Feb 28, 2007

Stage 27, Scotland

Welcome to stage 27, Scotland, yes i've taken the ferry from Oslo to Aberdeen and landed in the lands of the bagpipes, the tough guys, the highlanders....

The Gaels of Dál Riata, an Irish tribe called the Scots, peopled Argyll. From this people came Cináed mac Ailpín, who united the Kingdom of Scotland in 843, when he became the King of the Picts and Scots.The name Scotia has been used to refer to Scotland since at least the beginning of the 10th century, when it first appeared in the Anglo-Saxon Chronicle as a reference to the Land of the Gaels. Scottish kings adopted the title Basileus Scottorum or Rex Scottorum (meaning High King of the Gaels), and Rex Scotiae (King of Gael-land) some time in the 11th century. In modern times the word Scot is applied equally to all inhabitants regardless of their ancestral ethnicity, as the nation has had a civic, rather than an ethnic or linguistic, orientation for most of the last millennium.

The Scots have their own lawsystem, the UK Parliament retains active power over Scotland's taxes, social security system, the military, international relations, broadcasting, and some other areas explicitly specified in the Scotland Act 1998 as reserved matters. The Scottish Parliament has legislative authority for all other areas relating to Scotland, and has limited power to vary income tax - also known as tartan tax - but has never exercised this power. The programmes of legislation enacted by the Scottish Parliament have seen a divergence in the provision of public services compared to the rest of the United Kingdom. For instance, the costs of a university education, and care services for the elderly are free at point of use in Scotland, while fees are paid in the rest of the UK.

2.2 of the 5 million Scots reside in the Greater Glasgow area, however the capitol is Edinburgh, a major european financial center. The education system in Scotland is distinct from the rest of the United Kingdom and was the first country since Sparta in classical Greece to implement a system of general public education. Schooling was made compulsory for the first time in Scotland with the Education Act of 1496 since it forced all nobles and freeholders to educate their eldest sons in Latin, followed by the Arts, and Scots law. Then, in 1561, the Kirk set out a national programme for spiritual reform, including a school in every parish. As a result the Scots had a higher percentage of its population educated at primary, secondary and tertiary levels than any other country in Europe for hundreds of years.

The Scottish music scene is a significant aspect of Scottish culture, with both traditional and modern influences. An example of a traditional Scottish instrument is the Great Highland Bagpipe, a wind instrument consisting of one or more musical pipes which are fed continuously by a reservoir of air in a bag. The Clàrsach, fiddle and accordion are also traditional Scottish instruments, the latter two heavily featured in Scottish country dance bands. Scottish emigrants took traditional Scottish music with them and it influenced early local styles such as country music in North America.

These days however, i noted something unexpected the current crop of bands is very poor, in fact considering the impact Scots had in the early eighties things have gone downhill, maybe its because most bands make a indie-guitar music, which has been done for some time, decades, but in the dance or electronic music scene they are almost totally absent, or in metal or goth, in fact i was a bit shocked when i saw listings of scottish bands. Have they all been usurped by the english music industry ? As a consequence my 2 scottish posts will contain much more old work than usual and thus some nice vinyl rips.

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Who said there can only be one...

The Fire Engines - Lubricate your living room
The Associates - The Affectionate Punch
The Associates - Perhaps
Boards of Canada - Geogaddi
Mogwai - Happy Songs
Skids - Best of
Skids - Joy
The Blue Nile - A Walk Across The Rooftops
Scars - Author ! Author !

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The Fire Engines - Lubricate your living room (80 * 49mb)

Fire Engines are a post-punk band from Edinburgh, Scotland. The band was a part of the same literary art-punk scene as the Scars and their most famous contemporaries, Josef K. They grew out of the Dirty Reds which had actor Tam Dean Burn as singer. Inspired themselves by the Voidoids and James Chance, the songs are a tangy lobster-pot of short sharp shocks, chaotic riffing, unpredictable beats and vocal epilepsy. Vocals and guitar were done by David Henderson, guitar by Murray Slade, bass by Graham Main, and on drums, Russell Burn. They were noted for Get Up And Use Me/Everything's Roses (Codex 1980), and singles and LPs in 1981.

They recently released a limited edition collaboration single with Franz Ferdinand. The single contained a Franz Ferdinand cover of the Fire Engines song "Get Up and Use Me" with Fire Engines covering Franz Ferdinand's "Jacqueline". Aswell as a kinda rerelease on cd of Lubricate with some singles titled "Codex Teenage Premonition"(05).

After the dissolution of The Fire Engines, Davey Henderson formed Win with Ian Stoddart (Bass), ex-Fire Engine Russell Burn (Drums/Keyboards), Emmanuel Shoniwa (Guitar/Bass), Simon Smeeton (Guitar/Bass) and William Perry (Keyboards) in 1983. A more determinedly pop act than The Fire Engines, Win were soon being critically praised and made 2 albums before splitting up.

01 - Plastic Gift
02 - Get Up & Use Me
03 - Sympathetic Anaesthetic
04 - Discord
05 - New Thing in Cartons
06 - Hungry Beat
07 - Lubricate Your Living Room pt.1
08 - Lubricate Your Living Room pt.2

The Fire Engines @ Base
The Fire Engines @ MySpace

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Associates - The Affectionate Punch (80 * 343mb)

Billy MacKenzie and Alan Rankine formed The Associates in Dundee, Scotland, in 1976. They released a self-funded 7" of Boys Keep Swinging mere weeks after David Bowie had released his original. This scam got them a publishing deal with Bowie's publishers and a proper record deal. By 1980 they were touring with The Cure, and signed to Fiction Records, for whom they recorded The Affectionate Punch. At the turn of the year they relocated to Situation 2 and put out a string of singles, later compiled on the album Fourth Drawer Down, recorded using money from major labels who were expecting demos to be produced with their cash... In tandem with their increasing consumption of coke and speed, the groups' music became increasingly deranged and experimental. John Murphy and Mike Dempsey (ex-The Cure) became official members.

The Associates signed with WEA in 1982. Martha Ladly joined as back-up singer. Billy and Alan immediately scored a string of UK top 20 chart hits. The album Sulk made the UK top 10, winning album of the year awards in the UK music press. The groups drug use was at a peak - Billy & Alans behaviour was becoming somewhat erratic. On the eve of their biggest ever UK tour MacKenzie pulled out. A US deal with Island was consequentially lost. Deciding that he couldn't continue, Alan Rankine left the group. From this moment on, The Associates were to be just that: Billy MacKenzie solo, with different associates for each release.

01 - The Affectionate Punch (3:31)
02 - Amused As Always (4:19)
03 - Logan Time (4:15)
04 - Paper House (4:46)
05 - Transport To Central (4:58)
06 - A Matter Of Gender (4:34)
07 - Even Dogs In The Wild (3:27)
08 - Would I… Bounce Back? (3:59)
09 - Deeply Concerned (3:44)
10 - A (3:51)
11 - You Were Young 4:07
12 - Janice 2:34
13 - Boys Keep Swinging (Mono) 3:40
14 - Mona Property Girl 3:26

MacKenzie started recording a follow up album. 1984s Perhaps cost WEA £250,000. It took 3 years and 4 production teams to record - twice (dissatisfied with the original production Billy "lost" the first versions' master tapes, forcing a re-recording). The album had some chart success, but WEA were dissatisfied, and started pressuring MacKenzie to follow a more straightforward pop-soul direction. Frustrated by WEA's lack of support, MacKenzie focussed on collaborations, most notably with Yello (featuring on One Second, Flag, Baby and writing The Rhythm Divine).

1988's comeback single, a cover of Blondie's Heart Of Glass, failed to chart. WEA refused to release its parent album, The Glamour Chase, and with MacKenzie over a million pounds in debt to the label The Associates were dropped.

Circa quickly signed MacKenzie and in 1990 released Wild And Lonely, the last album of original music under the The Associates name. 1992's album, the Thomas Fehlmann / Boris Blank-produced Outernational was issued under the artist name Billy MacKenzie. Even though the album had good reviews in the press and Baby was single of the week in Melody Maker, the album stiffed - partially due to Circa winding down operations.

Aside from an aborted Associates reunion with Alan Rankine in the mid-90s, MacKenzie remained a solo artist, collaborating in the 90s with Peach, Barry Adamson, Paul Haig and Apollo Four Forty amongst others. At the end of 1996, after four years without a deal, he signed with Nude Records.

Tragically his first release for the label was a post-humous one. The death of his mother in 1996 was likely the trigger of an emotional breakdown that led him deeper and deeper into a depressed state. Billy MacKenzie died aged 39, on 22nd January 1997 from an overdose of prescribed and over-the-counter pills.

Affectionate Punch, Fourtdrawer Down and Sulk are all available in remastered format.

 The Associates - Perhaps (85 * 376mb)

01 - Those First Impressions (4:43)
02 - Waiting For The Loveboat (6:55)
03 - Perhaps (6:32)
04 - Shampout (6:02)
05 - Helicopter Helicopter (4:09)
06 - Breakfast (5:34)
07 - Thirteen Feelings (4:39)
08 - The Stranger In Your Voice (6:15)
09 - The Best Of You (5:37)
10 - Don't Give Me That I Told You So Look (5:12)

The Associates @ Base
The Associates @ You Tube
The Associates @ Amazon

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Boards of Canada - Geogaddi ( 02 ^ 369mb))

Growing up in a musical family, brothers Michael and Marcus Eoin began playing instruments at a young age. They experimented with recording techniques at around the age of 10, using tape machines to layer cut-up samples of found sounds over compositions of their own. In their teens they participated in a number of amateur bands, however, it wasn't until 1986 when Marcus was invited to Michael's band that Boards of Canada was born.

In 1995, the band released the first work from the Hexagon Sun studio, the EP Twoism. Like earlier Music70 releases, it was produced in a self-financed limited run and was privately distributed, primarily to friends and labels, it was considered of such high quality to be subsequently re-pressed in 2002. The precursor to Music Has the Right to Children was released in 1996. Titled Boc Maxima, it was a semi-private release that is notable for being a full-length album. Boc Maxima's work was later used for Music Has the Right to Children (98), considered to be a masterpiece by many. They followed with another EP "In a Beautiful Place Out in the Country"(2000). Boards of Canada's unique sound is a product of their strong use of analog equipment, mix of electronic and conventional instrumentation, use of distorted samples as well as live and radio or film lyrics, and their layering and blending of these elements. They avoid a purely synthetic sound which gives their music a warmer, emotive quality, often meant to inspire nostalgia.

This album Geogaddi was released in 2002. It was described by Sandison as "a record for some sort of trial-by-fire, a claustrophobic, twisting journey that takes you into some pretty dark experiences before you reach the open air again." Geogaddi's development involved the creation of 400 song fragments and 64 complete songs, of which 23 were selected (one of which is complete silence).

