Nov 28, 2006

Stage 02, Austria


Time now for the second stage of my eurotour, more austrian recordings centered in and around Vienna.

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Tosca -Delhi 9

While Richard Dorfmeister & Peter Kruder are best known for the now-classic 1998 The K&D Sessions, both Kruder and Dorfmeister have been busy with Peace Orchestra and Tosca, their respective "side projects." Dehli9 is hypnotically impressive, using cyclic beats, lazy electronics, spliff tunes with lyrical extravagance, & piano-pieces in a dub style . "Rolf Royce," featuring Stephan Graf Hadik Wildner's druggy vocal swoops, pits long melodic phrases against a staccato bassline to create a nice flow, while Earl Zinger's laconic style matches up well with the jazzier textures of "Wonderful."

Fans of minimalism will want to investigate the bonus CD included from Tosca's other member, fellow Austrian and like-minded beathead Rupert Huper. Based on an earlier piece from Huper titled "12 Easy-to-Play Piano Pieces," it's a somber, icily beautiful song cycle. Like late afternoon sunshine on a hazy winter's day, Dehli9's elegant and haunting mixture lingers in the background, barely holding onto the day as whatever light seeps through slowly fades to shadow. -

Tosca - Delhi9   (flac 395mb)

01.- Oscar
02.- Me and Yoko Ono
03.- Gute Laune
04.- Mango Di Bango
05.- Wonderful
06.- Every Day & Every Night
07.- Dave Dudley
08.- Rolf Royce
09.- Sperl
10.- La Vendeuse Des Chaussures Des Femmes Part 1
11.- La Vendeuse Des Chaussures Des Femmes Part 2

Tosca - Delhi9 Etheric (flac 175mb)

01.- D-Moll. Session 1
02.- Einschlaf. Session 2
03.- Wien In E. Session 3
04.- Schwimmer. Session 4
05.- 1504/7. Session 5
06.- Slow Hell. Session 6
07.- Song. Session 7
08.- Romanze In Es. Session 8
09.- FluB. Session 9
10.- Ping. Session 10
11.- 2504/1. Session 11
12.- Piano 1. Session 12

Tosca @ Wiki
Tosca @ Amazon

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Truby Trio - Elevator Music (450mb)

Elevator Music" offers a trip around the world through Latin and African groove, funk, disco, electro rhythms from 70s and 80s American soul music and poly-rhythmic dance music from London's west side. Don't let the name fool you, MUSAK this is not, essential dancefloor jazz bizness this is.

Compost label mogul Rainer Trüby formed Trüby Trio in 1997, along with Roland Appel and Christian Prommer, who also work together on the Fauna Flash and Voom projects. They became widely known for their Latin-influenced sound and were among the first to integrate bossa nova and flamenco into what is now known as "nu-jazz". Since their formation, the Trio have spread the gospel of Latin-based dancefloor jazz through remix projects with Frederic Galliano, Bobby Matos, and Nitin Sawhney, and stunning DJ sets at some of the best-known venues in the world.


Truby Trio - Elevator Music    (450mb)

01 - The Rhythm (Part One) 1:09
02 - Universal Love (ft - Marcus Begg ) 5:39
03 - New Music 6:03
04 - Runnin' (ft Wunmi ) 5:46
05 - Jaleo (ft Concha Buika) 6:27
06 - Alegre 2003 (ft Marcia Montez) 6:11
07 - A Festa 6:50
08 - Make A Move (ft Wunmi ) 5:03
09 - A Go Go (3:32)
10 - Bad Luck (ft Joseph Malik) 6:50
11 - Lover Underground (ft Marcus Begg) 5:49
12 - The Swingin' Feel 1:03
13 - Cruisin' 5:43
14 - Satisfaction 4:52
15 - The Rhythm (Part Two) 0:51

Truby Trio @ Amazon
Interview with Christian Prommer of Truby Trio

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Fennesz - Endless Summer   (234mb)

An obvious homage to the Beach Boys already in the title of the record, the cover art features beaches and rolling waves onto the shoreline of an unidentified coast. This cd is melodic in the sense that a Viennese avant garde composer who digitally distorts every tiny piece of information that is included in his compositions can be melodic. Once the theme has been fleshed out during the song, the listener can only concentrate on the digital mastery that Fennesz has created. Only at key points do melodic phrases appear to the listener unscathed by digital processed bed of sound.
The abstract quality of this release is going to be the ultimate turn off to most listeners. This is unfortunate because Fennesz has, once again, crafted an album of shimmering beauty that demands to be listened to with your full concentration. This is a demand that only important art can make.


01 - Made In Hong Kong (4:20)
02 - Endless Summer (8:33)
03 - A Year In A Minute (5:59)
04 - Caecilia (3:51)
05 - Got To Move On (3:49)
06 - Shisheido (2:56)
07 - Before I Leave (4:04)
08 - Happy Audio (10:56)

Fennesz @ Home
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  VA - Vienna Scientists II, More Puffs From Our Laboratories  (449mb)

This is the second expedition into the regions of relaxed sounds and retarding rhythms - to Venna, where sonic scientists refined beats and extracted fresh strains in their laboratories. Along with already familiar names this album presents talents out of the Viennese DJ and producers guild and their creative output. It allows a closer look on the musical produce of the city, where side by side with internationally renowned acts plenty of hidden talents are to be found. This album was put together by 'First Scientist' Jürgen Drimal, who acclaimed plenty of media attention with part one of the compilation. The cover painting comes from Vienese artist Mario Huber, whose "pictures with no name for music with no name" already graced the preceding product. The artwork for "Vienna Scientists Vol. II" was done by O/R/E/L.


VA - Vienna Scientists II    (flac 449mb)

With the project FREEDOM SATELLITE Gernot Ebenlechner and Jürgen Drimal have created a platform for the realization of their musical universe, influenced by 40 years of recorded history, driven by an affinity for phat beats. "Easy '99" came into being with energetically support from Liz "Fuzz" Neumayr (voc), Michael Pint (bass) and designer Gerald Tomez (git).
02 VIENNA D.C. - Smoke
The impression that Gregor Ugovsek and Michael Konrad (VIENNA DC) want to leave their listeners with is, in their own definition, "non-spectacular, unconcepted and floating music - snapshots instead of perfect arrangements." "Smoke" was developed along with MC E-Mix from London. Meanwhile, VIENNA DC are working on their first EP, which will be released by the end of the year.
03 ROMEO - Sparky's Joint
One of the longest serving DJ's he played many sets in famous clubs all over the country and stirred up the dancefloors with his unique blend of percussive grooves and bass grinding beats. Together with producer and engineer Georg O. Luksch he converted his musical delights for floorfriendly monsterfunk into this tune.
04 FAMILIE SEELIG - Morning Mist
Founded 1995 in Linz by Alexander Kellas and Daniel Sack. They are recording together with changing guests, their style is best described as "Living Room Music": From the living room, for the living room for the accomplishment of every day routine and as a catalyst of moods.
05 STEREOTYP - Port Blue
Stefan Moerth is a man with many different musical faces: With this project he worships chased rhythmical works with dark, jazzy undertones. He made his debut with the EP "Stash It" under the name STEREOTYP last autumn on G-Stone Recordings, the imprint of Peter Kruder and Richard Dorfmeister.
06 SUPER NOVA - 23. Juli
This young Austrian band, that was awarded first price in a band contest in 1997. Urban, cosmopolitan and very esperanto is what they call themselves. Plastikpop origins in the synthetic chewinggum-like music which is typical for them - Plastikland, there it is, the musical topic mall of SUPER NOVA.
07 AROMABAR - Where's Your Moon
Formed in 1996, Aromabar are Roland Hackl and Andreas "DJ Scott" Kinzl, two young gentlemen in search of the ultimate pop song. "Pop Couture" is what they call their style, and they're definetly on the melodic tip, but that doesn't mean that the beats aren't rocking. Aromabar have released two singles on the German 'Infracom' label with another one on the way and a brand new album, "One", out on 30/08/99. They also teamed up with Frankfurt's Marschmellows for a collaboration 12", out now.
08 THE WAZ EXP. - Malaysian Guy
DJ Martin "Waz" Wazac and Producer Alex Mayer both influenced by "Afro-Cosmic-Sound", which is quite popular within Western Austria and the South of Germany. With "Malaysian Guy" they are once again delivering a fluffy, mellow tune with a reggae flavour for you to enjoy.
09 THE MENHEADS - K.u.s.h.
Marcello Armetta and Michael Hirschler, already featured on part one of VIENNA SCIENTISTS, come up again with "K.u.s.h.", a deep and atmospheric moody piece from their forge. Vocals on this track by Denise Fontura.
10 SYNCOPE - Sky
Brought to life in 1998 by two brothers: While Philipp Thomasberger received a classical musical education, Max was soon engaged with computers and synthesizers. SYNCOPE want to cover all styles of electronic music, with strong influences being brought in by guest musicians.
11 UKO - Sun Beams
With their unmistakable aesthetic of sounds UKO already made a big impression with "Do Yourself Some Good" on part one of VIENNA SCIENTISTS - their latest strike is "Sun Beams", a easy going and lightweight roller written by Jürgen Nussbaum. Vocal contributions come from Liz "Fuzz" Neumayr.
12 CRUISER - Love Me
DJ Jochen Reiter, a man who can look back on a illustrous catalogue of records and remixes on various labels worldwide, and musician Michael Reimann form Cruiser. With "Love Me" they are fusing ruff 70's funk with contemporary electronic sounds.
DJ Gü-Mix, founder of Vienna's Dub Club, and Stefan Moerth (a man with many different musical faces, as you can see) are Smoke Signal. With their track "Peace" they are on a journey through dark, smoke-filled chambers in slow motion.
14 PATRICK PULSINGER - Can't Stay Away (Clip Dub)
A passionate soundcraftsman with international credibiltiy, gained from his work as a DJ as well as for his releases on CHEAP ENTERTAINMENT, a well known outlet of experimental electronic music. As one of the most innovative producers in Austria, we are very proud to present PATRICK PULSINGER on this album!
15 GRISU 2000 - Forget About Miami
A project of Martin "Sugar B" Forster, well known for his sataurday night radio show "Silly Solid Swound System" together with DJ Makossa on Austriain radio station FM 4, and Gringo, the bass player of FREAKY FUKIN' WEIRDOZ. "Forget About Miami" melts various musical influences to a homogenous mixture of sounds.

