Jun 26, 2018

RhoDeo 1825 Roots

Hello, lot's of VAR tonight-that is Video Assisted Referee- penalties, last minute offside or not as it turned out which gave Spain the equalizer and win the group, a status that minutes earlier was far away because Portugal was leading Iran until the 92nd minute when a silly penalty gave Iran the equalizer, and a minute later a big chance to score the winner and win the group, Medhi was totally distraught after the final whistle minutes later, football such an emotional sport... That's Spain-Russia and Portugal-Uruguay next round

Today an artist who graduated with honors from the prestigious Berklee College of Music after receiving the "Best Achievement" scholarship, the Colombian singer-songwriter has developed an artistic career that positions her as one of the most outstanding composers and performers of the current music scene.  She was nominated in 2005 for the Billboard Latin Music Awards she has been described by the press as "an exceptional talent with a sublime voice" Marta not only traverses a whole range of Colombian cumbias and bambucos, Argentine zambas, Cuban sones and Peruvian landos but she also writes the kind of melodies and refrains that translate across whatever language she is singing in.    .... N'Joy

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Marta started her musical studies at the age of six in her native Colombia when she entered the Liceo Benalcazar choir, becoming its soloist for ten years. In 1993 Marta moved to the capital of her country to continue her musical studies at the Javeriana University before entering the Berklee College of Music in 1999.

In 2001 Marta recorded a self-titled album and in 2003 she released Solo es vivir, chosen by The Boston Globe as one of the 10 best albums of the year. Marta Gomez and her group perform a repertoire composed entirely of original songs based on a fascinating variety of rhythms from all over Latin America including Cuba, Mexico, Colombia, Venezuela, Peru and Argentina mixed with jazz and pop elements.

Originally from Colombia, the singer started to compose songs exploring her roots, but when she met Argentine musicians Julio Santillan, Franco Pinna and Fernando Huergo, (Los Changos) they decided to share their musical backgrounds to create a distinctive blend of music that reflects the sound and culture of South America. In the summer of 1999 Marta traveled to Boston to join Berklee where she later received the Alex Ulanowsky composition award for her bambuco "Confession" before graduating Magna cum laude in 2002. A year later Marta was chosen by the famous American blues singer Bonnie Raitt to open her concert with the young Grammy winner, John Mayer and later Marta was the special guest at the concert of the great Argentine singer Mercedes Sosa.

Composition being the center of focus and with more than 80 songs composed, Marta has won many competitions in this field, the most prestigious being the SIBL Project, from the USA, which chose her song "Paula Ausente" as the best song  Inspired by a Latin American writer.  Paula Ausente is a song dedicated to the Chilean writer Isabel Allende and Marta had the opportunity to sing it to Allende in November 2004, in California.  This same song was included in another Putumayo album called "Women of the acoustic world" (2007) and is part of the soundtrack of the series "Capadocia" produced by HBO Latin America.

Marta was chosen by the Colombian magazine Fucsia as one of the five most representative Colombians of the year 2005. Later, Marta recorded a song called "The circle" composed by Kris Kristofferson dedicated to the disappeared in  Argentina and Iraq.  Marta "took the song to a very high level, where it really belongs" in the words of Kristofferson himself.  The writer John Sandford, referred to this interpretation in his novel "Dark of the moon" (the darkness of the moon).

His production "Entre Cada Palabra" (2005 Chesky records) earned her the title of "Best National Act of World Music" of the year 2006 by the Boston Phoenix newspaper.  Her fifth production "Musiquita" brought Marta once again into the list of the ten best albums of the "World Music" genre of the European World Music Charts for several consecutive weeks.  With this work, Marta offered a series of concerts in countries as diverse as the United States, the Netherlands, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland and Israel, where she also frequently collaborates with the music icon of that country, Idan Raichel.

In "El corazón y el sombrero", her sixth album, the singer-songwriter pays homage to the great poet from Granada Federico García Lorca, playing 12 of his poems with Latin American folk rhythms.  In this CD, Marta was fortunate to have the participation of another great song, the Cádiz-born author Javier Ruibal.  Promoting this new work, he has traveled to Israel (Zappa Jazz Club), Colombia (Music Festival of Cartagena), Ecuador (Teatro Sucre), Spain (Barnasants Festival and The Sea of Music of Murcia) and South Africa (KKNK Festival).  In an interview with the National Public Radio of the United States, journalist Steve Inskeep said he admires the singer's ability to "transform the hard history of his country into sweet music."

Marta is nourished by the everyday, and from that nostalgia arise songs with a deep social and human content. Oh and she's on a mission to teach respect to all that lives (xs note must be an alien spirit then)

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"Solo es Vivir" was chosen by The Boston Globe as one of the 10 best CDs of 2003. "Solo es Vivir showcases Gomez's considerable talents as a Latin-jazz singer. The cover shows an attractive Marta in a seductive pose, very professional but the title pointed to what was to come no relational bullshit needed for inspiration to write wonderful songs. 10 years later she released a kids songs album, in 2014, she won a Latin Grammy Award for Best Latin Children's Album for Coloreando: Traditional Songs for Children in Spanish. Auntie duties as she has no kids herselves.