Though never an actively touring band, Boards of Canada did perform a handful of shows. Early shows saw them supporting Warp labelmates Seefeel and Autechre in a scattering of UK dates. They also participated in a few festivals and multi-artist bills, including two Warp parties. Until 2005 they kept the fact they were brothers and not just childhood friends hidden from the media, apparently they didnt want to be compared to the Hartnoll Brothers (Orbital). Their latest full album 2005's Campfire Headphase is much in line with their previous Warp work.

01 - Ready Lets Go (0:57)
02 - Music Is Math (5:21)
03 - Beware The Friendly Stranger (0:40)
04 - Gyroscope (3:32)
05 - Dandelion (1:14)
06 - Sunshine Recorder (6:12)
07 - In The Annexe (1:22)
08 - Julie And Candy (5:34)
09 - The Smallest Weird Number (1:13)
10 - 1969 (4:20)
11 - Energy Warning (0:35)
12 - The Beach At Redpoint (4:18)
13 - Opening The Mouth (1:11)
14 - Alpha And Omega (7:02)
15 - I Saw Drones (0:27)
16 - The Devil Is In The Details (3:56)
17 - A Is To B As B Is To C (1:37)
18 - Over The Horizon Radar (1:08)
19 - Dawn Chorus (3:56)
20 - Diving Station (1:25)
21 - You Could Feel The Sky (5:15)
22 - Corsair (2:48)
23 - Magic Window (1:52)

BOC @ Base
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Mogwai - Happy Songs (03 ^ 260mb)

Named themselves after those gremlins who inturn derive the name from the Cantonese word mo gwai meaning "ghost", "evil spirit", "devil" or "demon". Stuart Braithwaite and Dominic Aitchison formed Mogwai in 1995 and since then, they have become one of the most influential and best known post-rock bands. They compose lengthy instrumental guitar-based pieces in the post-rock tradition. Mogwai's style has easily identifiable connections to genres like shoegaze, math rock, art rock, and occasionally instrumental metal.
Happy Songs is a rather ironic title for their 4th album "Happy Songs" is a beautiful instrumental post-rock album with a very mellow and relaxed feel, melodies and guitar float in the air while solid percussion and string arrangments keep things grounded while exploring new heights at the same time. Last year saw the release of Mogwai's 5th album "Mr Beast", which the followed in the fall with the music score to Zidane; A 20th century portrait.

01 - Hunted By A Freak (4:18)
02 - Moses? I Amn't (2:59)
03 - Kids Will Be Skeletons (5:29)
04 - Killing All The Flies (4:35)
05 - Boring Machines Disturbs Sleep (3:05)
06 - Ratts Of The Capital (8:27)
07 - Golden Porsche (2:49)
08 - I Know You Are But What Am I? (5:17)
09 - Stop Coming To My House (4:53)

Mogwai @ MySpace
Mogwai @ Base II
Mogwai @ YouTube
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Skids - Best of (01 ^ 151mb)

The Skids, it seemed, picked their moment well. Comprising the songwriting axis of Richard Jobson (vocals) and Stuart Adamson (guitar), together with the rhythm section of William Simpson (bass) and Tom Kellichan (drums), they rode into British consciousness on the new wave backwash to the ebbing tide of punk. The release of their self-financed, attention-grabbing Charles EP came at the time Richard Branson's Virgin label were busy accruing an eclectic roster of post-punk hopefuls. Consequently, with almost indecent haste, the band were tethered to what was to prove an optimistic eight-album deal.

On the flip side of their first Virgin single, "Sweet Suburbia" (1978), the band proclaimed themselves to be "Open Sound", which was essentially a description of the soaring histrionics of Adamson's guitar style. When married to the martial rhythms of the drumming and the bellowing, chant-like vocals of Jobson, this sound conspired to lend their repertoire a rousing, anthemic quality. It was heroic music which at its best, as on the first album, Scared To Dance (1979), seemed to capture the drama and turbulence of battle. Unfortunately, the sound was an all-too-graphic reflection of the band's own stormy relationships, a turbulence which was to settle only with the departure of Adamson in the summer of 1981.

The Skids' decline was in large part due to the portentous designs of Richard Jobson, who sought to mould the band into a vehicle for his ever more convoluted lyrics. This became most evident in the recording of the second album, Days In Europa (1979). Following the departure of original drummer Tom Kellichan in the traditional rock'n'roll style (i.e. after the first album), the Skids recruited a temporary replacement in the form of ex-Rich Kids drummer and Jobson cohort, Rusty Egan, and a producer in the form of ex- Be-Bop Deluxe man Bill Nelson. Together, both Nelson and Egan contrived to free the band from the strictures of punk-pop in favour of a more polished, almost danceable sound. Ultimately it was a case of too many cooks, and the resultant album proved to be a misguided attempt at redefining the Skids' sound. This in turn alienated a great many fans, and also cost them the services of bassist Simpson during the troubled tour that ensued.

For Jobson and Adamson it was back to the drawing board, and 1980 saw a rejuvenated Skids with a new rhythm section in the form of Russell Webb (bass) and Mike Baillie (drums). The resultant album, The Absolute Game (1980), produced this time by Mick Glossop, was a commercial success, giving the band their first and only British Top 10 album. Artistically, too, it heralded a return to form, dispensing with the excess baggage of the previous outing and playing to the dual strengths of Adamson's guitar stylings and Jobson's lyrical bombast. Unfortunately, this rejuvenation coincided with Jobson's increasing commitment to a burgeoning London scene. Adamson's departure had as much to do with geographical differences as to musical and personal ones; a point evinced by Adamson's eventual return to Dunfermline, from where he formed the internationally successful Big Country.

Following Adamson's departure, the final dissolution of the band was soon to follow. Unfortunately, however, not before Jobson and Webb issued a dour and ill-conceived concept album, Joy (1981), which served only to illustrate that, when Adamson left, he took all of the best tunes with him. Not surprisingly the album failed to chart,  a sorry end to a short career which had begun with so much spark and promise. (Discogs)

01 - Charles
02 - Sweet Suburbia
03 - Into the Valley
04 - Goodbye Civilian
05 - Walk on the Wild Side
06 - the Saints Are Coming
07 - Working For The Yankee Dollar
08 - Charade
09 - All The Young Dudes
10 - Melancony Soldiers
11 - TV Stars
12 - Snakes and Ladders
13 - Circus Games
14 - Animation
15 - And the Band Played Waltzing Matilda
16 - Masquerade
17 - Fields
18 - Hymns For a Haunted Ballroom

The eleven track Joy was issued fall 81 and marks a concerted effort to update traditional Scottish music into the age of modern rock recordings. The sound is fundamentally more pastoral than previous Skids efforts. Gone are the layers of harmonically treated electric guitar. The lyrical concerns of strife, war and brotherhood are Jobson staples. Though the band recorded a BBC radio session and shot a music video for Iona, promotion problems at Virgin forestalled a tour. With patchy coverage, no live support and a difficult change in musical direction, the record sank without a trace. Critical reception was mixed at best. Well this album is unreleased on cd, maybe a release might generate critical reappraisal now that fixed ideas of what a rock band should sound like have been loosened, you can judge for yourself here.

Skids - Joy (84 * 68mb)

01 - Blood And Soil (3:58)
02 - A Challenge (The Wanderer) (6:10)
03 - Men Of Mercy (1:11)
04 - A Memory (5:05)
05 - Iona (ft Mike Oldfield) (7:15)
06 - In Fear Of Fire (0:42)
07 - Brothers (3:11)
08 - And The Band Played Waltzing Matilda (5:30)
09 - The Men Of The Fall (6:26)
10 - The Sound Of Retreat (2:54)
11 - Fields (Ft the Associates) (4:32)

Skids FanSite

Skids @ YouTube
Skids @ Amazon

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The Blue Nile - A Walk Across The Rooftops (84 * 422mb)

The Scottish folk-ambient band the Blue Nile has enjoyed a mystique contrived by its inaccessibility and the infrequency of its recordings, but it has also made a series of critically acclaimed discs. The band was formed when friends Paul Buchanan (singer/songwriter/guitarist) and Paul Joseph Moore ( keyboardist) met Robert Bell (bass) shortly after graduating from the University of Glasgow in the late 1970s. Although their individual degrees didn't reflect their future career trajectory (English Literature, Electronics and Mathematics, respectively), their mutual friendship grew out of their shared interest in music, and they began writing and recording together. They recorded their own single, "I Love This Life," which was distributed by Robert Stigwood's RSO Records just before the company closed its doors. When local Hi-Fi manufacturer Linn Electronics heard their music, the company offered the band money to record a track that would showcase the sonic range of the company's high-end audio equipment. Linn was so pleased with the result, they formed their own record label in order to release The Blue Nile's debut, A Walk Across the Rooftops, in 1984.

Without much support or touring the album took some time to find its audience, though it briefly reached the U.K. charts and led to high expectations for a second album. This came in 1989 with Hats, which reached the British Top 20, throwing off three chart singles, "The Downtown Lights," "Headlights on the Parade," and "Saturday Night." The album also made the lower reaches of the American charts as the Blue Nile embarked on its first tour, a 30-date journey taking place in the British Isles and the U.S. In the ensuing years, the band members switched record labels, signing to Warner Bros., and contributed to recordings by Robbie Robertson and Julian Lennon. In 1996, The Blue Nile finally released their long-anticipated follow-up to Hats, entitled Peace at Last. In a radical departure from the band's prior two albums, the record is primarily driven by Buchanan's acoustic guitar. Even a gospel choir makes a brief appearance on the leadoff single, "Happiness". Despite the release of Peace at Last on a major label, the album sold poorly, and the critical reaction to the album was more mixed.

After the longest gestation period between albums -- eight years -- The Blue Nile released High in 2004. Although acoustic guitar is still present on some tracks, the overall musical sound is more reminiscent of Hats, and as a result, the record has once again received almost universal critical praise.

1 - A Walk Across The Rooftops (4:54)
2 - Tinseltown In The Rain (5:53)
3 - From Rags To Riches (5:59)
4 - Stay (4:55)
5 - Easter Parade (4:29)
6 - Heatwave (6:26)
7 - Automobile Noise (5:08)
08 - I Love This Life 4:02
09 - Heatwave (Rhythm Remix) 5:50
10 - St. Catherine's Day 4:42
11 - Tinseltown In The Rain (Mix) 6:31
12 - The Second Act 4:39
13 - Stay (Little Mix) 3:34
14 - Regret 3:37

The Blue Nile @ Base
The Blue Nile @ YouTube
The Blue Nile @ Amazon

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Scars - Author ! Author ! (81 ^ 479mb)

18-10-06 rho-xs post
Scars were cocky, provocative and brash, and how they never became pop stars remains a mystery , attention to detail was central to their art, and these kids were perfect material for the State Arts design group to produce the best range of pop T-shirts ever. The people involved with State Arts were also involved in setting up the style-mag i-D, and Scars contributed a song for a free flexi with an early edition. The song, “Your Attention Please”, seems curiously apt again, being a setting of a 60s Peter Porter poem about impending nuclear terror. .