Vienna Scientists @ Base
Vienna Scientists @ Amazon

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* All downloads are in * ogg-7 (224k) or ^ ogg-9(320k), artwork is included , if in need get the nifty ogg encoder/decoder here !

Nov 25, 2006

Stage 01, Austria

Links in comments

It's not allways easy to decide what to post, i'm not interested in swamping you with albums, I've got a wide ranging collection so plenty of possible themes. For the coming months i'll be going on a 30 stage euro tour, i note that my collection of music from south of the alps is too limited to spend a stage there, but i hope you'll bare with me as i tour austria, swiss/s.germany france, iberia, france again, belgium, netherlands, germany, denmark, sweden, finland, norway, scotland, iceland and ireland. Most countries will have 2 stages i.e. 4 or 5 titles. In all some 120+ albums from places that until the internet where kept isolated by the music industry, that heavily concentrated on UK/US artists and basically drained the locals from funds to develop a music scene themselves, in short music imperialism.
As music is an essential expression of humanity it can not be stopped , it grows regardless of funds or acclaim. Therefore i hope you'll bare with me as i'll post a euro stage every friday and tuesdaynight for the coming months.

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Where to start ? Where else than in the heart of Europe, Austria, birthplace of many famous composers.
The territory of Austria, originally known as the Celtic kingdom of Noricum, was a long time ally of Rome. It was occupied rather than conquered by the Romans during the reign of Augustus and made the province Noricum in 16 BC. Later it was conquered by Huns, Rugii, Lombards, Ostrogoths, Slavs, Bavarii, Avars (until c. 800), and Franks (in that order).... After Frederick II, Duke of Austria died in 1246 and left no successor, Rudolf I of Habsburg gave the lands to his sons marking the beginning of the line of the Habsburgs, who continued to govern Austria until the 20th century.
Austria's population was estimated in October, 2006 as 8,292,322 persons. The population of the capital, Vienna, exceeds 1.6 million (2.2 million with suburbs), representing about a quarter of the country's population, and is said to constitute a melting pot of citizens from all over Central and Eastern Europe.
Though Austria is a small country, its history as a European power and its cultural environment have generated a broad contribution to art and science. It has been the professional birthplace of many famous composers such as Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Joseph Haydn, Franz Schubert, Anton Bruckner, Johann Strauss, Sr & Jr.and Gustav Mahler. Notably, Ludwig van Beethoven spent the better part of his life in Vienna. Austria

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Dargaard - In Nomine Aeternitatis

Dargaard consists of two artists Tharen (one name) and Elisabeth Toriser. Tharen is apparently the composer and musician, while Elisabeth is the vocalist and lyricist on her vocals. Their music is dark, symphonic and melancholy and even though there are only two of them, their sound is big and lush. Tharen himself describes their music as classical, medieval-influenced ritual music. " In Nomine Aeternitatis (In the Name of Eternity) evokes a dark ethereal mood, the listener is saved from the abyss because the atmosphere isn't too insistent and the melodies have an uplifting aura to them.

Dargaard - In Nomine Aeternitatis  (291mb)

01 - Dark Horizons
02 - Underworld Domain
03 - Pantheon in Flames
04 - The Infinite
05 - Temple of the Morning Star
06 - Caverna Obscura
07 - Only the Blind Can See
08 - In Signo Mortis
09 - The March of Shadows
10 - In Nomine Aeternitatis
11 - The Seas of Oblivion

Dargaard @ Home
Dargaard @ Wiki
Dargaard @ Amazon

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GD Luxxe - The 21st door

GD Luxxe exists in a very hard to define electronic artists that experiment within recognizable rhythmic structures. The music speaks all at once to your body, mind and emotions and often directed them in differing directions. "The 21st Door" challenges all concepts of electronic dance music by being provocatively experimental and defies the rhythmic industrial world by often-invoking nostalgic vocal deliveries or simplistic synth or drum lines that evoke the dark wave rock of the 1980’s. Drawing upon such diverse influences makes for a unique and original album.

GD Luxxe - The 21st door (flac 385mb)

01 - Minds
02 - Hydrolic Buildings
03 - My Guiding Ghost
04 - Changed Body
05 - Angels
06 - New Definition
07 - Pain & Love
08 - Future On DVD
09 - Keep Me
10 - Cold Mines
11 - Busy
12 - Which Side Are You On

Luxxe @ Wiki
GD Luxxe @ Home

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Peace Orchestra - Reset

In 1999 Kruder released his first solo record, "Peace Orchestra," a down-tempo album on which he smoothly combined jazz, dub and bossa. Here, on "Reset," Kruder's contemporaries revisit the tracks from "Peace Orchestra," and deliver 11 diverse remixes. It is a remix album, but it isnt. This is the more jaunty, housey, funky twin, the original more sparce, moody, loaded.
The remixes are so far removed from the original, that these end up giving a new and fresh appreciation for the original.

Peace Orchestra - Reset  (flac 470mb)

01 - The Man - Gotan Project El Hombre de la Pampa Mix
02 - Meister Petz - Beanfield Remix
03 - Double Drums - DJ DSL Remix
04 - Domination - Raw Deal Remix
05 - Marakesch - Meitz Remix
06 - Henry - Zero dB Remix
07 - Domination - Guilliaume Boulard Remix
08 - Who Am I - Chateau Flight Remix
09 - Henry - SoulPatrol Remix
10 - Shining - Truby Trio Treatment
11 - The Man - Kosma Deep Gratitude Interpretation

Peace Orch @ Wiki
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There must be something in the Vienna water engendering the populace towards creating exquisite electronic and dub music; like both Kruder & Dorfmeister and Fennesz, Sofa Surfers are highly accomplished sound-manipulators. They merge beats and sonics into a seamless whole, veering between electronica, hip/trip hop, dub and reggae and taking in an expansive palette of sounds, brooding strings and sarcastic applause laid-up with church bells and ominous clatter and drone.

Sofa Surfers - Encounters

Encounters is a collaborative concept album, Sofa Surfers taking their paranoid dub-hop into brave new worlds with the help of an eclectic slew of vocalists including hip hoppers Sensational and Dalek, bruised On U Sound veteran Mark Stewart, reggae king Junior Delgado, buzzing dancehall haunter DJ Collage and folk-blues figure Jeb Loy Nichols, each adding a different spin and layer to the politically uneasy soundscapes, psychedelic encounters in a dark wave / glam rock way. Sofa Surfers’ third album is a great work of post-millennial tension.

