Dec 10, 2013

RhoDeo 1349 Roots

Hello, we still find ourselves in an environment that gave rise to the worlds monotheistic religions be that on the Arabian peninsula, here we stay in the Saharan/Sahel band stretching from the West-Atlantic coast to the highlands of Ethiopia in the east of the continent, a vast area where fresh water usually tends to come at a premium , where the sun is burning down during daytime and nighttime can be cold, where the moon is the sole light source apart from the warming campfires. Is it any surprise then that singing and making music together lifted the spirits of those gathering in these desolate landscapes. And the moon became their God.

Today we find ourselves guided by a travelbook that has been releasing music in association with World Music Network, these people are doing great work as a lot of African artists would stay unknown as the local music industry lacks quality and reach. We'll get back to them as we tour Africa. .....N'joy

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In association with UK-based record label World Music Network, Rough Guides has issued over 240 recorded anthologies of the music of various nations and regions. Founded in 1994 by husband and wife team Phil Stanton and Colombian-born Sandra Alayón-Stanton, World Music Network consists of four record labels – Music Rough Guides, Riverboat Records, Introducing and Think Global. Music Rough Guides releases the Rough Guides CD compilations.

Music Rough Guides has been releasing the Rough Guide music series in association with the Rough Guides travel book publishers for well over two decades. World Music Network initially began working with the Rough Guides book publishers in 1994, when the first world music Rough Guides book and album were released.

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This compilation focuses on the music of four countries -- Egypt, Algeria, Sudan, and Morocco. The focus is mainly on contemporary popular forms, but tosses in a bit of roots here and there. Rai is featured heavily throughout the album in its various incarnations from Cheb Mami to Cheb Khaled. Nubian music is also featured in multiple incarnations, from the brassy but relatively traditional work of Ali Hassan Kuban to the newer fusion-influenced Salamat. The beats of the Arab world are thoroughly showcased on this album, and anyone itching for a quick look into the genres of North Africa should pick up this album for its rather comprehensive coverage of the genres, as well as relatively extensive liner notes on the histories of the various forms. The only notable omissions here would perhaps be the ritual music of the Gnawa of Marrakesh, but despite this minor missing detail, the album is a worthwhile listen for someone with any level of experience with the music.

Rough Guide - The Music Of North Africa (flac  451mb)

01 Cheb Kader - M'hainek Ya Galbi 4:50
02 Cheb Mami - Douni El Bladi 5:22
03 Ali Hassan Kuban - Habibi 4:19
04 Hossam Shaker - Lama Bada Yatasama 3:44
05 Abdel Aziz El Mubarak - Tahrimni Minnak 6:44
06 Abdel Karim El Kabli - Dannab 5:13
07 Hamza El Din - Ashranda 4:53
08 Salamat - Mambo El Soudani 4:04
09 Mahmoud Fadl - Maqsoum 2:38
10 Cheb Khaled & Miloud - Koubou Koubou 7:40
11 Chaba Fadela & Cheb Sahraoui - La Vérité 6:20
12 Adnan Sefiani & L'orchestre De Salé - Bechri Lina 7:04
13 Houria Aichi - Vent De La Montagne / Six Sous 3:05
14 Hassan Erraji & Arabesque - Nikriz 5:02

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Travelling across Algeria, Mauritania, Mali and Western Sahara, The Rough Guide To The Music Of The Sahara encompasses the hauntingly beautiful and dramatically different sounds of the desert. Compiled by Saharan music expert Andy Morgan, this album features driving desert rock and roll, Moorish traditions and remarkable guitar music. Including the magnificent desert blues of BBC award-winners Tinariwen and the funky traditional sound of Kel Tin Lokiene among other outstanding performers, this album celebrates the diversity of Saharan musical culture.

