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RhoDeo 1329 Aetix

Hello, as the world reverts from the arrival of a future king born on the hottest day of the year 13 a day that ended in spectacular thunderstorms and downpoors. Some have seen it as a bad omen, the date 22/7 represents the infinite number Pi , should add to the mystery. Normally he'll have a fifty/sixty year wait ahead, but then daddy's work can be dangerous....

Today's band combined the chiming riffs and catchy melodies of British Invasion guitar pop with a hint of the energy of new wave. In the process, they became one of the handful of all-female bands of the '80s to win both critical and commercial success. The critical success came first -- with their self-titled debut EP and full-length album, All Over the Place -- and popular success arrived once they polished their sound, added some synthesizers, and deviated slightly from their trademark jangling guitar hooks.  ......N'Joy

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Susanna Hoffs joined sisters Vicki and Debbi Peterson to form a band in Los Angeles in December 1980. The trio briefly called themselves The Colours, then renamed themselves The Supersonic Bangs, and shortly afterwards The Bangs. The band was part of the Los Angeles Paisley Underground scene, which featured groups that played a mixture of 1960s-influenced folk rock and jangle pop with a more modern punk–ish/garage band undertone. In 1981, the threesome recorded and released a single ("Getting Out Of Hand" b/w "Call on Me") on DownKiddie Records (their own label). The trio was signed to Faulty Products, a label formed by Miles Copeland.

In 1982, Susanna Hoffs asked long-time friend Patrick Hirtz to manage the band, which he did until his departure in 1986 to pursue a career in the culinary arts. They had to change their name early the following year to The Bangles, since there was already a New York-based group called The Bangs. After an appearance on a Rodney on the ROQ compilation and a series of local concerts, Miles Copeland signed The Bangles to the IRS subsidiary Faulty Products and landed them an opening spot for The English Beat. That summer, The Bangles released a self-titled EP on Faulty Products.

 In early 1983, The Bangles signed with CBS Records and Zilinskas left the band to join Blood on the Saddle. She was replaced by bassist/vocalist Michael Steele, a former member of the proto-punk hard rock group The Runaways. The group released its first full-length album, All Over the Place, in the summer of 1984. While it didn't feature any charting singles, the record managed to climb to number 80 on the American charts, a feat that owed equally to college radio, MTV, and strong reviews. In particular, a cover of Katrina & the Waves' "Goin' Down to Liverpool" and the original "Hero Takes a Fall" received heavy airplay on college stations across the country.

The Bangles released their second album, Different Light, during the spring of 1986. It was preceded by the colorful, neo-psychedelic single "Manic Monday," which was written by Prince under the pseudonym Christopher. "Manic Monday" became a number two hit in both America and Britain, sending Different Light into the Top Five as well. A cover of Jules Shear's "If She Knew What She Wants" was a relative commercial disappointment, stalling at number 29 on the U.S. charts, but the third single from Different Light, "Walk Like an Egyptian," was another major hit, spending four weeks at number one in America. It also peaked at number three in Britain. After The Bangles completed a summer tour, Hoffs starred in the movie The Allnighter, which was directed by her mother, Tamara. The film was released during the summer of 1987 and bombed at the box office, putting a fast stop to Hoffs' potential acting career. Meanwhile, "Walking Down Your Street," the final single pulled from Different Light, was released in early 1987 and peaked at number 11.

 Later that year, The Bangles recorded a hard-rocking version of Paul Simon's "Hazy Shade of Winter" for the Less Than Zero soundtrack. The single peaked at number two in early 1988, and the band's third album, Everything, was released that fall. Everything was a slicker affair than either of band's previous records, but it didn't perform quite as well as Different Light. "In Your Room," the album's lead single, made it to number five, and the ballad "Eternal Flame" became the group's second number one single in early 1989. Even so, the record ran out of steam shortly after the release of its third single, "Be with You," which never made it past number 30. After a brief summer tour, the group disbanded and Hoffs began a solo career with 1991's When You're a Boy. The album never made it past number 83, though, and the single "My Side of the Bed" stalled at number 30. While in the midst of recording her second album, Hoffs was dropped from Columbia's roster.

Meanwhile, Vicki Peterson toured as a member of the Go-Go's (replacing the pregnant Charlotte Caffey from 1994 to 1995) and joined the Continental Drifters alongside future sister-in-law Susan Cowsill. Debbi Peterson teamed up with Siobhan Maher to form the duo Kindred Spirit, and Steele played in several short-lived bands after failing to land a solo deal. In 1998, the bandmembers began to drift back together, teaming up for the first time in nearly a decade to record a song for the second Austin Powers film. A tour followed in 2000. For the next two years, the reunited Bangles worked on Doll Revolution, which appeared in 2003 and marked Steele's final performance with the band. She left in early 2004, reportedly frustrated with the band's inability to tour a sufficient amount behind the album. The Bangles continued playing in her absence, with hired gun Abby Travis handling bass duties during the group's smattering of tour dates.

August 2007 saw the release of their first official live DVD, Return to Bangleonia – Live in Concert. In 2008, the band toured the US with dates in Las Vegas, Louisiana, Austin, Glasgow, and Ojai. Further dates included shows in Germany, the Netherlands, and at the popular Cornbury Festival in Oxfordshire, England.