Sofa Surfers - Encounters   (flac  385mb

01 - Formula (feat. Sensational)
02 - 21st Century Army (feat. Oddatee)
03 - River Blues (feat. Jeb Loy Nichols)
04 - Babylon Tymes (feat. DJ Collage)
05 - Twisted Tongue (feat. DJ Collage)
06 - Elusive Scripts (feat. Daelek and Dev1)
07 - What Kind Of World (feat. Lil Desmond Levy)
08 - See The Light (feat. Junior Delgado)
09 - Can I Get A Witness (feat. Dawna Lee)
10 - Home Truths (feat. Mark Stewart)
11 - Passin 'Tru (feat. DJ Collage)
12 - Selling Souls (feat. MC Santana)
13 - Gamelan

Sofa surfers @ Home
Sofa surfers @ Wiki DE
Sofa surfers @ Amazon

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VA - G-Stone (Kruder and Dorfmeister)

Having revolutionized the sophisticated chill-out funk/dub scene with their K&D Sessions, well-blunted Vienna production duo Kruder & Dorfmeister returned with this elaborate label retrospective. G-Stone Book is part label showcase, part fashion guide, part manifesto. The lavish set, complete with a 300-plus-page book, chronicles the duo's world tour, mixing in bizarre fashion layouts with snapshots from Tokyo and Brighton as well as a K&D interview and an e-mail exchange on the nature of the Vienna sound.
So here's the accompanying cd, featuring slo-mo club funk from Kruder & Dorfmeister and their various offshoots, including Tosca and Peace Orchestra.. While this compilation is not for the punters looking for some rare grooves, it nevertheless is an adequate compilation of some excellent trip-hop and acid jazz from two of the masters of the genre.

VA - G-Stone (Kruder and Dorfmeister)  (457mb)

01.- High Noon - Kruder & Dorfmeister
02. -Chocolate Elvis - Tosca
03.- Fuck Dub/Haaksman Version - Tosca
04.- Shades - Walkner-Moestl
05.- From Babylon To Vienna Voiceover - Farda P
06.- Chocolate Elvis (Boozoo Bajou Mix) - Tosca
07.- Dubolition - Kieser-Velten
08.- Domination - Peace Orchestra
09.- Busenfreund - Tosca
10.- Dub Club - Stereotyp+Soothsayer
11.- Little Irie - Sugar B
12.- Heaven Or Hell - Walkner Moestl
13.- Orozco (Dubphonic Mix) - Tosca
14.- Deep Shit - Kruder & Dorfmeister

G-Stoned Label
K&D @ Wiki

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Nov 22, 2006

Sherwoods Forest

In support of Are Friends Electric effort to bring to you the work of Adrian Sherwood as mixer/producer besides his work for his On U sound label i post here some of his work, so excellently gathered @ , take it.

An interview with Adrian Sherwood

"I take advantage of an ensuing period of relative calm to begin the interview, and I ask, what led Adrian to reggae in the first place. What started his journey that led to the On-U Sound experience?

When I was pretty young, I was heavily into soul music. I loved that, but I was really carried away by early reggae music and ska tunes. Those were pretty eccentric, freaky tunes, stuff like U Roy's Wear you to the Ball… I was soaking up all that energy, even when I was at school, and when I heard reggae music at the local black clubs I went to, that was when I got really into it.

What was your next stage after your initial fascination with reggae I asked?

Well, I was still in my late teens when I started working for the Carib Gems label people… I was a junior director… I loved roots music, and the tunes we were putting out on that label, tracks like Observe Life by Michael Rose, and Babylon Won't Sleep Tonight/Sleepers by Wayne Jarrett and the Righteous Flames were strong, strong tracks, they really were. Especially I loved the Sleepers track. The Tubby's version is a heavy dub. It's sad, I don't even have copies of those 45's myself anymore. I wish I'd held on to my copies! You know of course we cut our own On-U version of Observe Life with Creation Rebel on the rhythm, and Ari on the vocal, then there was a dub too."
Read the whole interview at here !

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Some trees, and branches from Sherwoods Forest

Medium Medium - 'The Glitterhouse & Plus'

Best known for the 1981 single that is this compilation's namesake, Medium Medium cobbled together the decadent regurgitant of mainstream disco and fed it through a filter of Gang of Four's knotty funk and the Pop Group's acerbic, clawing production. Great bass lines make me weak at the knees, and Hungry, So Angry has so many: check the popping glides of the title track, the shimmy-cum-melody of "Nadsat Dream", and the scores of cinder block kicks, thumps and thuds found throughout. Most impressive, perhaps, is the stylistic and aesthetic variety-- something Medium Medium's more "important" contemporaries neither achieved nor, frankly, cared about-- seen in the album's descent from hard boxy funk to glittering atmospheric jams.

 Medium Medium - 'The Glitterhouse ( flac 271mb)

01 - Hungry, So Angry
02 - Serbian Village
03 - The Glitterhouse
04 - Guru Maharaj
05 - Further Than Funk Dream
06 - Mice Or Monsters
07 - hat Haiku
08 - Nadsat Dream
09 - Hungry, So Angry (Adrian Sherwood mix)

Produced by AMS and Graham Spink.

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Ministry - Twitch (' 86 flac 343mb)

The second CD i ever bought and one of my favourite records that year. Jourgensen performed mostly solo for Ministry's Twitch (1986), The music was danceable electronic music, but wasn't pop music, and the sound was harsher and more aggressive than what Ministry had recorded before. Twitch sold well, and was considered to be "underground" as such this album was quintessential in asserting industrial music's importance in new-wave dance clubs. Twitch would also prove to be a pivotal move in the course of Ministry. Much of the new sound was created with the use of digital sampling and the input of producer Adrian Sherwood.

Ministry-Twitch 343mb

01 - Just Like You
02 - We Believe
03 - All Day Remix
04 - The Angel ||
05 - Over The Shoulder
06 - My Possession
07 - Where You At Now
08 - Crash & Burn (prod by Jourgensen)
09 - Twitch (Version II)
10 - Over The Shoulder (12" version)
11 - Isle Of Man (Version II)

* Produced by AMS.

Ministry @ Wiki
Ministry @ Amazon

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Primal Scream - Echodek

The release is a dub version of Primal Scream's 'Vanishing Point' album and the corresponding titles on that release are given in (brackets). Primal Scream - 'Echodek' (Remix and additional production by Sherwood. )

Primal Scream - Echodek ( flac 284mb)

01 - Living Dub (Long Life)
02 - Duffed Up (Get Duffy)
03 - Revolutionary (Star)
04 - JU-87 || (Stuka)
05 - First Name Unknown (Kowalski)
06 - Vanishing Dub (Out Of The Void)
07 - Last Train (Trainspotting)
08 - Wise Blood (Stuka)
09 - Dub In Vain (Medication)

Primal Scream @ Wiki
Primal Scream @ Amazon

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Looplizard - Into the Sun ('97 -418mb)

This is a belgian band and hasnt had an international release, nvertheless they managed to bring in Sherwood to mix and postproduce their album.Into the sun sounds like ambient or techno, but actually the band is guitars, bass, drums and a few samples. They folded in 2003.

Looplizard - Into the Sun   flac 418mb

01 Burn 3:29
02 Party Time 6:17
03 Mental Rape 3:56
04 Dear Marlena 5:00
05 Tekno 4:23
06 Sunny Side Up 1:10
07 Walkman 5:22
08 Teknoid 5:07
09 Rubberman 3:52
10 Into The Sun 2:33
11 Vertigo 4:12
12 Indy 5:03
13 Monster 5:47
14 Joe's Freakshow 4:50

Produced and mixed by AMS and Harvey Birrell

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Suns of Arqa - Revenge of the Mozabites (1979 * 207 mb)

Suns of Arqa creator and mentor Michael Wadada has been continuously investigating the supernatural potential hidden in the Classical Raga structure of the music of India. His mission – to mix the cerebral and illusive cosmological vibrations of Raga, with the mother earth rhythms of Niyabinghi drumming that were surfacing in England in the guise of Dub Reggae.

In 1979 Wadada set about recording the ground breaking Suns of Arqa album 'Revenge of the Mozabites' with his friend Adrian Sherwood. Together they formed the ‘4D Rhythm’ label – the world was not ready! Wadada retreated to the Pennine mountain range in Lancashire, Adrian Sherwood went on to create the formidable ‘On-U Sound’ label. Next came the legendary collaborations with Prince Far-I, which can be heard on ‘A Brief History of SOA’ . 7th December 1982 Prince Far-I did one last show in Manchester with Suns of Arqa; on his return to Jamaica he was murdered by an unidentified gunman. This last performance can be heard on ‘Suns of Arqa Live with Prince Far-I’. In 1982 a very curious Peter Gabriel came across a rare copy of that first Suns of Arqa album; he was putting together the very first World of Music and Dance festival (WOMAD), and asked Suns of Arqa to come and perform.

