Aug 2, 2008

Rhotation (40) Into BPM

Hello, Rho-Xs is back and so Rhotation continues, what better way to pick up the rhythm again with Into The BPM and three technotrance albums. Ben Watkins has build a good name over the 25 years he's been in music, these days the Japanese seem to have taken a shining. His main alter ego has been Juno Reactor you get his first album under that name here, btw i re-upped his 84 Empty Quarter albums aswell..The Drum Club were the talk of the town for a couple of years after which they split and dried.. R-Escape-R turned out not a name that stuck and so this Frenchman never got a real chance, French hadn't any rights to exposure on the rave scene, consider Daft Punk hadnt entered the arena at that time, easy enough then to discard, d'hommage.. give it a try

On a sad note it seems massmirror has lost most of my uploads, possibly everyone's, could be my file coding (unhelpful for their search engine) , or my ogg format, in any case, these file hosters all have a very hypocritical businessmodel. Well im not planning to re up these directly (way too many alas) i will however do so on request.

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Juno Reactor - Transmissions (93^150mb)

Ben Watkins is a British electronic music artist and producer, best known as being the principal member of the band Juno Reactor. He started making music in 1982. In the early 1980s, Watkins started out as part of the London based New Wave band The Hitmen, featuring Alan Wilder (Depeche Mode and Recoil). After that he and Martin "Youth" Glover from Killing Joke recorded two albums as Empty Quarter .

Originally Juno Reactor was formed as an art project in 1990; Ben Watkins wanted to collaborate with other artists to produce and be involved in exciting projects that were not commercially driven. He wanted to create experimental music/non musical soundtracks that would work with installations, art pieces and film projects. In 1993, Juno Reactor released their first single, Laughing Gas, on the NovaMute label. This was soon followed by their debut album, Transmissions, considered to be one of the first albums in the goa trance genre. Later, the band released Luciana on Alex Paterson's (The Orb) Inter-Modo label. Watkins switched labels again and in 1995 he signed to Blue Room the album Beyond the Infinite was released in 1996.

By 97 he released Bible of Dreams this time on Wax Trax! Records/TVT Records. It wasJuno Reactor's fourth album and it sounded much different from the previous work by implementing tribal percussion influences. Courtesy of Amampondo, a traditional South African percussion act. In 1998 at Glastonbury Festival. Juno Reactor with Amampondo stunned the crowd with a superb live set . Another mileneium another label and so Watkins released the fifth Juno Reactor album, Shango on Metropolis Records. The first track from the album, Pistolero, with guitarist Steve Stevens featured during the trailer for the movie Once Upon a Time in Mexico, as well as the film itself.

The sixth Juno Reactor album, Labyrinth, was released in October 2004, and featured Watkins' work from the Matrix films. The new album once again cemented the tribal influences present in their music through tracks like Conquistador II. In 2006 Ben Watkins was hired to compose an orchestral score for Brave Story (A Japanese Feature anime). Sony Japan released the Soundtrack in July. Recorded in Slovakia with the Bratislava Radio Symphony Orchestra and choir, it shows a new versatile and unexpected side of Ben Watkins and Juno Reactor. 2008 will see the collaboration of Koji Morimoto and Ben Watkins, on an experimental anime project called Genius Party.

Juno Reactor's latest album 'Gods and Monsters' was released in March 2008, and features the introduction of Ghetto Priest and Sugizo into the Juno Reactor fold along with Eduardo Niebla, Xavier Morel, and Yasmin Levy. They will be touring in USA and Mexico this september.

01 - High Energy Protons (6:32)
02 - The Heavens (Voc.Maria Naylor) (6:27)
03 - Luna-Tic (9:01)
04 - Contact (5:53)
05 - Acid Moon (8:38)
06 - 10,000 Miles (Voc.Annie Fontaine) (5:55)
07 - Laughing Gas (8:04)
08 - Man To Ray (6:42)
09 - Landing (8:42)

Juno Reactor - Transmissions ( * 99mb)

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Drum Club - Live In Iceland ( 95 * 99mb)

Lol Hammond met Charlie Hall in 1990 when Charlie was Dj-ing at a party called TransAtlantic in Kings Cross, London. The initial idea was to remix a track that Lol had worked on; 'Made in 2 minutes' by Bug Khan and The Plastic Jam. The remix morphed into a new track that eventually became the seminal 'U Make me Feel so good'. It was initially released on the first Spiral Tribe EP and picked up by legendary DJ Andy Weatherall and then released by Guerilla Records and remixed by React 2 Rhythm. Another single, 'Alchemy', remixed by Orbital was released by Geurilla and then Drum Club moved to Youth's label, Butterfly. Two albums; 'Everything is Now' and 'Drums are Dangerous' came out and remix friends Underworld, Claudio Coccoluto, Hardkiss and Tony Thorpe contributed to single releases. Drum Club also ran the groundbreaking 'Midi Circus' tour that brought together Orbital, Aphex Twin, System 7, Spooky and The Drum Club in a live show with DJs, inspired by DJ Stika's great Fun-da-Mental underground nights. Simultaneously the massively influential Drum Club night ran from 1991 until 1994 in The Sounshaft Progressive House was conceived, born and weaned in this club that saw live performances from Orbital, Underworld, the debut of the Chemical Brothers and naturally The Drum Club.

Drums Are Dangerous was a breakthrough of sorts, earning an American release through Instinct in 1994. Instinct also documented Hall and Hammond's crucial concert appearances on 1995's Live in Iceland. Later that year, however, Hammond formed the breakbeat act Slab! with Nina Walsh, Contraband, Girls, Ego and time took their toll and Drum Club broke up. Lol Hammond went on to forge an immensely successful DJ and writing career and is now the proud father of two and Charlie Hall turned to teaching and now spends a third of the year in Italy teaching Art History to English and American students.

01 - Oscillate And Infiltrate (9:51)
02 - Bug (5:58)
03 - Follow The Sun (7:46)
04 - Reefer (6:32)
05 - Crystal Express (7:57)
06 - De-Lushed (5:21)
07 - Plateau Of Wolves (7:04)
08 - U Make Me Feel So Good (9:26)

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R-Escape-R - Chapter One (96 * 99mb)

R-Escape-R is the alter ego of frenchman Alain Valsecchi, he released just one album, the excellent techno/hypno trance Chapter One, why it never came to more i can't say as the search engines remain silent when it comes to R-Escape-R or Alain Valsecchi i gathered he did some art projects but obviously forgot to pick up dj-ing as this is the promotion tool for dance musicians..Oh well the French will have it their way. Into the Abyss appeared on a number of compilation albums, give it a try i would say..

01 - Into The Abyss (7:07)
02 - Aquatic Dream (6:20)
03 - Human Dea (9:32)
04 - Escape (6:59)
05 - Surviving Spirit (5:41)
06 - Call From The Voodooland To Venus (6:57)
07 - Cosmocrator (5:00)
08 - Med=Kansla 4 U (6:16)
09 - Space Waltz Navigator (5:10)
10 - See U Soon (5:55)

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All downloads are in * ogg-7 (224k) or ^ ogg-9(320k), artwork is included , if in need get the nifty ogg encoder/decoder here !


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Hello Luis, i have that Palais..on cassette ..alas not available. You may have seen Lupa at 30 - Germany, NDW (01/12/07) if not go over there...

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My brother recommended me R-Escape-R
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