Dec 7, 2013

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Hello, we have lost one of the most influential, courageous, and profoundly good human being that any of us will share time with on this Earth, Mandela belongs to the ages now.

Words of wisdom

‘What counts in life is not the mere fact that we have lived. It is what difference we have made to the lives of others that will determine the significance of the life we lead.’

‘If people can learn to hate, they can be taught to love, for love comes more naturally to the human heart than its opposite’.

‘I learned that courage was not the absence of fear, but the triumph over it. The brave man is not he who does not feel afraid, but he who conquers that fear’.

‘The greatest glory in living lies not in never falling, but in rising every time we fall.’

‘Do not judge me by my successes, judge me by how many times I fell down and got back up again.’

‘There is no passion to be found playing small – in settling for a life, that is less than the one you are capable of living.’

‘It always seems impossible until it is done.’

‘It is what we make out of what we have, not what we are given, that separates one person from another.’

‘For to be free is not merely to cast off one's chains, but to live in a way that respects and enhances the freedom of others.’

For those that want to know more ...
Nelson Mandela - Conversations with Myself (Mobi, Epub  20mb)  This book draws on Nelson Mandela's personal archive of never-before-seen materials to offer unique access to the private world of an incomparable world leader.

The coming months Frenchies rule the beats and they have plenty to offer even though not that much reaches the world as  the music scene is rather dominated by the Anglo - American industry. Meanwhile the French enjoyed themselves in their own niche so to speak, and they did rather well. Today's artist took three months to earn enough money at her job as a supermarket cashier to buy a secondhand pair of Technics decks, both of which she still uses. A real go-girl hence this plain provincial girl made a DJ success of herself as well as creating her own music. ....... N'joy

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Miss Kittin (real name Caroline Hervé) is an electronica vocalist and DJ. She was born in Grenoble, France in 1973. After earning her high school degree in 1990, Miss Kittin studied art, first in Marseille (1991), then in the Beaux-Arts of Grenoble to specialize in contemporary art (1993–94). She finished her graphic design program in Amiens in 1995. As time progressed, however, she found herself developing an interest in musical genres ranging from classic, jazz, funk, and disco to english pop. Finally finding her sweet spot in electronic music in 1991, she raved all around the country before doing her first mix in april of 1993. .In pursuit of other opportunities, after she and The Hacker recorded "Frank Sinatra" for DJ Hell's label, Kittin left France in 1996 and relocated to Geneva, Switzerland where she would join the Mental Groove Record Posse. More and more dj gigs and some EP's with the hacker until they released their first album on gigolo. While touring with The Hacker in support of their debut album, Miss Kittin met Felix da Housecat at a Swiss festival. The next day, Kittin and Felix composed "Silver Screen Shower Scene" and "Madame Hollywood" in a small friend's studio in Geneva. She also cowrote and was featured on the songs "Voicemail" and "What Does It Feel Like?" from Felix da Housecat's album Kittenz and Thee Glitz The album received positive reviews from contemporary critics "Silver Screen Shower Scene" became one first electroclash songs to reach the UK Top 40, "Madame Hollywood" peaked at number nineteen on the Canadian Singles Chart.

In 2002, she released the techno music compilations On the Road and Radio Caroline Vol.1. Both albums received positive reviews for showcasing her talents "as a DJ rather than an electroclash diva,"who "finally tears down the facade, proving that she is much more than the champagne-toasting chanteuse that her sensual accent and fashionista lyrics have always suggested. Also in 2002 miss K moved to Berlin where she was requested to do an electroclash mix album for MUZIK magazine, august's 2002-bonus disc, thus not for sale but you can get it here.

On 24 May 2004, Miss Kittin released her debut solo album I Com through NovaMute in the United Kingdom, and through Astralwerks in the United States. She collaborated with The Hacker, Toby Neumann and Thies Mynther for the album. Miss Kittin had met Tobi Neumann and Thies Mynther aka "Glove" after working with them on the Chicks on Speed song "Shick Shaving" and after recording lyrics for Steve Bug The album received positive reviews from contemporary critics, it yielded three singles: "Professional Distortion," "Requiem for a Hit" and "Happy Violentine." The song "Professional Distortion" became Miss Kittin's first solo single to chart on the French Singles Chart.

In 2004, Miss Kittin created her own label Nobody's Bizzness, to keep maximum freedom. The label would eventually release her albums BatBox and Two after her departure from NovaMute She released Live at Sónar in 2006, recorded at the famous electronic music festival Sónar in Barcelona. For Sónar, Miss Kittin provided impromptu new vocals to her classic catalogue. During the festival, she was assisted by Aphex Twin, Modeselektor, Boom Bip, and The Hacker. Miss Kittin also released the double-disc CD A Bugged Out Mix in 2006 through Resist Music and System Recordings.