Produced by Michel Maffia and Adran Ridims (Sherwood)

------Light Side-----
01 - Acid Tablas ( 3;49)
02 - World Peace, A Dream ? (2;10)
03 - Scully's Reel (1;30)
04 - Bali Sitra (3;39)
05 - Scullys Jig (1;47)
06 - Piece of the World (1;08)
07 - Acid Tabla Dub (3;00)
------Dark Side-----
08 - Ananta Snake Dance (7;19)
09 - Return of the Mozabites (3;38)
10 - Sanaiscara Return (6;18)
11 - Paintings of a Cave (1;21)
12 - Acid Tabla Re-Mix (3;37)

Suns of Arqa @ Base
Suns of Arqa @ Amazon

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Some new trees for Sherwoods forest, one even grown from green vinyl.

Voice of Authority - Very Big in America Right Now (1984 * 93mb)

Voice of Authority, alias Adrian Sherwood
Voice Of Authority were yet another of those non-bands whose name roamed the corridors of On-U HQ in the 1982-4 period in the same ilk as Playgroup. In truth, these labels were more like working titles for particular collaborations of recording musicians in a world that insisted on hanging a name on any group of people who happen to release a record.

Dubbed "Science Fiction Dancehall Classic" at the time, spinning the album today, it still sounds as off-beat and timeless as it did when it first came out. As for the giant roasted peanut adorning the cover of the original vinyl edition - you'll just have to give it a listen if it doesn't make sense!

1 - (Short Intro) Knock The House Down (1:47)
2 - Very Big In America Right Now (6:46)
3 - Middle East Power Station (4:35)
4 - In Another World, Ft - Shara Nelson (7:12)
5 - Stopping And Starting Ft - Lizard (5:56)
6 - Technical Miracle (5:08)
7 - Slipped Disco (1:57)
8 - Grand Prix (2:47)
9 - Feeling Wild (4:56)

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Nov 18, 2006

Friedman & Friends

As promised Friedman part 2, collaborations with Atomz- Flanger, Jaki Liebezeit (ex-Can) and David Sylvian, Nine Horses aswell as the excellent Nonplace sampler "Difficult easy listening".

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Flanger - Outer Space/Inner Space

The Flanger project was founded in 1998 by Uwe Schmidt (aka Atom™)and Burnt Friedman).The two musicians met up to program their first album "Templates" in Santiago de Chile in 1998.Their musical goal was to generate their own vision of non-repetitive,organic and extremely complex music that is far removed from the well-trodden paths of techno and other established styles of so-called contemporary music...

Inner Space/Outer Space covers the most territory of the three records, opening with convincing electro and touching on lounge-y vibes solos, Latino rhythms, and a bit o' clicky electronic percussion. These two can really tweak a studio in a subtly psychedelic way, turning congas into stuttering chirps and cutting up a drum solo to sound like the drummer's playing during an earthquake. Very entertaining ..

 Flanger..Outer Space   (flac 296mb)

1. Outer Space/Inner Space
2. Galak
3. The Men Who Fell From Earth
4. Inner Spacesuit
5. Le Dernier Combat
6. Unosietecero
7. It Ain't Rocket Science
8. Hirnflug

Flanger @ Amazon

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Friedman & Liebezeit - Secret Rhytms 1 (2002)

If you are looking for a slow, cool chilling sound this album is a must buy. Matching the complex improvisational elements of electronic music with accessibly warm acoustic instruments. The German guru Burnt Friedman is becoming one of the most respected musicians of his generation across Europe. On each project Burnt gets some of the bests to work with. For this album, he's teamed up with legendary Can drummer Jaki Liebezeit.Praised and admired for his unique cyclical beats, Liebezeit offers here a rather subdued performance compared to some of his previous work. Always remaining slightly in the background of Friedman’s deceptively simple melodies, he however injects complex rhythmic structures on each track, providing a healthy balance to Burnt’s Latin inspired electronic composition. The mood on Secret Rhythms is definitely laid back and hypnotic, ranging from languorous dub style moments (Rastafahndung) to exotic impressions (Gulli Verreisen). If the work is by essence electronic, the result has the intensity of live music, establishing an interesting parallel with Flanger’s outer space jazz excursions. Here though, the jazz element is not as predominant as on some of Friedman’s previous releases, concentrating on more colourful ambiences instead. By using ambitious polyrhythms and complex arrangements, the duo manages to unlock a great wealth of possibilities, matching the complex improvisational elements of electronic music with accessibly warm acoustic instruments.

 Friedman and Liebezeit..Secret Rhythms I   (Flac 311mb)

01 - Rhein rauf
02 - Rechter winkl
03 - Royal roost
04 - Shades of soddin' Orion
05 - Rasta fahndung
06 - Gulli verreisen
07 - Wirklich
08 - Obscured by 5
09 - Obscured by 5 (Nonplace rmx)
10 - Obscured by 5 (extended)

pre listen
Secret Rhythms @ Amazon

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Nine Horses - Snow Born Sorrow (2005)

This record combines songs that Sylvian wrote up to six years ago with his brother and long-time collaborator, drummer Steve Jansen, with newer material that he developed with electronica artist Burnt Friedman.

On Nine Horses' first effort they adopt a cinematic jazz-pop pose for Snow Borne Sorrow. Sylvian's romantic baritone takes center stage in front of Nine Horses' spare arrangements for stand-up bass, chiming vibraphones, in-the-mood-for-love atmospheres, sporadic percussive skitter, and noirish saxophone solos that pop up wheneven Sylvain steps away from the microphone. Snow Borne Sorrow also features guest appearances from Stina Nordenstam, Ryuichi Sakamoto, and Arve Henriksen. In spite of its long history, Snow Borne Sorrow is consistent, cohesive, and polished to a shine.

Nine Horses..Snow Born Sorrow  (Flac 353mb)

1. Wonderful World
2. Darkest Birds
3. The Banality of Evil
4. Atom and Cell
5. A History of Holes
6. Snow Borne Sorrow
7. The Day the Earth Stole Heaven
8. Serotonin
9. The Librarian

Nine Horses @ Amazon

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VA -Nonplace - Difficult Easy Listening

This is a great compilation of different pieces remixed, live, never heard or segments, developed by german's own master of electronics burnt friedman & his nonplace urban field records. All artists team up for this concept record, it's not only a wild mixture of various exotic quality grooves, but a stunning assembly of tunes from extremely different sources. You'll hear compassion and anger, vulnerability and strength, and sadness transformed, somehow, into beauty.

 Difficult Easy Listening   (Flac 266mb)

01. Shank - Oust
02. Swaai - Cosmopartisan
03. Lycheelassi - Shades Of Mosley (rmx Friedman )
04. Burnt Friedman & Jaki Liebezeit - 5 live
05. B.F.&The Nu Dub Players - Worth A Dub
06. Replicant Rumba Rockers - Space Bossa, feat. Swaai, guitars
07. Beige - Explosions= AE in b.e.i.g.e. (nothing has changed)
08. B.F.& The Nu Dub Players - Designer Groove (version)
09. Replicant Rumba Rockers - La Vida Es Llena De Cables
10. Beige - Schmonked Starlet (uh baby ! ... ah! ah! ah!)
11. Burnt Friedman - Busy
12. Shank - Ocker Space
13. B.F.&The Nu Dub Players - Paternoster (version)
14. Swaai - Dwell

Nonplace @ Home
Nonplace @ Amazon

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* All downloads are in * ogg-7 (224k) or ^ ogg-9(320k), artwork is included , if in need get the nifty ogg encoder/decoder here !

Nov 16, 2006

Burnt Friedman

Optical jpg


Keyboardist and vibraphonist from Koeln (Germany), Burnt Friedman (real name Bernd Friedmann) is known by a number of aliases, having recorded as Drome, Flanger (with Atom Heart), Non Place Urban Field and Bernie The Bolt.

Burnt Friedman has become an unavoidable maverick over the last few years. His many musical incarnations, from his jazz-fuelled collaboration with Atom™ to the electronic perversions of some of his solo projects, rarely help to create a complete portrait of the man. Beside his musical activities, the 41 year old German also heads Nonplace Records, has produced numerous records and is responsible for collecting his favourite tracks from both Atom™, on last year’s Replicant Rumba Rockers, and very recently, from Freeform on Condensed.
Born in 1965 in Kassel, Germany, Friedman confesses being influenced by German progressive rock, Gary Numan, Iron Maiden and Tangerine Dream in his formative years, and this might be key to the variety of his recordings. Flatly refusing the anonymity of the electronic movement, he has dropped his numerous aliases to step into the light in 2000 when he released his first album with the Nu Dub Players, Just Landed.

Friedman debuted with the moniker Some More Crime that released a few albums: Ohnmacht (ZZO, 1990), Code Opera (ZZO, 1991), Another Domestic Drama (ZZO, 1993), Fuzzy Sets (ZZO, 1995).

