Aug 23, 2008

Rhotation (43) Into BPM

Hello, Rhotation 43 this week and Into BPM is all about Meat Beat Manifesto, beginning in 1987 as an experimental/industrial duo inspired by the cut-and-paste attitudes of hip-hop and dub, MBM increasingly became a vehicle for its frontman, Jack Dangers, to explore the emerging electronics of techno, trip-hop, and jungle. Today here a cross section starting with their late eighties debut Storm The Studio, the mid nineties Subliminal Sandwich, followed by MBM's 02's Ruok? As a bonus i've added a sampler of remixes it titled all 349 min of

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After working together in Perennial Divide Stephens and Jack Dangers (John Stephen Corrigan) left to form Meat Beat Manifesto (MBM), their first album was destroyed in a studiofire. They then recorded the LP Storm The Studio, which got them labeled as an industrial act. In response, they released 99%, which was more techno-influenced, in May 1990. In August of the same year, they released Armed Audio Warfare, which was an effort to re-create the lost tracks of the would-be debut album. They build a reputation with a live show that was conceived as an intense audio-visual experience, with dancers, led by choreographer Marcus Adams, in costumes designed by artist Craig Morrison and video clips accompanying live instruments, sequenced electronic instruments, and dazzling live DJing.

On 1992's Satyricon Meat Beat adopted a more mainstream electronic sound, influenced by such newly popular dance bands as Orbital, The Shamen, and The Orb, all of whom had either remixed or been remixed by MBM. The album produced the hits "Mindstream" and "Circles". However, "Original Control (Version 2)", renamed "I Am Electro" in later compilations, remains the best-known track from the album, featuring samples of recordings from the 1939 World's Fair exhibit Elektro The Robot.

In 1994 Dangers relocated from England to San Francisco, resulting in Stephens' departure from the band. Dangers continued MBM from his new home, releasing the double album Subliminal Sandwich in 1996. While this album represented MBM's major-label debut on Trent Reznor's Nothing Records, it failed to achieve the critical and commercial successes of previous releases. In 1997 Dangers released Actual Sounds + Voices in 1998, on which flirtations with jazz fusion featured prominently. The album yielded the single "Prime Audio Soup" which was featured in the film The Matrix. In 2002 Meat Beat released RUOK?, another big step in the evolution of their sound and prominently featuring Dangers' newly acquired toy, the EMS Synthi 100, as well as guest contributions from turntablist Z-Trip and The Orb's Alex Paterson. In 2003 they released a remix album for Storm The Studio, followed by ...In Dub, a remix album of RUOK.

At the Center, was released in 2005, the album is a collaboration between Jack Dangers and jazz musicians Peter Gordon, Dave King, and Craig Taborn. It has been well-received by many critics.Then MBM went on a year long worldwide tour again, the first in 7 years Being renowned for making a concert not only an aural but a visual spectacle aswell this time they made use of video sampling technology that allowed the band to trigger video clips in realtime, on two large screens positioned stage front, while the band performed either sidestage or behind the screens.

Presently, the veteran composer and sound sculptor , Jack Dangers continues to stretch sonic boundaries and influence new generations of sound activists. As a premiere remixer, producer and sound designer, he has played a seminal role in defining tomorrows' music today. Prior to Meat Beat Manifesto there was Perennial Divide. Archive Things/Purged was released earler this year and features unreleased tracks and instrumental versions from Perennial Divide, together with some of the original MBM demo tracks. Earlier this year a new album was released "Autoimmune", featuring vocals from Jack, Oakland’s own Azeem, Mr. C and Daddy Sandy and a guest appearance from Z-Trip.

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Meat Beat Manifesto - Storm The Studio (89, 72min flac 506 mb)

Dangers and Stephens left Perennial Divide in 1988 to record an album, but the tapes were destroyed in a studio fire before the album could be released. They then recorded the LP Storm The Studio a worked out/remixed compilation of their first 44 12 "s, it got them pigeonholed as an industrial act which was not to their liking and so they followed it with a more techno oriented 99% a year later

01 - God O.D. (Part 1) (5:19)
02 - God O.D. (Part 2) (6:42)
03 - God O.D. (Part 3) (5:21)
04 - God O.D. (Part 4) (2:59)
05 - Re-Animator (Part 1) (6:06)
06 - Re-Animator (Part 2) (4:08)
07 - Re-Animator (Part 3) (5:30)
08 - Re-Animator (Part 4) (4:03)
09 - Strap Down (Part 1) (5:49)
10 - Strap Down (Part 2) (7:00)
11 - I Got The Fear (Part 1) (6:14)
12 - I Got The Fear (Part 2) (3:59)
13 - I Got The Fear (Part 3) (3:06)
14 - I Got The Fear (Part 4) (5:22)

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Meat Beat Manifesto - Subliminal Sandwich (96 138min ^ 782mb)

