Jan 13, 2007

Stage 14, Germany - N. D. W.

A return to Germany , going back in time with "Neue Deutsche Welle" , followed by Kraftwerkwelt (17/10) , West (20/1), Berlin (24/1) and North Germany (27/1) , after the South (2/12 ) 6 stages in all for the biggest country of Europe.

Neue Deutsche Welle (NDW) special

Neue Deutsche Welle (New German Wave, often abbreviated NDW) was a genre of German music originally derived from punk rock and New Wave music in 1976. The term "Neue Deutsche Welle" was first coined by journalist Alfred Hilsberg, whose article about the movement titled "Neue Deutsche Welle - Aus grauer Städte Mauern" was published in the magazine Sounds in 1979.The history of the Neue Deutsche Welle consists of two major parts. From its beginnings to 1981, the Neue Deutsche Welle was mostly an underground movement with roots in British punk and New Wave music; it quickly developed into an original and distinct style, influenced in no small part by the different sound and rhythm of the German language which many of the bands had adapted from early on.The main centers of the NDW movement during these years were Berlin, Düsseldorf, Hamburg, Hannover and Hagen as well as, to a lesser extent, the Frankfurt Rhein-Main Region, Limburg an der Lahn and Vienna (Austria).

From about 1980 on, the music industry began noticing the Neue Deutsche Welle; however, due to the idiosyncratic nature of the music, the focus shifted to creating new bands more compatible with the mainstream, rather than promoting existing bands. Many one-hit wonders and short-lived bands appeared and were forgotten again in rapid succession, and the overly broad application of the "NDW" label to these bands as well as to almost any German musicians not using English lyrics, even if their music was apparently not influenced at all by the 'original' NDW. It quickly led to the decay of the entire genre when many of the original musicians turned their backs in frustration. It was thus no surprise when in 1982 / 1983, the era of the Neue Deutsche Welle came to an early end again, following the oversaturation of the market with what was widely perceived as stereotypical, manufactured hits.

Picking from this period wasn't easy, planned picks Fehlfarben-Monarchie und Alltag, DAF - Alles ist gut, Malaria-Emotion and even Pyrolator were awol, a frustrating search. Not that these albums are second choice, i'd probably made it double posting. With hindsight one of the hallmarks of those NDW days was a schizophrenic attitude towards seriousness and pretence, a band like DAF was accepted, a band like Kowalski admittedly musically miles apart, totally shunned, a precurser to the total directionless desolution of the N.D.W

Stage 14, Germany-back to "Neue Deutsche Welle" times

D.A.F. - DAF ( ' 81- ' 83)
Kowalski - Schlagende Wetter (overman underground ' 82 )
Der Plan - Geri Reig ( ' 80)
Einstuerzende Neubauten - Halber Mensch ( ' 85)
Nina Hagen Band - I ( ' 78)
Xao Seffcheque - Sehr Gut, Kommt Sehr Gut ( ' 80)
Palais Schaumburg - Lupa ( ' 82)
Holger Hiller - Ein Bündel Fäulnis In Der Grube ( ' 83)
Die Neue Deutsche Welle War Da Da Da ......Wie Was Wo ? (' 79 - 83)
Zaza - Zaza

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D.A.F. - Best ( * 329 mb)

Deutsch-Amerikanische Freundschaft, or the acronym D.A.F. or just DAF came from Düsseldorf. The band was founded in 1978 by Robert Görl (drums/percussion, elektronics), Gabi Delgado-Lopez (singer), Kurt Dahlke a.k.a Pyrolator (Elektronics; later Der Plan, Fehlfarben), Michael Kemner (bass; later Fehlfarben) and Wolfgang Spelmans (gitar). Chrislo Haas (Elektronic, bass, saxophon; later Liaisons Dangereuses) replaced Kurt Dahlke 1979, until in 81 during an UK tour they reduced to the core duo Robert Görl/Gabi Delgado-Lopez, who established the image and concept with which they became successfull.

