Jun 2, 2007

Wavetrain, 3rd wagon

Hello again, now who's occupying the third wagon of my wavetrain ? Another mixed bunch of very different art rockers in the guise of Magazine's driven coolness, Polyrock's restless rhythms come in a double package shaped by minimalist composer Philip Glass. Eyeless in Gaza showed the way where 4 AD would be treading later, weltschmerz, melancholic atmospheres, elegant orchestral melodies and the occasional agitation. After being posed the question Do Animals Believe In God ? in a pub no less Jayne Casey thought it would make for a good title for the album she was working on, and thats how it works. Now i'd say this wagon would be rather peaceful were it not for the Bollock Brothers, true they rather like and culltivate their tumultuous reputation and with "The Last Supper" they set out on a path of Blood, Sweat and Beers.

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Magazine - Secondhand Daylight (79)
Polyrock - Polyrock and Changing Hearts (80/81)
Eyeless In Gaza - Caught In Flux (81)
Pink Military - Do Animals Believe In God ? (80)

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Magazine - Secondhand Daylight (Flac* 390mb)

Magazine was formed by Howard Devoto after he left Buzzcocks in 1976. In April 1977 he met guitarist John McGeoch and they began writing songs which would become the first Magazine material. They recruited Barry Adamson, Bob Dickinson and Martin Jackson to form the first line-up of the band. Real Life, released later in 1978, continued the confrontational, arty pop-punk of their first single "Shot by Both Sides." meanwhile keyboardist Dave Formula had joined the lineup.Following their first tour, Jackson left the group and was replaced by John Doyle. The new lineup recorded the band's second album, Secondhand Daylight (1979) (delite ?), it was somewhat of a departure from the debut, featuring more keyboards, smoother rhythms, and streamlined lyrics from Devoto. Despite its ambitiousness, the record was poorly received by the guitarlicking press. "Well it's been their best album ego-boys !" During this time, McGeoch played with Siouxsie & the Banshees and Adamson, Formula, and McGeoch were part of Visage, along with Steve Strange. At the beginning of 1980, the band managed to release their third album anyway, The Correct Use of Soap. After a worldwide tour magazine released the live album "Play". This turned out to a swan song, even if they released " Magic, Murder and the Weather " in 81 the spirit had gone and Devoto left/disbanded Magazine to release two more soloalbums before leaving the music industry altogether.

As a bonus i've added some great tracks from their other albums...to fill out the 100 mb, and to widen the interest.

01 - Feed The Enemy (5:45)
02 - Rhythm Of Cruelty (3:03)
03 - Cut-Out Shapes (4:43)
04 - Talk To The Body (3:34)
05 - I Wanted Your Heart (5:13)
06 - The Thin Air (4:10)
07 - Back To Nature (6:40)
08 - Believe That I Understand (4:00)
09 - Permafrost (5:25)
10 - Give Me Everything 4:23
11 - I Love You, You Big Dummy 3:54
12 - Rhythm Of Cruelty - Original Single Version 3:03
13 - TV Baby 3:48

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Polyrock - Polyrock   (80 Flac 248mb)

Polyrock was an American post-punk/new wave band formed in New York City in 1978 and active until the mid-1980s. Strongly influenced by minimalism, the group was produced by the composer Philip Glass and Kurt Munkacsi. The band had a keyboard-heavy, pattern-based sound strongly reminiscent of Glass's work; in fact, Glass performed on their first two albums. Led by brothers Billy and Tommy Robertson, this sextet made intelligent, agitated music that threw giddy melodies into the boiling stew of atonal angst and restless rhythms. Equally at home with instrumentals that sound like Peter Gunn on speed (“Bucket Rider”) and songs that suggest Ric Ocasek having a very bad day (“Romantic Me”). The eleven songs are driven by the same engine, loopy but never silly, as if in an alternate universe somewhere.

Changing Hearts (81) improves slightly on the band’s debut by opening the sound up with guitars to breathe a little freer. The compact arrangements, fast rhythms and repetitive melodies remain, but the end result is more varied and more fun. “Like Papers on a Rock” and a cover of The Beatles’ “Rain” are two of the album’s better tracks, and both show the band’s willingness to try something different. In trying to find a parallel for this music, I still struggle to get unstuck from Polyrock’s idiosyncratic sound. As with their debut, roughly half of the songs are instrumentals. In the field of alternative rock circa 1981, Polyrock fell on the artistic side of the fence. Their melodies are actually meticulous textures, crafted to achieve correct angles like a sonic sculpture, an amalgam of art and rock, presumably, that was the Glass influence at work. Polyrock disbanded in 1982a after delivering one more album Electro-romantic

01 - Romantic Me (3:11)
02 - Green For Go (3:42)
03 - This Song (2:16)
04 - Go West (3:24)
05 - Your Dragging Feet (4:59)
06 - No Love Lost (2:58)
07 - Body Me (2:42)
08 - Sound Alarm (3:05)
09 - Bucket Rider (2:56)
10 - Shut Your Face (2:14)
11 - # 7 (2:53)

Polyrock - Changing Hearts (81 Flac 254mb)

12 - Changing Hearts (2:56)
13 - Love Song (4:46)
14 - Quiet Spot (1:28)
15 - Cries & Whispers (3:30)
16 - Mean Cow (2:31)
17 - In Full Circle (3:42)
18 - Papers On A Rack (3:29)
19 - The New US (3:55)
20 - Slow Dogs (3:45)
21 - Hallways (2:29)
22 - Rain (3:57)

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Eyeless In Gaza - Caught In Flux (81 Flac 337mb)