Scars’ relationship with Pre resulted in a few singles and one LP. It also saw the teenage upstarts adopt a startling new image with a look inspired by Viviene Westwood’s World’s End pirate collection. This made Scars seem like comrades of Bow Wow Wow and Adam and the Ants, unfortunately-with hindsight.

In October 2006, small events (like my vinyl rip-haha) that had been put into motion began to coalesce. It was announced at that time that Author! Author! would be remastered and finally released on CD format with additional tracks added in. In December 2006, the tapes were fully restored to playable mode at Abbey Road Studios by EMI, the record company that currently has ownership of the album masters, with an anticipated release date of sometime before the end of 2006. However, the remastering and CD transfer processes were put on hold pending an ISRC issuance. After this, the tapes were remastered by Steve McLaughlin and transferred to CD format, to be offered primarily on the de facto official site and with a finalized release date of February 23, 2007 (announced in January of the same year). The CD is also being made available on Amazon UK. All versions will include extra tracks from the band's various PRE/Charisma Records singles releases. Your attention please, now 10 years later it's all here...

01 - Leave me in the autumn
02 - Fear in the dark
03 - Aquarama
04 - David
05 - Obsessions
06 - The lady in the car with the glasses on
07 - Je t'aime
08 - C'est la mort
09 - Your attention please
10 - All about you
11 - Silver Dream Machine 3:59
12 - She's Alive 3:03
13 - All About You (Single Version) 4:01
14 - Author! Author! 2:54
15 - Love Song 3:11
16 - Psychomodo 3:01
17 - They Came And Took Her 2:49
18 - Romance By Mail 2:39

Remasterd Author ! Author ! + @ amazon.uk
Scars All about you @ YouTube

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Feb 24, 2007

Stage 26, Norway.no

In the ninth century CE, Norway consisted of a number of petty clan/kingdoms. According to tradition, Harald Fairhair gathered the small kingdoms into one in 872 with the Battle of Hafrsfjord. He became the first king of a united Norway.
The Viking age (eighth to eleventh centuries) was one of unification and expansion. The Norwegians established settlements on Iceland, the Faroe Islands, Greenland and parts of Britain and Ireland, and attempted to settle at L'Anse aux Meadows in Newfoundland, Canada (the "Vinland" of the Saga of Eric the Red). Norwegians founded the modern-day Irish cities of Limerick and Waterford and established trading communities near the Celtic settlements of Cork and Dublin which later became Ireland's two most important cities. Meanwhile their Kings were busy christianising their pagan peoples, that papal god didnt help much because during the black death plague of 1349 half the population died..including the royalty..should have stuck with Odin and the Aesir.

Well Norway ended up into a union with demark and Sweden, latter moved out of that in 1500 but the union with Danmark lasted till 1814, After Denmark-Norway was attacked by Britain, it had entered into an alliance with Napoleon, and in 1814 found itself on the losing side in the Napoleonic Wars and in dire conditions and mass starvation in 1812. Norway took this opportunity to declare independence, adopted a constitution based on American and French models but the Countries without Kings were unacceptable in those days, the Swedish King lay claim but basicly let the norwegions do on the condition they accept him , the Bernadotte dynasty as rulers of Norway. In 1905 they had enough and parlement elected a new king a danish prince who took the name Haakon 7 who ruled for 52 years, his son Olav 5 was chosen man of the century by the Norwegians and as it happens Norways current king Harald 5 is having a big 70th birthday party this week. Royalty..but then the norse and danish versions are so 'common' they ride bicycles and Crownprince Haakon has married a single mother, now there's one for those snobby royal watchers.

Norway at the moment is per capita the richest country in the world(Luxemburg is not a country but a bankjob ), all that oilmoney..which defacto had the Norwegians vote against joining the EU..which i think is a black spot on their morality.

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Flunk - For Sleepyheads Only
Biosphere - Shenzhou
Arve Henriksen - Chiaroscuro
Röyksopp - Melody AM
Jaga Jazzist - The Stix
VA - dBut Royal

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Flunk - For Sleepyheads Only ( 02 * 92mb)

Stuff happens, and Flunk emerged out of the studio jam sessions of a trio of Oslo musicians: producer Ulf Nygaard sidestepping his usual and succesful work as Folk and Rovere, guitarist Jo Bakke (formerly with the Happy Campers, who's frontman produced the first two Folk and Rovere albums), and drummer Erik Ruud (a member of the Guidance-label act Antenna).The band started as a project between Ulf, and Jo in Oslo, Norway in winter 2000/2001. Beginning as an instrumental and sampled vocal project, a track for a compilation by Beatservice Records got the unnamed band signed for a full album.

In spring 2002, the band was known as Flunk and they released their first single, a completely restyled cover of New Order's Blue Monday in April. The track was well received in the UK and was included on numerous compilations in North America and Europe. Later in April, this, their debut album For Sleepyheads Only was released which got great reviews in Norway, as well in some UK muzik mags. During the next 12 months the album was rolled out world wide, Their label beatservice released a remix version in the summer of 2003 to fill the gap until Flunks next album "Morning Star" in 2004, which is slightly less electronic as their debut but still drifts along the same lines, with singer Anja Øyen Vister's creamy, dreamy vocals over a hushed base of samples, keys, and softly strummed guitars, creating an ethereal, past-midnight chill out vibe.Flunks new album Personal Stereo is out this spring, check out their MySpace for some tracks.

01 - I Love Music (5:36)
02 - Blue Monday (4:15)
03 - Miss World (5:03)
04 - Honey's In Love (3:55)
05 - Magic Potion (3:51)
06 - Your Koolest Smile (5:15)
07 - Kebab Shop 3 AM (4:23)
08 - See Through You (4:56)
09 - Sunday People (Don't Bang The Drum) (5:18)
10 - Indian Rope Trick (5:22)
11 - Syrupsniph (6:06)
12 - Distortion (4:32)

Flunk @ Base
Flunk @ MySpace
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Biosphere - Shenzhou ( ^ 110mb)

Geir Jensen, aka Biosphere, was born in 1962 in Tromsø, a city within the Arctic Circle in the northernmost portion of Norway, no real surprise then this "arctic sound" label stuck. In 1983, he composed his first piece of music. In 1985, Jenssen was part of the newly-created Norwegian moody synth trio Bel Canto. They released their first two albums together. In 1989, he left the band in order to pursue a different music style altogether.

Following the release of The North Pole By Submarine (90), Jenssen chose a new musical direction and began releasing his music as Biosphere. Getting his first Biosphere album, Microgravity a wider release wasnt easy, however when it did, it got rave reviews. The follow up Patashnik, saw Jenssen continue to explore his ambient-house beatless style. The uptempo track "Novelty Waves" was picked by Levis to support an add campaign and a single with 5 remixes was released.
In 97 Geir released Substrata a classic amongst ambient albums, it really established him as an ambient giant. In 2000 he released Cirque, which unsurprisingly wasnt as impressive as its predecessor.

Shenzhou, Jenssen's fifth full length album , is a more abstract work, the material draws from elongated, pitch-shifted loops taken from classical composer Claude Debussy. He sampled a variety of Debussy's orchestral works and used them to build completely new and original pieces of his own. No beat in sight for more than 50 minutes. Classical melodies, but not in a classical way. Icy and desolate, yet warm and cozy. Melody and drone go hand in hand. Shenzou sounds like one big trip into the depths of Biosphere's extremely carefully assembled archives.

Released in 2004, Autour de la Lune stands as the most minimal and austere Biosphere album to date, his latest album, Dropsonde, is a half beatless, half rhythmic album comprised of jazz rhythms. Geir is still chasing the beatless rhythm when he's not mountaineering..

01 - Shenzhou (5:04)
02 - Spindrift (4:37)
03 - Ancient Campfire (7:45)
04 - Heat Leak (4:57)
05 - Houses On The Hill (5:43)
06 - Two Ocean Plateau (3:10)
07 - Thermal Motion (4:27)
08 - Path Leading To The High Grass (3:55)
09 - Fast Atoms Escape (3:29)
10 - Green Reflections (3:32)
11 - Bose-Einstein Condensation (2:47)
12 - Gravity Assist (7:04)

diet version
Biosphere - Shenzhou ( * 76mb)

Novelty Waves (49mb)

1 - Novelty Waves (Original) (6:22)
2 - Novelty Waves (Biosphere Arctic Mix) (8:38)
3 - Novelty Waves (Biosphere Darkroom Mix) (6:59)
4 - Novelty Waves (Mark Bell Remix) (5:56)
5 - Novelty Waves (Higher Intelligence Agency Remix) (6:21)

Biosphere @ Base

Biosphere @ Amazon

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Arve Henriksen - Chiaroscuro (04 ^=upgraded 83mb)

Born in 1968, Arve Henriksen studied at the Trondheim Conservatory from 1987-1991, and has worked as a freelance musician since 1989, with many musicians from the ECM stables, he has been a part of the European Jazz scene since. He's been inspired by all sorts of folk music, specially the meditative and minimalistic expressive quality of Japanese music and it's instruments inspired him. ”Chiaroscuro” is the follow-up to the acclaimed ”Sakuteiki” ( 2001) ”a thing of rare and compelling beauty...musicmaking as natural and essential as breathing”. Arve is joined by drummer Audun Kleive and sound artist Jan Bang to create some very beautiful musical soundscapes where the trumpet is the natural focal point. There´s also more room for Arve´s wordless singing. Arve Henriksen's new album "Stron" will be released this week

01 - Opening Image ( 4:16)
02 - Bird's-Eye-View ( 4:07)
03 - Chiaro ( 3:28)
04 - Holography ( 3:02)
05 - Blue Silk ( 6:30)
06 - Parallel Action ( 4:38)
07 - Circled Take ( 3:24)
08 - Scuro ( 5:08)
09 - Time Lapse ( 5:07)
10 - Ending Image ( 2:27)

Arve Henriksen @ Base

Arve Henriksen @ Amazon

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Röyksopp - Melody AM ( 01 ^ 150mb)

The name Röyksopp, derived from Norwegian "røyksopp", translates into English as "puffball". This type of mushroom is notable for the misty cloud created when it releases its spores (with hindsight an aptly chosen name) . There is also an obvious hallucinogenic double meaning to the name. Despite the fact that Brundtland and Berge were schoolmates in their hometown of Tromsø and experimented with electronic instruments in the early 90's, Röyksopp only appeared years later when they met again in Bergen where they met a lively music scene and worked with bands such as Frost and Kings of Convenience. There first singles drew enough interest from Wall of Sound to sign them and release Melody AM. Good thing they did, it sold a million copies half of it in the UK alone.

