Jan 26, 2018

RhoDeo 1803 Re-Ups 128

Hello, been too busy these last weeks to do the Re-Ups, hence there's been a back log which i'm hoping to clear this and next week. Here 13 correct requests for this week, or another batch of re-ups (16.7 gig)

These days i'm making an effort to re-up, it will satisfy a small number of people which means its likely the update will  expire relatively quickly again as its interest that keeps it live. Nevertheless here's your chance ... asks for re-up in the comments section at the page where the expired link resides, or it will be discarded by me. ....requests are satisfied on a first come first go basis. ...updates will be posted here remember to request from the page where the link died! To keep re-ups interesting to my regular visitors i will only re-up files that are at least 12 months old (the older the better as far as i am concerned), and please check the previous update request if it's less then a year old i won't re-up either.

Looka here , 13 requests fulfilled up to January 17th.... N'Joy

xxxxx xxxxx xxxxx xxxxx xxxxx

10x Neu Deutsch Welle NOW in Flac ( D.A.F. - DAF, Kowalski - Schlagende Wetter, Einstuerzende Neubauten - Halber Mensch, Nina Hagen Band - I, Palais Schaumburg - Lupa, Holger Hiller - Ein Bündel Fäulnis In Der Grube, Zaza - Zaza, Der Plan - Geri Reig, Back in ogg.. Xao Seffcheque - Sehr Gut, Kommt Sehr Gut, Die Neue Deutsche Welle War Da Da Da ......Wie Was Wo ? )

3x Aetix Back In Flac (Jah Wobble - Betrayal, The Legend Lives On, Jah Wobble, Holger Czukay, Jaki Liebezeit ‎– Full Circle, Jah Wobble's Invaders Of The Heart ‎- Without Judgement)

4x Grooves Back in Flac (Sister Sledge - Circle Of Love, Sister Sledge - Together, Sister Sledge - We Are Family, Sister Sledge - Love Somebody Today)

4x Sundaze  Still in Ogg  (VA - Space Night Vol. 09 alpha, VA - Space Night Vol. 09 beta, VA - Space Night Vol. 11 alpha, VA - Space Night Vol. 11 beta)

3x Aetix  Back in Flac  (The dB's - Stands For DeciBels, The dB's - Repercussion, The dB's - Like This)

4x Aetix Back In Flac (Psyche - Insomnia Theatre - Unveiling The Secret, Psyche - Mystery Hotel , Psyche - The Influence, Psyche - Tales From The Darkside)

3x Sundaze Back In Flac (Schulze / Namlook - Evolution of DSOTM, Move D / Namlook V - Wired, Move D / Namlook - X - Let The Circle Not Be Broken)

3x Sundaze NOW In Flac (Wendy Carlos - Sonic Seasonings I +II, still in ogg Wendy Carlos - Clockwork Orange Original Score )

3x Grooves Back In Flac (The Staple Singers - Freedom Highway, The Staple Singers - Soul Folk In Action & We'll Get Over, The Staple Singers - Be Altitude Respect Yourself)

4x Beats NOW In Flac (Blondie - Beautiful - The Remix Album, Sarah McLachlan - Remixed, Laibach - Anthems remixed,  James Brown - Dynamite       )

3x Aetix Back In Flac (   Yazoo - Upstairs At Eric's, Yazoo - You And Me Both, Alison Moyet - Singles)

4x Sundaze Back In Flac (The Orb -  Auntie Aubrey's Excursions Beyond The Call Of Duty I, The Orb -  Auntie Aubrey's Excursions Beyond The Call Of Duty I-II, The Orb -  Auntie Aubrey's Excursions Beyond The Call Of Duty II, The Orb -  Auntie Aubrey's Excursions Beyond The Call Of Duty II-II)

3x Sundaze Back In Flac ( Jansen and Barbieri - Worlds In A Small Room + Other, The Dolphin Brothers - Catch The Fall,  Jansen and Barbieri - Stories Across Borders)

xxxxx xxxxx xxxxx xxxxx xxxxx


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Anonymous said...

All hail the re-ups! The best weekly feature to be found online, anywhere.

Hope your mother is well. :)