After two years in the making and almost four years since her debut album I Com, Miss Kittin released her second album, BatBox on 4 February 2008, through her label Nobody's Bizzness. BatBox's thirteen original songs were composed whilst touring throughout the world. Miss Kittin described the tracks as a flirtation with Goth culture. In 2008, Miss Kittin & The Hacker reunited as a duo, and toured throughout America and around the world, before they both started recording new songs, some of which were performed whilst touring. Two, their second album together, was released in March 2009. The album was released 8 years after their first and only full LP as a duo. Two received positive reviews from contemporary critics; according to the music review aggregation of Metacritic, it garnered an average score of 62/100. Their first single from the album "PPPO" was released in March 2009 followed by the single "1000 Dreams". Their third and final single from the album "Party in My Head" was released in June 2009. The Thieves Like Us remix of "Party in My Head" was released a free download pn XLR8R's website. Miss Kittin & The Hacker also included a cover of Elvis Presley's "Suspicious Minds" on the album, for which they filmed a promotional music video directed by Régis Brochier of 7th floor Productions. "Suspicious Minds" was later featured on the downloadable for free mixtape Skull of Dreams by Little Boots.

Miss Kittin was featured on Primal Scream's cover of "Diamonds, Fur Coat, Champagne" for a limited-edition 10-inch vinyl pressing. A total of 3,000 copies were pressed and released on 30 March 2009. The song is a part of a series of Suicide covers by other musicians such as The Horrors and Lydia Lunch released on the Blast First Petite label to celebrate Suicide frontman Alan Vega's 70th birthday. Miss Kittin remixed Felix da Housecat's song "We All Wanna Be Prince" in 2009, changing the word "Prince" into "princess". She also appeared on the single "Le Flaneur" from the album Elemental Assets by Estroe in 2009. In 2010, Miss Kittin was featured on the song "DNA" from the album Ever Since by Xenia Beliayeva.

On 10 January 2011, Miss Kittin released the single "All You Need" on Mobilee Records. On 28 March, a free download of her song "Silver Lake" was released through SoundCloud to promote Soul Aid, a program to raise money for Civic Force, an emergency relief organization stationed in Kesennuma after the 2011 Tōhoku earthquake and tsunami. Miss Kittin released Calling From The Stars on 19 April 2013. A double album with 23 new songs, it includes a cover version of R.E.M.'s "Everybody Hurts". Some of the tracks were made available prior to the album release, such as "Bassline". She also released the Track "Hide" on the Vocal Collaboration Album "Features" by Kris Menace. The Video to the Single received an Vimeo Stuff Pick.

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"Frank Sinatra" appropriated the sentiment of Bauhaus' "Bella Lugosi's Dead" and I Com contained spatterings of Siouxie's essence, but Miss Kittin's infatuation with goth is more prevalent than ever on Batbox. On this sinister but whimsical collection of 13 tracks -- accentuated by fitting CD art of cartoonish bats and a 22-story haunted house by Emily the Strange artist Rob Reger -- Kittin playfully references witches, ghosts, and bats aplenty: bats in boxes, bats biting necks, and even bat pedals powering her microphone. Her dark sense of humor is still intact, and she maintains that aloof charm and sweet savoir faire that enabled her to easily pair up with a wide scope of electro artists in her past but now, with her sophomore solo attempt, she seems to be completely comfortable in her role as a soloist and ready to experiment and expand on prior ideas. Staying true to her electroclash roots, there's less of a driving minimalist force than in her days with the Hacker and more of a mainstream polish, likely due to co-producer Pascal Gabriel, who worked on Kylie Minogue's albums. You can hear remnants of Kylie as house influences creep in, providing a chance for Kittin to embark on more inspired and daring vocals, sometimes drifting from her trademark disenchanted monotone to breathy harmonies. Most important to the success of Miss Kittin, though, is that she's at the top of her game as a DJ and sexy as ever, scorching club dancefloors while flirting effortlessly between the blips and scabby percussion of "Pollution of the Mind," rocking out the dirty Joy Division bass and handclaps on "Grace," and bringing it down to a soothing synth ballad of unadulterated melancholy on "Lightmaker." As she emerges from the broken cocoon of Detroit and German techno influences into a unique artist of her own -- one who is slightly experimental but never lacking a head-bobbing hook -- it's hard to argue when she quips, "Frenchies do it better."

