Nov 9, 2016

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Hello, looks like rural USA has decided their dislike of Clinton has put Trump in the White House, these nincompoops obviously are only Christian on paper they clearly haven't understood the message Jezus tried to convey. I'm looking at CNN's results board and everything is red, except where there are urban areas. The US is divided alright. Let the nightmare begin...

Today's artist is a very busy body who has produced 40 something in albums in the 39 years he's been on the scene, clearly the man doesn't need any extra stimulus and i suppose he ain't someone to chill out with. Elvis Costello, to be honest here, after his first four albums that came in rapid succession I kinda lost sight of him as there was so much more and I dislike those intellektual fans that made him their hero, never liked pretentious people waring those silly glasses either...

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Declan Patrick Aloysius McManus alias Elvis Costello started out in a pubrock vain in a band called Flip City from 1974 through early 1976. Around this time, MacManus adopted the stage name D.P. Costello. After successfully landing a demo at Stiff records. His manager at Stiff, Jake Riviera, suggested a name change, to Elvis Costello. Costello's first album, My Aim Is True (1977), was a moderate commercial success with Costello appearing on the cover in his trademark oversize glasses, bearing a striking resemblance to a menacing Buddy Holly. Originally marketed as a punk artist, as the term new wave was applied to the first post-punk bands, Costello was classified as new wave for a time. The same year, Costello recruited his own permanent band, The Attractions, consisting of Steve Nieve (born Steve Nason; piano), Bruce Thomas (bass guitar), and Pete Thomas (unrelated to Bruce Thomas; drums). He released his first major hit single, "Watching The Detectives" . This Year's Model, Costello's first album recorded with the Attractions, was released in the spring of 1978. A rawer, harder-rocking record than My Aim Is True, it was also a bigger hit, the following year, Armed Forces was a more musically diverse album than either of his previous records. It was another hit, "Oliver's Army," the first single from the album, reached number two in Britain. In the summer of 1979, Costello produced the self-titled debut album by the Specials. In February of 1980, the soul-influenced Get Happy!!  the first record released on Riviera's new record label, F-Beat. Costello and the Attractions released Trust in early 1981; it was his fifth album in a row produced by Nick Lowe.

Jumping 22 very active years (19 albums) to 2003, when Costello returned with North, a collection of classically styled pop songs pitched halfway between Gershwin and Sondheim. The next year, he collaborated with his new wife, Diana Krall, on her first collection of original material, The Girl in the Other Room. That fall, Costello released two albums of original material: a classical work entitled Il Sogno and the concept album The Delivery Man, a rock & roll record cut with the Imposters. My Flame Burns Blue from 2006 was a live album with Costello fronting the 52-piece jazz orchestra the Metropole Orkest. On the album, classic Costello songs with new orchestral arrangements appeared alongside new compositions and a performance of the entire Il Sogno. The River in Reverse, a collaboration with R&B legend Allen Toussaint, arrived in 2006, followed by Momofuku, another effort credited to Elvis Costello & the Imposters, in 2008. That same year, Costello teamed up with veteran producer T-Bone Burnett for a series of recording sessions, the results of which were compiled into Secret, Profane & Sugar Cane and readied for release in early 2009. The pair also recorded a second album, National Ransom, which appeared the following year. In 2011 Costello & the Imposters released The Return Of The Spectacular Spinning Songbook!!!, which was recorded live over a two-day stint at the Wiltern in Los Angeles.

Over his career, Costello's musical eclecticism has distinguished his records and have shown him to be one of the most innovative, influential, and best songwriters who supports his fiercely literate lyrics with richly diverse music.

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Where My Aim Is True implied punk rock with its lyrics and stripped-down production, This Year's Model sounds like punk. Not that Elvis Costello's songwriting has changed -- This Year's Model is comprised largely of leftovers from My Aim Is True and songs written on the road. It's the music that changed. After releasing My Aim Is True, Costello assembled a backing band called the Attractions, which were considerably tougher and wilder than Clover, who played on his debut. The Attractions were a rock & roll band, which gives This Year's Model a reckless, careening feel. It's nervous, amphetamine-fueled, nearly paranoid music -- the group sounds like they're spinning out of control as soon as they crash in on the brief opener, "No Action," and they never get completely back on track, even on the slower numbers. Costello and the Attractions speed through This Year's Model at a blinding pace, which gives his songs -- which were already meaner than the set on My Aim Is True -- a nastier edge. "Lipstick Vogue," "Pump It Up," and "(I Don't Want to Go To) Chelsea" are all underscored with sexual menace, while "Night Rally" touches on a bizarre fascination with fascism that would blossom on his next album, Armed Forces. Even the songs that sound relatively lighthearted -- "Hand in Hand," "Little Triggers," "Lip Service," "Living in Paradise" -- are all edgy, thanks to Costello's breathless vocals, Steve Nieve's carnival-esque organ riffs, and Nick Lowe's bare-bones production. Of course, the songs on This Year's Model are typically catchy and help the vicious sentiments sink into your skin, but the most remarkable thing about the album is the sound -- Costello and the Attractions never rocked this hard, or this vengefully, ever again.