From the album a number of succesfull singles accompanied by great video's were released. Eple , apple in english drew the attention of Apple who licensed it to use as opening music sequence for mac OS X, So Easy used for a T mobile commercial, Remind me won best video of 2002 MTV award... Those poor guys were the new Norwegian golden boys, all they did was make some fine unpretentious music.

No wonder then that the followup "the Understanding" took 4 years to see the light of day, they tried hard not to repeat themselves, maybe a bit too hard, still it got decent reviews and they werent shot down as one album hit wonders.Last year they released a 40 min live ep "Night Out" Meanwhile its 2007 and the boys just produced a compilation album no 25 in the Back to Mine series, to be released in april.

01 - So Easy (3:44)
02 - Eple (3:36)
03 - Sparks voc.Anneli Drecker (5:23)
04 - In Space (3:30)
05 - Poor Leno voc. Erlend Øye (3:57)
06 - A Higher Place (4:31)
07 - Röyksopp's Night Out (7:30)
08 - Remind Me voc. Erlend Øye (3:39)
09 - She's So (5:23)
10 - 40 Years Back\Come (4:45)
11 - Your Hands
12 - Fusions Alright
13 - Eple (Black Strobe Remix) (6:10)
14 - Poor Leno (Silicone Soul's Hypno House Dub) (8:05)
15 - Remind Me (James Zabiela Eighties Ingeborg Mix) (8:35)
Röyksopp @ base
Röyksopp MySpace
Röyksopp @ Amazon

Pick one @ YouTube

***** ***** ***** ***** *****

Jaga Jazzist - The Stix (03 * 127mb)

Jaga Jazzist has become something of a musical phenomenon in Norway since they started 9 years ago. Not only is this 10 piece instrumental band regarded as one of the most exciting and innovative in Norway, the members are all involved in other musical projects and have in one way or another contributed to almost every significant recording to come out of that part of the world in the last few years. It has been this strong involvement with different projects, and different musical styles and sounds which is the key to the unique sound of Jaga Jazzist. With no boundaries and an arsenal that includes trumpets, trombone, electric guitar, bass, tuba, two bass clarinets, Fender Rhodes, vibraphone and a rack of electronics, Jaga Jazzist create timeless music. Melodic, hypnotizing, delicate and subtle.

Jaga Jazzist started out in Tonsberg (a small town outside Oslo) in 1994 at which time Lars Horntveth (the main songwriter in Jaga) was only 14 years old! "Jævla Jazzist Grete Stitz" was there first testing of the waters in 96, with the ”Magazine EP” from 1998 (re-issued with bonus material by Smalltown Supersound in 2004), the band came even closer to the formula that today is the basis in the Jaga Jazzist sound. But it was first with ”A Livingroom Hush” in 2001, that Jaga Jazzist fully blossomed with an album that put Jaga Jazzist on the map and defined their unique sound world. "A Livingroom Hush" got them massive critical acclaim and great sales in Norway. Throughout 2002 the band shocked fans and critics alike with their blistering live shows and the buzz resulted in sold out dates all over Europe and the band soon came to the attention of Ninja Tune who did a license/collaboration deal with Smalltown Supersound.

With 10 members, you also gets 10 different opinions, feelings and taste. With a result that the band never stands still. Instead of sucking on the successful formula of ”A Livingroom Hush”, they wanted to take their sound even further with the next album. To the extreme one might say. The result was 2003`s ”The Stix” album. This was Jaga Jazzist`s take on electronic music, an album characterized by its intricate drum patters and rolling beats. After heavily touring, the time came for the next chapter in the Jaga Jazzist history, ”What We Must”. After months with writing new material, the band went into studio in Spydeberg out in the Norwegian woods, to record the demo now known as the Spydeberg Session. Something came they percieve as their rock album (Jaga style), released in 2005.

01 - Kitty Wü (4:36)
02 - Day (3:08)
03 - Another Day (3:30)
04 - Reminders (6:45)
05 - Suomi Finland (7:28)
06 - Toxic Dart (5:21)
07 - I Could Have Killed Him In The Sauna (5:34)
08 - Aerial Bright Dark Round (5:08)
09 - Doppelganger (4:47)
10 - The Stix (6:57

Jaga Jazzist @ Base
Jaga Jazzist @ MySpace
Jaga Jazzist @ Amazon
Pic a JJ vid @YouTube

***** ***** ***** ***** *****

VA - dBut Royal ( 01 * 78mb)

One of the longest running Norwegian undergroud labels, dBut Recordings was founded in 1989 by Per Platou (also a member of Nood). It had a very eclectic profile, encompassing rock, avantgarde and electronic music. In 1997 Per Platou didn't want to run the label anymore and handed over the whole operation (old back catalogue included) to Andreas Gilhuus, Jon Birger Wormdahl and Rolf Even Evensen. dBut Records is one of Norway's most exiting and fastest developing independent labels. With a wide profile spanning from nu-jazz and latin inspired sounds to pure pop and genre-pushing electronica, dBut´s aim is to broaden the mind.
Over the last couple of years, dBut Records has established itself as an important musical anchor in an ever growing and pulsating Norwegian flora of bands and producers. Home of bands Sternklang, Perculator, Boy, Nood, Professor Anarad and Moon Orchestra, this label has proved to be the staging ground for a wide spectrum of musical experimentation. From the classic, timeless pure pop of Boy to state-of-the-art nu-jazz, instrumental hip-hop and urban grooves courtesy of Perculator and Moon Orchestra to Sternklang's structural damaging breakdowns there is one word which sums it all up: humanity. A warm human touch, often coupled with a healthy dose of humour is present in all of dBut´s releases. No matter how quantizised the samples are, there's always a pulsating vibe lurking underneath it all, one which only can be achieved through sheer passion and a deep, profound love of music.

01 - Perculator - Eternity
02 - Sternklang - Liebling
03 - Palace Of Pleasure - Summertime
04 - Nood - Walk In 2 Me
05 - Moon Orchestra - Hummingbird
06 - Dub Club Oslo - Yes, With Cheese
07 - Sternklang - A Sunday Kind Of Thrill
08 - Tøyen - ABC Of Love
09 - Briskeby - Propaganda (Rmx-Moon Orchestra)
10 - Stellan - Jaquelin
11 - Frost - Damian
12 - Boy - Sure

DBut @ Base
Buy Dbut Releases

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Feb 21, 2007

Stage 25, Norway

Hello again, it's stage 25 already and from now on the ocean is with us again. Don't know why Totally Fuzzy ignored my last post as ive been regularly posting twice a week wednesdays and saturdays, maybe they didnt like my little promo for Linux or they thought Finland to be the end of the line, well it isnt. Infact still 8 stages to go starting with Norway, land of the fjords and crosscountry skeeing, which isnt that hard east to west. Next time more about Norways.

***** ***** ***** ***** *****

Bel Canto - Shimmering, Warm & Bright (92)
Butti 49 - Habit (04)
Annie - Anniemal (04)
Øye, Erlend - Unrest (03)
Niels Petter Molvaer - Remakes NP3 (05)
Kaizers Orchestra - Ompa till du dor + ep (01)

***** ***** ***** ***** *****

Bel Canto - Shimmering, Warm and Bright (92 ^ 260mb)

Bel Canto (Italian for 'beautiful song') play a blend of alternative pop-rock with medieval atmospherics recreated by synthesizers. The idea behind the songs was "drawn from energy fields, be the female power or the earth's gravitational pull, with vocals delicately etched by the alto of Anneli Marian Drecker". The orchestration by Nils Johansen and Geir Jennsen on the debut combined electronics with traditional instruments, sometimes departing from the pious imagery for upbeat Arabic numbers or cultured ambient soundscapes.

Before the recording of this their third release, Geir Jenssen left the group to pursue a solo career as Biosphere. Perhaps because of this, Shimmering, Warm & Bright is dressed in less frosty tones, although the music remains beautifully solemn as always. Angelic lead vocalist Anneli Drecker, together with Nils Johanssen responsible for the electronic rhythms with all the vivacity required of Drecker's ambitious vocal melodies lends his electronic sonics aswell as his occasional acoustic guitar creating aural depth with just a few simple chords.

During the years from 1985 to present (2006) Bel Canto have occasionally taken breaks in order for Anneli Drecker to pursue a solo career and to perform with other bands and artists, as well as playing in films and theatre plays. Nils Johansen has composed music for film and television as well as working and performing with his other band, Vajas.

01 - Unicorn (5:19)
02 - Summer (4:47)
03 - Waking Will (5:16)
04 - Shimmering, Warm & Bright (3:18)
05 - Sleep In Deep (2:45)
06 - Buthania (2:52)
07 - Le Temps Degage (4:43)
08 - Spiderdust (3:59)
09 - Die Geschichte Einer Mutter (6:54)
10 - Mornixuur (7:51)

Bel Canto @ Base
Bel Canto @ Amazon

Bel Canto - Birds of Passage live
Bel Canto - Tierre Obletz Live @ NRK '95

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Butti 49 - Habit ( 04 ^ 465mb)

Based in Stavanger, the Butti's have been a main stay of their hometown scene for several years now, with a growing reputation that spread first of all across Norway, and then to many other parts of the world. They have already released a series of well received singles, both on their own imprint, and on a number of other well respected labels such as Guidance and Nuphonic which spread the word even further. In addition, Snorre and Oyvind's services have been much in demand as remixers. Their list of remix credits is extensive. Their first full length album features their inimitable and eclectic mix of funk, soul, beats, breaks, electronica and jazz with an an excellent end result.

This album is a treat to listen to from start to finish with Emo providing the vocals to Flying the first track on the album as well as Action. Incurable featuring the vocals of Mayia James has the feel good vibe of a laidback jazzy summer house anthem. It's the first single off the album and it's a strong track. Kongo Mongo and Alan Accelerates are both strong upbeat instrumental tracks Kongo Mongo utilizing the an upbeat guitar rhythms and Alan Accelerates having the more energetic jazzy sort of a Latin vibe with horns.

01 - Flying - ft. Emo
02 - Kongo Mongo
03 - Incurable - ft. Mayia James
04 - Act'on - ft. Emo
05 - Loving You - ft. Mayia James
06 - Alan Accelerates
07 - Habit ft. - Kay Pt. 1
08 - Habit ft. - Kay Pt. 2
09 - Boogaloo
10 - Hustle On The Vessel
11 - Sun Vs Moon - ft. Azhar

Butti 49 @ Base
Butti 49 @ MySpace
Butti 49 @ Amazon.de

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Annie - Anniemal ( 04 * 316mb)

In 1999, Annie ( Anne Lilia Berge Strand) and her boyfriend/producer, Erot, made a slippery-sexy single called "The Greatest Hit." It didn't take off, at least not in the traditional sense. It floated around the underground, saw release on labels in different territories, and eventually became a pseudo-secret smash. Erot's life was claimed by a heart defect in 2001; Annie his partner, quite understandably, went quiet for a while.She picked herself up, took a very active role in the Bergen, Norway, music community, and recorded Anniemal, this debut is decidedly into the groove, filled with pop hooks, propulsive dance rhythms, and trippy avant-garde production from Richard X, Röyksopp, and Timo Kaukolampi. 2005 she released a DJ Kicks album on !K7, since then things have she's released another 12" , the Crush, and been promoting in the states, working on her new album.