Miss Kittin - Batbox ( flac 334mb)

01 Kittin Is High 3:51
02 Batbox 3:20
03 Grace 3:19
04 Solidasarockstar 3:56
05 Barefoot Tonight 3:03
06 Play Me A Tape 4:08
07 Pollution Of The Mind 5:16
08 Wash 'n' Dry 4:15
09 Metalhead 5:23
10 Machine Joy 3:32
11 Sunset Strip 3:02
12 Playmate Of The Century 4:04
13 Lightmaker 4:31

Miss Kittin - Batbox (ogg 122mb)

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This double disc mixes displays Caroline Herve’s (aka Miss Kittin) commitment to staving off the tendencies of techno connoisseurs to become overly serious about what they’re up to, reminding us all that the main activity that encourages participation in this music is on the dance floor and that it’s supposed to be fun! Both albums reveal a polished journey along the terrain of electro, acid, techno, down-tempo and ambient, the featured range of artists including, for example, Monolake, Wagon Christ, Aphex Twin, Sixtoo, Hawtin’s Concept 1 and Biosphere. Each disc begins with her signature a cappella intro yet Perfect Night leads the listener into deep dance floor territory without a breather, as this mix is fuelled by dark electro beats and bona fide or soon-to-be techno/acid classics, from Cajmere’s "Percolator” to Adam Beyer’s "A Walking Contradiction,” back to Armando’s "151.” Awesome 3’s acid house number "Don’t Go” is full of diva vocals and harkens images of day-glo shirts and ecstatic ravers living out a cultural peak. Perfect Day initiates an itinerant down-tempo mood beginning with Wagon Christ’s "Shadows” and morphing into sparser territory with Baby Ford and Monolake. The soulful Cassy Lee a cappella remix of Villalobos’ "Easy Lee” gently tugs at your nostalgic threads, while Jay Haze’s minimal tribal-glitch wanderings are taken over by Richard Devine’s corrosive coughing sampler that gradually develops into a grimy two-step with Artwork’s "Rank.” The range of what Miss Kittin mixes truly reveals her talent for bringing disparate styles and rhythms together in a way that makes sense.

Miss Kittin - A Bugged Out Perfect Night Mix  (flac 472mb)

01 Princess Superstar - Perfect (A Capella) 0:45
02 DJ K! - Plastic People (K-1 Original Mix) 3:40
03 El Loco - Ibiza 4:37
04 Cajmere - Percolator (Keep Movin Mix) 3:00
05 Armando - 151 (Terrace Mixx) 4:07
06 Misc - Vakuum Audio 3:52
07 My My - Serpentine 4:17
08 Female vs. Regis - Avon 1 (James Ruskin Remix) 3:22
09 Adam Beyer - A Walking Contradiction (Part 1) 4:35
10 Fixmer/McCarthy - Freefall (The Hacker Remix) 4:55
11 The Chemical Brothers - Base 6 4:31
12 Drexciya - Lost Vessel 4:13
13 Perspects - 13 (In 2 Parts) 3:41
14 GE & GM - Seven Eleven 3:00
15 Modeselektor - Hasir 3:57
16 Mike Ink - Paroles 4:10
17 Awesome 3 - Don't Go (Kicks Like A Mule Mix) 3:18
18 Milanese - Vanilla Monkey 3:43
19 Front 242 - First In, First Out 1:46
20 DJ Maxximus & Something J - Destiny 2:46
21 Squarepusher - My Red Hot Car 1:22
22 Acrosome - Perfect Girl 3:41
Miss Kittin - A Bugged Out Perfect Night Mix   (ogg 194mb)


Miss Kittin - A Bugged Out Perfect Day Mix (flac 398mb)

01 Si Begg - Sting ≠3 (That's Good) 0:43
02 Wagon Christ - Shadows 4:05
03 Monolake - Invisible 4:35
04 Baby Ford - Normal (Is It Normal? Club Mix) 5:02
05 Donato Dozzy & Brando Lupi - Metal Slave 5:51
06 Saint Etienne - Heart Failed (Two Lone Swordsmen Mix) 2:57
07 Jay Haze - Groove 2:03
08 Richard Devine - Untitled A1 4:13
09 Le Car - Aluminum Rectangles 2:36
10 Curve - Falling Free (Aphex Twin Mix) 5:45
11 Toasty - The Knowledge 4:09
12 Artwork - Rank 3:18
13 Alb Featuring MC Soom-T - Another Level 3:42
14 Concept 1 - 08:00 3:21
15 Sixtoo - Transfer Please, Perfect Wednesday 2:48
16 Villalobos - Easy Lee (Cassy Lee Mix) 3:28
17 Static - Inside Your Heaven 4:02
18 Biosphere - Le Grand Dôme 4:53
19 Twine - Kalea Morning 5:39
20 Christ - Medulla Oblongata 1:13

Miss Kittin - A Bugged Out Perfect Day Mix   (ogg 172mb)

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