In 1994 Dangers relocated from England to San Francisco, resulting in Stephens' departure from the band. Dangers continued MBM from his new home, releasing the double album Subliminal Sandwich in 1996. While this album represented MBM's major-label debut on Trent Reznor's Nothing Records, it didnt sell as well as the previous Satyricon album . Despite the hooky single - "Asbestos Lead Asbestos" - which was accompanied by a big budget video. The album did receive good reviews in the UK and the album should be regarded as an artistic success, as it manages to combine dub, trance, drum and bass, and industrial sounds with truly rare and invigorating samples. The song "She's Unreal" was featured on the soundtrack of the 1999 film The Blair Witch Project

Meat Beat Manifesto - Subliminal Sandwich 1 ( flac 403mb)

101 - Sound Innovation (2:18)
102 - Nuclear Bomb (Voc.Papa Levi) (6:12)
103 - Long Periods Of Time (Voc.Mike Powell) (4:33)
104 - 1979 (5:25)
105 - Future Worlds (4:56)
106 - What's Your Name ? (Voc.Hell Louise) (2:47)
107 - She's Unreal (4:10)
108 - Asbestos Lead Asbestos (6:22)
109 - Mass Producing Hate (Voc.Mike Powell) (3:01)
110 - Radio Mellotron (1:07)
111 - Assasinator (Voc.Papa Levi) (5:22)
112 - Phone Calls From The Dead (3:13)
113 - Lucid Dream (2:09)
114 - Addiction (4:07)
115 - No Purpose No Design (2:18)
116 - Cancer (4:34)
117 - Transmission (Voc.Hell Louise) (4:09)
118 - We Done (2:07)

Meat Beat Manifesto - Subliminal Sandwich 2 ( ^379mb)

201 - Set Your Receivers (0:23)
202 - Mad Bomber/The Woods (10:16)
203 - The Utterer (6:51)
204 - United Nations (E.T.C.) (4:05)
205 - Stereophrenic (13:03)
206 - Teargas (0:38)
207 - Plexus (3:29)
208 - Electric People (14:03)
209 - Tweekland (7:55)
210 - Simulacra (8:20)

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Meat Beat Manifesto - RUOK? 02 61 min flac 357mb)

From the first few minutes of RUOK?, it's clear MBM has evolved from the dense sampladelic dance of 98 's Actual Sounds + Voices to a sparse, haunted style that leaves much to the imagination but still displays acres of production prowess. Twelve tracks of primitivist electronics and drum machines over unobtrusive breakbeats, the album was recorded in part with a rare mid-'70s synthesizer, the EMS Synthi 100. With frequent funk samples and snippets of obscure '50s trad vocals all over it, RUOK? still has much in common with his series of populist breaks records, Tino's Breaks. It also includes appearances from two of the rangiest co-contributors to appear on a dance record in some time: psychedelic techno mastermind Dr. Alex Paterson (from the Orb) and turntablist mentalist Z-Trip; the featured tracks are among the best on offer, though the guests' contributions certainly don't stick out. Three years later Ruok was remixed and released as ...In Dub on cd and 5.1 DVD

01 - YĆ¼ri (5:39)
02 - Spinning Round (5:27)
03 - Horn Of Jericho (7:10)
04 - What Does It All Mean? (5:20)
05 - No Words Necessary (4:42)
06 - Intermission (1:07)
07 - Supersoul (5:36)
08 - Hankerchief Head (6:35)
09 - No Echo In Space (6:26)
10 - Dynamite Fresh (5:41)
11 - Retrograde (4:57)
12 - Happiness Supreme (2:39)

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Meat Beat Manifesto - Mutations ( 78min flac 436mb)

This is a compilation of remixed MBM i made a few years ago. Btw the cover i chose is not photoshopped but a pic of a natural phenomena.. you don't need to eat shrooms for that.

01 - Prime Audio (Herbaliser) Soup (6:46)
02 - Oola (Orbital mutation) (8:35)
03 - Mindstream (Aphex Twined) (6:53)
04 - Fragments (Eccentric Objects) (5:13)
05 - Asbestos Led Asbestos (Joined at the Hip-edit Charlie Clouser) (5:59)
06 - Razorblade Waves (Skinned) (7:41)
07 - Mars Needs Control (Chemical Brothers) (9:07)
08 - Mambotron (Dangers Mix) (7:02)
09 - Radio Babylon (Orb's Beach Blanket Bimbo Land) (13:18)
10 - Prime Veggie Soup ( Boards of Canada) (7:05)

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All downloads are in * ogg-7 (224k) or ^ ogg-9(320k), artwork is included , if in need get the nifty ogg encoder/decoder here !


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Thanks for Storm the Studio, been looking for this for aaaaaages!

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thanks you there and the meat beat manifesto for the extraordinary sound of united nations rhythms
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Dear Rho -

Your recent re-upping of some Meat Beat Manifesto records gave me appetite for more; since my own copy of "Storm the Studio" mysteriously vanished from my record collection, I've been desperately looking for it in decent quality.

A re-up in Flac would be most welcome.

I thought I was thorougly familiar with MBM but I realise that for some reasons, I missed the release of RUOKS; however I'd love to catch up with it.

And then, I'd like to honour your own effort - "Mutations" would be very welcome, because I have given away all my MBM-12", about 15 years ago, before moving apartments ...- so to have all those remixes on one CD would be very handy!

I hope you can fulfill (some of) these requests of mine!

Thanks in advance & all the best