Drome was an ambient "chill-out" project. Anachronism (Silent, 1992), Final Corporate Colonization Of The Unconscious (Wigwam, 1993 - Ninja Tune, 1994), one of the first recordings to incorporate hip-hip breaks into chill-out grooves, and Dromed (Kiff, 1995) are works of manic assemblage that often match the complexity of Edgar Varese's avantgarde piece.

Nonplace Urban Field's music has been dubbed "ghost-town electronica". The albums Nonplace Urban Field (Wigwam, 1993) and NUF Said (Incoming, 1994) toyed with dance music, gothic music and jazz. The idea matured with the mini-album Raum Fuer Notizen (Incoming, 1996) and the album Golden Star (Incoming, 1996). The latter alternates Squarepusher-style incursions in jazz (Plane Spotting, Plusminus 30) and old-fashioned tracks of minimalist techno (Platikthai, Whimp).
In between came the solo Bernd Friedmann Leisure Zones (Ash, 1996), that expands on his Drome-period ambient texturing.
Then Friedmann worked in Chile with Uwe Schmidt under the moniker Flanger.

Friedman had already founded the Nu-Dub Players in 1996 during a vacation in New Zealand (precisely, the Great Barrier Island off the coast of Auckland). The album Just Landed (Scape, 1999), released years later, was the product of a painful process of cut up. While the sounds as heard on record were assembled in studio, the source was a set of live group performances. Therefore, Friedman's "nu dub" is true to the original live sound of Perry and Tuwby and sounds very unlike the digital dub collages of modern pursuers of the genre like Bill Laswell. Hut Selector, Just Landed, Cassock Attack, Worldwide Watchdog Peepshow, The Big Black Other, Railway Palace, Melbourne, Hohoura Head Far North, I Shot The Fashion Victim, It's Thunder, Dub To The Music (Note: the tracklist on the CD is wrong as it omits The Big Black Other).

Always fascinated by majestic nature, Friedman recorded Con Ritmo (Nonplace, 2000) in Argentina. Again, the album is the outcome of jam sessions with a group of real musicians, the Disposable Rhythm Section. This time it is jazz (a latin-tinged jazz, needless to say) that Friedman deconstructs, not dub. Horns, vibe and percussions embellish Octrahedal Spherical Caffufle, Demolition Derby, Los Corraleros , Destination Unknown. But the highlights are probably the tracks that leasu stick to the dogma: the ambient dub/funk of Platin Tundra and the surreal world-music of Escape the Night (somewhat reminiscent of Herbie Hancock). Friedman's cyber-jazz is a descendent of Weather Report's jazz-rock, as proven by the eleven-minute Das Wesen aus der Milchstrasse (with Uwe Schmidt on synth).

Plays Love Songs (Nonplace, 2000) is an eclectic divertissment, that was four years in the making. Friedman, aided by guitarist Joseph Suchy, alternates between swing, funk and ambient. The singing rules: Fucking Long Time, It hurts, I've Got My Love To Keep Me Warm. A piano figure in Conjoined or a jazzy rhythm in I Go With You do the rest.

Secret Rhythms (Nonplace, 2002) and Secret Rhythms 2 (2005), two collaborations with Can legend Jaki Liebezeit, yielded mildly entertaining, but not too innovative, jazz-rock jams for drums, bass, guitar, keyboards and vibraphones. The psychedelic dub of Shades of Soddin Orion and the lengthy psycho-ambient suite Obscured by 5 are the highlights of the former. Nu-Dub Players' second album, Can't Cool (2003) is another intellectual divertissment. Condensed (Nonplace, 2003) collects material from 1995-2002. Friedmans extensive discography

Drome - The Final Corporate Colonisation Of The Unconscious 1993

Electronic, dub, downtempo, ambient, leftfield trance

The Final Corporate Colonisation Of The Unconscious back sees heavy dubbed out washes of sound and bass clash occasionally with speeding breakbeats , the odd soundbite, and explorations into the realms of digital dub. Samplers offer timestretching and sound manipulation possibilities without end, Bernd elaborates; "I used to play drums in the early Eighties when music , in general, was taking up most of my leisure time, and of course I loved to drum so-called 'breakbeats'. The first cheap drum machines didn't allow you to program those tricky, highly dynamic snares and 'atmos' but nowadays software like 'recycling' and sampling technology enables musicians to automatically generate them. However history reveals that no remarkable artistic progress has been derived solely from technical enhancements - to have the choice does not make the musician . . . .

Drome - The Final Corporate Colonisation Of The Unconscious* (flac 357mb)

1 - Age Of Affordable Retina (7:50)
2 - Hinterland, Kassler Kessel (6:55)
3 - Squirrel (0:55)
4 - Down At Heels (6:43)
5 - Hoax! What Did You Got? (5:24)
6 - Steel Lung, Buy One (6:39)
7 - Marathon / Texas 4.33 (4:33)
8 - Nuzzling (6:44)
9 - Wonderland (12:12)

***** ***** ***** ***** *****

Nonplace Urban Field - Nuf Said

Nonplace Urban Field's music has been dubbed "ghost-town electronica". The albums Nonplace Urban Field (Wigwam, 1993) and NUF Said (Incoming, 1994) toyed with dance music, gothic music and jazz. This NUF project is dence ambient-dub-house with sprinklings of breakbeat and jazz. The overwhelming dancefloor orientation of much of the material can make extended listening somewhat taxing, but the production is tops and Friedmann's knack for unlikely combinations is impressive.

Nonplace Urban Field - Nuf Said   (flac 364mb)

01 - Intro (1:54)
02 - Chilled #6 (6:27)
03 - Stupid Little Automatic Servants (3:54)
04 - L Is An Accident (4:54)
05 - Nuf Luf (4:36)
06 - Psyche (5:38)
07 - Nuf Dub (1:46)
08 - Western Dub (3:13)
09 - Hinnennuss (6:30)
10 - Gamma Disco Dub (12:58)
11 - Chilled #7 (11:14)

***** ***** ***** ***** *****

Burnt Friedman & The Nu Dub Players - Can't Cool (2003)

Following Just Landed, this second excursion into dub sees Friedman giving his machines a rest and getting no less than twenty musicians from Australia, South Africa, South America and Germany on board instead. Can’t Cool opens with the afro-funk Fuck Back, with singer and performing artist Theo Altenberg. Followed by the Fly Your Kite, setting Can’t Cool on its soul/dub course, the song combines classic jamaican style with a deep soul approach, making it one of the outstanding tracks here. Pater Noster and Dublab Alert, which follow, continue on the same wavelength, although Friedman emphasises on the impression of space and fluidity of the dub elements more. The great Lee Perry seems to hover in the background, keeping a watchful eye on the goings-on. Can’t Cool reaches its emotional peak with the cover of the magnificent His Name Is Alive song Someday My Blues Will Cover The Earth. No other singer than HNIA vocalist Lovetta Pippen could do this song favour, so Friedman invited her to come and revisit it for him.
As on his work with Flanger where Burnt Friedman adopted jazz as sole vector of communication, he gives up all other genres here to develop once again a convincing performance in his dubful guise. Can’t Cool is heart-warming and catchy without being overwhelming or pretentious.

Burnt Friedman and The Nu Dub Players - Can't Cool   (flac 255mb)

01 - Fuck Back (4:27)
02 - Fly Your Kite (3:48)
03 - Pater Noster (3:51)
04 - Dublab Alert (3:18)
05 - Life Is Worth Dying For (2:55)
06 - Get Things Strait (3:48)
07 - Real Abstraction (2:48)
08 - Someday My Blues Will Cover The Earth (2:58)
09 - Designer Groove (3:29)
10 - Get Things Strait Dub (2:39)
11 - Five Star Group Travel (3:44)
12 - Consider A Bigger Wallet (4:22)

End of Burnt Friedman part 1, next time i'll post collaborations with atomz- Flanger, Jaki Liebezeit (ex-Can) and David Sylvian, Nine Horses aswell as the excellent Nonplace sampler "Difficult easy listening".

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Xao Seffcheque - Ja-Nein-Vielleicht (Yes-No-Maybe) (1981)
Electronic Future Jazz

In 1980, an amazing compilation hit the German streets, under the title sehr gut kommt sehr gut (something like "real good hits real good"). It featured well-known bands like Kraftwerk, DAF, Der Plan, Mittagspause, and KFC, but it also had some mysterious unknown names like the band Nachdenkliche Wehrpflichtige (Thoughtful Draftees), contributing the song "Ist Free-Jazz heilbar?" (Is Free Jazz Curable?). As you might have guessed, it was all a prank, recorded by Xao Seffcheque, with the help of some musicians of the bands listed. It was meant as a satire of the K-Tel style compilations of Neue Deutsche Welle(new german wave), still, many people believed it was a genuine compilation. That year Xao with Fehlfarben recorded their classic Monarchie und Alltag aswell.
In '81 Xao,whilst not letting go of his sense of humor, turned to future jazz/electro, with 2 covers - Tunisia/ o Lui (Armstrong)and some speedy electro cuts that make DAF and Daft P sound geriatric, he made his mark and moved on.