1979, singer Delgado had left before the recording of their first album "Ein Produkt der Deutsch-Amerikanischen Freundschaft" which makes it an instrumental work of 22 tracks sometimes lasting just seconds of noisy ,almost free-jazz like tracks, after they got that out of their system Gabi Delgado returned to DAF. It was 1980 when "Die Kleinen und die Bösen", got them noted internationally. One side was recorded in Conny Plank's Studio the other Live-B-side in the London club "The Electric Ballroom". It set them up to become the godfathers of EBM. Their next album "Alles Ist Gut" aswell as the follow-ups "Gold Und Liebe" and "Für Immer" ( 1981 and 1982 ) brought the duo commercial and artistic success . Allles is gut got them a " thank you for the money award" from the musicindustry. Some songs, "Der Mussolini" , "Der Räuber und der Prinz", "Greif Nach Den Sternen", "Die Götter Sind Weiß" or "Ein Bisschen Krieg" were textually provoking, befitting their build up image. Being confronted with the claim they were fascist, they just said "well we extend from anarcho-skin to disco-nazi , and we are just too horny for fascists."
The duo had already split before the release of "Für Immer" (forever) an ironic goodbye it was, they would concentrate on solo projects, but neither would come close to their previous level of success. In 2003 they came back together and released 15 new songs "15 Neue DAF Lieder" and toured again, in 2005 the revival came to a halt again.

01 - Verschwende Deine Jugend (Waste Your Youth) (3:47)
02 - Der Mussolini (The Mussolini) (3:57)
03 - Mein Herz Macht Bum (My Heart Goes Boom) (4:25)
04 - El Que (3:28)
05 - Ich Und Die Wirklichkeit (Me And Reality) (3:02)
06 - Die Götter Sind Weiss (The Gods Are White) (2:56)
07 - Der Räuber Und Der Prinz (The Robber And The Prince) (3:25)
08 - Liebe Auf Den Ersten Blick (Love At First Sight) ('88 Remix By Joseph Watt) (6:01)
09 - Im Dschungel Der Liebe (Jungle Of Love) (4:08)
10 - Prinzessin (Princess) (4:17)
11 - Greif Nach Den Sternen (Grab The Stars) (3:41)
12 - Kebabträume (Kebab-Dreams) (4:03)
13 - Die Lippe (The Lip) (3:14)
14 - Als Wärs Das Letzte Mal (As If It Were The Last Time) (3:26)
15 - Der Mussolini (Original Version) (3:53)
16 - Liebe Auf Den Ersten Blick (Original Version) (3:54)

DAF @ Base
DAF @ Amazon

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Kowalski - Schlagende Wetter (overman underground ' 82 * 322mb )

The album title `Schlagende Wetter`, points to the dreaded air-methane gas mix, that then as now has been the cause for many mine catastrophes, it was 1981, Kowalski's sound had little to do with the `Neuen Deutschen Welle`, the german media mostly ignored them, if at all then they were marked as melomaniac, neonazis and arrogant assholes., in fact the alternative scene just hated their goodlooking singer who could really sing, it was just too much.. Rather shallow and contorted response for a band that was way ahead of its time. Their noisy pulsating steelmachines rock sounded industrial aswell as lively and even introverted like in Liliom and Peinsame Zeit. Latter, where they used a Hitler speech sample which they droned out, still got them labelled neonazis -the Germans are hypersensitive when it comes to Hitler (still ).  Nevertheless "Schlagende Wetter" an album without ( !) keyboards, is a classic, no doubt whatsoever here !

Kowalski looked abroad and toured extensively in the UK and the Netherlands and elsewhere in Europe, played at festivals (Roskilde, Pandoras box) their shows made a big impression (some still rant about it), anyway they got good feedback from international press and public, but in the end sold too little albums. German Virgin, the label that had contracted them thanks to their producer Conny Planck, dumped the too controversial Kowalski, even when with "der arbeiter" they had a hit in the alternative clubscene. Their next work Zigeunerbaron (12inch) was released by metal label SPV, this relationship went sour very quickly. Kowalski was no more, they somehow had become nongrata (berufsverbot ?) in Germany. Singer and band initiator Uwe Fellensieck, became an actor..in fact his first role and a cameo appearance for Kowalski was in the first Schimanski Tatort „Duisburg Ruhrort“.

In 1996 a small label, Zardoz finally released "Schlagende Wetter" on cd- had been looking out for it a long time. Wouldnt it be nice it got a decent remastering one day. It would blow you away, well for now you will have to do with this.

