Aug 18, 2017

RhoDeo 1733 Re-Ups 109

Hello, Madrid, Paris, London, Brussel, Nice, Stockholm, Berlin, Manchester and now Barcelona, the suicidal idiots that keep thinking worshiping Allah (=Jahweh = Enlil) by killing other believers is a way to salvation, will be with us for the foreseeable future. Bad luck for their victims, but in the grand scheme of things their deaths should be meaningless, like those that died on the road in Spain today. But that's not how it works, the media are always in need of a big story to fill their time, worse they like to enhance the terror and demand action of politicians who they know can do nothing, but to treat every citizen as a potential terrorist, the US is hard on it's way there. Meanwhile in the words of that great philosopher Johan Cruyff (well known in Barca) "every disadvantage has it's advantage" in this case the tourists that had been swamping Barcelona, to the annoyance of the locals, will stay away because the herd seems to think that lightning will strike twice in the same place. Meanwhile as a personal stay away tip to the herd, Rome and Amsterdam should be high on the terrorist hitlist because nothing CNN worthy has happened there yet

Just 7 correct requests this week, in short another batch of 34 re-ups (17 first time in Flac).

These days i'm making an effort to re-up, it will satisfy a small number of people which means its likely the update will  expire relatively quickly again as its interest that keeps it live. Nevertheless here's your chance ... asks for re-up in the comments section at the page where the expired link resides, or it will be discarded by me. ....requests are satisfied on a first come first go basis. ...updates will be posted here remember to request from the page where the link died! To keep re-ups interesting to my regular visitors i will only re-up files that are at least 12 months old (the older the better as far as i am concerned), and please check the previous update request if it's less then a year old i won't re-up either.

Looka here , requests fulfilled up to August 17th.... N'Joy

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3x Beats Back In Flac (Modeselektor - Hello Mom, Modeselektor - Happy Birthday !,  Moderat - Moderat)

6x Germany West NOW in Flac (Isolee - Waremonster, Anthony Rother - Life is Live, The Modernist - Explosion, ‎Mouse On Mars - Niun niggung, Thomas Brinkman - Row, Dadamnphreaknoizphunk - Take off da hot sweater)

3x Roots Back In Flac (Prince Far I & The Arabs - Message From The King, Prince Far I & The Arabs - Dub To Africa,  U-Roy - Dread In A Babylon)

4x Roots Back In Flac (The Revolutionaries - Negrea Love Dub,.The Revolutionaries - Green Bay Dub, The Revolutionaries - Outlaw Dub, The Revolutionaires - Goldmine Dub)

6x Sweden NOW In Flac ( Hedningarna - Hedningarna, Pain - Rebirth, Khoma - The Second Wave, Radio Dept. - Lesser Matters, Per Cussion - Don't Stop, The Knife - Deep Cuts)

6x Paris NOW In Flac (Vitalic - OK Cowboy, VA - Rue Martel - Y Basta, Ethnician - Ethnician, Motorbass - Pansoul, Avril - That Horse Must Be still ogg , Carte de Sejour - Rhorhomanie)

6x Wavetrain Back In Flac ( Raincoats - Moving, Marine Girls - Lazy Ways, ESG - Come Away, Pink Industry - Low Technology, Who Told You, Anne Clark - Changing Rooms still in ogg Sapho - Le Paris Stupide)

xxxxx xxxxx xxxxx xxxxx xxxxx


Anonymous said...

Please fix the link to Pink Industry. It doesn't work. Thank you so much in advance.

Anonymous said...

Hello, the link to U-Roy - Dread In A Babylon, does not work, can you please fix it ?

Roberto Del Coraz├Án said...

Thank you for the re-ups - one I asked for and a few others that I'm glad to listen !)

Rho said...

Well for some reason my 2 zippyshare uploads got dropped, meanwhile they've been re-upped elsewhere.

Anonymous said...


Thank you very much. And I will read you tomorrow to see
who you are going to write about.


abramson said...

Hi, Hate to moan but the carte de Sejour is still in mp3 any chance of flac?

Rho said...

Well abramson sorry but Rhorhomanie is a vinylrip i made 10 years ago, had i known and the space i'd saved it in flac but i haven't and i simply don't have the time to re-rip anything, if you really want it Discogs has vinyls for sale.

Paul C said...

Many thanks for the reups Rho.Is there any chance of a reup of Prince Far-I Under Heavy Manners ?