Seffcheque still follows his musical career with the Family 5, but these days is better known for his screenplays and movies. Here's a quality vinylrip of this hard to find gem.

Xao Seffcheque - Ja-Nein-Vielleicht (1981) 66mb

01 - Gute Freunde (4:23)
02 - Eine Nacht In Tunesien (6:00)
03 - Kassa-Bubu (3:57)
04 - Du Und Ich (4:50)
05 - Pogo A Gogo (4:04)
06 - Ja - Nein - Vielleicht (10:10)
07 - O - Lui (2:56)
08 - Eine Nacht In Deutschland (Je 'taime non plus 3:59)

Xao @ Home in german
Xao @ Wiki in german

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Yello - Remastermix (2005)

In 2005 Yello released their first 6 albums Solid Pleasure, Claro Que Si, You Got to Say Yes, One Second, Stella and Flag sparkingly remastered and included 29 bonus tracks and 12 " remasters. Boris Blank did a great job, we would expect no less..but it's a bit much in one go, so i compiled a 80 minute sampler unmixed, for a good friend and my carstereo. You'll get a chance here to convince yourself to replace those vinyls or 20 year old cdees.

Yello - RemasterMix  (79'30 flac 541mb)

01 - Massage
02 - Quad El Habib
03 - Night Flanger
04 - La Habanera
05 - Bostich (n'est-ce pas)
06 - Pinball Cha Cha
07 - Swing
08 - Moon On Ice
09 - Bananas To The Beat
10 - Desire
11 - I Love You (12'edit)
12 - Call It Love (12'mix)
13 - Desert Inn
14 - The Rhythm Divine
15 - Oh Yeah
16 - You Gotta Say yes
17 - Heavy Whispers
18 - Vicious Games (12'mix)
19 - Lost Again
20 - Pinball Cha Cha (12'mix)

Yello @ Home
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* All downloads are in ogg-7, artwork is included aswell as a very nifty ogg encoder/decoder.

Nov 11, 2006

Demon Donald

This week we saw the exit of one of the worst demons that walked in the limelight. Most of you might think that this arrogant bully just fucked up the war in Iraq, the relations with the rest of the world and even the US-militairy. But wait he wasn't picked by Bush for nothing, this creep had a history with weapons of mass destruction before that selling nuclear reactors to north korea, selling chemical warfare provisions to his then (88) best mate Saddam Hoessein.
There's more, and worse its still going on, as CEO of Sears he was responible for the launch of a neurotoxic in our foodchain, with dubious tests and against the will of the FDA, Rumsfeld called in his markers with the new Reagon administration, got the FDA board sacked, and have yes men installed that let Sears launch its wondersugar. Aspertame, it's addictive, affects the brains production of serotonin, making the body crave more carbohydrates, cancelling out it's effectiveness as a diet aid. It can produce brain tumors, lead to blindness, and dries up the lubricating synovial fluid and turns joints into plastic. It can cause memory loss, chronic fatigue, and even death at extreme levels, flies won't touch it. . Google Aspertame Meanwhile its been quietly fazed out in Europe, but pepsi and coca still keep poisoning the public with their deadly diet coke.

So now this demon is alowed to walk away without so much as slap on the wrist. Im against the death penalty, but this man deserves it 10 times more than Saddam.

One book this gasbag certainly didnt read is my first download The Art Of War a 2,500 year old masterpiece on the art of war, it shouldnt be lost on current day gamers aswell. Sure some details cater to the chinese times /weaponry of the time but the principles havent changed, as such this book is still valid.
I follow with some hardhitting railing against the crushing power of massive conglomerates, the machinations of oil barons and corrupt governments, and the steady erosion of personal freedoms with Killing Joke, followed by Skinny Puppy - The Greater Wrong of the Right (no doubt about that). A limited edition remixes bonus disc by Primal Scream, a dutch treat from the oldest active rock & roll band in the world claiming the devil made them do it, with a favourite of mine in the full version- she flies on strange wings. Finishing of with a haunting "Confessions of Dr. Dream". Donald Pinhead seems to have folded, to me it aint enough, he should be treated to the "Ludovico Technique" (clockwork orange) and purge that rotten soul of his.

***** ***** ***** ***** *****

The Art of War is a Chinese military treatise written during the 6th century BC by Sun Tzu. Composed of 13 chapters, each of which is devoted to one aspect of warfare, it has long been praised as the definitive work on military strategies and tactics of its time. The Art of War is one of the oldest and most famous studies of strategy and has had a huge influence on both military planning and beyond. The Art of War has also been applied, with much success, to business and managerial strategies.”

Sun Tzu also goes on to show that the epitome of warfighting is NOT "prolonged operations, however brilliantly executed" but the General who can avoid war and ironically by so doing receives no glory or acclaim yet is the true hero of the people and the state. What this means is that today--in the 21st Century with the information warfare means available to us, we can for the first time execute Sun Tzu's vision better than ever before because we can bypass armies and bloody fights and reach the hearts/minds of the people themselves--if we are clever and moral enough to do so.
Sun Tzu looks deep into the human condition, to understand him you have to do the same; the way of a ninja is more closely related to this kind of thinking than a samurai looking for public acclaim/attention. A true ninja today would use Sun Tzu to make the militaries of the free world more effective in 4th Generation War and use all the customary battlefield tricks of indirectness and deception he talks about if these primary efforts fail.

Sun Tzu - Art Of War mp3 34mb

01 - Laying Plans
02 - Waging War
03 - Attack By Stratagem
04 - Tactical Dispositions
05 - Energy
06 - Weakpoints and Strong
07 - Maneuvering
08 - Variations in Tactics
09 -The Army on the March
10 - Terrain
11 - The Nine Situations
12 - The Attack By Fire
13 - The Use of Spies

Total running time: 1:08:57
Read by Moira Fogarty

Art of War freE Book
Art of War @ Amazon
Sun Tsu @ Wiki
Art of War @ Wiki

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Killing Joke - Killing Joke

Seven years after 1996's Democracy Killing Joke reformed. Their protest music has lost none of its edge. Railing against the crushing power of massive conglomerates, the machinations of oil barons and corrupt governments, and the steady erosion of personal freedoms, Jaz Coleman's concerns have never been more relevant. If the bad guys don't get you, he opines during the driving, menacing "Asteroid," you might yet be vaporised by huge rocks from space. Musically, too, this Killing Joke lineup belies its collective years. Alongside Coleman stand original members Geordie and Youth, backed up by stalwart Raven and fierce stand-in drummer Dave Grohl.

 Killing Joke- id.  (flac 402)mb

1. The Death & Reurrection Show
2. Total Invasion
3. Asteroid
4. Implant
5. Blood On Your Hands
6. Loose Cannon
7. You'll Never Get To Me
8. Seeing Red
9. Dark Forced
10. The House That Pain Built

Killing Joke @ Home
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Skinny Puppy - The Greater Wrong of the Right

Assimilate ! It wasn't the borg, it was Skinny Puppy making itself known to me in the mid eighties, there can be no doubt that Skinny Puppy with their complex soundscapes, which have influenced whole generations of bands, count among the spearheading representatives of the so-called ‘electronic body music’ movement.
They returned with vengeance with The Greater Wrong Of The Right (2004), a consistent and convincing comeback after 8 years, a continuation down the path that Skinny Puppy had embarked with 1996’s The Process. The album lacks anachronism or nostalgic flair: with the support of a new generation of musicians, like Tool’s Danny Carey (acoustic drum on Use Less) or Wayne Static of Static-X (vocals on Use Less) it is, another milestone in the history of an exceptional band.

 Skinny Puppy - The Greater Wrong of the Right  (flac 323mb)

01. I'mmortal
02. Pro-test
03. EmpTe
04. Neuwerld
05. Ghostman
06. D0wnsizer
07. Past Present
08. Use Less
09. Goneja
10. DaddyuWarbash

Skinny Puppy @ Home
Skinny Puppy @ Wiki
Skinny Puppy @ Amazon

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Primal Scream - Dirty Works remixed

Packaged with Dirty Works this limited edition bonus disc is made up entirely of rare-ish remixes. Fun to be had by all, I can assure you, as Primal Scream's music during the Nineties was literally all over the place. Trippy dub soundscapes, Stonesy rockers, gospel style rave-ups, and dance beats galore. Primal Scream might not have been the first group to successfully incorporate dance beats into guitar based rock music ( New Order ) but they did it with an undeniable enthusiasm and a quest for something just a little different.

