Jun 15, 2013

RhoDeo 1323 Beats

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Meanwhile we're here for some beats, we've been getting serious and clinical and it should hardly be a surprise we turned to Germans for that, the coming Beats we remain in Berlin as it is such a cosmopolitan city where creativity /art is highly regarded, it's evident that there's much more to be explored and we just follow the beats. Today, a group that draws heavily from IDM, glitch, electro house and hip hop. In an interview the group said regarding their sound: "Happy metal, hard rap, country-ambient, Russian crunk. We don’t like it if people tag us as being a certain style or school or scene or whatever. We don’t really care about all that." ...... N'joy

xxxxx xxxxx xxxxx xxxxx xxxxx

The group members met in 1992 in Berlin with group member Szary performing live acid house music at illegal underground parties. The group says, "After the Wall came down, everywhere in Germany and especially East Germany there was a lot of chaos, anarchy." [2] Both soon joined forces and began creating music under the moniker Fundamental Knowledge. In 1996 the group renamed themselves Modeselektor, a name taken from a function on the Roland Space Echo analog delay effects unit.

In 1999 Modeselektor signed its first remix contract and began working with Pfadfinderei, a Berlin based VJ and design collective. In 2000 Modeselektor met Ellen Allien, making BPitch Control their home label. Modeselektor has also been involved in collaborative efforts; Moderat - a musical collaboration between Modeselektor and Apparat, Pfadselektor - a music/visual collaboration between Modeselektor and Pfadfinderei, and with Rhythm & Sound's Paul St. Hillaire. They have produced sound installations at the Centre Pompidou in Paris and lectured at the Merz Akademie in Stuttgart.

Modeselektor is a favourite group of Thom Yorke (frontman of Radiohead), who has recommended their albums in interviews and included the song Silikon (featuring Sasha Perera) in a publicly available iTunes playlist. Moderat (the collaboration between Modeselektor and Apparat) have also supported Radiohead on the band's concerts in Poznan, Poland and Prague, Czech Republic, in August 2009.

The follow-up to Hello Mom! was Happy Birthday! which saw Paul St. Hilaire, TTC, Puppetmastaz, Thom Yorke and Maxïmo Park as guest vocalists. Other collaborators included Otto von Schirach, Siriusmo, and Apparat. In March 2009 they released an album with Apparat under the name Moderat. They have collaborated previously on an EP named Auf Kosten Der Gesundheit which was released as a limited 12" on BPitch Control in 2002.

Modeselektor also appeared as main characters in Amy Grill's 2009 electronic music documentary, Speaking In Code. Modeselektor are said to be good friends with Siriusmo, and regularly remix and promote his material. In September 2011 Modeselektor released their third LP, Monkeytown, in which various artists including Thom Yorke collaborated on. Moderat have begun working on a second album due to be released in 2013

xxxxx xxxxx xxxxx xxxxx xxxxx

German duo Modeselektor enters the world of full-length albums with Hello Mom! One of the many techno acts of recent years that takes modern pop radio's own reworkings of more obscure electronic forebears as a source of inspiration, Modeselektor sound fantastic as a result -- unafraid of being slick and immediate, but at the same time not exactly "normal" either, if that term even applies these days. Many of the songs feel like Modeselektor happily dipping into styles just to see if they work, the front and back ends of this album are full of treats like that-- circus-trick edits, ultra-modern production, and pure sonic candy. What really makes the record worth it, though, is the way it holds up through its more atmospheric center. This stuff slows down nicely, coasting through a few soft electro grooves, pulling off "thoughtful" tones like Orbital, and even sliding into some clattery dub. The constant hi-fi tweaks and switchbacks might tread close to distraction-- or just empty calories-- but there's an ear for melody and movement that seems to keep them from ever drifting too far off. Albums like this don't hit so many people with deep bonding experiences; they don't wind up on desert island lists. The good news is that we don't live on a desert island, and this album stands a great chance of enlivening a lot of your days here in the non-hypothetical world.

Modeselektor - Hello Mom ( flac 384mb)

01 Dancingbox 3:59
02 Die Clubnummer 4:33
03 Tetrispack 4:16
04 The Rapanthem 4:29
05 Kill Bill Vol. 4 5:13
06 Ziq Zaq 5:27
07 Vote Or Die 5:14
08 Earth (UPS Edit) 3:50
09 Fake Emotion 3:23
10 In Loving Memory 5:49
11 Hasir 4:51
12 Silikon 3:47
13 I Love You 5:17

