Apr 16, 2012

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Hello, hope you'll had a good weekend. Fascinating Chinese F1 Grand Prix this morning, the first time winner in his 111th F1 race, the son of a previous worldchampion, Niko Rosberg. We didn't see that much of him as he was out in front whilst there was plenty of action behind him. In the end the McLaren boys picked up the other podium places, leaving the Red Bulls in their wake. Three different winners in as many races, it's promising to be an exiting year in Formula 1.

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A Brit Com focused on two twenty-something friends at crossroads in their lives. Tim (Simon Pegg) is a cynical aspiring comic book artist and geek who is dumped by his girlfriend in the first episode. Daisy (Jessica Stevenson) is a bubbly aspiring journalist who doesn't have anything to say nor the work ethic to say it. They pretend to be a couple in order to rent an inexpensive flat. The show focuses on their zany adventures as they struggle to get their lives on track. Tim's military-obsessed friend Mike, Daisy's ditzy glamour friend Twist, Mad Artist Brian in the flat below and dipsomaniac landlady Marsha complete the main cast. The show was written by its stars, Simon Pegg and Jessica Stevenson, and directed by Edgar Wright.

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