Dec 25, 2010

Rhodeo 1012 Happy Xmas

Hello, Happy Xmas to you all, another year has gone and war is not over..there's just too much profit in it...for some..and yet there are 75 million more of us this year. Good thing US and Russia agreed to scrap a lot of nukes..these things are useless anyway, alas admitting to that is a step too far still. Secrecy still rules, despite Wikileaks, in fact most of that is useful destraction of the real evils. Unfortunately we've seen many an american company bend over backwords to accomodate the Washington puppet theatre ..only goes to show the puppeteers are playing more stages. And the gullibles screaming for the head of Assange..complete morons. Meanwhile the internet and Google keep growing. Facebook..hmm reminds me of "I'm not a number, I'm a free man" anyway wouldnt invest in it..dodo service, the fickle public will soon face up to that...enough. I'm here today to offer you a gift, something that i think most visitors would enjoy...

A book of treasure, a book of discovery, a book to open your ears to new worlds of pleasure. 1,000 recordings guaranteed to give listeners the joy, the mystery, the revelation, the sheer fun of great music.This is a book both broad and deep, drawing from the diverse worlds of classical, jazz, rock, pop, blues, country, folk, musicals, hip-hop, world, opera, soundtracks, and more. The entries are arranged alphabetically, to break down genre bias and broaden every listener’s horizons. And the writing is passionate, informed, opinionated. Includes indexes for every mood and occasion. But wait There's more ..NME asked artists about albums they considered having slipped to the cracks-undeservedly..some didnt slip thru here btw..plenty to read and enjoy whilst listening to great music.

Happy Xmas 110mb

or you could buy the Hardcopy

ps a short note- i re-upped some dead mediafires and skipped over ducky's..if you come across a dead link please make a comment so i can keep this site as live as possible.
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Anonymous said...

Hi Rho
I've been following you're blog for some time now, and I must say that i'm impressed by you're knowledge on such a wide scale of musicstyles, and all the in's and out's of artists you write about.
To put it shortly: Great Blog!

It seems to be a good time to say: Thanks for sharing, and Happy Holidays

Sharlot Stoned said...

Thank You ++++
a missing link : Spasmodique - EP + North ( 89 * 141mb)

warmest, and alive

Anonymous said...

Hello Sharon, not sure what you are sayong here..the link is there infact i reupped it last week.

best wishes, Rho