Aug 30, 2008

Rhotation (44) Into BPM

Hello, today we go, not way back, but almost 20 years (yeezz) to one of the sweatiest overcrowded dancefloor times..First up the Queen of House who with Master C&J created some of the darkest, druggiest house ever committed to vinyl...Was it the case with Liz Torres ho high she could go...With Simon Harris it was the other way low you can go, referring to the bass here, because mr Harris has been a highflyer ever since. He decided to enter the musicscene thru selling professional audio equipment (smart move from the then 21 year old). Since then he's become a well known music technology innovator. He was at the forefront of the 80s dance music revolution in the field of using samplers on dance music productions, featured on many TV shows and documented in books and magazines as an influential innovative producer and remixer.....if that aint enough, i got two samplers full of hits of the sure there's plenty to pick up upon again. ....

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Liz Torres Featuring Master C n J - Can't Get Enough (88 ^ 317mb)

A sassy disco diva with a sharp tongue, Torres was one of the top house artists of the 1980s and early '90s. She never did much on either pop or Black radio, but in clubs, Torres was highly regarded , she was the Queen of House...Liz Torres was born in Puerto Rico in the early '60s and moved with her family to Chicago, just three years later. She sang in her church while growing up but converted to house music in 1985 after hearing it on the street. Master C&J (Carl Bias & Jesse Jones) along with vocalist, Liz Torres, became one of the key crossover house acts on the Chicago scene, and are counted among the most influential artists to rise out of the mid-Eighties Chicago House Music scene. ! They created some of the darkest, druggiest house ever committed to vinyl. Their music was originally released on pioneering Chi-town labels like State Street, Streetside It got picked up by Jive Records, which signed Torres to a contract the same year. Jive Records, released her album “The Queen Is in the House” in 1990. After disputes with Jive, Liz Torres then moved on and recorded "Out of My Life" for the Streetside label. In the mid-'90s, she staged a major comeback with "Set Urself Free," on Radikal Records.

Known for their singularly darkly sensuous and skeletal sound, their tracks captured and defined the late eighties, underground dance-floor experience: rhythm, sweat, sex. Performances at clubs like The Warehouse, The Paradise Garage, Sound Factory, and Ministry of Sound made Liz Torres an underground superstar, known for her feline stage presence and impassioned singing and writing, often raunchy delivery. She continues to tour the World and performs like no other in a high energy deep house music style.

01 - Can't Get Enough (6:58)
02 - Face It (6:59)
03 - Mama's Boy (7:01)
04 - When You Hold Me (6:45)
05 - No More Mind Games (7:25)
06 - In The City (7:11)
07 - What You Make Me Feel (7:08)
08 - Can't Get Enough (Spanish) (4:48)

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Simon Harris - Bass (greatest hits) ( 96 ^513mb)

Originally from Chigwell, Essex, Harris is a British producer of sample-based breakbeat and house music. Well known as both a remixer, music label owner and producer with a hit-making ability and an innovative style, Harris has enjoyed working with many well known and talented people in his 30 year career. Originally a DJ, Harris started selling professional audio equipment in London's Tottenham Court Road, then became a club promoter. In 1983 Harris was invited to become one of the original remixers for Tony Prince's DMC. Harris then joined forces with the late BBC Radio 1 DJ Froggy (1949-2008) and was commissioned for many hit remixes for major labels.

In 1986 Harris and Froggy started their own independent label 'Music of Life' managed by Chris France. The label was initially distributed by Morgan Khan's 'Streetwave' group and the first releases were from Cerrone (Supernature) and Michael Jackson's sister La Toya. Within a short time Froggy left to pursue other projects and Music of Life became one of the UK's first rap/hip-hop labels, initially licensing US products, and then with Harris producing many British rap artists including Derek B (the label's A&R executive), followed by Daddy Freddy, MC Duke, Tenor Fly, Hijack, Demon Boyz (Million Dan), and Einstein .

