Aug 31, 2008


Hello, it's Sundaze time again, and as the end of time nears, the youngest of todays releases was released just a decade before it. The Power ambient of Dopplereffekt who really delivered the goods with their Linear Accelerator, that remains to be seen for those CERN scientists who's 10 billion dollar toy (Linear Accelerator) goes live next week..for those fearing they'd create a black need, those things only exist in the deluded minds of astronomers and their support sciences...fools ! .... Following this with Black Dog, a British euphemism for imminent doom, is merely coincidental here.. no it isn't ! Silenced says it all, no more bullshit from these dogmatic scientists. Silenced is swirling ambient music,ahh ..sundaze....Detroit, London, Berlin latter being the inspirational base for To Rococo Rot , who are weaving intricate and intimate melodies with subtle sounds, a bit like Black Dog but then Berlin ain't London so the outcome is very different....

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Dopplereffekt - Linear Accelerator (03 ^ 336mb)

Dopplereffekt are a Detroit Techno group which is thought to be composed of Gerald Donald, Kim Karli, Rudolf Ellis Klorzeiger and William Scott. However, they have never given an interview and very rarely perform live, with the members hiding behind German pseudonyms. They have released albums on the Dataphysix, International DeeJay Gigolo Records and Rephlex labels. Their sound is very personal to them, the only influence being Kraftwerk, being very eclectic with song titles and lyrics that draw upon science, sex and politics. Together with Drexciya (which shares Gerald Donald) they were highly influential in the electro scene. The members of Dopplereffekt are thought to be the same as Der Zyklus, each different pseudonym allowing a slightly different style of techno to be released. The alias Japanese Telecom emerged in late 1999 to release the Rising Sun mini-LP through the once Ann Arbor-based Intuit-Solar Records.

Surprising then with Linear Accelerator, they throw everything out the window and go for straight-up atmosphere, albeit an icy atmosphere. Six lengthy, mechanical and well arranged ambient pieces, alien in their gaze and sounding like nothing else. . Strange then, that music so utterly outer space, can be as engrossing as this, focussed on the man and machine trade off and emerging as serious as your life. Captivating...

1 - Photo Injector (21:08)
2 - Niobium Resonators (14:25)
3 - Graviton (13:56)
4 - Myon-Neutrino (5:14)
5 - Z-Boson (8:28)
6 - Higgs-Mechanism (7:57)

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The Black Dog - Silenced    05 now in flac 303mb mb)

Taking their name from a British euphemism for imminent doom, the Black Dog Productions was founded by Ken Downie along with Ed Handley and Andy Turner. In 1989, they were unable to find a label to back their releases and had to start their own, Black Dog Productions. Their first full-length album, Bytes, was released on 15 March 1993. Their music was often produced under a number of different names, such as Close Up Over, Xeper, Atypic, I.A.O., Balil and the Discordian Popes.
Forging a challenging, relentless combination of early techno, electro, and hip-hop with a penchant for odd time signatures, high-tech atmospherics, and Egyptian iconography, the group immediately distinguished itself from the scores of disposable techno musicians covering familiar ground. They were immediately placed in the emerging "intelligent techno" category upon the release of their full-length debut..

As Plaid, Ed Handley and Andy Turner had already released a handful of material (including an album) prior to meeting Downie, but their time spent in BDP was their most productive up to that point. In addition to the Dog's inclusion on the perhaps more high-profile Artificial Intelligence compilations on Warp and remixes for the likes of Björk, Blondie, and UNKLE, they also released several full-length works as a group before Handley and Turner defected in 1995 to refocus on Plaid full-time. Downie continued on with the Black Dog name, releasing the full-length Music for Adverts (and short films) in 1996. In 2002 Downie collaborated with Parisian spoken word artist Black Sifichi on the William S. Burroughs tribute Unsavoury Products, and the Downie/Sifichi pairing was given the remix treatment on the following year's Genetically Modified.