The 'desert blues' of the nomadic Tuareg people, made world famous by the band Tinariwen, feature very prominently on this compilation. Tartit, Kel Tin Lokiene, Group Oyiwane, Chet Fewet of Libya and of course Tinariwen themselves all appear on this CD. Theres also Berber poetry from Sahraoui Bachir at the end of the album. Representing the Arab world are selections as diverse as a track from Malouma's most recent release, the formal Andalous sound of Compagine Jellouli & Gdih, gnawa music from Hasna el Becharia, and the vibrant Sahraoui traditions of Nayim Alal, Mariem Hassan and Aziza Brahim. Further into the African continent, the CD includes a track from Songhai pop singer Seckou Maiga of Timbuktu. With tracks from both well-known artists and rising stars from Morocco, Algeria, Mauritania, Western Sahara, Sahra al-Gharibya (Western Sahara), Mali and Niger, this album spans much of the Sahara desert!

With the pulsing guitar riffs, strong rhythms, hand claps and stirring poetry, this CD will definitely appeal to fans of the 'desert blues' and North African Arab/Berber roots music alike. Fans of the blues and Flamenco will no doubt notice catch parallels between those styles and the musics of Toureg rock and traditional Sahraoui music as well. This is a great musical introduction to the diverse styles and cultures of the Sahara, with a very strong emphasis on the Tuareg and the cultures of the North.

Rough Guide - The Music Of The Sahara   (flac  345mb)

01 Compagnie Jellouli & Gdih - Al Jbal Li Dargoug Aaaliya 7:45
02 Malouma - Jraad 4:42
03 Tinariwen - Alkhar Dessouf 4:52
04 Hasna El Becharia - Hakmet Lakdar 5:48
05 Chet Féwet - Tadzi-Out 6:57
06 Aziza Brahim - ¡Dios Mio! 2:12
07 Nayim Alal - Bleida 3:45
08 Mariem Hassan - Id Chab 3:34
09 Tartit Ensemble - Ikruhuwaten 3:58
10 Seckou Maïga - Malfa Sibori 6:10
11 Groupe Oyiwane - Tagot 3:12
12 Kel Tin Lokiene - Ihama 2:45
13 Sahraoui Bachir - Fid El Youm 7:15

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The desert blues has developed into its own musical genre, the root of the blues. Following its initial popularization by the late Ali Farka Touré (who is represented here, of course, showing how stripped-down his music could be compared to those who have followed), it has really blossomed thanks to the influx of Tuareg bands. After artists like Tartit and Mariem Hassan came Tinariwen, who broke through and really established the desert blues. They were followed by their sub-Saharan companions Terakaft and Tamikrest, who have also been receiving plenty of attention, and yet more names wait in the wings, such as Jalihena Natu. The odd ones out here are Amadou & Mariam, the Malian duo who found a measure of fame recording with Manu Chao. Their music might have a foundation in West African blues, but it is not desert blues, even if the track used here hints at it slightly. As an introduction to the desert blues, this does a very thorough job and the inclusion of an earlier complete album by Etran Finatawa (also on the compilation) adds real value for the money.

Rough Guide - The Music Of Desert Blues (flac 351mb)

01 Terakaft - Ténéré Were Tat Zinchegh 4:47
02 Bassekou Kouyate & Ngoni Ba - Banbugu Blues 5:04
03 Ali Farka Touré - Mali Dje 5:37
04 Tinariwen - Tenhert 5:27
05 Mariem Hassan - Tefla Madlouma 4:07
06 Etran Finatawa - Aitimani 7:04
07 Malouma - Yarab 5:02
08 Amadou & Mariam - Beaux Dimanches 3:21
09 Samba Touré - Kaïri Kaïri 5:21
10 Tartit - Achachore I Chachare Akale 4:29
11 Jalihena Natu - El Profeta 4:44
12 Mamane Barka - Mashi 3:48
13 Tamikrest - Aratane N'adagh 5:11

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Rough Guide - The Music Of North Africa (flac 451mb)
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