Jul 20, 2013

RhoDeo 1328 Beats

Hello, research sponsored by Spotify has shown that the amount of free downloading has halved between 2006 and 2012, they put this down to their business model, now i hate to spoil their party but other things have changed as well downloading takes time and effort, free time which is limited has seen the entry of two huge timeconsumers, You Tube and Facebook, hence there is less time to hunt for music. Then there is the saturation factor, and finally the business model by Itunes, turns out plenty of people are still prepared to pay ludicrous prices for meager quality. Strange world indeed, but who am i talking too, you are the smarty pants that can't get enough...

Meanwhile we're here for some beats, we've been getting serious and clinical and it should hardly be a surprise we turned to Germans for that, the coming Beats we remain in Berlin as it is such a cosmopolitan city where creativity /art is highly regarded, it's evident that there's much more to be explored and we just follow the beats. When she returned from a year (89) London, her Berlin was no more, it was no longer an island, surrounded by intimidating Vopo's. The fall of the wall, the unification and liberation of Berlin inspired her to build on her London experiences, the time of techno was dawning  and she became a successful electronic musician, music producer and music label owner. She released a number of mix/compilation albums, here's a second somewhat newer selection ....... N'joy

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Ellen Fraatz was born 1969 in Berlin. Her father played guitar and piano. During 1989, she lived in London where she first came into contact with electronic music, at the height of the acid house phenomenon. When she later returned to Berlin, electronic music had become increasingly popular in Germany. Shortly after she got into DJing and Allien was 'born', and by 1993 she had spun at Fischlabor, Tresor, and a number of other significant clubs. Throughout the remainder of the '90s, she hosted programs on Berlin's Kiss FM, worked at the Delirium record shop, operated a label called Braincandy, and threw a number of parties called BPitch Control, which led to her label of the same name.

Due to discrepancies with disk sales, she gave Braincandy up in 1997 and instead, organized parties with the name, "B Pitch". Allien created the label BPitch Control in 1999. The label's releases from Sascha Funke and Tok Tok were particularly successful. Allien released her first album, Stadtkind ("city child"), in 2001, and Berlinette in 2003, After releasing Thrills, Allien created a BPitch sub-label for minimal tech and minimal house, called "Memo Musik", in 2005. Orchestra of Bubbles, in collaboration with Apparat, featurings songs like "Way Out" and "Jet", was released in 2006. During the same year, Ellen Allien launched her own fashion line, which can be seen as "an extension of her philosophy of life“. After the minimalistic Sool in 2008, she released her fifth solo album Dust (BPC217) in May 2010.

During her career she released a number (8) of mix albums; Flieg Mit Ellen Allien (2001), Weiss Mix (2002), My Parade and Remix Collection (2004) , Fabric 34 and The Other Side - Berlin (2007), Boogybytes, Vol. 4 (2008), and Watergate 05 (2010).

After the release of Dust RMX in 2011, Allien expanded the music she'd been commissioned to write for a dance production staged at Paris' Pompidou Centre into 2013's free-flowing album LISm. Throughout the years, the sound of Allien's productions took on subtle changes, ingested new inspirations, and gravitated toward full-blown songs while remaining pared down all along. Allien’s romantic views and undiluted enthusiasm about techno and electro are major reasons why she is such a captivating and popular figure inside and outside her Bpitch Control community.

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Remix collections are usually to be avoided, since they can lack the cohesiveness that only an artist's album can achieve. Berlin DJ/producer/label owner Ellen Allien breaks through this discrepancy with a collection of her own remixes, and they are so dominated by her particular touch that they easily become part of her own canon, sometimes leaving the originals in the dust. This is particularly true of Miss Kittin and Goldenboy's "Rippin Kittin," which has been tearing down clubs for several years. She even goes so far as to inject some of her own disembodied vocals into the remix of OMR's "The Way We Have Chosen," and in the case of Barbara Morgenstern's "Aus Heiterem Himmel," she transmits her pal's vocals through the same bank of disconnecting effects. The same holds true for Covenant's "Bullet." At times, Allien's dominance might leave you wondering why she didn't just put the effort into her own recordings, most of which leave these mixes in the dust. But as one of the only ways most electronic producers interact, the remixes serve their function well, particularly for Ellen Allien fans who will most obviously grab this disc.

