Jul 15, 2013

RhoDeo 1328 Lexxxxxxxx

Hello, as it is summertime, something special for the holidays 4 weeks of the lead in movies of what must be some of the craziest, campy and creepy Sci-Fi, death everywhere, you won't see Hollywood dare something like this, seriously it's great fun. Hailed as "the most imaginative Sci-Fi since The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy" (New York Daily News), Lexx follows the nomadic existence of four misfit characters who have inadvertently stolen the most powerful weapon of destruction ever made: a Manhattan-sized, genetically-modified insect-ship. Filled with eccentric stowaways, outrageous planets and more, a must-see mix of laughs and sci-fi action.  ... N'Joy

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The Lexx is a rather fantastic organic space warship using technology derived from the Insect Wars. Lexx is `the most destructive force in the two known universes'. The excellent TV series runs to three seasons and beyond, although in many respects the spin-off TV series never quite re-captures the startlingly stark and surreal world shown in the original `films'. These films are now on offer here numbered 1.1 to 1.4. To some extent the films have an `ending' so can be viewed happily without any knowledge of the subsequent Lexx TV series. In these two films `His Divine Shadow' is introduced, a rather nasty ruler of the League of 20,000 Planets. He is a being who can transfer his essence from one body to another, making him effectively immortal. His Shadow took over after the Brunnen-G had destroyed the insects in a great war thousands of years ago. Kai, last of the Brunnen-G, has been His Shadow's most deadly assassin for the last few thousand years and is on-board the Lexx when Stanley H Tweedle (a lowly security guard), Zev Bellringer (part human, part Cluster Lizard) and 790 (an android head with accidental `love-slave' programming) come aboard. The series is a strange mix of dark SciFi, black humour and German soft-porn movie. "Lexx" is SF that is funny, sexy and deranged. It has a different type of humour and is far funnier than "Red Dwarf". "Lexx" is a Canadian-German (Series 1-3) and Canadian-UK (Series 4) co-production, so stands in contrast to te usual formulised Hollywood product. In fact life is cheap throughout the whole series, deaths run in the billions but thats mostly background, yet many of the characters crossing the path of our crew don't live to tell the tale. Great art work and graphics.

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His Divine Shadow rules The Cluster with dark powers and an impenetrable bureaucracy. As fate would have it, four unlikely heroes are thrown together to wreak havoc on The Cluster: Zev, a strong willed but hideously ugly orphan transformed into a sexy love-slave; 790, a Zev-obsessed robot head; Kai, a poet-warrior transformed into an empty headed assassin by His Divine Shadow; and Stanley H. Tweedle, a bumbling Class 4 Security Guard. The leader of the freedom fighters is played by guest star Barry Bostwick.

Lexx 1-1-I Worship His Shadow- 1 (rar-1 350mb)

Lexx 1-1-I Worship His Shadow- 2 (rar-2 331mb)

Lexx 101 - I Worship His Shadow 89:56 Featuring

Brian Downey - Stanley H. Tweedle
Eva Habermann - Zev Bellringer
Michael McManus - Kai
Barry Bostwick - Thodin
Ellen Dubin - Giggerota
Jeffrey Hirschfield - Robothead 790 (voice)

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