01 - Der Körper Bin Ich (4:04)
02 - Stahlmaschinen (4:54)
03 - Komm Hier (2:32)
04 - Eine Peinsame Zeit (5:03)
05 - Indianer (3:17)
06 - Ultradeterminanten (6:27)
07 - Massenhass (3:42)
08 - Zauberer (2:32)
09 - Liliom (5:44)
10 - Der Arbeiter (4:48)
+4 English version Oggs
11 The Body Is Me
12 Steelmachines
13 Massenhass
14 Magicians

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Der Plan - Geri Reig ( ' 80 * 324mb)

Der Plan was founded in 1979 by Frank Fenstermacher, Moritz R, Robert Görl & Chrislo Haas. Görl and Haas left after the first release (DAF), and were replaced by Kurt Dahlke. This trio Kurt “Pyrolator” Dahlke (ex-D.A.F.), Frank Fenstermacher, and Moritz “RRR” Reichelt, released the mythical “Geri Reig” and remained constant until the group disbanded in 1993. With the success of a certain cult following, Der Plan put out “Normalette Surprise”. During their fifteen years in existence, they founded the Ata Tak label (D.A.F., Andreas Dorau, Holger Hiller, Oval, and Wirtschaftswunder). In 2004, after an eleven year absence, Der Plan V.4.0, including Moritz R., Künstler Treu (ex-Dauerfisch) and J.J. Jones returned to business with “Die Verschwörung”.

The german music journalists voted for "Geri Reig" as one of the the most important 50 records of the last century. Indeed Der Plan ranks still among the style-forming groups of the "true" new German wave and its handling of electronic music instruments inspired groups world-wide.

01 - Adrenalin Lässt Das Blut Kochen
02 - Geri Reig
03 - Persisches Cowboy-Golf
04 - Gefährliche Clowns
05 - Kleine Grabesstille
06 - Der Weltaufstandsplan
07 - Hans und Gabi
08 - Commerce Extérieur Mondial Sentimental
09 - Was Ich Von Mir Denke
10 - San José Car Muzak
11 - Erste Begegnung Mit Dem Tod
12 - Ich Bin Schizophren
13 - Nessie
14 - Gefährliche Clowns (Manisch Idiotisch)
15 - Die Welt Ist Schlecht
Bonus Tracks
16 Es Piept 2:08
17 Fürstenwall 4:07
18 Intermezzo 1:46
19 Dark Porn 2:19
20 Heinz, Komm Zum Feuer 6:10
21 Money Honey 1:31

***** ***** ***** ***** ****
Nina Hagen Band - I (' 78 re-up 261mb)

Born in East Germany, Nina Hagen had already gained a reputation as a flamboyant rock singer by the time she emigrated to the West in 1976, where she formed a band, signed to CBS Germany, and released their debut album, Nina Hagen Band, in 1978. A stunning and amusing - Nina Hagen really rocks here. A record that combines several influences - Krautrock, Punk, Opera, Glam, Hard Rock and Disco. This is a fine combination in itself with both, a parody ('Pank', 'Superboy') and serious attempts to rock your balls off ('TV Glotzer', Unbeschreiblich Weiblich, 'Rangehn'), while on the other hand there are arty in-jokes with 'Fisch im Wasser' theatrics. 'Nina Hagen Band' is filled with controversy head to toes and makes it such an entertaining summary. Her deranged, energetic operatic vocals, would have certainly caused Monserrat Caballe or Maria Callas big headaches without any help from the aspirin ('Naturträne'). But as someone once said - 'The mother of Punk so what the funk'. Nina juxtaposes opera with unfriendly textures of punk rock that twist the knife in eachother with such charm. A record that integrated so many different styles back in 1978, but today it still sounds extremely refreshing. And great fun, really great fun. Lots to tell, read more on Nina @ Wiki , good page.
And dear Nina is active at her space too , so drop a line , befriend her or whatever...

