Dec 15, 2010

RhoDeo 1011 Aetix

Hello, .another Aetix coming up though this one was recorded in 78. Something else, i've been wondering about the scarcity of comments i get, now i dont expect a thankyou for every grab..that would certainly overload my mailbox but when you find something you really enjoy you could share it not just with me but all visitors here.

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Rock 'n Roll without guitars never sounded this good

Never widely popular amongst the general public, Suicide are nonetheless hugely influential, part of the New York rock underground since the early 1970s, Alan Vega (a.k.a. Alan Bermowitz) was born in Brooklyn, New York, and Martin Rev (a.k.a. Martin Reverby) grown up in the Bronx, they mixed Alan Vega's blues-styled vocals and Marty Rev's synthesizer (originally a broken-down Farfisa organ they couldn't afford to repair). Suicide emerged alongside the early punk scene in New York City with a reputation for ferocious and controversial live shows; Vega stated "We started getting booed as soon as we came onstage. Just from the way we looked they started giving us hell already." . Vega and Rev both dressed like arty, pre-cyberpunk street thugs, and Vega was notorious for brandishing a length of motorcycle drive chain onstage.

Their first album, Suicide , is often regarded as a classic: One critic writes: these eerie, sturdy, steam-punk anthems rank among the most visionary, melodic experiments the rock realm has yet produced, however, the ten-minute "Frankie Teardrop" might be the album's highlight, telling the harrowing story of a poverty-stricken Vietnam vet pushed to the edge: Suicide always provoked extreme reactions by producing a unique, obsessively American electronic music of enormous and enduring influence.

Confusingly released in 1980 as Alan Vega/Martin Rev and omitting their "Dream Baby Dream" single, the Ric Ocasek-produced Second Album is less confrontational and more contemporary than the duo's terrifying debut. Ric Ocasek has remained a supporter and friend, he produced solo work for Vega and Rev. Both released sveral albums before getting together again in 88 when Ocasek produced their 4th album "Way of Life". Their music and gigs proved an intense affair so both needed space and it wasnt till 2002 that they released a new album
American Supreme *

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Proof that punk was more about attitude than a raw, guitar-driven sound, Suicide's self-titled debut set the duo apart from the rest of the style's self-proclaimed outsiders. Although they barely receive credit, Suicide (singer Alan Vega and keyboardist Martin Rev) is the source point for virtually every synth pop duo that glutted the pop marketplace in the early '80s. Without the trailblazing Rev and Vega, there would have been no Soft Cell, Erasure, Bronski Beat, Yaz, you name 'em, and while many would tell you that that's nothing to crow about, the aforementioned synth-poppers merely appropriated Suicide's keyboards/singer look and none of Rev and Vega's extremely confrontational performance style and love of dissonance.
What is surprising is how timeless this album has turned out to be.

Suicide I (flac  279mb)

Suicide I (78   97mb)

01. Ghost Rider (2:32)
02. Rocket USA (4:14)
03. Cheree (3:30)
04. Johnny (2:09)
05. Girl (4:04)
06. Frankie Teardrop (10:24)
07. Che (4:50)
08. Cheree (remix) (bonus) (3:46)
09. I Remember (bonus) (3:09)
10. Keep Your Dreams (bonus) (4:48)

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The first is a six-song set recorded at CBGB's in 1977 that has a wild version of "96 Tears." The second live set is the band's legendary and incendiary 23 Minutes Over Brussels, which was originally released on a flexi-disc but has been remastered for CD and sounds great. This set really gives a feeling for how extreme Suicide's live shows were and makes an interesting addition to the band's seminal album.]

Suicide Live (ogg   126mb)

Suicide Live (flac   317mb)

01. Mr. Ray (6:26)
02. Las Vegas Man (4:21)
03. 96 Tears (3:46)
04. Keep Your Dreams (3:17)
05. I Remember (5:09)
06. Harlem (4:04)
07. 23 Minutes Over Brussels (22:54)


You'll find two soloalbums here

Martin Rev - Martin Rev
Alan Vega - Alan Vega

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