Dec 29, 2013

Sundaze 1352


Today's artists are floating us with "deep sounds". their music style can be best described as "modern electronic listening music" ranging from ambient to space and experimental soundscapes. They compiled the soundtracks for the german cult TV-series "Space Night", and played at many "chill out events", and they released three electronic and atmospheric albums..... N'Joy

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Aural Float was formed in 1993 as an "electronic ambient project" with lots of electro acoustic and creative interplay. Aural Float members are: Alex Azary, Gabriel Le Mar and Pascal FEOS, who share a passion for music, computer graphics, science fiction and art in general. Since many years their names stands for cutting-edge and ambitious sound design.

A lot could be told about Aural Float, this ‘Supergroup’ of electronic music. After all, Azary, Le Mar and FEOS are constitutive pioneers of electronic music as single protagonists as well. Their names stand for cutting-edge and ambitious sound design. Pascal FEOS e.g. can look back on a DJ carreer of more than 20 years, but also considerably influenced German Techno culture by his productions for his PV label, and especially by his Sonic Infusion and Resistance D. projects. Gabriel Le Mar has produced countless albums, e.g. for Spirit Zone, Blue Room and Superstition, where he always managed to blend the borders between Dub, Downbeat, Ambient, Trance and Techno in a most pleasant way. And as the former sales excutive of AMV, DJ, club and event manager and, last but not least, as visionary motor of his Elektrolux label and the groundbreaking TV formats SPACE NIGHT and FLOWMOTION, Alex Azary plays an important role in the history of electronic music

2007 By their first DVD release in the more than 10 year history of Aural Float, the ambient project founded by Alex Azary, Gabriel Le Mar and Pascal Feos, the three pioneers of the electronic music scene have set a multimedia-based benchmark once again. Finally, they are moving with the continuity of the origins of the project at the beginning of the nineties. Then, Azary and Le Mar hosted the legendary Sunday Chill Sessions in the Frankfurt cult club XS, Germany´s first ambient club where they already worked with visuals quite intensively. From this germ cell, the Aural Float story did not only lead to their revelled debut album 'Introspectives' in 1995, but to the founding of the exclusive label platform Elektrolux as well.
In 1996, the team took over the creative direction of SPACE NIGHT. As a proto type of a holistic TV concept with spectacular images and visionary sound spheres, it received international attention. Until today, SPACE NIGHT is a synonym for chillout. Four years later, another outstanding platform for video artists and chillout producers was created by the Aural Float masterminds: FLOWMOTION on the hr channel. During the past five years, about 400 videos were produced especially for FLOWMOTION. In 2001, the second Aural Float album, 'Freefloat', was released – a kind of musical résumé of the SPACE NIGHT and FLOWMOTION activities. In 2005, the musical focus continuously shifted towards modern and perfectly produced electronic pop by the third album „Beautiful Someday" without breaking up with the ambient roots.
With a consequent focus on Aural Float as multimedial avant-garde, 'Moving Images' includes selected Aural Float tracks as well as comprehensive bonus material in an exclusive DVD edition. The tracks are interpreted anew in an exciting way by well-known video artists, based on high quality film material. The DVD has been produced and published in cooperation with corbis motion, one of the world´s most famous image and film agencies for digital media. Moreover, Azary und Le Mar are back on tour again and present their music as an optical and acoustic piece of art live on stage.

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As "Introspectives", the title of the album already indicates, the heads behind Elektrolux demonstrate into which musical territories they will take their listeners in the future. And those territories promise to be far out. On their debut album ,dub, electro and ambient combines to drench the listener in long warm trips to far away places. Very dramatic but never cheesy. 1995 in all it's glory. A good example how terrific music has no genres and that in 1995 how creative that time was when this was made. Dub, ambient, electro all combines to a trance mood and even slight goa progressions. Don't you just luve 11 to 15 minute tracks of deepness?! Epic.

Aural Float - Introspectives (flac  341mb)

01 South Of The Clouds Pt.1 13:23
02 South Of The Clouds Pt.2 12:58
03 Internal Movement (In Imaginary Rooms) 16:13
04 Pick Up The Virus 11:13
05 Introspection 13:28

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A True Classic in the Electronic-Chill, Downtempo genre. Astronauts should play this while orbiting earth... Lovely & Ambient in places (e.g. "Perspectives") but proper dance floor'tastic' in other parts (e.g. New Frontiers"), a fantastic mixture of both laid back grooves, very Dub like basses and lovely uses of samples. This isn't just music to sit back and loose yourself in like most ambient work, its very fat & large in places this album has opened up my mind into more dub orientated ambient work & this style is quite unique.

Aural Float - Freefloat (flac  407mb)

01 Perspectives 9:07
02 Freefloat 6:52
03 Switchin' The Wave Of Thought 3:20
04 Soulsearching 5:46
05 Travelogue 6:55
06 At The Crossroads 8:48
07 New Frontiers 5:21
08 Zwei G 7:05
09 Session 5 8:43
10 AF Study II 6:25
11 Switchin' The Wave Of Thought (Reprise) 4:44

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Five years after the last album ‘Freefloat’ and 10 years after the first album ‘Introspectives’, the beginning of the all-time success story of their Elektrolux label, Alex Azary, Gabriel Le Mar and Pascal FEOS deliver ‘Beautiful Someday’. And, by the way, having significantly influenced Ambient und Chillout along with soulmates like The Orb or Pete Namlook in a way still defining the aesthetics of the genre today. Is there a more suitable coronation for the 10th Elektrolux anniversary as this long overdue sign of life of the probably most renowned German Chillout formation? . On the other hand, you don´t have to look back into the past, because Aural Float have to tell a lot here and today as well. Their third album ‘Beautiful Someday’ strikes surprising new paths, particularly with the increased use of vocals by Kim Sanders, Nada Nadia Vagioka and Catenia Quentin. To Aural Float, Ambient definitely means more than mere escapism to mellow spheres, but stands for an organic consensus between Pop Music and Chillout never been heard in such a perfect visionary power (‘How Deep’, ‘Him & Her’, ‘Still Here’) before. Having gathered lots of experience in all this time, Aural Float, in an almost playful easiness, present the way from the experimental search of the beginning to a clearly structured high-end version of sensual cutting-edge Pop Music. Nevertheless, the system always stays open enough to e.g. allow a winking cross reference to their impressionistic Ambient Trance past by epic tracks like ‘Dreamer´s Dream’ or ‘Gone Forever’.

Aural Float - Beautiful Someday (flac 428mb)

01 How Deep 5:24
02 Dreamer's Dream 8:47
03 Him & Her 5:42
04 Interlude I 1:35
05 Beautiful Someday 5:40
06 Gone Forever 6:37
07 Still Here 6:35
08 Simplicity 6:34
09 Interlude II 1:29
10 I Adore You 4:36
11 Männerwirtschaft 4:51
12 Be As You Are 3:38
13 Interlude III 1:09
14 Life In Dub 6:33

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