Named for Aldous Huxley's ode to pacifism, Eyeless In Gaza is the idiosyncratic duo of Martin Bates and Peter Becker, who convened only sporadically in the '90s after releasing a flurry of records in the '80s. With a post-punk take on the troubadour's songs of courtly love, Eyeless In Gaza is one of the last successful authors of the once prolific 4AD sound -- rich in dark yet glistening production, melancholic atmospheres, elegant orchestral melodies, and romanticist flares. Eager to explore musical territories that veered crazily from filmic ambience to rock and pop, industrial funk to avant-folk styles, the duo steered hungrily and rapidly through several albums .The duo has consistently created handsome productions of icy passages and Arabic rhythmic inventions to accompany Bates's dominant, resonant voice, that culminated in the reflective swan songs of Rust Red September and Back From the Rains. In February 1987, citing a need to explore fresh territories and musical configurations/situations, Eyeless In Gaza suspended activities.

01 Sixth Sense (3:30)
02 Point You (2:27)
03 Voice From The Tracks (4:00)
04 Scale Amiss (3:00)
05 The Decoration (2:45)
06 Continual (2:15)
07 Soul On Thin Ice (2:50)
08 Rose Petal Knot (2:10)
09 Skeletal Framework (3:30)
10 See Red (2:35)
11 Half-Light (3:15)
12 Every Which Way (5:01)
The Eyes Of Beautiful Losers
13 The Eyes Of Beautiful Losers (5:14)
14 Still Air (3:38)
15 Out From The Day To Day (3:00)
16 True Colour (4:17)
17 Keynote Inertia (2:30)

Eyeless @ Gaza

Pink Military - Do Animals Believe In God ? (80 * 91mb) vinylrip

One of the most notable groups to grow out of the late seventies Liverpool scene was Big In Japan. Members of the group included Jayne Casey, Ian Broudie, Holly Johnson, Budgie and Bill Drummond, all of whom went on to bigger things. Big In Japan played some gigs, recorded a couple of singles and then called it a day.

Jayne Casey then formed Pink Military 'Stand Alone'. The group revolved around a nucleus of Jayne and a guy called Nicky, , and they were supplemented by a different group of musicians for each record. Their first release, on Last Trumpet records, was a live EP recorded at Eric's and included early versions of songs which would later appear on their only LP. They then signed to the Eric's label and released another EP, by this time dropping 'Stand Alone' from their name. On 5/6/80, they recorded a session for the John Peel radio show. Then came the excellent album 'Do Animals Believe In God?'. And then Pink Military were no more.

Jayne continued the good work with Pink Industry (next time) who released several albums .

01 - Degenerated Man (4:25)
02 - I Cry (3:32)
03 - Did You See Her ? (3:07)
04 - Wild West (2:02)
05 - Back On The London Stage (3:05)
06 - After Hiroshima (2:55)
07 - Living In A Jungle (3:42)
08 - Dreamtime (2:45)
09 - War Games (2:51)
10 - Heaven / Hell (3:35)
11 - Do Animals Believe In God ? (4:01)

Pink Militairy @ Base

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All downloads are in * ogg-7 (224k) or ^ ogg-9(320k), artwork is included , if in need get the nifty ogg encoder/decoder here !


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Philip Glass in Braga (Portugal)

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Thanks for your hard work on this! I have it on vinyl but haven't played it in years. This will inspire me (and other new listeners I hope) to appreciate them.

Anonymous said...

hello, well thanks for the heads up mr.pinkwhistle, however i do wonder which band you are talking about here.

best of luck, Rho

Anonymous said...

Any chance of a re-up of the Bollock Brothers Last Supper?

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I'm the bollock brothers manager,warning delete "the last supper" last advertissement!!!

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here the proof, you have 48 hours before the deposit a complaint

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Well mr manager i just taken down your band i hope this will enhance their profitability...Btw one normal request would have done it.

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Anonymous said...

ok thanks

it's normal,the bollock brothers live of cd's and concert

Anonymous said...

oh crap. It's not like some of these are available on the market for under $100 per cd. Let's just let the music die -> screw the band. I was hoping for a reup since I've just become aware of them.

Rho said...

Well most have been re-upped these past 5,5 years, you have to be a bit more specific as to which title you want and i will oblige

Anonymous said...

Dear rho
i would apprreciate a lossless reupload of PINK MILITARY'S masterpiece
thanks in advance

Rho said...

Hello Artemis unfortunately Pink Military is an earlier rip by me from a time filesizes could not exceed 100mb (this post is more than 7 years old after all) Anyway i still have the album and the industry ones and i came across this one for sale at Amazon.De for 20 euros say 15 pounds. Its unlikely their fanbase will grow so not really a speculative object.. Anyway i will re-up this file that was ripped to 0gg 7 most likely more then enough quality for old ears..

Kenny said...

Hi - I would like to request Polyrock - Polyrock and Eyeles in Gaza - Caught in Flux in flac, time and budget permitting, of course.
Thanks very much!

Sander said...

I too would love to hear Eyeless in Gaza - Caught in Flux but the link is dead :(

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All the links for 'Polyrock - Changing Hearts' are not working anymore. Could you please re-upload this album too? Thanks so much! :)

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Hi! Could you re-up the two Polyrock albums please? Much appreciated.

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All the links to Polyrock Changing Hearts are dead.

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Could you re-up the two Polyrock albums please?. All links are dead. thanks so much!

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Thank you for the flac re-up of Magazine!

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Polyrock, please?

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Pink Military is awol.

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Ditto, Pink Military is a dead link, unfortunately...

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Too bad Pink Military isn't available anymore, because it's hard to find