Harris has produced many breakbeat albums designed for DJs and producers, including 'Beats. Breaks and Scratches' in 12 volumes. This was licensed and used by many Grammy Award winning artists including R.E.M. and Luther Vandross. Other artists who produced similar albums for Music of Life include Paul Oakenfold, George Clinton and Norman Cook (Fatboy Slim). Harris continued to remix and produce many artists. Pete Tong (BBC Radio 1) signed Harris as an artist to his Polygram FFRR label. The first release was a rap version of Michael Jackson's Bad (Bad on the Mike). This was followed by 'Bass (how low can you go?)' which achieved US Billboard Dance Number One status and became a pop hit in many countries including the UK.

Harris has sustained a 30 year production career which has so far resulted in the sales of millions of records and CD's, greatly impacting the global music marketplace, his work is varied and has included music video. Radio and TV commercial production, several TV documentaries and remixing, in addition Harris's productions are currently featured on many motion picture and TV soundtracks. He continues to actively produce and latest projects include Simply Music (UK), with new remixes of 'Bass' and Sonic Zero . In March 2008 Harris attended CRS in Nashville USA and is currently working on projects for US based KIC Media, Internal Bass, Honky Tonk TV, The Red Neck Crew and Nashville's Ty rest for the wicked...

Simon Harris - Bass (greatest hits) (^ 513mb)

01 - Bass (How Low Can You Go) (1996 Remix)
02 - I've Got Your Pleasure Control (Remix)
03 - Ragga House
04 - Time (Chep Nunez Edit)
05 - Don't Stop The Music
06 - Theme From Disturbing The Peace
07 - Take Me Away
08 - Rollin' With The Punches
09 - Summertime
10 - Here Comes That Sound (Perfect Beat Mix)
11 - Sexy Lady
12 - The Final Frontier
13 - Another Monsterjam
14 - The Persuader
15 - Lost In Paradise

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VA - Hip House (Deepest Beats In Town) (89 ^ 328mb)

Besides Milli Vanilli and Wee Papa Girl Rappers some great hip house/acid tracks here

VA - Hip House (Deepest Beats In Town) I ( ^ 328mb)

01 - Adeva - Respect (4:05)
02 - Royal House - Yeah Buddy (3:20)
03 - Humanoid - Stakker Humanoid (3:41)
04 - Fast Eddie - Hip House (3:18)
05 - Raze - Break 4 Love (3:21)
06 - Joe Smooth - Promised Land (3:47)
07 - Milli Vanilli - Girl You Know It's True (3:59)
08 - Rob Base & DJ E-Z Rock - Get On The Dance Floor (3:10)
09 - She Rockers - On Stage (3:55)
10 - Turntable Orchestra - You're Gonna Miss Me (3:48)
11 - Wee Papa Girl Rappers - Wee Rule (3:30)
12 - Swan Lake - In The Name Of Love (3:50)
13 - Jolly Roger - Acid Man (3:40)
14 - Longsy D's House Sound - This Is Ska (Skacid Mix) (5:14)

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VA - Turn Up The Bass 5 (90 ^ 480mb)

This series went on to 25 in the space of 5 years, this one no 5 is one of the best if not the best, its the only one i got but judging by discogs, whats on the others. Anyway the idea is to pick and chose the tracks you like..

VA - Turn Up The Bass 5 ( ^ 480mb)

01 - Fast Eddie - Git On Up (4:56)
02 - Beatmasters, The - Ska Train (4:50)
03 - 2 Live Crew, The - We Want Some Pussy (Westbam Remix) (4:00)
04 - Petra & Co - Just Let Go (3:31)
05 - Starlight - Numero Uno (4:10)
06 - Hi Tek 3 - Spin That Wheel (Turtles Get Real) (3:44)
07 - Mixmaster, The - Grand Piano (3:47)
08 - SueƱo Latino - The Latin Dream (3:53)
09 - 2 In A Room - Do What You Want (4:09)
10 - Deskee - Let There Be House (4:42)
11 - King Bee - Party People In The House (3:43)
12 - Tyree - Move Your Body (5:31)
13 - Starmix - Let Da Music Take Control (3:27)
14 - Pedro Ramon - Te Quiero (3:44)
15 - 101 - Just As Long As I Got You (3:10)
16 - Twenty 4 Seven - I Can't Stand It (6:01)
17 - Technotronic - Pump Up The Jam (US Remix) (4:40)

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All downloads are in * ogg-7 (224k) or ^ ogg-9(320k), artwork is included , if in need get the nifty ogg encoder/decoder here !


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