Dec 16, 2010

RhoDeo 1011 Goldy Rhox 5

Hello, today the 5th post of the new format; GoldyRhox, classic pop rock , this time with a "live" PDF which will enable you to (once opened in your browser) to scroll and click thru if so you wanted. Most of the albums i 'll post made many millions for the music industry and a lot of what i intend to post still gets repackaged and remastered decades later, squeezing the last drop of profit out of bands that for the most part have ceased to exist long ago, although sometimes they get lured out of the mothballs to do a big bucks gig or tour. Fact is the music produced back then got released in an environment that wasn't as segmented as later decades..with our current time being totally segmented and i don't talk just in music but everything thats out there, games , the internet that brings everything that has been produced music wise up for grabs..

Now i'm not as naive to post this kinda music for all to see and have deleted, these will be a black box posts, i'm sorry for those on limited bandwidth but for most of you a gamble will get you a quality rip and for the younger visitors, for certain something to confront your parents with (as loud as possible)..don't like it, deleting is just 2 clicks...That said i will try to accomodate somewhat and produce some cryptic info on the artist and or album.

As announced above an extra PDF worthy of your attention, besides what is likely the biggest selling compilation album ever, apart from it's blue companion which will appear next week. In time for those family days, music which anyone can relate to and likely sing along to aswell. Half the band is no longer with us, but then the fabfour haven't been together for 40 years either.

Goldy Rhox 05 170mb

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Anonymous said...

I do know a lot about music, because i'm "addicted" to it for 30 years! But I must say that your texts about these Goldy Rhox series, have left me in the dark.
(But, I don't like very much mainstream music, so I don't care. I like your blog very much, and the rest has plenty of good surprises.)
This time, i know what you are talking about, and it's not difficult. I listened to that stuff before becoming an "addict"... I don't eat those apples anymore ;-))

Anonymous said...

Hi Rho-XS ! Many thanks for your great blog. I really enjoyed your insights about changing the pitch to 444 Hz in Audacity (a while back). In the same spirit, some cool stuff to check out:
All the Best - JF

Anonymous said...

Hello Tenebrae, 30 years in music and you didnt come across the term Fab Four ? Hmm enter it into wiki and you'll get there...
As for my descriptions being to vague hey bit of music quizzing..that said things will become somewhat easier...word is there will be leaks..wink

Hello, JF thanks for the tip when depo has a slot free i will get it.

best wishes, Rho