Dec 16, 2012

Sundaze 1251

Hello, as the world had a thoughtfull day considering the obscene happenings in a brave new world town we learn the mother, Nancy Lanza, was “a big, big gun fan” who went target shooting with her children, clearly her son picked up something else.  Well I suppose I've reacted by offering you a less relaxed Sundaze ...

Dvar keeps their identities secret and has released no details, including the city they came from, how old they are, or exactly how many of them are in the band. This has led to many impostors claiming that they are Dvar or know the identities of the band. The band itself claims that Dvar is something "supernatural" that is just delivered through them to others... N'Joy

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It's rather hard to get information about the band. Collecting the bits from the various sources, I managed to learn that probably the band has been existing since the beginning of 90's. "Dvar" is translated from Hebrew as "word", "message". Line-up seems to comprise of two men from Moscow. There's a photo but it's hard to discern their appearance. Occultism is felt in every of their feature: hair, faces and manner of presentation.

The members of Dvar have kept their identities secret, so little is known of their formation. In an interview they stated that "Dvar is something that came in a dream". Band members claim to have heard music in their dreams. The music was presented to them by a creature named Dvar, which took the shape of a giant bee. All of the band's music is devoted to Dvar and directly inspired by him. The members of the band do not claim to write the music themselves (which comes from Dvar), but to serve as messengers. Lyrics, according to them, are performed in the Enochian language.

Their first known released work was a 1998 self-released tape called Raii, though rumours have circulated of an earlier self-released tape from 1996, simply named DVAR. In the year 2000, the duo issued another self-released 4-track CD-R demo called Taai Liira. In 2002 the band released their first album on the Italian S.P.K.R/Radio Luxor record label. The album was called Piirrah. In 2003 Dvar moved to the Russian label Irond and released five albums: Roah (2003), Rakhilim (2004), re-release with bonus tracks of Taai Liira (2004), Hor Hor (2005) and Oramah Maalhur (2005). In 2007 the band moved to the label Gravitator and released Jraah Mraah. In 2008 the band released Zii under the label Art Music Group. In 2009, Fayah! was released, a dark counterpart to Zii, along with a release of Madegirah, entitled Madegirah - Bizarre Rares and Early Works. Now, in mid-2010, their Tenth Anniversary Album, El Mariil has been released, with an unusual medieval sound unlike - as is typical in all of DVAR's music - anything heard from them before. Dvar's latest album album "Deii" pre-released in Russian magazine "Mir Fantastiki, World of Sci-Fi in mp3 320 kb/s format. Meanwhile regular physical copies of the double album (2 CD 16 tracks on each) are now available on Shadowplay Records.

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DVAR "Taai Liira" looks like a ray of light in the darkness it's fifty-four minutes of the most sophisticated schizoid occult darkwave, which absorbed the best of everything that has been created in the history of the genre. Three superhit from this album needs no introduction - they all know by heart, and so on first single "Taai Liira". Composition "Schraii" with medievalno-folk intonations (by the way, my favorite) was taken from the previous eponymous kassetoalboma. The style of the songs is quite diverse, then you and the apocalyptic symphony "Al Hilaji"; and execution of a macabre ritual of a "Vo Rah Arrah Iill"; energy and sinister chaos "Abisser"; in "Itiir" ... Well, such a hellish laughter, like a singer in "Vaii Han", I have in my entire life had not heard that even makes me doubt his affiliation to the human race ... Pathology is presented everywhere, not only in music, but also in vocals, - it is not enough that the sexual origins of vocalist are not defined, these are performed so that one can't understand, how those sounds are derived from the human being. By the way about the lyrics, it seems to me that they are written in so called "Enochian", when lyrics are formed by harmonic passages of null, invented language.

DVAR - Taai Liira   (376mb)

01 Al Hilaji 3:08
02 Iina Tamiira 4:57
03 Taai Liira 2:59
04 Vo Rah Arrah Iill 3:22
05 Hissen Raii 3:31
06 Iih Rah 2:36
07 Abisser 2:12
08 Itiir 3:27
09 Vaii Han 3:26
10 Schraii 4:55
11 Ud Rah 1:13
12 Hissen Raii (V.2) 4:12
13 Vaii Han (Mix) 3:54
14 Taai Liira (Dark Mix) 2:48
15 Hissen Raii (V.211) 2:02
16 Taai Liira (Light Mix) 4:01
  Hidden Track
17 Untitled 2:09

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Dvar sounds here like as you've just dropped acid and tripped right into the munchkin village in the movie The Wizard of OZ. Dvar’s music is somewhere between psychosis and child’s play ( part evil, part whimsy). Song composition consists of numerous instruments both acoustic and synthesized. Instruments range from horns, strings, wood winds, percussion, bass guitar and acoustic guitar. Along with a strong injection of synthesizer generated sounds. The result is a bizarre orchestral/synthesized sound that at once seems familiar and alien.

Vocals chime in and out throughout the album. Infusing each song with an element of hysterical merriment or masochistic torment. The voice is highly manipulated and sounds like an album of the chipmunks Christmas songs spun too fast on a turn table. The voice remains high and wavering throughout the album as the singer sings in his alien language.

Dvar - Rakhilim (flac  252mb)

01 Rakhilim 2:41
02 Ieroh 4:14
03 Ieroh 2 0:52
04 Yar Yar 2:09
05 Ir Rakhilim 1:07
06 Leriil 2:38
07 Naakhiil 2:38
08 Ya Raii Ta Hirrih 3:54
09 Hanaar 1:37
10 Nadrah 1:58
11 Schekhirail 1:27
12 Yalaraa T'Kiin 2:10
13 Tavirim 2:35
14 Amaas Takhi 2:32
15 Kamharim 1:05
16 Schraii 0:35
17 Vo Rakhilim 1:05
18 Arraheem 2:25
19 Ieroh 3 1:47
20 Nehadaim 3:27

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The first thing that comes to mind is the phrase "abstract ambient with darkwave-effects." Here on this and stop. sonic palette is very rich and saturated, and the basis of a personal atmosphere, as you might have guessed, is a synthesizer,  here you find some kind of harp, and various tubes, pipes, tambourines, "low tone" saxophone, double bass, violin, accordion, bells, harpsichord, strings with the "Eastern" bias and even amazing to the ear drum-Rod jogging bottles, hanging in a row and filled with water to different levels. Drums, again, very varied according to the type of sound - the low frequency "boom" up high "Shelest."  DVAR singing in a strange language "Enochian", causing the feeling of being in a kind Sabbath. Overall music like "melt", "blur" the surrounding space, making abstract objects to float before the eyes of the listener. course, this creation DVAR has great degree of originality and professionalism, as an instrumental range is not just is there, it is very advantageous to put in intertwined series, all the songs are full integrated and one or other, but most importantly - on time - audio inserts. Out of the total mass is very clearly distinguished "Hora" and "Ihirrah" with its unique atmosphere. Unlike previous drives DVAR, no special "dark"-ovsti not feel, but oddly enough, the album is rather positive, one might even say - life-affirming, so no it is not darkwave, but a real lightwave!

Dvar- RoAh (flac 266mb)

01 Ha T'annah 3:50
02 Siferah 4:05
03 Ai-Lu 4:04
04 Iillah 1:02
05 Merra Tah 2:40
06 Kiam Kiam 2:22
07 Iina Tamiira (v. 2) 5:10
08 Raah Dhar 3:57
09 Hora 2:04
10 Keruah 3:18
11 Haya Haya 3:15
12 Ihirrah 4:05
13 Mathaar D'ham 3:16

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