May 8, 2012

RhoDeo 1219 Roots

Hello,  we're still on that island with a huge place in the global music catalogue, Jamaica. A production hothouse and they say the Weed makes you slow and lazy-go figure. Without the ganja driven reggae music Jamaica would have remained a Caribbean backwater and dare i say would never have given us Bolt, the fastest man in the world.

Can't get enough of that dub music ?  Some bad news for you, as I'm nearing the end of this dreadlock holiday, the grand old man will have the last words in the upcoming posts until we'll follow the Gulfstream upwards towards Londinium as the old empire takes center stage this summer.

Sidenote i forgot to enter the flac link for last sundays Moon soundtrack by Mansell-it's up now.

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The two big shots of Jamaican dubproductions in the seventies meet, that said they are kept apart by a little vinyl as they each take one side. Here are Jamaica's top recording engineers. King Tubby trying to prove that he is the master of the controls. The Upsetter is trying to prove that he is the master. To find out these two giants got together and we have been able to make the results available to everyone on this album. King Tubby at his best. The Upsetter at his best. Winston Edwards and the Natty Locks put down the backing tracks on this album. 29 minutes of dubbb blissss.

Side 1 - Mix by King Tubby of King Tubby Recording Studio.
Side 2 - Mix by Lee Perry of the Black Ark Studio.

King Tubby Meets The Upsetter At The Grass Roots Of Dub (flac 154mb)

01 Blood Of Africa 2:39
02 African Roots 2:59
03 Rain Roots 3:04
04 Wood Roots 2:58
05 Luke Lane Rock 3:08
06 People From The Grass Roots 3:06
07 Crime Wave 3:01
08 No Justice For The Poor 2:25
09 300 Years At The Grass Roots 2:53
10 King And The Upsetter At Spanish Town 2:31

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Sly & Robbie came up as part of the Revolutionaries band in the '70s, contributing as the house band at Kingston's legendary Channel One Studio. By the time the roots reggae period gave way to the secular-minded dancehall era of the early '80s, Sly & Robbie had gone into the production business themselves with their Taxi label. Counting such Jamaican music luminaries on their roster as Dennis Brown, Black Uhuru, the Wailing Souls, and Junior Delgado, Sly & Robbie forged their own progressive, synth-enhanced sound, and became one of the premiere production teams and backing bands in the process. This sampler tells a bit of the story. Taking in sides by Brown ("Sitting and Watching"), Delgado, and the Wailing Souls, the 12 tracks here also feature fine performances by the legendary DJ General Echo, Gregory Isaacs, the Viceroys, and the Tamlins.

VA - Sly And Robbie Present Taxi (flac 238mb)

01 Jimmy Riley - My Woman's Love 3:28
02 The Tamlins - Smiling Faces Sometimes 3:30
03 Junior Delgado - Merry Go Round 3:46
04 Dennis Brown - Sitting And Watching 3:33
05 Sly Dunbar - Hot You're Hot 3:36
06 Wailing Souls - Sweet Sugar Plum 3:56
07 Sheila Hylton - The Bed's Too Big Without You 3:50
08 General Echo - Drunken Master 3:39
09 Wailing Souls - Old Broom 3:20
10 Gregory Isaacs - Oh What A Feeling 3:44
11 The Viceroys - Heart Made Of Stone 2:58
12 Junior Delgado - Fort Augustus 3:30

VA - Sly And Robbie Present Taxi (ogg 102mb)

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King Tubby is undoubtely the most prolific of the dub producers, a handful of albums have been posted here, this will be the last for now. King Tubby's Productions in the digital era 1985-89

VA - Firehouse Revolution (King Tubby) (flac 362mb)

01 Anthony Red Rose - Tempo 3:44
02 King Everall - After All 3:30
03 King Asha - Crank Angle Part 2 3:16
04 Anthony Red Rose / King Kong - Two Big Bull Inna One Pen 3:42
05 Conroy Smith - Original Sound 4:02
06 King Everall - Special Singer 4:06
07 Lloyd Hemmings - Rude Boy 3:47
08 Tinga Stewart - Dry Up Your Tears 4:01
09 Peego / Fatman with King Asha - Version 3:21
10 Johnny Osbourne - Line Up 4:07
11 Little John - Fade Away 4:07
12 King Kong - Babylon 3:24
13 Lilly Melody - Pressure Me 3:35
14 King Everall - Automatic 3:32
15 Anthony Red Rose - Under Me Fat Thing 3:45
16 Noel Davy - Version 3:43

VA - Firehouse Revolution (King Tubby) (ogg 139mb)

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somedude said...

Hi there, is there anyway you could send me that Firehouse comp? can't seem to find it anywhere...

Rho said...

Well Somedude-or Bob, I'm not sure an 380mb attachment is possible, unlikely. I can just re-upload the Firehouse Comp which is what i've done-good luck with it

qwertydvorak said...

Hello. Is there any chance of re-uploading the forgotten gem that is Sly And Robbie Present Taxi? Thanks in advance. This blog is truly a study in dedication and generosity.