01 - Intro (0:54)
02 - Chewing Gum (3:56)
03 - Always Too Late (4:16)
04 - Me Plus One (3:38)
05 - My Heartbeat (3:06)
06 - Helpless Fool For Love (3:58)
07 - Anniemal (3:35)
08 - No Easy Love (4:02)
09 - Happy Without You (3:16)
10 - Greatest Hit (3:39)
11 - Come Together (7:49)
12 - My Best Friend (3:57)

Annie @ Base
Annie @ Amazon

Annie - Chewing Gum
Annie - Heartbeat

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Øye, Erlend - Unrest ( 02 ^ 249mb)

Erlend Øye is a Norwegian musician from Bergen, best known for being part of the pop duo Kings of Convenience together with Eirik Glambek Bøe and released their first album, Quiet is the New Loud in 2001.

Øye had become interested in electronic music and spent the next years in Berlin or travelling around the world, recording his solo album Unrest in ten different cities (including Barcelona, Helsinki, Rome, and Turku) with ten different electronica artists such as Metro Area, Prefuse 73, and Schneider TM. Erland has been touring as a DJ who and sings along with the records he plays, in 2004 this resulted in a remix CD in the DJ Kicks serie.

Erlend Øye's most recent project is the band The Whitest Boy Alive. The band originally started as an electronic band, but slowly developed into a band with no programmed elements. The Whitest Boy Alive released their debut album, Dreams, June ,2006, via their record label Bubbles.

01 - Ghost Trains (4:32)
02 - Sheltered Life (3:24)
03 - Sudden Rush (4:22)
04 - Prego Amore (3:55)
05 - Every Party Has A Winner And A Loser (4:57)
06 - The Athlete (4:42)
07 - Symptom Of Disease (4:22)
08 - The Talk (3:39)
09 - A While Ago And Recently (7:00)
10 - Like Gold (4:22)

Erlend Øye @ Base
The Whitest Boy Alive @ MySpace
Erlend Øye @ Amazon

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Niels Petter Molvaer - NP3 Remakes (05 ^ 414mb)

Molvær was born and grew up on the island of Sula, Norway, and left at the age of nineteen to study music at the conservatory in Trondheim. He joined the band Masqualero, they recorded several albums for ECM Records, and Molvær recorded with other ECM artists before his debut solo album, Khmer, in 1998, a fusion of jazz, rock, electronic soundscapes and hip-hop beats, Molvær's muted trumpet sound, sometimes electronically processed, had an obvious debt to Miles Davis's work of the 1970s and 1980s. Khmer was followed, by Solid Ether (2000). The Cherry/Davis-inflected trumpet sound was as exquisitely brooding as before but often the arrangements dissolved into a hectic clatter of drum'n'bass. True to this belief NPM had the tracks of "Solid Ether" remixed by like-minded artists such as Funkstoerung, Bill Laswell, Joakim Lone and Jason Swinscoe/Cinematic Orchestra, and the resultant "Recoloured - The Remix Album" was released in April 2001.

NPM's album NP3 released by Universal Music Group in 2002, continues the concepts that were developed through "Khmer" and "Solid Ether" by putting significant differing elements together to combine contrasting structures. The question is all about timing - when to stop the 'moment' and then freeze it and squeeze it." Time changes, sound changes, music changes "Being from a generation that didn't grow up with the traditional standards, this is a taste of my tradition…." To enhance the 'musical travel' experience that this is meant to be, NPM has added small ambient islands that bind the whole production together. “NP3” was followed by the DVD “Molvær live”. ”NP3” was remixed and released as “Remakes” in 2005. A critic stated : “Remakes confirms once again that Nils Petter Molvær’s music upholds its quality from here to eternity, and that it is a small kingdom for the world’s best sound manipulators”.

NPM is well known for his unique live performances, and born out of the successful world tour in 2002, “Streamer” was produced by the recordings of the amazing live performances at London's legendary Marquee and Tampere Jazz Festival in Finland. “Streamer“ was released in 2004 and has been called a celebration of NPM’s live performances . In the same period as NPM starts working on his latest studio album “ER” he produces music to Henrik Ibsen’s “Ghosts”, and also the musicscore to the French downbeat comedy “Edy” . Nils Petter Molvær has taken a new direction with “ER” even if the soundscapes will be recognised from his previous releases. This time he has given more creative space to programmers like Knut Sævik, DJ Strangefruit , Reidar Skaar and Jan Bang.

01 - Axis of Ignorance (Funkstörung's Mass Destruction Remix) (3:58)
02 - Hurry Slowly (Herbert's Moving Mix) (6:18)
03 - Marrow (Sofa Version) (7:12)
04 - Axis of Ignorance (Pavel and March Remix) (4:47)
05 - Frozen (Side Brok's Dagen Derpå Remix) (4:25)
06 - Little Indian (Aggie Frost's Månestråle-miks) (4:16)
07 - Little Indian (Bugge's Indiana Jens Mix) (5:23)
08 - Frozen ( Bill Laswell Remix) (7:59)
09 - Simply So (Teebee Mix) (4:53)
10 - Simply So (Rune Arnesen Mix) (6:08)
11 - Little Indian (Koller Mix) (3:42)
12 - Ligotage (Teebee mix) (5:08)
13 - Song of Sand II (Rockers mix)(4:17)
14 - Tlon (Mental Overdrive mix) (6:18)
15 - Platonic years (Herbaliser mix) (5:15)

Niels Petter Molvaer - NP3 ( 02 ^ 304mb)

01 - Tabula Rasa
02 - Axis Off Ignorance
03 - Hurry Slowly
04 - Marrow
05 - frozen
06 - Presence
07 - Simply So
08 - Little Indian
09 - Nebulizer

NPMolvaer @ Base
NPMolvaer @ Amazon

Nils Petter Molvaer - Song of Sand
Nils Petter Molvaer - Live @ Rockefeller
More live tokyo jazz with Material

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Kaizers Orchestra - Ompa till du dor + ep (01 ^ 351mb)

Kaizers Orchestra is a hard-hitting, alternative rockband, with heavy eastern European influences singing in Norwegian, so don´t feel bad if you don´t understand a thing, just know that they treat un-Norwegian themes like war, mafia and religion.

In 1998, childhood friends Janove Ottesen and Geir Zahl released their only album by their band Gnom called Mys. one of the songs they wrote after Mys called Bastard got good crowd response. A line from Bastard inspired them to quit playing as gnom, and they started a new career as Kaizers Orchestra.
In 2000, Kaizers Orchestra recorded an EP containing four songs: Bastard, Bøn fra Helvete, Katastrofen and Dekk Bord. . Kaizers Orchestra's special sound and creative use of instruments was noticed by the small, Scandinavian label Broiler Farm. Their first album, Ompa Til Du Dør (Ompa 'Til You Die), was released on this label in September 2001. It was critically acclaimed and became a success, first in Norway, later in Denmark and the Netherlands. The album won a Spellemannspris (Norwegian Grammy) for “best rock album”, as well as two Alarm-awards, “Ompa til du dør” also made Kaizers Orchestra the highest-selling rock debut to be released in the Norwegian language. The second album "Evig Pint" came out in 2003, and sold 50 000 copies in Norway, and 20 000 outside of Norway.

In 2004, KO, as the first band singing in Norwegian, signed a record deal with Universal Music Germany. Their third album "Maestro" was released in nine countries August 2005. "Maestro" got rave reviews, and was backed by a new European tour. 32 shows in 38 days, through ten countries. The DVD Viva La Vega captures gig no. 30 at Vega on the Maestro tour.

01 - Kontroll på kontinentet ( 4:02)
02 - Ompa til du dør ( 5:04)
03 - Bønn fra helvete ( 4:00)
04 - 170 ( 4:15)
05 - Rullett ( 2:49)
06 - Dr. Mowinckel ( 3: 09)
07 - Fra sjåfør til passasjer ( 4: 59)
08 - Resistansen ( 3:00)
09 - Dekk bord ( 3:36)
10 - Bak et halleluja ( 1:57)
11 - Bris ( 3:32)
12 - Mr. Kaizer, Hans Constanse og meg ( 3:30)
bonus EP
13 - Død manns tango ( 4:20)
14 - Katastrofen ( 2:35)
15 - Sigøynerblod ( 2:34)

Kaizers @ Base
Kaizers @ MySpace
Kaisers Orch @ Amazon.de

Ompa lyrics in english
Flashmovie Bak et halleluja
Kaizers page @ YouTube

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Feb 17, 2007

Stage 24, Finland Linux ed.

Stage 24 still in Finland, well as i announced last time i wanted to say some more about the Linux operating system, that started out as the brainchild of Linus Torvalds , meanwhile this has become a global platform , where development takes place all over the world . Linux is open source that means every sourcecode is shared, everybody who wants to, can work on and with it. In the old days this was a geek toy/ world but those days are gone, not only that, Windows poor software has trained many a user in getting deeper into the workings of computers.

Nowadays there's many different flavors(distros)) of Linux and this is undoubtely confusing for a casual observer, however from this competition benefits development and these days the average user is targeted with an alternative desktop environment, you want 3d it's been there from some of the builders for more then a year now.
The probems of the past with drivers have been solved for most hardware. There's no reason whatsoever why you shouldnt give Linux a try, just download and burn to get a 'Live' disk which lets you run/try without installing anything .

You cant have missed Microsoft pushing its new OS Vista, well let me tell you its not only expensive, it basicly turns you into a user with them as administrator, yes Microsoft will control your computer-if you are on line- , it will actively block or distort illegal content, disengage drivers, etc , in fact what Microsoft is saying to its customers is simple..we know you cannot be trusted , so pay up or your Vista will turn into a brick wall.

If there ever was a time to say fuck off to this multinational it is now. Linux is a child of the best humans program at this time, and tomorrow. It is there for all, not to be exploited by greedy men forever hoarding more power and wealth. There's much more to it, i hope to get back to it in the near future. For the moment i offer you some links to check out, myself ive chosen Ubuntu but there's plenty of others.

Ubuntu , an african word meaning "humanity to all others" or "I am what I am because of who we all are "

I found a few great links that helped me out with Ubuntu. Their forums at http://www.ubuntuforums.org/ have a wealth of knowledge. So many of the regular posters are more than happy to help anyone out. They usually answer a new question quickly. Its a great new community I have found. Btw so many Linux distros have excellent communities, which have always been the driving force behind Linux.

