Dec 13, 2010

Earth Search 1011

Hello, as announced last week, the continuation of the Earthsearch saga

Earthsearch II, a 10 part serial in time and space is a BBC Radio 4 science fiction series written by James Follett, comprising ten half-hour episodes orginaly broadcast between January and March 1982. There is also a novelisation by Follett under the same title. The series has been released on cassette and audio CD, and has been rerun several times on BBC 7 beginning in 2003 and lastly this fall.

Some years before the story opens, the huge Earth starship Challenger, on a mission to find Earth-like planets for colonization, encountered a meteoroid shower that killed all of the adult crew and seriously damaged the ship. The only human survivors were four babies - two boys, Telson and Darv, and two girls, Sharna and Astra.The four have been raised from childhood by androids and tutored by two disembodied voices called Angel One and Angel Two.

At the end of Earthsearch, the crew of the starship Challenger settled on the Paradise planet, having never seen their original home planet that they called Earth. They left the Challenger's control computers, Angel One and Angel Two, in charge of the ship to continue the search for Earth. Four years later, the crew have settled into their life on Paradise, despite many hardships they are suffering. Then suddenly, one of their children is killed by a 'monster' that appeared from the sea.

EarthSearch II - 11 The Return (11mb)

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