01 - TV-Glotzer (White Punks On Dope) (5:15)
02 - Rangehn (3:27)
03 - Unbeschreiblich Weiblich (3:30)
04 - Auf'm Bahnhof Zoo (5:25)
05 - Naturträne (4:05)
06 - Superboy (edit) (3:08)
07 - Heiss (4:11)
08 - Fisch Im Wasser (0:51)
09 - Auf'm Friedhof (6:15)
10 - Der Spinner (3:15)
11 - Pank (1:45)

Nina @ Base
Nina @ HerSpace
Nina @ Amazon

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Einstuerzende Neubauten - Halber Mensch ( ' 85 - 388 mb)

Einstürzende Neubauten or Collapsing New Buildings made their first (ad hoc) appearance in the Moon Club in Berlin on April 1, 1980. This date is considered to be the band's birthday. Their name was a reference to the Berlin Kongresshalle, a post-war "new building," which had collapsed earlier that year. At that time the band was just a coincidental live set-up of the Dadaistic musical movement the Geniale Dilettanten. This line-up featured Beate Bartel and Gudrun Gut, Blixa Bargeld, and N.U. Unruh, who later went on to record music under the name of Einstürzende Neubauten. The two female members Bartel and Gut left the band after a short period of performing and founded the girl-band Mania D.. A young sound technician and multi-instrumentalist Alexander von Borsig (alias Alexander Hacke), fifteen years old at that time, joined the band and became a long-time member.

In 1981 the percussionist F.M. Einheit (from the Hamburg band Abwärts) joined Einstürzende Neubauten and they released their first LP Kollaps, a strange and new mixture of rough punk tunes and industrial noises using obscure instruments such as metal plates, self-made music machines, and various electronic sounds. The live performances with FM Einheit in the 1980s included lots of metal banging and destruction on stage, which became legendary. During their first German tour, Mark Chung ( bass, ex Abwärts) joined the group of musicians. This line-up lasted for the next ten years.

In 1983, Einstürzende Neubauten recorded their second album Zeichnungen des Patienten O. T.. Also in 1983 Blixa Bargeld joined the band The Birthday Party later Bad Seeds (featuring Nick Cave, Mick Harvey). Blixa remained a full-time member of both bands, Einstürzende Neubauten and Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds, until 2003.

Halber Mensch (1985), may be seen as the developmental breakthrough of their musical career. Musical structure became more evident, with Bargeld's lyrics and singing in particular changing from shouted words and phrases into organized, poetic melodies. The next two albums, Fünf auf der nach oben offenen Richterskala (1987) and Haus der Lüge, were great successes in the United States and Japan. For their second decade they would continue exploring new ways, excellently compiled at Wiki, you are just one click away here !

I've added a rare bonus 12" "das schaben" (the planing) with this vinylrip, also included the (english/german) lyrics sheets (jpg) .
A raving amazon reviewer, "Das Schaben" is the most powerfull track made by any musician in all history. Its timbrical qualities are highly superior than any contemporary art composer (i.e. Xenakis, Lachenmann, Scelsi, Murail or whoever) or any noise artist. The power to generate all kind of feelings and emotions is really amazing. Ten minutes of love. Ten minutes of hate. Ten minutes of destruction. Ten minutes of peace. Ten minutes of supremacy..... You' ve been warned !

01 - Halber Mensch (4:13)
02 - Yü-Gung (Fütter Mein Ego) (7:14)
03 - Trinklied (1:16)
04 - Z.N.S. (5:41)
05 - Seele Brennt (4:05)
06 - Sehnsucht (Zitternd) (2:55)
07 - Der Tod Ist Ein Dandy (6:42)
08 - Letztes Biest (Am Himmel) (3:24)
09 - Das Schaben (The Planing) A (9:14)
10 - Sand (3:30)
11 - Yü-Gung (Adrian Sherwood Remix) (7:29)

Einstürzende Neubauten @ Base
Blixa Bargeld @ Base
Einstürzende Neubauten @ Amazon

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Xao Seffcheque - Sehr Gut, Kommt Sehr Gut (' 80 * 67mb)

In 1980, an amazing compilation hit the German streets, under the title sehr gut kommt sehr gut (something like "real good hits real good"). It featured well-known bands like Kraftwerk, DAF, Der Plan, Mittagspause, and KFC, but it also had some mysterious unknown names like the band Nachdenkliche Wehrpflichtige (Thoughtful Draftees), contributing the song "Ist Free-Jazz heilbar?" (Is Free Jazz Curable?). As you might have guessed, it was all a prank, recorded by Xao Seffcheque, with the help of some musicians of the bands listed. It was meant as a satire of the K-Tel style compilations of Neue Deutsche Welle(new german wave), still, many people believed it was a genuine compilation. Actually every song is by Xao Seffcheque, who imitates the style of each band and makes fun of them by changing the lyrics of existing songs.Tracks 7, 14 and 17 are not even on the record as such.

