Jun 14, 2018

RhoDeo 1823 Re-Ups 144


8 correct requests for this week and requests that totally targeted my 12 months limit, whatever another batch of 29 re-ups (7,8 gig)

These days i'm making an effort to re-up, it will satisfy a smaller number of people which means its likely the update will  expire relatively quickly again as its interest that keeps it live. Nevertheless here's your chance ... asks for re-up in the comments section at the page where the expired link resides, or it will be discarded by me. ....requests are satisfied on a first come first go basis. ...updates will be posted here remember to request from the page where the link died! To keep re-ups interesting to my regular visitors i will only re-up files that are at least 12 months old (the older the better as far as i am concerned), and please check the previous update request if it's less then a year old i won't re-up either.

Looka here , requests fulfilled up to June 13th.... N'Joy

xxxxx xxxxx xxxxx xxxxx xxxxx

5x Wavetrain Back In Flac (Magazine - Secondhand Daylight, Polyrock - Polyrock and Changing Hearts, Eyeless In Gaza - Caught In Flux, still in ogg Pink Military - Do Animals Believe In God ?)

4x Grooves Now In Flac (Material - One Down, Nona Hendryx - Nona, still in ogg Shango - Shango Funk Theology, VA - Rap It !)

4x Grooves NOW in Flac (Cerrone - III (Supernature), Meco - Music Inspired By Star Wars And Other Galactic Funk, Space - Magic Fly, Giorgio Moroder - Battlestar Galactica)

3x Aetix Back In Flac (Wall Of Voodoo - Dark Continent , Wall Of Voodoo - Call Of The West, Wall Of Voodoo - Seven Days In Sammystown)

3x Roots Back in Flac (Beginner's Guide To African Funk 1, Beginner's Guide To African Funk 2, Beginner's Guide To African Funk 3)

3x GroovesNOW in Flac (Madhouse - 16, Jesse Johnson - Every Shade Of Love, Wendy & Lisa - Fruit At The Bottom)

3x Sundaze Back In Flac (Dvar - Taai Liira,  Dvar - Rakhilim,  Dvar - RoAh )

3x Roots NOW in Flac (Badalamenti & Lynch-Twin Peaks S2+,  Montgomery & Lynch - Lux Vivens, Angelo Badalamenti - O.S.T. Holy Smoke, Badalamenti & Lynch Archive part 4)

xxxxx xxxxx xxxxx xxxxx xxxxx


Anonymous said...

Oh man...talk about guilty pleasures. The Star Wars side of that Meco record ain't so hot - but the "Other Galactic Funk" B side of it - that still gets me bustin' out stupid ass dance moves. (In the privacy of my own home, of course lol...)

Noises From Apt 2A said...

So many great titles in each section ...must be Christams !!!

Anonymous said...

I am loving the Polyrock, wow.

Huge thanks!