Ellen Allien - Remix Collection ( flac 335mb)

01 Sascha Funke - Forms And Shapes 4:25
02 Gold Chains - Let's Get It On 4:08
03 Vicknoise - Chromosoma 23 4:35
04 Apparat - Koax 5:33
05 OMR - The Way We Have Chosen 3:58
06 Ellen Allien - Alles Sehen 4:59
07 Barbara Morgenstern - Aus Heiterem Himmel 3:32
08 Covenant - Bullet 5:21
09 Gut - Humpe - Butterfly5:59
10 Miss Kittin With Golden Boy - Rippin Kittin 4:30

Ellen Allien - Remix Collection (ogg 135mb)

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Ellen Allien's entry in the Deaf Dumb + Blind Recordings series of Time Out Presents the Other Side is a perfect primer for anyone even remotely interested in the thriving club culture of Berlin, which had firmly established itself as the world's techno mecca over the course of the preceding decade or so. Not only is The Other Side: Berlin a perfect primer, but Allien is the perfect guide: she's a Berlin-based producer, DJ, label owner, and all around woman about town, not to mention a rising, increasingly fashionable icon. On the mix CD component of The Other Side, she sticks with marquee names like Booka Shade, Carl Craig, Miss Kittin, Plastikman, Monolake, Ricardo Villalobos, Vladislav Delay, and of course, herself. She kicks off the mix with David Bowie's German-language version of "Heroes" (i.e., "Helden"), which makes the mix all that much more accessible to a general listenership. The "Helden" jump-start also makes the mix seem all that much more German, with the song's reference to the Wall and whatnot. The predominance of German techno throughout the mix -- as well as the occasional nods to Detroit, Berlin's sister city in terms of techno -- is also fitting. Techno heads may be disappointed by the obviousness of the inclusions, few of which are all that obscure, and the heads may also be let down by the lack of inventive mixing. Yet The Other Side: Berlin seems intended more as a guide for the uninitiated than an offering to the hardcore, so there's little rationale for such disappointment. For what it is, Allien's mix is on-point.

Ellen Allien - The Other Side - Berlin ( flac 449mb)

01 David Bowie - Helden 3:34
02 Booka Shade - In White Rooms (Neo Mix) 4:24
03 Quarks - Königin 3:52
04 Âme - Rej 7:58
05 Rhythm & Sound With Bobo Shanti - Poor People Must Work (Carl Craig Remix) 6:16
06 Miss Kittin - Neukölln 2 3:08
07 Plastikman - I Don't Know 7:54
08 Terranova Feat. Tricky - Bombing Bastards 5:11
09 Wayne County & The Electric Chairs - Berlin 4:34
10 Monolake - Pipeline 7:19
11 Ricardo Villalobos - Ichso 9:31
12 Ellen Allien & Apparat - Way Out 3:41
13 AGF / DELAY - You With Now 2:50

Ellen Allien - The Other Side - Berlin  (ogg 171mb)

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Fabric 34 provides further evidence of Allien's mastery of mixing and production, layered and evocative, the album features a mix of some of Allien's own personal favorite electronica tracks from the preceding year, including two cuts from her BPitch label. Right off from Schubert's Don't Believe The Chord - Pop Hype, an incredibly minimal yet spaced out and far reaching piece, what an opening. From there she drops a surprisingly old school sounding acid house number, which brings back sweet memories of adored tracks by Charlie B. Adonis and the likes. Then my favorite on the entire mix, the gorgeous Driven by Estroe, a stellar combination of Detroit soul, modern minimal groove, all painted over with sweeps of acid, with a touching pad rising from the background as well. And the mix goes on in the same tone throughout, with vocal snippets, coushin like bass lines and gentle percussion. The music never reaches a climax of any sort, but it sucks you in like the vacuum cleaner you use could never do. Outstanding work.

Ellen Allien - Fabric 34 ( flac 430mb)

01 Schubert - S1 (Don't Believe The Chord-Pop Hype) 5:13
02 Larry Heard Pres. Mr. White - The Sun Can't Compare 5:26
03 Estro - Driven 6:06
04 Damian Schwartz - Tu Y Yo (Peros Nos Volvemos A Levantar) (Pilas Remix) 2:22
05 Don Williams - Orderly Kaos 5:01
06 Melody Boy 2000 - Sound Stealer 5:16
07 Artificial Latvamäki - It Is Now Either 4:15
08 Cobblestone Jazz - India In Me (Mix 2) 6:31
09 Roman Flügel - Mutter 6:31
10 Ø - Aaltovaihe 1:36
11 Thom Yorke - Harrowdown Hill 7:01
12 Ellen Allien - Just A Woman 3:10
13 Ben Klock - Journey 4:31
14 Heartthrob - Baby Kate (Plastikman Remix) 3:23
15 Apparat - Arcadia 4:00

Ellen Allien - Fabric 34 (ogg 185mb)

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