Dec 30, 2013

Rhodeo 1352 Hobbit 7

Hello,  so i watched the desolation of Smaug last night, hmm I'm afraid i found it disappointing, very violent and hardly suitable for 12 year olds, this considering Tolkien's Hobbit is a children's story. It was full of 3D for 3D sake sequences and the end..oh my god leaving not 1 but 4 scenes open ended. I'm afraid Jackson lost the plot but then part 3 is already mostly shot and he didn't plan the split between part 2 and 3 well enough.

Meanwhile on some current and disturbing news F1 star Michael Schumacher is in coma after a nasty encounter with a rock. The motor racing legend had been skiing slightly off-piste with his son and friends in the upmarket Meribel resort, when he fell and hit his helmet protected head. It didn't look too bad initially but his condition deteriorated and he was moved to the Grenoble hospital where has now seen to by renowned Paris neurosurgeon, doctor Gerard Saillant. Brain haemorrhage can become very nasty, let's hope he'll be able to enjoy his 45th birthday coming friday.

J. R. R. Tolkien's 1937 children's fantasy novel The Hobbit  is already at it's penultimate episode today. The series was adapted by Michael Kilgarriff and produced by John Powell in eight half-hour mono episodes for BBC Radio 4 ... NJoy

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The radio series follows the plot of the original novel (revised 1951 version) very closely, except for the addition of The Tale Bearer, a narrator whose account of the story is often interrupted and embellished by the protagonist Bilbo Baggins in the role of secondary narrator.

Bilbo is approached by the wizard Gandalf to undertake a dangerous adventure, and despite his initial reluctance he soon finds himself accompanying Thorin Oakenshield and his party of dwarves on a long and difficult quest to recover the dwarves' treasure from Smaug the dragon. On the way, he encounters trolls, goblins, and giant spiders, and finds a magic ring with the power of invisibility. The show's production was complicated by the inclusion of multiple sound effects (often inserted live while recording the actors' performances), songs from the novel, and special sounds and electronic voice treatments created by the BBC Radiophonic Workshop. All of the trolls, goblins, elves, wargs and eagles have treated voices, as does Gandalf when imitating the trolls.

The Tale Bearer – Anthony Jackson
Bilbo Baggins – Paul Daneman
Gandalf – Heron Carvic
Gollum – Wolfe Morris
Thorin Oakenshield – John Justin
Elrond – John Pullen
The Elvenking – Leonard Fenton
Beorn – Denys Hawthorne
Bard the Bowman – Peter Williams
Balin – Peter Pratt
Smaug – Francis de Wolff
Other parts are not individually credited

Music – composed by David Cain, performed by David Munrow with The Early Music Consort
Special sound effects and voice treatments – David Cain and Dick Mills, BBC Radiophonic Workshop
Producer – John Powell
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The Hobbit 07 The Gathering of the Clouds (24mb)

07 The Gathering of the Clouds 26:46

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The Hobbit 01 An Unexpected Party (25mb)
The Hobbit 02 Out of the Frying-Pan into the Fire (25mb)
The Hobbit 03 Riddles in the Dark (25mb)
The Hobbit 04 Strange Lodgings (24mb)
The Hobbit 05 Barrels Out of Bond (24mb)
The Hobbit 06 A Warm Welcome (24mb)

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Siphonophoros said...

Nice! Much closer to my own recollection of reading the book as a kid in the seventies than Mr Jackson's re-imaginings. Thank you.
Now, how about episode 8?