Marta Gomez - Solo Es Vivir (It's just living)   (flac  367mb)

01 Que No Falte Un Sueno 4:28
02 Tu 4:32
03 La Ronda 3:47
04 Chicharra 4:13
05 Guio 4:00
06 Te Extrano 3:01
07 San Pedro 3:57
08 Paula Ausente 4:01
09 Zamba Para Mi Muerte 2:54
10 Propuesta 5:41
11 Natalia Y Camila 3:12
12 Solo Es Vivir 3:55
13 Dejalo Ir 5:13

Marta Gomez - Solo Es Vivir (ogg   109mb )

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Cantos De Agua Dulce brought this Colombian-born songstress widespread critical acclaim. Cantos De Agua Dulce charted on Billboard's Top 10 Jazz Albums tally, the CMJ New World Chart and the World Music Europe Chart. On the strength of this recording, Gomez was nominated for Best Latin Jazz Vocalist of 2005 by Billboard's Latin Music Awards and was described by the magazine's reviewer as "… the essence of Latin cool". It is a wonderful selection of songs based upon a virtual compendium of dance styles from Latin America played by expert artists.

Marta Gomez - Cantos De Agua Dulce ( Fresh Water Songs)   (flac  261mb)

01 La Finca / The Farm 4:57
02 Eso Pido Yo / That's All I Am Asking For 4:32
03 Seis / Six 5:22
04 Cancion De Cuna / Cradle Song 3:17
05 Bolero 3:39
06 La Flor / The Flower 3:15
07 Canta / Sing! 4:00
08 Receta / Recipe 3:33
09 El Pueblo / The Town 3:14
10 Tonada De La Luna Llena / Song of the Full Moon 3:13
11 El Hormigueo 3:43
12 Confesion / Confession 4:21
13 Dejalo Ir / Let It Go! 4:16
14 Aquellas Pequenas Cosas / Those Little Things 2:13

Marta Gomez - Cantos De Agua Dulce   (ogg  134mb)

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Colombian singer/songwriter Marta Gomez is a wonderful, enigmatic talent. Her voice has the lulling softness that evokes Brazil's female vocal icons, yet there's a depth to her writing that goes far beneath the surface. She's also something of an expert on Latin rhythms -- there are 13 different ones on this disc, all of them rooted in different cultures, from Colombian bambuco to Argentine chamame. But everything is so perfectly put together that you forget the academic side, pulled along by the music and voice. Recorded over just three days, it's a small masterwork. It doesn't matter if you don't understand Spanish, as Gomez evokes delicate moods in her work, each piece beautifully arranged and shaded, with a very live sound. Her last album saw her labeled as a jazz singer, but there's little evidence of that here, possibly quite deliberately. Instead it's an album of low-key Latin music that at times edges toward a more straightforward singer/songwriter stance -- albeit a very classy one (think Joni Mitchell, for example). On the evidence of this and her previous disc, Gomez is a rapidly rising star of genuine quality and inspiration.

 Marta Gomez - Entre Cada Palabra (Between Each Word) ( flac  263mb)

01 Maria Mulata 3:29
02 Dona Luisa 2:57
03 De Amarillo Se Viste La Tarde 3:32
04 Mar Adentro, Despacito 4:56
05 Casi 3:34
06 Un Pedacito De Tu Amor 3:42
07 Quien Se Acordara? 3:55
08 Esta Linda La Mar 3:35
09 Lucia 4:31
10 Negrito 4:43
11 Cielito Lindo 3:57
12 Como Un Secreto 3:08
13 Entre Cada Palabra 4:44
14 Pececito De Agua 4:19

   Marta Gomez - Entre Cada Palabra (ogg  120mb)

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The album title Musiquita elevates the affectionate use of diminutives that is so common in Latin American culture where they are an inseparable part of daily language. In the country villages of South America, diminutives don't diminish the importance of the words, as one might believe. To the contrary, they celebrate and make them more personal, more intimate. Marta has chosen to brand her own music with this communal intimacy by naming her new recording Musiquita. Artists are not supposed to put so many amazing songs on just one single album. And yet, track after track after track, whether up-tempo or slow, joyous or lamenting...there is nothing but pure sonic and musical joy here. You'll be enchanted, enthralled and mesmerized by the sheer beauty and remarkable tenderness of Marta's extremely expressive songs, which are flawlessly accompanied by her velvety-smooth voice. Ah, "that voice", which she plays as if a musical instrument; fluidly weaving a hypnotic melody of delicate multicolored emotive tones which seem to somehow, almost magically form a direct connection from her heart to the listener. The fine musicians in her band only magnify and compliment this rather intoxicating charm in a most pleasing way. Together they play as one. I love how Marta is never superficial or "in your face" with her singing. Yet, her spellbindingly supple siren-song will reach right into your very soul so quickly and completely, you might not even realize it...at first. The quiet, gentle, sincere, often sparse, subdued, earthly-sweet and perfectly natural acoustic moods generated by this tight-knit group are positively oozing with authenticity and prove once again that less is truly more...what a breath of fresh air.

 Marta Gomez - Musiquita   (flac  293mb)

01 Ritualitos 3:37
02 Almita mia 4:56
03 Carnavaliando 3:21
04 Manos de Mujeres 3:48
05 Tu Voz 3:52
06 Contigo 3:05
07 Basilio 5:37
08 Cancion En Sol 4:40
09 El Eco de Mi Canto 4:05
10 Rio 3:49
11 Tierra, Tan Solo 4:06
12 Asi Te Espero Yo 4:21
13 El Nino de la Miel 3:21
14 Si No Cantara 4:45

Marta Gomez - Musiquita (ogg  122mb)

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