Just one more link that I must pass on to everyone. Go here if you install : Ubuntu 6.10 Edgy I followed this guide all the way down the list.. Its a great resource!

PCLinuxOS 0.93a Big Daddy , good reviews beta, cleared and release immenent..http://www.pclinuxos.com/page.php?6
How about a ready to go 3d desktop in your pocket, Mandriva Flash is a pre-installed Mandriva Linux distribution on a simple 2GB USB 2.0 Key. Plug the key, start your Linux system everywhere, save and exchange your datas on the free 1GB space!
Mandriva Flash Key

Time for some music now, however this first guy , Erkki build his music toys himself, even a computer when needed.., Värttinä is a great folkgroup, Jimi Tenor cultivates his hi strangeness into smooth. The Bomfunk MC's will have you freestyling again. Nightwish have dumped their drama queen and sent her over the hills and far away. Now Tenhi, i think they're great, but then i do have a bit of a northern soul.

***** ***** ***** ***** ******

Erkki Kurenniemi - Äänityksiä Recordings 1963-1973 ( 02)
Värttinä - Seleniko ( 92)
Jimi Tenor - Europa ( 95)
Bomfunk MC's - In Stereo ( 99)
Nightwish - Over the hills and far away ( 01)
Tenhi - Airut-Aamujen ( 04)
HIM - And Love Said No ( 04)

***** ***** ***** ***** ******

Erkki Kurenniemi - Äänityksiä Recordings 1963-1973 ( 02 ^ 333mb)

Erkki Kurenniemi (1941, Hämeenlinna, Finland) is a pioneer of electronic art in Finland, a former nuclear scientist, mathematician and philosphy student who composed computer-based music and designed his own instruments. Kurenniemi was the University of Helskini's resident inventor of electronic instruments, renowned for his technical skills and visionary outlook. His earliest "automated instruments" were quickly snapped up by noted European composers, who marveled at Kurenniemi's ingenuity and built studios around such devices as the Andromatic, the inventor tried his own hand at music in improvised pieces such as 1963's "On - Off," drawing on "sublime" childhood memories of "the turbine hall of the Imatran Voima power plant, where these enormous generators whirred away in a huge hall with fantastic echoing acoustics," while shaping machine feedback through real-time manipulation of knobs and switches back in 1963 !

The exploratory search for new species of user interfaces for musical instruments and the semi-automatic generation of music have been among Kurenniemi's main goals his career. A collection of modular drum and instrumental machines, the Digital Quartet, begat the DICO (digitally controlled oscillator), which in turn begat the DIMI-A (digital musical instrument with associative memory, an early computer-based sampler) and the DIMI-O (a groundbreaking wonder that translated optical (video) input into sound). The latter became a favorite in ballet performances throughout the mid-'70s, finding an unexpected secondary application in psychological research. DIMI-S (also known as the "Sexophone") was able to generate sound and light by contact with the skin, reacting to the emotional state of the performers. Kurenniemi created the first commercially manufactured and marketed microcomputer already in 1973, which was two years before the American MITS Altair 8800. Nowadays many of the Kurenniemi-created instruments are in the possession of Swedish collector Ralph Lundsten, the owner of Andromeda electronic studio. Äänityksiä showcases the DICO, the violin and percussive components of the Digital Quartet in a series of short pieces. And this is where Pan Sonic comes in, as the stark, rubbery rhythm of "Sähkösoittimen ääniä #1" issues from Kurenniemi's drum machine.

Alongside working on media art, happenings , short films and musical career Erkki Kurenniemi has worked as an automation designer pioneering industrial automation at Rosenlew in the seventies, and in Nokia's cable division in the early eighties. As head of exhibition planning at the Heureka Science Centre in 1987-1999, he designed many exhibitions on sound, structures, thinking machines and sensory illusions. He has written several articles on such subjects as artificial intelligence and robotics. In 2002 Finnish film director Mika Taanila made a documentary film on Erkki Kurenniemi, called The Future Is Not What It Used To Be.

01 - Sähkösoittimen Ääniä # 4 (2:36)
02 - Sähkösoittimen Ääniä # 1 (2:50)
03 - On - Off (12:47)
04 - Hana (2:57)
05 - Antropoidien Tanssi (4:41)
06 - Improvisaatio (5:20)
07 - Inventio / Outventio (3:50)
08 - Preludi (6:36)
09 - Nimetön (2:45)
10 - Virsi (10:45)
11 - Mix Master Universe 2 (13:49)

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Värttinä - Seleniko ( 93 * 313mb)

Värttinä means "spindle," an icon representing women's creativity to the four young women who formed the band in 1983 in a Karelian village near the border of Finland and Russia. Värttinä is Finland's most successful contemporary folk music group, celebrating their twenty-third year with the release of their eleventh album Miero. Värttinä's roots are in the Karelia region of Finland, specifically women's vocal traditions and ancient poems known as runos. Fronted by three female singers and supported by six acoustic musicians, Värttinä composes most of their music and lyrics, based on an ancient Fino-Ugaric tradition of runo poems and tribal sagas, but with a contemporary twist and thoroughly distinctive and original arrangements.

Since 1990, Värttinä has toured internationally and built a solid reputation as one the most inventive and uncompromising ensembles in the contemporary world music arena. Their latest high-profile achievement is the role of co-composer for the stage adaptation of The Lord of the Rings, with the Toronto World Premiere in March 2006 and the London West End premiere in spring 2007. Wiki has a good page on them, well worth checking out, if you want to know more on this Fantastic Finnish Folk group.

01 - Seelinnikoi
02 - Lemmennosto
03 - Kyla vuotti uutta kuuta
04 - Sulhassii
05 - Matalii ja mustii
06 - Hoptsoi
07 - Suuret ja soriat
08 - Leppiainen
09 - Pihi neito
10 - Mika miulla mielessä
11 - Kiirama
12 - Hyvä tyttönä hypätä
13 - Fanfaari
14 - Paukkuvat pasuunat

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Jimi Tenor - Europa ( 95 * 301mb)

Lassi Lehto changed his name to the cooler sounding Jimi Tenor,after his favourite instrument the tenor sax. During 1989-92 Jimi made four albums with his Shamans, a highly uncommercial industrial group. Finland was too small and he went aboad ending up in Berlin, where the last Shaman album was recorded. Subsequently the big apple lured him where he paid the rent as an official souvenir photographer on top of the Empire State Building. His musical style started to develop into a different direction, more relaxed, ironic jazzy stuff.During an European club tour following his second solo album Europa (1995), he was picked up by Warp records. It resulted in the acclaimed Intervision (97), Organism (99) and Out of Nowhere.

After his departure from Warp in autumn 2000, he returned to his original label Sähkö to release the EP Cosmic Relief (2001) followed by the long play Utopian Dream (2001). For his genre-spanning masterpiece Higher Planes (2003) he found a new label, Kitty-Yo. The much anticipated follow-up Beyond the Stars (2004) is a joyful showcase of pure musical happiness. In 2004 Jimi left sunny Barcelona and returned to his hometown Lahti, Finland.

On Europa finds Jimi in an relaxed, somewhat ironic and inpired mood. At the time of release, acid jazz was starting it's succesful if shortlived career, and Europa has some inspirational acid jazz elements, the subtle humor does also help to make this a classic. The loungy moods with relaxed grooves are mixed with furious sax, flute and keyboard solos. The melodies are strong and very memorable, and each song has it's significant feeling. Tenor wrote 11 little soundtracks for imaginairy movies, in this context he scores just fine.

01 - Fantom (The Wandering Ghost)
02 - Unmentionables
03 - Europa (Main Theme)
04 - It Happens Every Night
05 - Cafe Europa (Live)
06 - Take The "S" Train
07 - Vasagatan
08 - Union Ave #2
09 - Rubberdressing
10 - Softdressing
11 - A Daughter Of The Snows

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JIMI - Take Me Baby Vid

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Bomfunk MC's - In Stereo ( 99 * 342mb)

The Bomfunk MC's At the turn of the new Millenium, Finnish sensations The Bomfunk MCs suddenly became big from Manchester to Berlin. The rave stylers of rock beat stormed the charts across the World with their smash hit single, 'Freestyler' - at 2.2 million, the biggest selling European single of the year 2000. Formed in 1997 by rapper B.O.W. (Brother of Words) and vinyl spinner DJ GISMO, The Bomfunk MCs trawled the cultural waters of cool minimalism to produce - with Finnish dance genius Producer/writer JS16 - a seemingly perfect blend of old school flava and wild pop tunes.
"In Stereo" was their first album and they admit the style was reached unconsciously. The album was number 1 in Finland (their native country) and ended up selling more than 800,000 copies, as it reached good entries in many European charts.

At the end of 2001 The Bomfunks unveiled the first single from their 2nd Album "Burnin' Sneakers" , titled 'Super Electric'. The single immediately hit #1 on the Finnish chart, as did their 2nd album. In 2002 commissioned by FIFA they recorded a track for "The Official Music of World Cup Korea-Japan 2002" featuring Sweden's finest Jessica Folker, titled "(Crack It) Something Going On". "Crack It" surely did, charting across Scandinavia - the Bomfunks 7th consecutive Top 10 Single in Sweden, Norway and Finland .
After some personal changes the "new" Bomfunk MCs - Raymond, Wille, Ari, Riku and Okke - aided and abetted by co-founder/Producer/writer JS16 and other regular collaborators like Max'C, released "Reverse Psychology" in the spring of 2005 and seem to have returned to all the usual being; remixers, radio personalities, label chiefs (the Pyssy label!) , record producers and even mobile-phone-gismo designers, not to mention spinning.

01 - Uprocking Beats (3:41)
02 - Other Emcee's (3:48)
03 - B-Boys & Flygirls (3:15)
04 - Freestyler (5:06)
05 - Rocking, Just To Make Ya Move (3:45)
06 - Sky's The Limit Voc. Kärtsy Hatakka (3:58)
07 - Stir Up The Bass (3:36)
08 - Fashion Styley (4:40)
09 - 1,2,3,4 (4:05)
10 - Rock, Rocking Tha Spot (3:13)
11 - In Stereo (4:47)
12 - Spoken Word (4:42)

BomFunk MC's @ Amazon

Freestyler @ Youtube

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Nightwish - Over the Hills and Far Away ( 01 * 368mb)

Nightwish started in an unassuming way as 3 friends ( Tuomas, Tarja and Emppu) played some acoustic mood music together around a summer campfire, wanting to hear what the music would sound like if drums were added (Jukka came to the band) and an electric guitar was used instead of an acoustic one. After a couple of weeks of training they went to studio in April 1997 recorded seven songs which can be found on the limited edition of the album Angels Fall First.
The next year, bass player Sami Vanska joined in. Dec 98 saw the release of Oceanborn, which turned out to be a bigger success than expected, so release and success in the rest of europe followed, late 99 they did a european tour.