 Primal Scream - Dirty Remixed Works  (now in Flac 481mb)

01 - Come Together (Hypnotone Brain Machine Mix)
02 - Higher Than The Orb (The Orb Extended Remix)
03 - Loaded (Terry Farley Remix)
04 - Rocks (Jimmy Miller Mix)
05 - Jailbird (Sweeney 2 Sabres Of Paradise Remix)
06 - Kowalski (Automator Mix)
07 - Living Dub (Long Life Adrian Sherwood Remix)
08 - Stuka (Two Lone Swordsmen Remix)
09 - Swastika Eyes (Chemical Brothers Mix UK Edit)
10 - Exterminator (Massive Attack Remix)
11 - Miss Lucifer (Bone To Bone Alec Empire Remix)
12 - Some Velvet Morning (Two Lone Swordsmen Mix)
13 - Autobahn 66 (Alter Ego Remix)

Primal Scream @ Home
Primal Scream @ Wiki
Primal Scream @ Amazon

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Golden Earring - The Devil Made Me Do It

Golden Earring are one of those great bands largely lost on American audiences. Most of their albums are only available on import and most Americans knowledge of the band does not go beyond "Radar Love". If you have not previously been exposed to these great Dutch rockers this is a perfect overview of their 35 year career. Officially released under this title is a 4 box set and a 2 hour dvd with 27 clips. This is a rip from the DVD omitting 8 mostly recent tracks.

 Golden Earring The Devil Made Me Do It    (flac  478mb)

01 - That Day
02 - Daddy Buy Me A Girl
03 - Sound Of The Screaming Day
04 - I've Lost Somebody
05 - Back Home
06 - Holy Holy Life
07 - She Flies On Strange Wings
08 - Buddy Joe
09 - Stand By Me
10 - Radar Love
11 - Instant Poetry
12 - Kill Me Ce Soir
13 - Weekend Love
14 - Long Blond Animal
15 - Twilight Zone
16 - The Devil Made Me Do It
17 - When The Lady Smiles
18 - Going To The Run
19 - Another 45 Miles (Live acoustic version)

Golden earring @ Home
Golden Earring @ Wiki
Golden Earring @ Amazon

A dedicated radar love site with 275 cover versions and counting Radar Lovers eat your heart out.

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Ayers, Kevin - The Confessions of dr. Dream

Kevin Ayers had become the Canterbury sound equivalent of what John Mayall was to the blues with lots of musicians going through his band to go onto relatively better things, including, David Bedford ( Big time producer) ,Mike Oldfield ( As if you need to ask) Andy Summers ( The Police) Lol Coxhill ( Saxophone Everybody) ,Archie Leggit ( Everybody else) Steve Hillage ( Gong and an illustrious solo career) Rabbit Bunrick ( The Who ).
But it was perhaps during the making of Kevin Ayers this album ' The Confessions of Dr Dream and other stories ' that Kevin Ayers met his musical soul buddy the great guitarist Ollie Halsall . (It was perhaps after Ollie Halsall was taken away from us to the great gig in the sky that Kevin Ayers gave up his music, apart from the odd dabble here and there). But the first time that Halsall and Ayers got together on 'Dr Dream and Other Stories' they produced the best collection of music to come out under the Ayers banner.

'Day by Day' is a lovely little song to get us under way telling the story of each day insisting upon going it's own separate way , and there really isn't very much you can do about it all, so you may just as well let fate take it's course.Second track in is where Ollie Halsall first makes his presence felt with some attention grabbing guitar , although Kevin Ayers had no regular band at the time of this recording , Ollie Halsall being the only musician to play on every track ,all the rest being session musicians , you would never know from listening ,as it all sounds very tight and inventive. ' See You Later' is a song about saying seeing you later ,but not exactly meaning it, a sin far to many of us are guilty of.' Didn't feel lonely till I thought of you ' is self explanatory, with some wonderful guitar picking from Ollie Halsall, whilst Kevin Ayers gives out his most melancholy vocals.
From here on out Kevin Ayers turns into a storyteller the Vincent Price of Progressive rock, as he keeps you balanced on the edge of your seat waiting for either each spoken word, or knocked over the back of the settee with a sudden rousing chorus, lulled into a totally false sense of security by a lilting piano lyric, or with Ayer's whispering over the top, of some quiet Hammond organ chords,
'' It begins with a blessing, once I awakened, but it ends with a curse, My head is a nightclub, making life easy waiting for something already there, tomorrow they will find it if they don't drown in their dreams, with glasses of wine, but the customers are always dancing, and as you turn to your partners she screams " Get Out Of My Dreams ".
In the middle of all this you get a quick burst of some old blues style acoustic guitar with 'Ballbearing Blues', which just softens you up for the main course, the multi structured guitar riff of the title song which comes to you in four parts, but always with that incessant riff bludgeoning into your self conscious, with Kevin Ayers at his most menacing as he warns you of the perils of falling asleep, and what lies waiting for you there. Without doubt this is the most haunting piece of music ever listened to by these ears, fair makes the blood run cold. The vocals are all fed to you through echo chambers as if from beyond the grave, dragging you further and further into the mind of Mr Ayers. In the middle section Ollie Halsall leads the musicians into the gloom like a burning torch to show you the way home, and some lovely piano work gives you some respite, whilst Kevin Ayers sings words of hope as if by way of apology. Of course for the finale the dirty riffs come storming back as they drag Ayers, and you, screaming back into his nightmare. If you are a Stephen King fan you will enjoy Kevin Ayers and his alias Dr Dream.
Surprisingly the album ends with an almost Beatlish song even Kopping (sic) some of the Fab fours lyrics to finish off the album. I was never sure why Kevin Ayers never became a huge star, maybe people were just to scared. (Mott The Dog.)

 K.Ayers - Confessions of Dr.Dream   (flac 424mb)

01- Day by Day
02 - See You Later
03 - Didnt feel lonely till i thought of you
04 - Everybody's Sometimes Blues
05 - It Begins with a Blessing
06 - Ballbearing Blues
The Confessions of dr. Dream
07 - Part One: Irreversible Neural Damage
08 - Part Two: Invitation
09 - Part Three: The One Dance Chance
10 - Part Four: Doctor Dream Theme
11 - Two Goes Into Four
12 - The Up Song
13 - After The Show
14 - Thank You Very Much
15 - Another Whimsical Song
16 - The Lady Rachel
17 - Stop This Train
18 - Didn't Feel Lonely Until I Thought Of You

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* All downloads are in ogg-7, artwork is included aswell as a very nifty ogg encoder/decoder.

Nov 6, 2006

Spaced (re-up April 1st 15, again spring 17 and 18 and Feb 20)

Bill Nelson

From hippie folk singer to awesome rock guitarist to high-tech art-adventurer to unstoppable instrumental noodler, Bill Nelson's musical career, now spanning four decades, has consistently shown style, character and exemplary attention to quality — as well as unrestrained indulgent excess. Beginning with a homemade solo album released by a local Yorkshire record store through a six-album stint leading the hard-rocking but intelligent Be-Bop Deluxe then the short-lived experimental Red Noise and finally as a wholly independent solo act (again), Nelson has made lots of brilliant music, and has also worked with some of the most interesting purveyors of modern sounds, producing and playing on numerous records.