xxxxx xxxxx xxxxx xxxxx xxxxx

Modeselektor's Happy Birthday! is a fun amalgam of the most fun elements of electronica's past, present, and future, from four-on-the-floor rave (albeit not nearly as mindless as that genre can be) to textural IDM of the Plaid/Black Dog school to bouncy hip-hop and electro jams that wouldn't sound out of place while cruisin' in your pimped-out Escalade. The stiff techno of the duo's native Germany is nowhere to be found -- every one of these tracks is loose and groovy, hip-shakin' and head-bobbin' fun, with a serious injection of piss-taking, fun-lovin' humor. After all, this kind of music should be fun. Did we mention they're fun? As diverse as this album is they never forget to bring the party. "Godspeed," "Edgar," and "The White Flash" (featuring Thom Yorke!) bring the glitch. "The Dark Side of the Sun" and "2000007" (featuring French rappers TTC) bring the crunk. "Let Your Love Grow" and the title track bring the ragamuffin riddims. And "Déboutonner" and "Hyper Hyper" (featuring Otto von Schirach and a refrain of "we need a bass drum!") bring the acid and the glow sticks. As the title implies and the music confirms, Modeselektor know how to have a Happy Birthday!

Modeselektor - Happy Birthday ! ( flac 469mb)

01 Happy Birthday! 4:03
02 Godspeed 5:46
03 2000007 4:11
04 Let Your Love Grow by Moderat 5:25
05 EM Ocean 1:54
06 Sucker Pin 6:10
07 Edgar 3:54
08 Hyper Hyper 5:17
09 B.M.I. 4:29
10 The Dark Side Of The Frog 0:52
11 The Dark Side Of The Sun 3:34
12 Déboutonner 4:23
13 The Black Block 5:41
14 The First Rebirth 4:39
15 The White Flash 4:49
16 Late Check-Out 0:38
17 The Wedding Toccata Theme 3:53
18 (I Can't Sleep) Without Music 3:32

xxxxx xxxxx xxxxx xxxxx xxxxx

Before Modeselektor toured with Radiohead on the heels of their Happy Birthday! and Apparat found acclaim for his stargazing electro dream-pop, there existed an early incarnation of Moderat. Back in 2002, Modeselektor's Sebastian Szary and Gernot Bronsert linked up with Sascha Ring (Apparat) to lay down a collaborative full-length and, gently put, it didn't work out. The trio found the recording process so personally damaging they named the resulting material (which, tellingly, became an EP) Auf Kosten der Gesundheit ("At the Cost of Health"). Naturally it didn't seem like they'd be getting back together anytime soon.

For whatever reason, the guys decided to give it another shot (apparently a chance encounter at the Berlin-Mitte City Pool sparked the reunion). Still, on paper the collaboration doesn't seem like a cakewalk, mainly because the two acts don't share much stylistic common ground. Modeselektor's music is built on a combination of glitch, electro, and hip-hop thump and it's all about thrust and action-- the art of dropping heavy bass and making people go apeshit in a club. Apparat, meanwhile, tends to look inward. He utilizes more conventional pop structures that are wrapped in shoegaze synths and layers of atmosphere for something closer akin to what M83 is doing these days.

Of course, it's this aesthetic dissimilarity that makes the record an exciting prospect. And the good news is that (for the most part) they pulled it off. Long stretches of Moderat find the three producers locked into a healthy creative symbiosis that accentuates the best parts of their individual styles. The record's best tracks, like first single "A New Error", illustrate the balance. It bounces along with the muscular energy we expect out of Modeselektor without ignoring the warm astral qualities of an Apparat song. Others, such as standout "Seamonkey", pull off the same feat with even more complexity. The song opens with a minute-plus of nasty, walloping bass and just when you start to wonder if that's all there is, it unfurls into something much more intricate.

Moderat is generous with moments like this-- tracks gather steam and reveal fresh layers as they move forward-- and they're what make the record a captivating listen. This is especially true of its more robust pieces. What opens as a minimal synth sequence on "Les Grandes Marches" becomes a vigorous beat assault by song's end. "Nr. 22"-- arguably the record's finest cut and the best take on your standard build-and-release techno I've heard in awhile-- starts out all silent and whispery before a setting loose a hyperactive-synth and staccato-drum pattern sure to strip paint off the walls of clubs from Berlin to Brooklyn. Such club-ready moments split time with a variety of other styles ranging from gentle atmospheric numbers to grime-inflected pop tracks. Most of them are winners.

Moderat - Moderat ( flac 406mb)

01 A New Error 6:07
02 Rusty Nails (Voc.Sascha Ring) 4:32
03 Seamonkey 6:14
04 Slow Match (Feat.Paul St. Hilaire) 5:08
05 3 Minutes Of 3:17
06 Nasty Silence 3:13
07 Sick With It (Feat.Eased) 3:46
08 Porc #1 2:40
09 Porc #2 3:03
10 Les Grandes Marches 4:28
11 Berlin 1:22
12 No. 22 5:41
13 Out Of Sight (Voc.Sascha Ring)5:41
14 BeatsWaySick (Feat.Busdriver) 4:23
15 Rusty Nails (Shackleton Remix) 9:38

xxxxx xxxxx xxxxx xxxxx xxxxx

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It looks like you would like to have more stuff to do.
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