station Love Affair 5:07
09 Shed - With Bag And Baggage 5:25
10 Apparat - King Of Clubs 4:48
11 Marcel Dettmann - Lyrate 4:06
12 Ikonika & Optimum - Hum 4:58
13 Modeselektor - VW Jetta 4:52
14 Ramadanman - Pitter 5:02
15 Digital Mystikz (Mala) - Explorer 5:25
16 Bok Bok - Say Stupid Things 5:15
17 Housemeister - Kristall 3:30
18 Cylob - Pepper Spray (Capsicum Edits) 4:50
Modeselektor - Modeselektion Vol.01 (ogg 191mb)

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