01 - Sehr Gut Kommt Sehr Gut (Die Geldschweine) (2:40)
02 - Fortschrittsträume (Xao + Die Pest) (5:50)
03 - Bring Deinen Körper Auf Die Party (Vielleichtors) (4:35)
04 - Es Hat Keine Disco Hier (Mittagspause) (1:28)
05 - King Kong (Sternhagel) (2:54)
06 - Wrong Colours (Not Mean Themselves) (3:17)
07 - Stalagmit 1-5 (Kraftwerk) (0:20)
B1 - Hinweise Zum Neuen Klang (The Wirtschaftswunder) (2:23)
B2 - Fehlplan (Wir Sind So Müde) (Der Plan) (1:47)
B3 - Mannesmann (Siluetes 61) (1:50)
B4 - Why We Hate The Resisdents (Die Lemminge) (2:08)
B5 - Ist Free-Jazz Heilbar (Die Nachdenklichen Wehrpflichtigen) (2:13)
B6 - Sample & Hold (Deutsch Amerikanische Freundschaft) (3:25)
B7 - Alles (Residenz) (0:00)
B8 - Endlösung (Der KFC) (0:51)
B9 - Punk Supermarkt (O.R.a.V.) (6:00)
B10 - Stalagmit 6-12 (Kraftwerk) (0:35)

I posted another Xao Seffcheque album 2 months ago here Xao -- Ja, Nein Vieleicht

***** ***** ***** ***** *****

Palais Schaumburg - Lupa ( ' 82 /' 83 * 221mb)

Palais Schaumburg was founded in 1980. First line up contained Holger Hiller and Thomas Fehlmann aswell as FM Einheit (Abwärts, Einstürzende Neubauten), latter left the band in 1981.Similar in spirit and geography to Der Plan, influenced by The Residents aswell as the Dadaism of the twenties and thirties Palais Schaumburg tried to compose a new form of avant-gardistic dance music The Hamburg-based band debuted in 1981 with Das Single Kabinett, a six-song EP on ZickZack. They released their first full-length album, Palais Schaumburg, the following year on Kamera. After its release, Hiller defected for a solo career. The band quickly got to work on the LP Lupa, which was released later in 1982. Rather surprisingly, the album added horns and a slight jazz fusion influence to their sound. Their third and final album, 1984's Parlez-Vouz Schaumburg? Founder Holger Hiller didn't do much better as a solo artist, he released several albums over the years, this one here "Ein Bündel Fäulnis in der Grube" being his first. Holger stayed in London to produce for Mute records. Here's the two-pack vinyl rip

01 - 3 Nach 9 (3:08)
02 - Süss Sein, Nett Sein (3:34)
03 - Lupa (4:12)
04 - Spring Über Vier Pferde (3:00)
05 - Sieg auf Knien (2:46)
06 - Rosen (3:39)
07 - Nationen (2:59)
08 - Der Tiger Und Die Stimme (3:18)
09 - Stich Auf Stich (5:46)
10 - Europa Heißt Amerika (3:34)
11 - Papperazzo (5:46)

Holger Hiller - Ein Bündel Fäulnis In Der Grube ( ' 83   200mb

01 - Liebe Beamtinnen Und Beamte
02 - Blass Schlafen Rabe...
03 - Budapest - Bukarest
04 - Jonny (Du Lump)
05 - Akt Mit Feile (Für A. O.)
06 - Hosen, Die Nicht Aneinander Passen
07 - Chemische Und Physikalische Entdeckungen
08 - Mütter Der Fröhlichkeit
09 - Ein Bündel Fäulnis In Der Grube
10 - Das Feuer
11 - Ein Hoch Auf Das Bügeln

***** ***** ***** ***** *****

VA - Die Neue Deutsche Welle War Da Da Da Wie Was Wo ? (* 131mb)

Well so many acts so i decided to throw a number of tracks in a file, could have left it at that, but that's not my style, had to somehow make an order that made listening sense, considering the different production values not easy, in the end i threw out some, to get to this just under 80 min compilation. It gets rather commercial at the end as did NDW, well you can pick and choose to your liking.