After the breakup of Be Bop Deluxe, Nelson eventually settled into a career as a solo musician, recording iconoclastic albums in the early electropop vein such as The Love That Whirls and Quit Dreaming and Get On the Beam (both recently remastered and reissued). Many of these albums also shipped with bonus records featuring experimental ambient instrumentals, and this was a genre of music Nelson would embrace more fully in the future. On the not completely instrumental disc there's the beautiful Wiping A Tear From The All Seeing Eye and Ceremony the music from Brond by Scala -( Mary King and the electric phoenix (nelson))

Bill Nelson - Duplex   (390mb)

01 - Flaming Desire
02 - Do You Dream In Colour
03 - Acceleration
04 - Living In My Limousine
05 - Hope For The Heartbeat
06 - October Man
07 - Here And Now
08 - Private View
09 - Life In Your Hands
10 - Contemplation
11 - Glow World
12 - Another Day, Another Ray Of Hope

Bill Nelson - Duplex Instrumental   (261mb)

01 - The Blazing Memory Of Innuendo
02 - Another Tricky Mission For The Celestial Pilot
03 - The Angel At The Western Window
04 - Portrait Of Jan With Flowers
05 - The Man In The Rexine Suit
06 - Wiping A Tear From The All Seeing Eye - Scala
07 - Right, Then Left
08 - Secret Ceremony (Theme From Brond) - Scala
09 - Half Asleep In The Hall Of Mirrors
10 - Broadcast News
11 - Openiong
12 - Loosening Up With Lady Luck
13 - Metaphysical Jerks
14 - The Garden
15 - Loving Tongues
16 - Burning The Groove Of Satyre
17 - radiant Spires
18 - Set Me As A Seal Upon The Heart

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Jam and Spoon - 2002 Tripomatic Fairytales

Mark Spoon died of a heart attack on January 11 2006. Sadly the collaboration with Jam El Mar has come to and end. Together, as Jam and Spoon, they surely knew how to surprise me with their outstanding "2002", no trance/house but an 'exiting chill-out' album, no boring fluffy clouds, but retro-futuristic space tech.
"Tripomatic Fairytales 2002" is the sequel of "Tripomatic Fairytales 2001". The main difference: "2002" is ambient, sometimes spiritual oriented. No beats, or so little. "Hermaphrodite" is an ambiguous form of human. Both male and female. Issabelle presents the opus with a mysterious French text (here translated): "In front of each sorcerer, a hole, at the bottom of which the male and female of the nature, represented by the hermaphrodite roots of pyotl, sleeps in the matter, i.e. in the concrete." Are we in a forest? In space? Maybe everythere at the same time. N.A.S.A will wake you up, slowly, in the night. You have a mission. But which one? This long composition soon incorpore a dubby beat and classic chorus chants. The sound of a plane bring the idea of a trip. "LSD Nikon" is that trip. Are you holding the camera? Are you the camera yourself? And where are you anyway? You keep hearing a woman singing... but a filter prevents you to identify the reality. Take as many pictures you like. "The Future Is In Small Hands" brings Helmer back, but this time as a singer. Later, the rain starts to fall. It's the afternoon. An uncredited Helmer quote follows: "The sad master was asked himself a question: what is Buddha?". As the master walks away, you wonder: is he holding the answer to the question or not? You will never know. "V. Angel. Is Calling" tells the "story" of a deceased person, trying to reach someone using the phone. But being decorported, the soul is not able to talk, and he will probably never achieve his goal. "Words And Dana" is a short interlude. She throws something at the listener. Her shoe or something. Was that all a dream? Maybe. "Ancient Dream" repeats a piano line. Nostalgia take your soul away for a moment. It's all about the past. What about the future? "I Saw The Future" is not concrete: the music, the impressions are yours; this is your future. "Castaneda Future Illuminations" is like a freaky spiritual message, left on an answering machine. "Secret Kind Of Love" the only other vocal track on 2002. "World Of X-T-C" brings back the dub and closes the album. Is it about the feeling... or the drugs? You decide. I think it's a wonderful trip The Orb fans shouldn't miss out on.

 Jam and Spoon - Tripomatic Fairytales 2002  (380mb)

01 - Hermaphrodite (2:10)
02 - N.A.S.A. Nocturnal Audio Sensory Awakening (11:15)
03 - LSD Nikon (2:34)
04 - The Future Is In Small Hands (5:25)
05 - Salinas Afternoon (4:03)
06 - V. Angel. Is Calling (10:11)
07 - Words And Dana (1:00)
08 - Ancient Dream (8:41)
09 - I Saw The Future (11:32)
10 - Castaneda Future Illuminations (2:04)
11 - Secret Kind Of Love (8:02)
12 - World of X-T-C (5:52)

Jam & Spoon @ Amazon
Jam & Spoon @ Wiki

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Vor der Flut (before the flood)

This music offers what must be one of the most unusual acoustic experiences known to the modern world, and is set in what is certainly the most unlikely concert hall ever known -- a city reservoir. When the reservoir for the city of Cologne had to be emptied for repairs it was discovered that the enormous tank holds an echo for an unbelievable 45 seconds, a world's record. (Next in line is the Taj Mahal for that distinction.) And so directors Hinnerick Broskamp and Thomas Schmitt rounded up musicians, singers, and dancers and staged an incredible concert within the reservoir's echo chamber. The results have to be heard to be believed. Naturally, the city asked for its reservoir back once the repairs were finished, leaving the memory of the concert under 20 million liters of water.

 VA - Vor Der Flut  (267mb)

01 - Invocationes (Bollmann, Kappelhoff, Laneri, Schwerner,Vetter, Wolff, Zeman)
02 - Pacha Siku (D. Domingues)
03 - Watertank Software (Pauline Oliveros)
04 - Trüffeltanz (Siebert, Koinzer)
05 - Praevocationes (Kappelhoff, Scherner, Vetter, Zeman)
06 - The Spirit Of The Wind (D. Domingues)
07 - The Gentle - Short Version (Pauline Oliveros)
08 - Wal-Hall-A (Siebert, Koinzer)
09 - Kellerdschungel (Saxophon Mafia)
10 - Bötz (C. Bauer)
11 - Unter Der Stadt (Dähn, Hamm, Höhler)
12 - Die Sintflut (Heiner Goebbels)

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ON U sound

Something for the Are friends Electric site who are compiling the complete catalogue of what has been one of my favourite labels ever since the early eighties, the list near its completion but these next two dont make it there, first of Jalal - Mankind, on the source album, On the One, "Mankind" and "Shade Of The Light" may have sounded what tame but here on this remixed e.p. it's all there, finishing with the captivating "Trancedental Twins" its just 30 min of bliss.
I added another On U single i had the still relevant "Human Nature"

O Mankind
 We Are Over The Top
 On The Path of Self-Destruction
 And Are Unable To Stop

 O Mankind
 You are Hearing as deaf,
 Taken it Free,
 out of Freedom,
 told as Nothing Left,

 Hearts Colder Than The Stone Heads,
 Harder Than Granite,
 in Opposition To Submission,
 And its On The planet.

 Spying On Each Other,
 then Watch him How Far,
 in your hates for out Space
 to rig Some Distant Star,

 and Rejected
 and Infected and illy,
 Beating and Beating
 and Mutually Killing,

Compensations Due,
 What You Did To One Another,
 Shall Be Done To You.

 Jalal - Mankind (182mb)

01 - Mankind (Part 1) 5.33
02 - Mankind (Part 2) 5.11
03 - Shade Of The Light (Part 1 & 2) 6.18
04 - Shade Of The Light (Part 3) 4.01
05 - Transcendental Twins 8.52


VA - ON U - Celebration

Before Adrian Sherwood's On-U Sound label instituted its own compilation series (the infamous Pay It All Back collections), there was this obscure gem released on the German Trance label in 1988. As an introduction to the controlled chaos that is On-U Sound, one could hardly do better: it includes representative cuts from the avant-retro roots combo Creation Rebel ("Creative Involvements," "Independent Man"), a great version of the reggae classic "A Love I Can Feel," the underappreciated DJ Jah Woosh (Woodpecker Sound), as well as Playgroup, Judy Nylon, London Underground, and others. The best tracks, predictably, come courtesy of the late, great Prince Far I (whose super-heavyweight "Quante Jubila" runs away with the program early on and never gives it back) and Singers & Players, who remain the class of the On-U stable. Those who prefer things a bit more abrasive will also enjoy the tracks from Voice of Authority, a band whose membership is never specifically revealed but which boasts distinctly Doug Wimbish-like basslines and a certain robotic funkiness. The Pay It All Back titles are easier to find, but this one is definitely worth scouring the bargain bins for.

 On U sound Celebration (390mb)

01 - , The Deal (Intro)
02 - Voice of Authority - Stopping and Starting
03 - Prince Far-I and Creation Rebel - Quante Jubila
04 - London Underground - Dreams Are Better
05 - Playgroup - Silent Mover
06 - Creation Rebel(New Age Steppers) - Last Sane Dream
07 - Singers and Players - Make a Joytful Noise
08 - Singers and Players - Alla-La Dreadlocks Soldier
09 - Creation Rebel - Love I Can Feel
10 - Creation Rebel - Creative Involvements
11 - Playgroup - Deep and Mintyful
12 - Judy Nylon - The Dice
13 - Jah Woosh - Woodpecker Sound
14 - Creation Rebel(New Age Steppers) - Final Frontier
15 - Creation Rebel - Independant Man Parts I+II
16 - Playgroup - Epic Sound Battles
17 - Voice of Authority - Feeling Wild
18 - Voice of Authority - Knock the House Down

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On U Catalogue @ Are Friends Electric Great place to start..and extend your On U sound...