Dec 12, 2010

Sundaze 1011 Space Inside Out

Hello, that was fun that space week..but a bit of a non sense...there is no space ! No Earth either, planets , the sun ? All great illusions, it's all a virtual realty, admittedly of a superb quality and i am sure most of you think what's he on about. Yet on a scientific physics level everything can be reduced to quantumstates and solidity is a joke, it doesn't exist, vibrating energy packets that's about how far we can go, and that in itself is one of the highlights of the relentless scientific drive towards reductionism, but now they have come to a threshold and the next step is one that is bitterly opposed, the idea that our observing consciousness belongs to another realm. Most neurologists today still are busy trying to prove it is a by-product of brain activity, an idea that is deeply embedded in the materialistic/scientific world. This of cause is total nonsense as numerous near death cases have proven, consciousness doesn't need a living body to be aware. You might ask then why would consciousness want a body then..the simple answer is our 'virtual' world offers a wonderful range of experiences thru our bodies senses and we are able to interact, entertain eachother and express oneself thru many ways, and all on a basically beautiful planet equipped with a full set of supporting life (plants, animals). The more thoughtful answer why we'd want a body is in order to grow in consciousness as the previously mentioned points enable us to enrich ourselves with experiences, knowledge and understanding.
Alas it aint easy and with governments jailing those that would like to experiment with another brain chemistry, it shows some of the limitations posed by the fearful materialistic classes, many of whom have been deluded by religions.. What is needed is a paradigm shift that establishes consciousness as the driving force of nature, and it's eternal nature. It follows that respect is due to all life as all is an expression of consciousness.. so we should stop raping this planet f.i. , feed not kill eachother, create to enjoy, not to destroy. Some simple examples which, if we'd implement these, would greatly enhance our chances of growing our consciousnesses.........

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Spirit Space - A Journey Into Your Consciousness

Allow yourself to travel even further down the quantum rabbit hole in a quest for answers to age old questions. Discover remarkable possibilities as to what and how our consciousness works with the world around us. Listen to possibilities of what happens to our consciousness before and after death. Challenging Quantum physics theories and how they affect how we perceive the world anciently and today, both spiritually and scientifically. This film acts as a progressive travel log for human life attempting to answer questions that mankind has been seeking since the dawn of thought. What were we before we came here? Why do we need to be here? And what in the world happens to us after we die? Spirit Space also opens cases from individuals who have been hypnotically regressed to a point between lives,after death, and even before birth. Not only does the film grapple with reincarnation, the spirit world, and the nature of the human soul it also tackles equally sticky questions such as Is there a Heaven and Hell? What is a spirit? Viewers with a penchant for skepticism will balk at the lack of physical evidence to back up the claims in Spirit Space, but the film remains a reassuring voice, affirming that our existence is not limited to the boundaries of our mortal flesh.

Who's in it ?
Fred Alan Wolf ( who was featured in the recent hit movie What the Bleep Do We Know?, and The Secret) earned his Ph.D. in theoretical physics. He continues to write, lecture throughout the world and con duct research on the relationship of quantum physics to consciousness. He is the author of 11 books including Taking a Quantum Leap which received the National Book Award. Don Miguel Ruiz Born into a family of healers, don Miguel Ruiz has embraced the centuries old legacy of healing and teaching the nagual and carries forward the esoteric Toltec knowledge. Don Miguel shares the wisdom that resulted in the creation of The Four Agreements. His views of a universal peace are shared in the film, Spirit Space. They provide a spiritual but practical sense to the topics discussed and students of his will appreciate the wisdom and comfort that he shares. Edgar Mitchell Among authors trying to bridge the gap between cience and spirit, former astronaut Mitchell brings unique credentials. Originally scheduled for the ill-fated Apollo 13 mission, Mitchell, as told in this smooth blend of autobiography and exegesis, journeyed to the Moon in 1971 (and generated great controversy over ESP experiments he conducted on the flight).