01 - Extrabreit - Der fuhrer schenkt den klonen eine stadt...
02 - Fehlfarben - 14 tage (12 inch)
03 - Malaria - Kaltes Klares Wasser
04 - Grauzone - Film 2
05 - Mau Mau - Auf der jagd
06 - Palais Schaumburg - Wir bauen eine stadt
07 - Mau Mau - Rhythmus der trommel
08 - Krupps - Goldfinger
09 - Abwaerts - Beim erstenmal tuts immer weh
10 - Krupps - Wahre arbeit, wahrer lohn
11 - Palais Schaumburg - Deutschland kommt gebraunt zuruck
12 - Mau Mau - Alles Luge
13 - Fehlfarben - Ein Jahr - Es geht voran
14 - X-Mal Deutschland - Polarlicht
15 - Rheingold - Dreiklangsdimensionen (12")
16 - Zaza - Zauberstab
17 - Trio - Da da da
18 - Georg Kranz - Din da da (vollversion)
19 - Liaisons Dangereuses - Los Ninos Del Parque
20 - Nina Hagen Band - Fisch Im Wasser

***** ***** ***** ***** *****

ZaZa - ZaZa   ( '82 - 243mb)

ZaZa is the artistname of Peter La Bonté, before he played in the Münich reggae-rock-band The Nighthawks. Being a professional grafic designer, he did the illustrations for the singles and album covers himself. Zaza means mischief making mirror being . Well mischievous or not the Zauberstab (magic wand) burnt out his career in one go, a shame because there are several excellent tracks on the album, Vorbei ist Vorbei (Yello does der Plan), and a track like Tango d'elite is even more relevant these days then as it was then, and begs to be covered. A pity, i think ZaZa showed original potential on this the only album, blown away as a one hit wonder.

01 - Tango d'elite
02 - Caprifisher
03 - Die Seltsame Reise (cruise missile)
04 - Licht von Kairo
05 - Zauberstab
06 - Dschungel der Liebe
07 - Joker
08 - Vorbei ist Vorbei

***** ***** ***** ***** ****


friend electric said...

"Das Single Kabinett" Are you sure? All I know is "Rote Lichter"-Single and "Telephon"-Single before the 1st album came out.
I will check ZaZa, never heard anything except "Zauberstab" and flushed it within the whole mainstream ndw in those days...

System Rocker said...

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RObert POland said...

Great post today on your site :O


Anonymous said...

a great post! anyway a great blog...
if you are looking for all the d.a.f. albums in mp3 - they can be found on http://yarrost.livejournal.com - check also the record of silvia just below - came out around the same time and well worth a listen). then - d.a.f. actually recorded also a record in 1986 (1st step to heaven) which was also not a real success.

my regards, philippe

Salmon said...

god!!! thanks for Kowalski,its a great surprise !!!

Rho said...

Hello All,

@ Friend Electric, yes you are right Palais Schaumburg released 2 7" collected on their first 12" release the 6 track EP Das Single Kabinett, i tend to look past those singles i guess. As for Zaza for me it was a reconnection after more than 2 decades, don't know how it will work out for you, however the album preceded his megahit, its not a cashing in after the fact, which happens all to often.

@ SystemRocker, Chris i've bookmarked your page but for now won't add you to my page, there are more link collectors as you probably know. Totally Fuzzy beats them all, because they put in a lot of time updating us all with whats been added, in that respect they are a big service and yes point a lot of people to my blog too. So when that happens with rockshot.eu, or i make a lot of use of your page i will add you. Best of luck.

@RObert , Thanks

@ Philippe, Yes you are right..i even own that dud album from DAF, i suppose i dissociated from those way below par cashing in attempts.
@ Salmon , glad to be of service, as i wrote, i really connected to that album, and i think that even today it's more than worth the while.


Anonymous said...

hello thanks so much for your blog it is very beautiful i saw the great album of mecano you posted earlyer on.
I am looking desperatly to find 'shapeless volume ' by mecano.
Do you have it by chance ?