During the recording of their 3 rd album Wishmaster spring 2000, Nightwish was chosen by the Fins to represent Finland at the eurovision festival with Sleepwalker, alas the 'experts' forbade it..they obviously no longer have this power, with Lordi representing and winning for Finland in 2006. Well Nightwish didnt really need the eurovision platform, in may Wishmaster went straight to number 1 on the Finnish album charts and stayed on the pole position for three weeks. In those three weeks it also reached the gold disc mark.The "Wishmaster World Tour", which started from Kitee, continued first to the big festivals in Finland and then to South America in July 2000. The three-week tour in Brazil, Chile, Argentina, Panama & Mexico turned out to be one of the band's greatest experiences so far.

In March 2001 Nightwish entered the studio again to record their version of Gary Moore`s classic "Over The Hills And Far Away", with 2 new songs and a remake of Angels Fall First's "Astral Romance". The Finnish release for this EP was in June 2001. The european version of "Over The Hills And Far Away" includes 6 live tracks in addition to the 4 unreleased songs
Nightwish's popularity began to grow, reaching its top in 2002, when their album Century Child became a top-seller ( Platinum in two weeks in Finland). In the meantime, bassist Sami Vanska was replaced by the bass player / singer of Tarot, Marco Hietala, who also added some male vocals, the main difference from previous albums was the use of a live orchestra from Finland to get a more present feeling of classical music.

Once was released on June 7, 2004, along with their first single, "Nemo" (Latin for "nobody"). The single topped the charts in Finland and Hungary, and reached the top ten in five additional countries. "Nemo" therefore remains their most successful single release to date. The platinum success of the album set them up for the Once World Tour, enabling them to play in many countries the band had never visited before.

An era came to an end, a "best of" album was released in September 2005, after the recording in the Hartwall Areena (Helsinki) on the 21st of October, 2005, of the new live DVD End of an Era (released June 2006), the four other members of Nightwish decided that it was best to continue Nightwish without Tarja, a feeling they expressed through an open letter to Tarja Turunen, (an interesting insight).

Nightwish has been writing and recording thru 2006 and have been auditioning for a replacement singer, who's name will be announced any mayday now......

01 - Over the Hills and Far Away
02 - 10th Man Down
03 - Away
04 - Astral Romance (Remake 2001)
05 - The Kinslayer (Live)
06 - She Is My Sin (Live)
07 - Sacrament of Wilderness (Live)
08 - Walking in the Air (Live)
09 - Beauty and the Beast (Live)
10 - Wishmaster (Live)

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Tenhi - Airut-Aamujen ( 04 * 259mb)

At the end of year 1996 Tyko Saarikko composed the first songs for Tenhi and Ilkka Salminen joined the band. After short sessions, a demo tape ‘Kertomuksia’ was recorded and released in spring 1997, getting good response in the underground and catching the interest of German label Prophecy Productions, a deal was signed for three full-length albums. Ilmari Issakainen was asked to join the group before they entered the studio for the ‘Hallavedet’-recording session in spring 1998. The recording and mixing took place in a hasty 16-hour session and the band indirectly learned to define their wanted Tenhi sound by it. The following summer, violin player Eleonora Lundell joined the band while they were composing material for the first full-length album ‘Kauan’ which was recorded autumn 1999. Veera Partanen played flute as a session member. Two songs were dropped out from the sessions: ‘kielo’ and ‘niin auer hiljaa vie’.

During the summer of 2000, `Kielo´ was re-recorded and released later on the mCD `airut:ciwi` with two other songs. At the end of year Tenhi started to record the following full-length album `väre`, which came across many setbacks. Now it ought to be released early autumn 2002. In the beginning of summer 2001 Tenhi got another chance to play at Wave-Gotik-Treffen and this time everything went as planned. Following autumn Tenhi had a tour in Germany and in Austria with Dornenreich and Of The Wand And The Moon. The tour went well, apart from the lack of proper equipment at some venues, which forced the bands to play at almost speaking volume. The following release after 'väre' is continuing the 'airut:' saga.

The piano driven “Airut:aamujen” was originally released in small limited edition thru our Utustudio in December 2004 under the name Harmaa. After signing it also to Prophecy we wanted to re-release it with the title TENHI and so bring the saga together.Airut:saga is based on my and Ilmari Issakainen’s visions. The saga continues and explores further paths found in certain TenhiI songs. The song ‘Kielo’ was the source of inspiration for the first two chapters. The third one “Airut:Savoie” will grow upon themes found in ‘Tuulenkaato’ and ‘Maa syttyy’ (Maaäet). Tenhi have already composed the material for “Airut:savoie” and shall enter the studio later this year.

Tenhi journeys through diverse feelings. folk-influenced progressive music, the lyrics are written in Finnish, and they follow the musical themes; esoteric moods, withdrawn feelings, fragility and the mystical side of nature. This is a great band, just click here Kielo and you'll get the pictures.....

1 - Saapuminen - Emerging (2:24)
2 - Seitsensarvi - Grey Shine Of June (4:35)
3 - Lävitseni Kaikkeen - Thru Me And Into Everything (5:44)
4 - Luopomisen Laulu - Eloign (5:40)
5 - Kuvajainen - Apparition (7:01)
6 - Oikea Sointi - Lay Down A Tune (4:12)
7 - Kahluu - Fury Revived (8:19)
8 - Hiensynty - Burning (7:35)
9 - Läheltä - A Brief Passing Moment (6:49)

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Tenhi Vid
Tenhi Lyrics English

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HIM - And Love Said No ( 04 * 484mb)

HIM started out as a cover band, covering songs of artists such as KISS, Type O Negative, Danzig, Black Sabbath and Depeche Mode. After many lineup changes and a hiatus from 1991 to 1995 caused by the members' military services, the band now consists of the three founding members plus keyboardist Janne Johannes "Burton" Puurtinen and drummer Mika Kristian "Gas" Karppinen. In 97 HIM released their first full-length studio album, Greatest Love Songs Vol. 666, produced by Hiili Hiilesmaa, who also produced their EP 666 Ways to Love: Prologue. In keeping with the theme of 666, the albums length is 66 minutes and 6 seconds. After gaining popularity in Europe, and particularly their homeland, HIM released their second and european breakthrough album Razorblade Romance (99). Their single "Join Me in Death" reached #1 on the German music charts.

After the Daniel Lioneye side-project, HIM released Deep Shadows and Brilliant Highlights in August 2001. This was the band's first album with new keyboarder Emerson Burton, the final addition to the current line-up. 2003, HIM released Love Metal. This was the first album that did not feature singer/songwriter Ville Valo on the cover. Instead, it featured a gold heartagram, the band's well-known logo. Around that time HIM became better known in America and internationally when professional skateboarder and TV personality Bam Margera began using the band's heartagram logo and promoting them extensively on his MTV series Viva La Bam. Margera produced their video for "Buried Alive By Love", which featured a guest appearance from Natural Born Killers actress Juliette Lewis. "The heartagram symbolizes the contrast or perfect balance between life and death, love and hatred, darkness and light, good and evil, or even love and death together."

And Love Said No: The Greatest Hits 1997-2004 is HIM's first greatest hits album. It contains two unreleased songs: "And Love Said No" and "Solitary Man", it also had a rerecorded version of "When Love And Death Embrace".

HIM's fifth studio album, 2005's Dark Light, became their big breakthrough in the United States. Some of the success of the Dark Light album was due to professional skateboarder and Jackass star, Bam Margera, who is an avid supporter of the band. Uneasy Listening Vol. 1 is HIM's third compilation album with remix versions of their songs, "Uneasy Listening Vol. 2" will be released sometime in 2007.

01 - And Love Said No (4:10)
02 - Join Me (3:36)
03 - Buried Alive By Love (5:00)
04 - Heartache Every Moment (3:56)
05 - Solitary Man (3:36)
06 - Right Here In My Arms (4:00)
07 - The Funeral Of Hearts (4:28)
08 - In Joy And Sorrow (3:58)
09 - Your Sweet (3:57)
10 - Gone With The Sin (4:21)
11 - Wicked Game (4:05)
12 - The Sacrament (4:30)
13 - Close To The Flame (3:46)
14 - Poison Girl (3:52)
15 - Pretending (3:41)
16 - When Love And Death Embrace (6:08

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MIM @ YouTube

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* All downloads are in * ogg-7 (224k) or ^ ogg-9(320k), artwork is included , if in need get the nifty ogg encoder/decoder here !

Feb 10, 2007

Stage 22, Sweden SE

Welcome to Sweden's SE (second edition), i start off with a vinyl rip, Swedens first ever raprecord sort of, there's some great fusion going on and the title track was a dancefloor cracker, Per Cussion All Stars , besides look at that awesome cover (over at rho-xsss) spectacular, so was the whole production of the album. Radio Dept's first album Lesser Matters surprised the industry and laid a good foundation. Their latest 'Pet Grief", which i came across listed as one of last years best at some places, should pave the way further. From the glossy cityscape drama's to the rough and rugged world of nature isnt as far as it may seem, Hedningarna takes their tools into the field and offers you a ride on their trip. The biggest name in swedish music last year was the Knife, the camera shy brother and sister raised their freakish/odd imago a little more by staying away from the awards cere-money, but thats allright rumour has it they'll soon go on a farao's tour (wink) . Anyway a country so close to Finland must get inspired by the pleasently deranged music scene we'll explore next week.

Wiki has 136 pages in the "Swedish heavy metal musical groups" category, compared to for instance Germany's 98 pages with a 9 times bigger population, kinda tells us that Sweden very likely is heavy metal country no 1 on this planet. I'm not really into that sort of music, however my posting of swedish music bands cant completely ignore the biggest scene the swedes support, the closest i get is with Pain, the soloproject of Hypocrasy frontman, industrial, goth technometal. Also Khoma originally started as a side project from Cult of Luna, well maybe its too sensitive for metal heads , too brutal for indie fans or maybe just right . .

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Per Cussion - Don't Stop 83
Radio Dept - Lesser Matters ( ' 04)
Hedningarna - Hedningarna (1989-2003) ( ' 03)
The Knife - Deep Cuts ( ' 03)
Khoma - The Second Wave ( ' 06)
Pain - Rebirth ( ' 99)

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Per Cussion All Stars - Don't Stop ( 83 ^ 226mb)

Per Cussion all stars' album "Don't stop" from 1983 is an ultra rare Swedish rap record and the first of its kind to be presented in Sweden. The Swedish percussionist Per Tjernberg visited NYC several times in the early 80s. There he discovered the breakdance and the early rap culture and did get so inspired so he brought home the idea to Sweden and put together some Swedish musicians. A friend also brought him together with an obscure rapper Grandmaster funk (later shortened to GM funk), originally from Brooklyn NYC. The project was finally called "Per Cussion all stars". They released their first 12" "Don't stop" in 1983, which was the first rap ever recorded in Sweden. One especially flattering story for Per Tjernberg was when Africa Bambaata, whom he considered the high priest of hip hop, asked him if he could spare some copies of the 12" since he had worn his out when DJ-ing! The 12" was followed up by the album with the same name in June that year. Two yearrs later Per Cussion All Stars released "Beatwave" a bit of a repeat with 2 tracks sung by dr. John (mac rebennack), but without the 'hit' and lacking marketing backing from the recordlabel, the Per Cussion jazz-funk fusion project sank into oblivion.