Spirit Space - A Journey Into Your Consciousness (avi   651mb)

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Steve Roach a onetime professional motorbike racer born in California in 1955, -- inspired by the music of Tangerine Dream, Klaus Schulze, and Vangelis -- taught himself to play synthesizer at the age of 20, 7 years later he debuted with the album Now, his early work was quite reminiscent of his inspirations, but with 1984's Structures from Silence his music began taking enormous strides, the album's expansive and mysterious atmosphere inspired directly by the the beauty and power of the earth's landscapes to create lush, meditative soundscapes influential on the emergence of ambient and trance. Subsequent works including 1986's three-volume Quiet Music series honed Roach's approach, his dense, swirling textures and hypnotic rhythms akin to environmental sound sculptures. In 1988, inspired by the Peter Weir film The Last Wave, Roach journeyed to the Australian outback, with field recordings of aboriginal life inspiring his acknowledged masterpiece, the double-album Dreamtime Return I. II

After relocating to the desert outskirts of Tuscon, Arizona, Roach established his own recording studio, Timeroom, and in the years to follow grew increasingly prolific, creating both as a solo artist and in tandem with acts including Robert Rich, Michael Stearns, Jorge Reyes and Kevin Braheny -- in all, close to two dozen major works in the 1990s alone, all of them located at different points on the space-time continuum separating modern technology and primitive music. His album roster from that decade includes: Strata (1991), Artifact (1994), Well of Souls (1995), Amplexus (1997), and Dust to Dust (1998). Early Man was released on Projekt in early 2001, followed by one of his many collaborations with Vidna Obmana. His ability to create organic time-altering soundscapes reached a high point on the 2003 four-CD opus Mystic Chords & Sacred Spaces, and has continued since 2006 in his prodigious Immersion series. Recent releases Possible Planet and New Life Dreaming show a return to a more open, breathing sound.

Vidna Obmana is a pseudonym used by Belgian composer and ambient musician Dirk Serries. The name Vidna Obmana literally translates to "optical illusion" and was chosen by Serries because he felt it accurately described the music. He retired the Vidna Obmana moniker in 2007, most of his current work is released under the Fear Falls Burning pseudonym.
Born and raised in Antwerp, Serries began recording experimental noise musics in the late '80s, working solo and in combination with artists such as PBK, exploring the more abrasive side of electronic composition.Beginning with the release in 1990 of Shadowing in Sorrow, however, (the first part of what would come to be known as Vidna's ambient Trilogy) Serries began moving toward an almost isolationist ambient aesthetic, exploring themes of calm, solitude, grief, and introspection in long, moving pieces which tended to chart similar ground as American space music artists such as Robert Rich, Michael Stearns, and Steve Roach


The circle, ripe with cosmic associations, is a most mysterious object. Often representing infinity, the line of a circle does not begin nor does it really ever end - a seemingly endless sequence of events. It is this perplexing concept that Steve Roach + Vidna Obmana are consumed with in their musical collaborations. Throughout the album, the duo conjure up drifting soundworlds that absorb the listener into the flow. But the cyclical nature of this conceptualization is most easily noticed when the musical current picks up and the beats emerge. The ring of rhythms repeat their rapid circuits, surfacing out of the aural fog, breathe, then back down below. Along with the prevailing synthesized sounds, InnerZone features an array of unconventional acoustic sources; distorted, shifted, delayed and otherwise processed - almost beyond recognition. The fusion of Roach's arid ambience and Obmana's echoing caverneque sound creates an interface that merges these contrasting evocations into a realm of unprecedented properties: a subterranean region that possesses an infinite sky, a union of earth and heaven.

Steve Roach and Vidna Obmana - Inner Zone (02   394mb)

1 At The Edge Of Everything (6:08)
2 Strands (8:39)
3 Cloud Space (6:18)
4 Encounter Passage (2:13)
5 Isolation (14:04)
6 Spires (10:39)
7 InnerZone (25:23)

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In 1989, Dr. Jeffrey D. Thompson was approached by representatives working with NASA and JPL to explore a series of powerful recordings which the Voyager I and II Spacecraft had sent back from Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune. These recordings seemed to be having a profound effect on the scientists and researchers who were exposed to them. Dr. Thompson was approached as an expert in the field of sound and healing, and especially in his work with "Primordial Sounds.” Primordial sounds are human body sounds and nature sounds formatted in special ways to cause a deep response in the subconscious mind. These are extremely useful in all levels of healing. Could the space sounds actually be Primordial Sounds, also – from outer space but strangely familiar to us?

