Sep 26, 2010

Back again !

Hellooo Hurray ! I'm back, after having been offline for the most part of 2010. To my pleasant surprise visitor numbers have kept up reasonably well, to my dismay more pages have been deleted . My response to the first has been to re-up all dead links..mainly massmirror ones, as far as i know everything is live at this moment. As for the pages that Google had to delete, unfortunately they never state who complained about what directly..a very strange policy if you ask me. Specially as all my pages contain more links..they've adapted slightly recently making it possible to have an educated guess and delete the link most likely to be on the i-tunes money machine. So forget about greatest hits albums..wink. Anyway meanwhile the number of ripped pages has gone up to 39 ,i dont mind as much the dead links there, but as ive put much effort in writing the pages thats gone too. 2 years ago at Xmas i sort of let you have it all in giftbox 1, obviously that's become partly obsolete now, not to worry i've administered all my data and you can get all updated 39 missing pages in rtf format here ! .

On top of all that i plan to start posting again..not as extensive as previously but we'll see, it kinda got out of hand last time..For starters expect a regular Sundaze starting next week. If you have tips or remarks feel free to comment.