01 - The Warning (voc. Grandmaster Funk) (4:17)
02 - Miles Over Pygmyland (4:05)
03 - Lucumi Suite (8:12)
04 - Don't Stop (voc. Grandmaster Funk) (5:55)
05 - 42nd Street Heartbeat (4:20)
06 - I Walk On Guilded Splinters (voc. Mac Rebennack=dr.John) (8:10)
07 - 2am Berimbau (1:34)

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Radio Dept - Lesser Matters ( ' 04 ^ 317mb)

The Radio Dept. was formed by Elin Almered and Johan Duncanson in 1995 who were in the school together in their early teenage. The name was taken from a gas station/radio repairer shop in Lund, sweden which had a large sign with the name "Radioavdelningen, ("The Radio Department" in Swedish) hanging outside their shop.

Since 1995 members have been coming and going and at some points there has never really been a Radio Department at all. Coree members Martin Larsson and Johan Duncanson started playing together in 1998 and decided to use the name The Radio Dept. Since the band has done lots of gigs and recordings. In the autumn of 2001 Lisa Carlberg and Per Blomgren (Bass & drums respectively), and soon afterwards Daniel Tjader, on the keyboards joined. Their recordings were sent to the music magazine Sonic and got a good review.

The Radio Dept. signed to Labrador in late 2002 and began to pioneer the Swedish indie pop revival that has occured this millennia. Most of the Radio Dept.' releases have been on Labrador.Including: "Lesser Matters", "Pulling Our Weight", "Where Damage Isn't Already Done", Shelflife were selected by Labrador to distribute The Radio Dept.'s debut album, lesser matters, around Europe. They did this in 2003. XL rec picked them up in 2004 and well, due to XL being a multinational conglomerate obsessed with making 'bucks' and the Radio Dept. being everything but, the two parted ways again a year later. Their latest 'Pet Grief", which i came across listed as one of last years best at some places should really get them moving.

'Lesser Matters' is their long-incubated debut album and a thing of great fuzzy wonder. Sounding like it was recorded in a world where four tracks are the most heavenly of all creations, the record gently fizzes along on a train of buzzing guitars and strained keyboards, with vocals gently focussing in the background. It has the same majesty and ethereal wonder contained in the best works of bands who have bled their soul onto acetate.

01 - Too Soon (1:17)
02 - Where Damage Isn't Already Done (2:43)
03 - Keen On Boys (4:53)
04 - Why Won't You Talk About It? (3:32)
05 - It's Been Eight Years (2:52)
06 - Bus (3:20)
07 - Slottet #2 (3:30)
08 - 1995 (3:36)
09 - Against The Tide (4:54)
10 - Strange Things Will Happen (4:27)
11 - Your Father (4:31)
12 - Ewan (2:24)
13 - Lost & Found (4:09)

Radio Dept @ Base
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The Radio Dept. - Where Damage Isn't Already Done
1995-live @ YouTube

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Hedningarna - Hedningarna (1989-2003) (03 * 513mb)

Hållbus Totte Mattson, Anders Stake and Björn Tollin formed Hedningarna in 1987. Hedning is Swedish for heathen, or unfaithful, and the musicians said that they felt to a great extent unfaithful to the prevailing ideas in folk music. They wanted to go far back to the roots of the Old Norse culture, including the use of ancient instruments not much used in current Swedish folk music. Stake, a trained luthier, also began to invent and build new instruments, to produce new sounds.They play traditional instruments - lutes, fiddles, mandoras, flutes, accordions, except, these are all plugged into amplifiers. Their world is a place where primitive, brutal folk music collides with sampling and programming.

Hedningarna have a scratchy/droning sound and a keen sense of often the dark side of nature.ut sensitive nevertheless.Their lyrics are often from the viewpoint of wolves, horses and wilderness humans.The female singers from Finland are beautifully uninhibited.In some songs they're expressive of childhood innocence, and in others they're wild and frenzied.

01 - Tuuli
02 - Suet Ulvo
03 - Kruspolska
04 - Tina Vieri
05 - Chicago
06 - Ukkonen
07 - Dolkaren
08 - Vettoi
09 - Viktorin
10 - Nàvdi - Fasa
11 - Fulvalsen
12 - Vottikaalina
13 - Juopolle Joutunut
14 - Gorrlaus
15 - Höglorfen
16 - Neidon Laulo
17 - Skåne
18 - Björnlåten

Hedningarna @ Base
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Hedningarna live

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The Knife - Deep Cuts ( ' 03 * 482mb)

This is the world of The Knife: precise, particular, dark, occult, funny-peculiar, funny-ha-ha. This Swedish brother-and-sister duo work mostly on their own in splendid isolation; they release music on their own label, licensing it to selected partners around the world, so they have to answer to no one Though the pair has been at it for years now, diligently producing sounds since 1999 in Stockholm for their own label, Rabid (Being Swedish Grammis winners of "Pop Group of the Year" in 2003 for this work Deep Cuts, specifically the ultra-sweet "Heartbeats," the song transformed into a top 10 hit to achey-breaky affect by fellow Swede José Gonzales in the Sony Bravia ‘bouncing balls’ commercial. And so to The Knife edged towards the mainstream and into the public eye. All this came about when they put last touch on"Deep Cuts" follow up album, "Silent Shout" late 2004. Its release was held back by the sudden succes/limelight thru heartbeats and so Deep Cuts was rereleased in 2005, together with some new videos.

Silent Shout was named the best album of 2006 by Pitchfork Media, however Q mag gave it a 1 in its review, so very polarised opinions in the music press, remarkable in itself. At the Swedish Grammis awards in January 2007, The Knife won in all six categories they were nominated in: Composer, Music-DVD, Producer, Pop group, Album and Artist of the Year. However, they did not attend the award ceremony due to many different reasons according to themselves.Like too silly wearing masks when accepting awards., oops.

01 - Heartbeats (3:51)
02 - Girls' Night Out (3:38)
03 - Pass This On (3:48)
04 - One For You (3:48)
05 - The Cop (0:43)
06 - Listen Now (2:50)
07 - She's Having A Baby (2:10)
08 - You Take My Breath Away (4:27)
09 - Rock Classics (4:56)
10 - Is It Medicine (2:22)
11 - You Make Me Like Charity (3:05)
12 - Got 2 Let U (3:59)
13 - Behind The Bushes (4:14)
14 - Hangin' Out (1:03)
15 - This Is Now (3:55)
16 - Handy-Man (2:40)
17 - The Bridge (3:51)
18 - Manhood (2:07)
19 - I Live In A Tree (4:40)
20 - Afraid Of You (3:48)

The Knife @ Base
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Heartbeats, the vid that inspired the add
The add that put them on the map
You Take My Breath Away (skeletonsmix
Pass this on

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Khoma - The Second Wave ( ' 06 ^ 330mb)

It seems like an incompatible alliance, members of musically divided bands such as Cult of Luna, the Perishers, Scared, Refused and Plastic Pride together in a rehearsal room. Solid darkness meets melodious sadness, musical precision and the creative forces of anarchist politics. Brutality and tender frailty surrounded by four walls – but there is a theme: Khoma is a breathing space where the different styles fuse, says the band´s singer Jan Jämte. We have a vision of creating heavy music that reflects more feelings than sheer aggression. Sometimes whispering can be more powerful than screaming.

Khoma is yet another result of Umeå's raging music scene, founded in 2002, the members have known each other for years- sharing dreams, rehearsal rooms, vans and a musical kindship that has survived the birth and death of a thousand bands. Anything but a conventional band, Khoma is a few friends sharing a musical and political vision. Khoma is what won't fit the frame. A crashing wave of angst, desperation, anger and beautiful love.

Khoma has two faces. One that writes, rehearses, and records songs, and another that gathers to play live. The core of Khoma is always static vocalist Jan Jämte, guitarist Johannes Persson, and Fredrik Kihlberg on guitar/piano but the surrounding band members are a rolling collective of musicians. Despite starting as a side project originally, a few months in things were beginning to take off for the band. A limited 1000-disc run of debut album Tsunami was released and quickly sold out. It was reprinted and quickly sold out again.

Fusing granite-hard riffs with plangent cello motifs and aching vocals, Khoma are what Radiohead would sound like if they'd grown up listening to Black Sabbath. Complex and technically dazzling, the trio's sprawling songs would be impenetrable were it not for singer Jan Jamte, whose passionate vowels soar above the sonic chaos in the tremulous style of Muse's Matt Bellamy. Too sensitive for metal heads too brutal for indie fans, Khoma may struggle to find their niche. A shame, because this is heavy music at its most epic.

01 - The Guillotine (4:01)
02 - Stop Making Speeches (4:51)
03 - If All Else Fails (3:24)
04 - Medea (4:56)
05 - Hyenas (5:21)
06 - Through Walls (4:25)
07 - Like Coming Home (5:11)
08 - Asleep (3:34)
09 - Last Call (5:00)
10 - 1909.08.04 (3:45)
11 - One Of Us Must Hang (5:55)

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Pain - Rebirth ( 99 ^ 342mb)

Pain is Peter Tagtgren's Industrial Techno Metal side project. He is also the lead vocalist and guitarist of well known Death Metal band Hypocrisy. In contrast to Hypocrisy, Pain is focused more upon the melody over aggression. Peter no longer sings in grunted snarls, instead he sings normally but still with that trademark attitude people have grown to love. They're still loud, pissed off, yet full of melody and atmosphere due to their masterful mixing of techno and metal with a touch of gothic. Pain is different however when compared to other metal acts, their sound is very high pitched and resonates well. Very unique sound. With ear shattering songs such as 'End of the Line' and 'Suicide Machine', Rebirth is definitely an album I recommend to fans of  Industrial Metal, it will utilize your loud speakers to their fullest capacity.

01 - Supersonic Bitch (3:44)
02 - End Of The Line (4:03)
03 - Breathing In, Breathing Out (3:35)
04 - Delusions (4:03)
05 - Suicide Machine (4:16)
06 - Parallel To Ecstasy (3:58)
07 - On And On (3:54)
08 - 12:42 (1:52)
09 - Crashed (4:00)
10 - Dark Fields Of Pain (5:00)
11 - She Whipped (4:49

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On and On @ YouTube

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