Each "instrument" sound you hear in this Dr. Jeffrey Thompson, DC, B.F.A, Audio Program is actually various NASA Voyager I a II, Injun 1, Hawkeye, IMP1 and ISEE 1 space probe planet recordings. They are compressed electronically down to the fundamental harmonic frequency. At this range, the space recordings sound like unique musical instruments.

Using these specially created musical instrument sounds from the planets, Dr. Thompson has created a special series of musical compositions that have the original space recordings. Each is a personal journey into and through our Solar System, into a place strangely alien to us and yet strangely familiar.

Thompson - Space Sounds Music (89 197mb)

01 - Space Sounds Music (33:00)

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Music was in my blood—the mystery, the magic, the emotions fused with the intellect.

Kit Watkins was born to a couple of classical piano teachers in 1953 in Virginia, not surprisingly he studied piano at home from ages 5 through 13. During his teen years, Kit was drawn to rock music and click for larger became a driving force behind a series of local bands, playing organ, synthesizer, and flute, as well as singing lead. By age 18, he was discovering his own writing abilities. He soon joined up with the band Happy The Man (HTM) which was forming at the local university. It was with HTM that Kit honed his skills in composing, performing, arranging, and producing. During its six years, the band recorded five albums, including two produced by Ken Scott and released on Arista Records. In 1979, with HTM unable to get a new record controct Kit got an invitation to join the British band Camel , dissatisfied with his opportunities in the band he left 1 year later, though he did join them on several tours of the UK, Europe, and Japan from 1980 through 1982.

In the early '80s, Watkins began building his own home studio and produced consistently inviting music that draws on his first-rate keyboard skills and his keen ear for sonic detail. Kit’s solo career began in 1980 with the self-produced album Labyrinth, released on his own Azimuth Records label. The album won him 5th place in Keyboard magazine’s Annual Readers’ Poll Awards for keyboard album. He recorded and performed with drummer/percussionist Coco Roussel during this period. During the 80s, Kit continued to produce solo and collaborative albums, some click for largerreleased on his own label, while others were picked up by larger independent labels. In the early 90s, Kit formed a new label, Linden Music, which released a number of his new ambient recordings, as well as CDs by Robert Rich, Jeff Greinke, David Borden, and others. When in 96 distribution fell away the label fell too. Unsurprisingly Kit has been a great fan of the internet as artists like him get a chance being heard with all the distribution models available now.

In 2001, Kit performed a milestone concert in Philadelphia for The Gatherings series, hosted by Chuck van Zyl of Star’s End Ambient click for largerRadio. It was Kit’s first performance in 20 years, and his first ever as a solo artist in a new genre. In preparation for this concert, Kit began learning and using an electronic wind instrument as the focal point of his stage performance. He finds this instrument far more expressive and liberating than electronic keyboards, especially for melody and solo work. Coupling his abilities on flute with his many click for largerinfluences by horn and reed players, the migration to the electronic wind instrument has been a natural. The Gathering CDs/DVD are available at the Kit Watkins shop.

Kit Watkins is continuing to record and release new works from his private studio in Brattleboro, Vermont.The music of Kit Watkins can be heard on-line at, as well as on such broadcast radio shows as Hearts of Space, Star’s End, and Echoes. Kit Watkins.Com lots of streamed music and even many quality downloads from his discography....excellent website well worth a visit.

This Time And Space

Possessing the probing nature of Spacemusic, the drifting quality of Ambient and the embracing comfort of New Age, This Time and Space is the culmination of an enlightened musical intelligence; one that gives shape to ethereal musical lines, structure to amorphous harmonic forms and, to the listener, a sense of the unique interconnectivity between sound, spirit and the vastness of the universe. This Time and Space is memorable in its ineffable atmosphere, its capacity to cast a spell on the listener while bringing him more intensely into contact with himself. The sounds flow continuously, dissolving any contrasts and unbinding primordial emotions. 7 pieces create a soundworld of perennial beauty and profound tenderness that captures our yearning for deep peace and contentment. You offer here lovely music for meditation and a landmark recording in the [field of] Ambient Healing Music.

Kit Watkins - This Time And Space (03  261mb)

1.Tranquility (4:06)
2.Sacred Honour (6:27)
3.Reflectivity (11:30)
4.This Bliss (5:05)
5.This Time And Space (4:25)
6.Circumference Of One (14:40)
7.Finally Touched (12:42)

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