During the decade's second half, Hoffs recorded a pair of cover albums with Matthew Sweet. Both albums were produced by Sweet himself, and when it came time to find a producer for The Bangles' fifth record, Hoffs didn't have far to look. The result, Sweetheart of the Sun, was released in September 2011. They are touring in support of it, with dates on the East Coast, Midwest, and West Coast.

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While the Bangles would later embrace a radio-friendly pop production style (and enjoy attendant commercial success) that separated them from their early peers, they were the only figures from the L.A. paisley underground scene who would go on to become genuine multi-platinum rock stars, and while their first full-length album, 1984's All Over the Place, showed that some of their rough edges were already being buffed away, of their major-label output it's the record that most openly embraces the folk-rock and garage rock influences that fueled their earliest music. Vicki Peterson's lead guitar and the band's stellar harmonies are the vehicles that drive these 11 songs, and if producer David Kahne was already pushing the group in a more commercially ambitious direction, there's no disguising the psychedelic guitar figures on "Dover Beach" or the Byrds-meets-Raiders jangle of "Tell Me," and the choice of the Merry-Go-Round's "Live" as a cover is especially telling. All Over the Place is also the Bangles' most unified full-length album; Susanna Hoffs hadn't yet been singled out as the star of the show, and the round-robin lead vocals, stellar harmonies, and tight, concise arrangements make them sound like a real-deal rock band, and the set's gentle but insistent sway from British Invasion-styled rock and West Coast pop feels natural, unforced, and effective. And when drummer Debbie Peterson and bassist Michael Steele feel like rocking out, the Bangles generate a lot more heat than they're usually given credit for.

Bangles - All Over The Place  (flac 201mb)

01 Hero Takes A Fall 2:54
02 Live 2:36
03 James 2:34
04 All About You 2:26
05 Dover Beach 3:47
06 Tell Me 2:14
07 Restless 2:42
08 Going Down To Liverpool 3:42
09 He's Got A Secret 2:42
10 Silent Treatment 2:07
11 More Than Meets The Eye 3:20

Bangles - All Over The Place  (ogg 72mb)

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The Bangles' first album, All Over the Place, may have earned them a smattering of radio and MTV airplay, but it's clear that with Different Light they were aiming for much higher stakes, especially when Prince -- who was reportedly infatuated with Susanna Hoffs -- offered to write a song for them. "Manic Monday"'s baroque, keyboard-dominated sound was a far cry from anything The Bangles had recorded before, and while Hoffs' breathy voice and her bandmates' fine harmonies fit the song like a glove, it also sent the group down a path that led them away from the '60s-influenced pop/rock that was their strongest suit, and though Vicki Peterson does get to show off her guitar work on a few songs here, the differences between Different Light and All Over the Place are telling. The drum machines that dominate "Walk Like an Egyptian" and "Walking Down Your Street" rob the performances of the organic feel of this group's best music. Different Light turned The Bangles into bona fide pop stars, but it also transformed a spunky and distinctive band into a vehicle for a hit-seeking music industry.

Bangles - Different Light  (flac 240mb)

01 Manic Monday 3:05
02 In A Different Light 2:50
03 Walking Down Your Street 3:03
04 Walk Like An Egyptian 3:24
05 Standing In The Hallway 2:55
06 Return Post 4:22
07 If She Knew What She Wants 3:49
08 Let It Go 2:30
09 September Gurls 2:44
10 Angels Don't Fall In Love 3:23
11 Following 3:19
12 Not Like You 3:07

Bangles - Different Light (ogg 90mb)

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Released in 1985, Different Light elevated the Bangles to pop stardom, but at a price. 1988's Everything was more of the same, but success seems to have emboldened the Bangles just a bit  the album's approach seems less inclined to smother the group's identity, and the West Coast garage and folk-rock accents of their earlier work come back into the picture, albeit in muted form. A number of outside songwriters were brought in to work up material for Everything, but each of them collaborated with at least one member of the group, and while it's anyone's guess how Vinnie Vincent was tapped for this project, the songs suit the group better than, say, "Complicated Girl," "Be with You," and "Some Dreams Come True" are fine songs and strong performances if you can look past the studio gingerbread, and while Susanna Hoffs was positioned front and center on the album's two singles, "Eternal Flame" and "In Your Room," they at least suited her vocal style and the latter is an irresistibly hooky rocker. "Glitter Years" is a fun and high-kicking salute by Michael Steele to her days in the Runaways, and if the Bangles had to have another guitarist imposed upon them, David Lindley was a far better match than most. In many respects, Everything at the very least allowed the Bangles a shade more freedom and autonomy than Different Light, and of the two it's easily the better album.

Bangles - Everything (flac 315mb)

01 In Your Room 3:27
02 Complicated Girl 3:37
03 Bell Jar 3:20
04 Something To Believe In 4:01
05 Eternal Flame 3:55
06 Be With You 3:01
07 Glitter Years 3:39
08 I'll Set You Free 4:26
09 Watching The Sky 4:11
10 Some Dreams Come True 3:26
11 Make A Play For Her Now 3:45
12 Waiting For You 3:36
13 Crash And Burn 2:36

Bangles - Everything ( ogg 113mb)

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Bangles are traditional ornaments worn mostly by South Asian women in India, Pakistan and Bangladesh. It is a made from sea shell, copper, bronze, gold, agate, chalcedony etc, Bangles have been excavated from multiple archaeological sites throughout India. A figurine of a dancing girl wearing bangles on her left arm has been excavated from Mohenjo-daro (2600 BC).

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