Thanks to let me know

Rho said...

Hello Pokemi, i'm sorry i can't help you there, but i'd advise you to contact Mecano, via their website. i'm almost sure you will get a response, maybe even getting the track you're looking for directly from them.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for Kowalski! Any chance Overman Underground might pop up here?

Anonymous said...

Hello Anonymous,i think you misunderstood my post, those tracks that are different (in english) from the original german release have been added.


Anonymous said...

I downloaded "Der Plan" and there is 14 & 15 track broken in the archive. I checked it twice. Can you repack and reupload???

Anonymous said...

Hello, i can, but its odd because havent had any complaints about it thusfar. That said Mediafire does seem to have some major problems these last days... and google has been changing certificates, still i will reup the coming days so say before wednesday next, am rather busy at the moment.


StuckIn80Again said...

Wow, loads of thanks for Kowalski! Their concert at Pandoras Box in Rotterdam is one of the few best gigs i've ever seen.
Thanks again.

Gabriel said...

Can you please make the Die Neue Deutsche Welle War Da Da Da and the Palais Schaumburg available for download again, please.


Anonymous said...

The Kowalski link seems broken at mediafire? Any chace of it being reposted. I lost this album in 1992 and this is the first time I've ever seen it anywhere - I'd buy it on CD if I ever saw it but, well, not in the UK at least....
My absolute fave industrial album....
Many thanks
Mark (UK)

Anonymous said...

Hi Rho
Many, many thanks for reposting the Kowalski - great to hear it again after 15 years!!! It's as good as I remember....
Thanks also for the ogg decoders - I've always had a problem finding a simple decent one, these worked fine.
I also see you're planning to post Starship Titanic next year - I'll look out for that as I'm a big Hitchhikers fan. I'd heard of this but nothing more so I'm looking foward to that!
Again, many thanks
Mark, Gravesend (UK)

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for the Kowalski Album. I came across your blog when digitizing my Kowalski concert from audio cassette fback in 1984, Dutch radio.

Anonymous said...

heya! would it be possible to re-up Xao Seffcheque - Sehr Gut, Kommt Sehr Gut?!? PLEEEEEEZZZZ!!!!!! thanxxx!

Anonymous said...

Love to see Lupa re-uped

Paul said...

The only one I'm interested in is "E N - H M" and its not available. Bah humbug.

Anonymous said...


the links got messed up. The Kowalski link leads to EN-HM.

Anonymous said...

Vielen dank

Rho said...

Hello the mistakes have been set right Kowalski is live and so are the Neubauten N'Joy

Anonymous said...

Dear Rho and else,

The title of the E.N. ‘7 ‘Das Schaben’ translates with ‘The Scraping’. The article here indicates the verb, otherwise it could also be the plurial for Cockroach(es).


Gianni Zhivago said...

Could you reload VA - Die Neue Deutsche Welle War Da Da Da Wie Was Wo ?, Palais Schaumburg - Lupa (

yvesdi said...

Dear Rho,

Could you please re-upload "Kowalski - Schlagende Wetter"? Such a rare and wonderful album!

Thank you very much

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Thank you for Nina !

expramtraveller said...

Thanks a million for "Ein Bündel Fäulnis in der Grube". I've been looking for years for a decent flac of this. BTW: I think this is not a vinyl rip but a rip of the 2011 Japanese CD-release. I hear no surface noise whatsoever and this has an extra untitled track nr. 12.

Ricosauve said...

Thank you for the DAF and the Kowalski! Outstanding!

JC said...

Many thanks for Kowalski! I'd die for a re-upload of ZaZa. That's an amazing album.

JC said...

May I ask for ZaZa reupload now? Please :) JC

JC said...

Thank you so much! JC

Anonymous said...

Hi Rhos. Thanks again for all the quality music you post. Regarding the NDW, Emotion by Malaria is an absolute classic but (I think) it was only ever released on vinyl. 'Compiled', a kind of best of Malaria, is available on CD however. If I ever get round to doing a vinyl rip of Emotion I'll certainly send you a link.

Rho said...

Hello Anon, you will find a great Malaria remix album at stage 17 Berlin, Germany here at Rho-Xs