Elvis Costello And The Attractions - This Year's Model   (flac  489mb)

01 No Action 2:01
02 This Year's Girl 3:20
03 The Beat 3:48
04 Pump It Up 3:16
05 Little Triggers 2:43
06 You Belong To Me 2:23
07 Hand In Hand 2:36
08 (If I Don't Want To Go To) Chelsea 3:10
09 Lip Service 2:39
10 Living In Paradise 3:47
11 Lipstick Vogue 3:33
12 Night Rally 2:42
13 Radio, Radio 3:06 3:11
14 Big Tears 3:12
15 Crawling To The USA 2:54
16 Running Out Of Angels (Demo Version) 2:03
17 Greenshirt (Demo Version) 2:20
18 Big Boys (Demo Version) 3:01
19 You Belong to Me (Capital Radio version) 1:55
20 Radio, Radio (Capital Radio version) 3:01
21 Neat, Neat, Neat (Live) 3:17
22 Roadette Song (Live) 5:38
23 This Year's Girl (Alternate, Eden Studios Version) 2:09
24 (I Don't Want To Go To) Chelsea (Alternate, Basing Street Studios Version) 2:57
25 Stranger In The House (BBC version) 4:15

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Elvis Costello's "country record" is usually written off as a vanity project, but Almost Blue is quite a bit more than that. It's one of the most entertaining cover records in rock & roll, simply because of its enthusiasm. The album begins with a roaring version of Hank Williams' "Why Don't You Love Me" and doesn't stop. Costello sings with conviction on the tear-jerking ballads, as well as on barn burners like "Tonight the Bottle Let Me Down." It's clear that Costello knows this music, and it's also clear who he learned it from: Gram Parsons. Costello covers Parsons' "Hot Burrito No. 1" and "How Much I Lied," and all of the music on Almost Blue recalls Parsons' taste for hardcore honky tonk and weepy ballads. It's to Costello's credit that he made a record relying on emotion to pay tribute.

Elvis Costello and The Attractions - Almost Blue (flac 385mb)

01 Why Don't You Love Me (LIke You Used To) 1:30
02 Sweet Dreams 3:00
03 Success 2:41
04 I'm Your Toy 3:23
05 Tonight The Bottle Let Me Down 2:10
06 Brown To Blue 2:39
07 Good Year For The Roses 3:09
08 Sittin' And Thinkin' 3:03
09 Colour Of The Blues 2:21
10 Too Far Gone 3:27
11 Honey Hush 2:16
12 How Much I Lied 2:47
Live In Aberdeen
13 He's Got You 4:17
14 Cry, Cry, Cry 2:45
15 There Won't Be Anymore 2:33
16 Sittin' And Thinkin' 2:55
17 Honey Hush 2:22
Bonus Tracks
18 Psycho 3:43
19 Your Angel Steps Out Of Heaven 2:00
20 Darling, You Know I Wouldn't Lie 3:32
21 My Shoes Keep Walking Back To You 2:04
22 Tears Before Bedtime 2:24
Live With The RPO At The Albert Hall
23 I'm Your Toy 3:49

xxxxx xxxxx xxxxx xxxxx xxxxx

Following the frenzied pop-soul of Get Happy!!, Elvis Costello & the Attractions quickly returned to the studio and recorded Trust, their most ambitious and eclectic album to date. As if he were proving his stylistic diversity and sophistication after the concentrated genre experiment of Get Happy!!, Costello assembled Trust as a stylistic tour de force, packing the record with a wild array of material. "Clubland" has jazzy flourishes, "Lovers' Walk" rolls to a Bo Diddley beat, "Luxembourg" is rockabilly redux, "Watch Your Step" is soul-pop, "From a Whisper to a Scream" rocks as hard as anything since This Year's Model, "Shot with His Own Gun" is Tin Pan Alley pop, "Different Finger" is the first country song he put on an official album, and that's not even counting highlights like "New Lace Sleeves" and "White Knuckles," which essentially stick to Costello's signature pop, but offer more complex arrangements and musicianship than before. In fact, both "complexity" and "sophistication" are keywords to the success of Trust -- without delving into the minutely textured arrangements that would dominate his next pop album, Imperial Bedroom -- Costello & the Attractions demonstrate their musical skill and savvy by essentially sticking to the direct sound of their four-piece band. In the process, they recorded, arguably, their most impressive album, one that demonstrates all sides of Costello's songwriting and performing personality without succumbing to pretentiousness.

Elvis Costello and the Attractions - Trust (flac 274mb)

01 Clubland 3:43
02 Lovers Walk 2:18
03 You'll Never Be A Man 2:58
04 Pretty Words 3:12
05 Strict Time 2:42
06 Luxembourg 2:28
07 Watch Your Step 3:00
08 New Lace Sleeves 3:47
09 From A Whisper To A Scream 2:56
10 Different Finger 1:59
11 White Knuckles 3:49
12 Shot With His Own Gun 3:41
13 Fish 'N' Chip Paper 2:59
14 Big Sister's Clothes 2:12


Elvis Costello and; the Attractions - Trust Bonus (flac 312mb)

01 Black Sails In The Sunset 3:09
02 Big Sister 2:17
03 Twenty-Five To Twelve 4:05
04 Sad About Girls 2:49
05 From A Whisper To A Scream (Alternate Version) 3:27
06 Watch Your Step (Alternate Version) 2:47
07 Clubland (Alternate Take) 4:03
08 You'll Never Be A Man (Alternate Take) 3:10
09 Slow Down 2:24
10 Big Sister (Alternate Version) 5:07
11 Black Sails In The Sunset (Alternate Version) 3:07
12 Hoover Factory (Alternate Version) 1:47
13 Love For Sale 3:04
14 Boy With A Problem 2:33
15 Weeper's Dream 1:07
16 Gloomy Sunday 3:15
17 The Long Honeymoon (Instrumental Piano Demo) 1:41

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