Silenced, although only his second proper album since 1997, is another excellent album of listening techno; it bears all the hallmarks of his Black Dog classics without overly relying on them, and it has to force a readjustment in how critics view him in the history of electronica. Most closely resembling Black Dog's 1995 record Parallel (right down to the "Bolt" interludes), the record is driven more by mood than technology; the drum programs aren't complex, but Downie has a way of bewitchingly conjuring the past with his productions that not even Boards of Canada can touch. The band are currently in the studio recording a new album for Soma Records entitled Radio Scarecrow.

01 - Trojan Horus (Part 1) (4:25)
02 - Trojan Horus (Part 2) (2:29)
03 - Lam Vril (4:31)
04 - Truth Benders D.I.E (3:22)
05 - Bolt 23 Blue Screen Ov Death (0:37)
06 - Alt/Return/Dash/Kill (3:54)
07 - Bolt 777 Ordinary Boy (0:41)
08 - Drexian City R.I.D.E (3:38)
09 - Remote Viewing (4:34)
10 - Gummi Void (4:55)
11 - Machine Machina (1:35)
12 - The Stele Of Revealing (2:56)
13 - Songs For Other People (2:07)
14 - Break Down On Lake Shore Drive (1:10)
15 - Bolt 33 Glitch & Chin (1:02)
16 - Sudden Intake (5:11)
17 - 4 3s 555 (Part 1) (2:57)
18 - 4 3s 555 (Part 2) (8:13)

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To Rococo Rot - Taken From Vinyl (^ 259mb)

To Rococo Rot formed in 1995, when the Lippok brothers (Ronald & Robert) were invited by the owner of a gallery in which they were exhibiting their art to record some music instead of providing a catalogue. Rising to the challenge, they invited bassist Stefan Schneider from up and coming Düsseldorf based Kreidler to join them, and the result was their debut album, released by Kitty-Yo in late 1995. In the years since, they have released two more albums for City Slang (Veiculo and The Amateur View), EPs for City Slang, Sub Pop, Fat Cat and Soul Static Sound, and toured Europe and the US.

They have remixed artists as diverse as Leftfield, Appliance and Mira Calix, found time to produce two radio plays and even a soundtrack to a documentary entitled No Ordinary Cowboy. Stefan Schneider has also released two mini albums under the name Mapstation, while Ronald Lippok continues to work on his acclaimed Tarwater project. Robert Lippok has also just released his debut solo material on Raster Noton Records.

The To Rococo Rot sound is quite unlike any other. Those familiar with their previous work will find that "Music is a hungry ghost" sees the band refine their talent for sumptuous and restrained instrumental soundscapes, underpinned by Stefan Schneider's lugubrious basslines. But it also exhibits even greater skill at resolving the conflict between abstract electronica and contemporary dance music. To Rococo Rot are weaving intricate melodies amongst intimate sounds, whilst maintaining the trademark warmth and elegance that has always lain deep at the heart of their sound.

Taken From Vinyl, their latest release, is a compilation of vinyl-only rarities released over the past ten years. Not only is it their most listenable full-length album, it establishes them as a more successful singles-oriented group. The alternate take on the legendary “Mit Dir in Der Gegend” is a new approach to a classic piece of instrumental post-rock. And “Schon Sehr Viel Telefoniert” provides a new appreciation for the band’s subtle, studied electronic dub sound.

01 - Mit Dir In Der Gegend (6:56)
02 - Autoachmittag (5:01)
03 - Schon Sehr Viel Teleoniert (3:18)
04 - Jackie's Dream (3:58)
05 - She Understands The Dynamics (4:52)
06 - Rebound (2:17)
07 - Telema Langs (2:58)
08 - Telema (3:42)
09 - Days (3:41)
10 - Hotel Morgen (3:55)
11 - Days Between Stations (4:16)
12 - Gelb (3:59)

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All downloads are in * ogg-7 (224k) or ^ ogg-9(320k), artwork is included , if in need get the nifty ogg encoder/decoder here !

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