Jun 29, 2018

RhoDeo 1825 Grooves

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Today's artists are an American acid jazz-funk band. In 2007 they were nominated for a Grammy Award for Best Contemporary Jazz Album of the Year for the release People People Music Music ..... 'N Joy

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The acid jazz outfit Groove Collective was formed in downtown New York City in 1990 by flutist Richard Worth, DJ Smash, and rapper Nappy G, all three staples of a nomadic dance club called Giant Step. In time, the trio was joined by keyboardist Itaal Shur, drummer Gengi Siraisi, and bassist Jonathan Maron, earning a growing cult following and eventually attracting the attention of Steely Dan vibist Bill Ware, who soon signed on along with saxophonist Jay Rodriguez, trombonist Josh Roseman, trumpeter Fabio Morgera, and percussionist Chris Theberge.  After witnessing an early show, producer Gary Katz negotiated the band's signing to Reprise Records, and produced their eponymous debut album in 1993.

In 1994, they appeared on the Red Hot Organization's compilation album, Stolen Moments: Red Hot + Cool, alongside other prominent jazz artists, Herbie Hancock and Roy Ayers. The album, meant to raise awareness and funds in support of the AIDS epidemic in relation to the African American community, was heralded as "Album of the Year" by Time Magazine. They scored two minor dance instrumental and adult contemporary hits in 1996 with a cover of The Beatles' "I Want You (She's So Heavy)"  and "Lift Off"

Groove Collective's musical style reflects the wide-ranging backgrounds and interests of its individual members. Commenting on the group's 1996 release, We the People, critic Michael Casey referred to the numerous influences at work in Groove Collective's sound, specifically the presence of Afro-pop, Latin jazz, hip-hop, and traditional jazz stylings. This mix is born of the members' varying influences, including bebop, funk, old-school hip-hop and classic soul. Bassist and co-founder Jonathan Maron has acknowledged the importance of a DJ aesthetic in the music, stating that "(Groove Collective's) goal has always been to emulate the range of music a DJ plays during the course of the night at a packed club....A great DJ knows the songs that can ignite the room and fill the dance floor. Some of my favorite musical experiences have been in clubs, where you listen and realize how well all of these styles blend together into one big idiom of its own." Central to the group's ethic is its insistence on live instrumentation and its ability to create and sustain grooves for a dance floor audience.

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Groove Collective's completely uninhibited, party-based jazz-funk is inspired by Sly Stone, acid jazz, hip-hop, salsa, Stevie Wonder, drum'n'bass, Parliament-Funkadelic, Fania -- that is, anything or anyone from the late '60s on who knew how to get down. Their fourth album overall finds the congregation in a most jubilant mood, happy to simply stretch out on a series of infectious singalong jams, starting with the openers "Up All Night" (which trades honking sax solos with some great stuttered drum programming) and "Everything Is Changing" (a shuffling disco stomp). With no less than 14 pieces in the group, it's obvious that Groove Collective shouldn't have any trouble filling spaces, and truth to tell, just about every song on Declassified bristles with so many ideas, solos, and licks that listeners may get dizzy without a few listens under their belt. "On a Feeling," the spotlight for rapper Nappy G, isn't exactly the tightest hip-hop joint ever heard, but the sheer instrumental and musical prowess abundant all over this album makes it a joy for all to hear.

Groove Collective - Declassified   (flac 365mb)

01 Up All Night 4:35
02 Everything Is Changing 5:49
03 On A Feeling 3:52
04 Some People 4:58
05 Valiha 1:05
06 Undercover Life 4:25
07 Guara Rumba 1:02
08 Crisis 7:24
09 End Transmission 4:12
10 Sabrosona (Song For Chucho) 3:33
11 Nature Of A Freak 6:02
12 Triage 2:05
13 Martha My Dear 3:27
14 Sabrosona (Reprise) 1:23
15 Mrs. Strangelove 3:48

Groove Collective - Declassified   (ogg  150mb)

