Aug 4, 2008

Starship Titanic (1)

Hello, many moons ago when i was posting the Hitchhikers Guide , i got the request for Starship Titanic. So coming up is the BBC radio play in 8 parts. Starship Titanic is in Douglas Adams' style and set more or less in the universe of his Hitchhikers' books (but not with the characters from that series). As a companion to a game project piloted by Douglas Adams, Terry Jones wrote "Starship Titanic". With parallels to the actual Titanic and the movie "2001", the book sees a luxury space ship run by an advanced intelligence system fall victim to SMEF, or Spontaneous Massive Existence Failure. When the ship disappears from one planet, it crashes on to Earth. While leaving Earth, it takes several Earthlings on-board for a voyage only to leave behind a key member of the crew with a key part of the intelligence system. Without a functioning intelligence system, the ship's bomb can not be deactivated. Fortunately, the bomb has a short attention span.

The starship Titanic was designed by one of the galaxy's greatest minds, intended to be a marvel of technology, design and luxury. It's due to be unveiled and launched as the story begins. However, they're waiting for the guest of honor - the ship's designer - to arrive.We then flashback to the previous night. The designer has decided to pay a final visit to see the completed ship in all of its glory. Unfortunately, it isn't finished. It seems the designer hasn't paid attention to details such as finances. His manager and accountant have failed to keep him informed of all the short-cuts and scrimping they've been doing. Not to mention delays that have left gaping holes in some of the ship's decks. And now somebody's trying to destroy the ship - using a bomb that talks - but has too little of a mind to keep the countdown straight and have a conversation at the same time... There are several people on the ship trying to deal with the problems. Or at least avoid being blown up themselves. Oddly enough, three of them come from a planet the builders have never heard of, called Earth. Unfortunately, they don't have First Class tickets and, therefore, are not allowed in those parts of the ship they need to get to...

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Adams Starship Titanic 1 (28min,19mb)

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Sapien Mongrel said...


Thanks for this excellent post. I picked up this book at a used book sale one year ago. It intrigued me. As with many other of your posts, it is right in my line of interest. I don't know how you do it, but keep it up. Your efforts are much appreciated.