Feb 21, 2012

RhoDeo 1208 Roots

Hello, we're still on that island with a huge place in the global music catalogue, Jamaica. A production hothouse and they say the Weed makes you slow and lazy-go figure. Without the ganja driven reggae music Jamaica would have remained a Caribbean backwater and dare i say would never have given us Bolt, the fastest man in the world.

Can't get enough of that dub music ? Well here's some more

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The Revolutionaries were formed in 1975, primarily, to be the house band of Channel One Studios.. This Studio was opened in 1973 by Ernest and Joseph "Joe Joe" Hookim. The main core of The Revolutionaries was formed by Sly Dunbar (bass); Robbie Shakespeare (drums) plus Ansel Collins, Errrol "Tarzan" Nelson and Ossie Hibbert (keyboards). These musicians were also members of Bunny Lee's The Aggrovators. Other members were also Radcliffe "Dougie" Bryan (guitar); Robbie Lynn (keyboards); Uziah "Sticky" Thompson (percussions) and Tommy McCook, Vin Gordon, Herman Marquis (horns). From time to time the bass was played by Bertram "Ranchie" McClean. The style they played was called "Rockers",.that would change the whole Jamaican sound (from roots reggae to rockers, and be imitated in all other productions.

Their line up reads like a who’s who of Jamaican music. Over the years they played on numerous dub albums. They also backed many great artists, most of whom were reggae artists. This would include, Black Uhuru, Gregory Isaacs, John Holt, Culture,The Heptones, Mighty Diamonds, I-Roy, Tapper Zukie, Trinity, U Brown, and French singer-songwriter Serge Gainsbourg.

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Four much sought after foundation dub classics from the golden age of version recorded at Channel One, mixed at King Tubbys, and recorded by the mighty Revolutionaries. There are three classic Linval Thompson produced sets never before released on CD plus Jah Lloyds “Goldmine Dub”, mixed & engineered by Prince Jammy and Crucial Bunny.

The Revolutionaries - Negrea Love Dub (flac 173mb)

01 Rock Me In Dub 3:28
02 Channel One In Dub 3:45
03 Thompson In Dub 3:37
04 Negrea Love Dub 2:52
05 Jah Jah Children Dub 3:33
06 Lion Dub 3:04
07 Natty Dread Dub 3:08
08 Roots Dub 3:24
09 Jamaica Colley Dub 3:07
10 Africa Love Dub 3:22

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The Revolutionaries - Green Bay Dub (flac 148mb)

01 Mafia Dub 2:51
02 Jungo In Dub 2:54
03 Survival Dub 2:49
04 Nagusa Dub 3:36
05 Skillful Dub 2:51
06 Creation Dub 3:44
07 Green Bay Dub 3:33
08 Hop Scotch Dub 2:39
09 Jerusalem Dub 3:33
10 Back A Wall Dub 3:13

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The Revolutionaries - Outlaw Dub (flac 143mb)

01 79 Rock 3:21
02 Danger Rockers 3:29
03 African Free Up 3:35
04 Wicked Dub 2:47
05 Dub I Dub 2:46
06 Roots Man Dub 2:21
07 Fisherman Style 2:46
08 Freedom Dub 2:20
09 Shockin' Rock 2:50
10 Thompson Sound Incorporated 3:35

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The Revolutionaires - Goldmine Dub (flac 190mb)

01 Calico Jack 4:02
02 Big Foot 3:12
03 Goldmine 2:51
04 Bitter Blood 3:09
05 Red River Dub 3:07
06 Musketeer Dub 3:02
07 Jamintel 3:41
08 Heartburn 3:10
09 Sore Mouth 2:57
10 Pepper Dub 3:41

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All The above albums in one go, re-upped 24th of August 2014
Evolution Of Dub 4xRevolutionairies  656mb

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