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Nearly ten years after their formation in the early-'90s New York soul-jazz scene, Groove Collective has developed into a tightly knit orchestra of highly skilled musicians full of life and danceable spirit. It's All in Your Mind is a good representation of their artistic development and, as is with any progression, Groove Collective has upped the ante just enough to ensure further progress on future records. It's All in Your Mind experiments with jazzy and spacy elements, but never veers too far to the left or right. Though the first cut, "Time Pilot," is a slow and gentle groove that initially sounds like Hooverphonic or Portishead, the band jumps right back to their rootsy Afro-beat comforts with the second track, the Fela Kuti-esque "Ransome." They dance around in techno-influenced space on "Dance With You" and even rock out on "Skye." Though it may seem as though GC bounces around a lot, they maintain their focus beautifully, drifting seamlessly from genre to genre. As well, It's All in Your Mind tests the band's technical boundaries as electronics are more prevalent than on previous records. It's All in Your Mind illustrates an evolution of sorts for the collective from their meager hip-hop/jazz beginnings to a full-on ensemble. What's more is that the Collective plays like a jazz combo, giving each player enough room to show off his considerable individual talents. There are numerous standouts on the record, but Chucho Valdes' appearance on "Stargazer" is likely the most memorable as it elevates the record to new sonic heights. Generally, It's All in Your Mind is a bit more mellow than previous recordings but a wonderful record nonetheless.

Groove Collective - It's All In Your Mind    (flac 403mb)

01 Time Pilot 4:31
02 Ransome 5:02
03 Dance With You 5:36
04 Earth To Earth 4:22
05 You're Stepping On My Daisy 5:18
06 Stargazer 7:43
07 Winner 4:26
08 In Your Mind 6:11
09 Ocean Floor 5:00
10 Priye 4:31
11 Skye 6:45
12 Comparasa Tunina 5:33
13 Demon Chaser 4:27
14 Thank You (And See You Next Time) 1:15

Groove Collective - It's All In Your Mind  (ogg  147mb )

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The Grammy-nominated jazz-fusion ensemble Groove Collective combines elements of dance music, R&B, and funk in an eclectic brew that conjures Fela Anikulapo Kuti jams on "DFU," 1960s Miles Davis on "Centerfield," and 21st century trance music on "Eat No Space." The band knows its jazz and funk history inside out, and on cuts like the percolating Latin groove of "Mambomongo" and the sinuous Afrobeat of "6 For Fred," it proves it has the chops to back up its revelatory musical archaeology.

Groove Collective - People People Music Music    (flac  385mb)

01 Forgotten Travelers 5:47
02 DFU 6:11
03 What If 6:02
04 Eat No Space 5:03
05 Tito 5:29
06 KOG 6:31
07 Mambomongo 5:19
08 Outermost 6:20
09 6 For Fred 5:43
10 Set Up 4:10
11 Centerfield 5:33
12 Speak Like A Child 5:29
13 Outermost (Live Bonus Version) 5:31

Groove Collective - People People Music Music  (ogg  149mb)

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Groove Collective's fusion of Latin jazz and funk is infectious. Their studio albums explore house, hip hop and soul, but after you hear them play LIVE, you long for that level of energy that their studio CD's just fall short of. A live Groove Collective experience is an epic session of their addictive sound. When you play this album it's like listening to two long sets from this under appreciated ensemble, because all of the songs flow together. Bottom line: Perfect addition to your live jazz collection.

Groove Collective - Brooklyn, NY 04.20.02    (flac  498mb)

01 Astral Rain 3:58
02 Silver Hub 2:44
03 Universe in a Nutshell (Suite A-D) 3:15
04 Fragile Planet 2:55
05 Time Walker 2:56
06 Black Hole 2:32
07 Stargazer 12:52
08 Finding Lost Time 8:59
09 Distinct Vybe 1:29
10 Ransom 7:47
11 Black Is the Color of My Coffee 11:05
12 42nd Street Theme - Tender Steppin' 7:32
13 2K3 Suite 0:56
14 Village Shout 1:31
15 Everyday People 3:01
16 Everyday People (Reprise) 3:07

Groove Collective - Brooklyn, NY 04.20.02  (ogg  164mb)

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