Aug 31, 2013

RhoDeo 1334 Beats

Hello, didn't post a prepared Goldy Rhox only noticed earlier today, go figure. I was distracted with 3 requests for re-uploading-which i did and forgot the reason i logged in.. duh. So tonight the Supercup went to Bayern, Mourinho thought Chelsea was better, well they defended ok and scored from 2 sharp counters but if the only man with a home game Peter Chech (game was in Prague) hadn't proven his great skills once more, and if the ball had bounced in favor of the Bayern in the penalty area earlier like it did deservedly in the very last minute, then it would have proven the Germans were better, even if clearly not in top form. In all a very entertaining game.

As many as 68,000 people are enjoying a week of partying, debauchery and excess at Burning Man 2013, the largest outdoor arts festival in North America. The annual art, music and everything-else festival takes place in the Black Rock Desert in Nevada and attracts visitors from around the world to spend a week in the remote desert cut off from much of the outside world, that said mobiles that didn't work previously could be used this year to the dismay of the organizers. Ah yes telecom power doesn't allow for black holes for customers with money to burn as well. Well I guess all that could see visitor numbers explode in years to come.

The coming months Frenchies rule the beats and they have plenty to offer even though not that much reaches the world as  the music scene is rather dominated by the Anglo - American industry. Meanwhile the French enjoyed themselves in their own niche so to speak, and they did rather well. Today another branch of the French beats scene Trance, first up the somewhat intellektual approach naming oneself after psychic detectives from books of Anne Rice and Lestat the main character of The Vampire Chronicles but its about Goa/psytrance not everybody's cup of tea yet it has become a truly global phenomena ....... N'joy

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Talamasca (or Talamaska) is a psytrance project based in Paris, France. This project is the solo project of Cedric Dassulle, also known as DJ Lestat. Lestat promotes the music of Talamasca at parties on his journeys as a DJ all around the world. He played piano for over 13 years and started his career as DJ in 1992. In 1995/96 he was resident DJ in a prestigious Rex Club in Paris. In that same time he was influenced by Trance music that he played during parties and wanted to create his own. In 1996 he met the other cofounders Steve Eli and Xavier de Galloy that were at that time House producers and had their own music studio. Together they decided to cooperate on a trance project and founded Talamasca. Steve and Javier gave all the possible advices to Cedric, that after six tracks he could fly by his own, and made from then over 100 released tracks on the most prestigious labels.

Talamasca in Latin means "animal mask", and it is also name of the secret society of psychic detectives that were described in the books of Anne Rice. DJ Lestat read these books and decided to call the group by this name. He also called himself Lestat, which was the name of the main character of The Vampire Chronicles. In these books, the Talamasca includes some people who have mind powers, and that's why the Talamasca new label is called Mind Control.

Cedric Dassulle (Lestat) 2002
"I made Musica Divinorum only with a computer.......well , it is quite true...if you forget the mixer and the speakers. I use mostly programs...Cubase , Sound Forge , and Reaktor , and it s enough for me to work and to make a track like "come on!"i use of course a lot of samples cds...but most of my sequencies are made with "Reaktor" , it's a program who have a full studio in it , with a lot of virtual synths , effects , and combine with cubase , you have really enough to make good quality is not a problem anymore, before it was so expensive to have a studio!"

Lestat is very energetic, travels all around the world and has many friends amongst other Psy-trance artists. He often cooperates with many of them in various projects. Lestat produced many tracks with artists like Nomad, Oforia, Space Cat, and Xerox. The group also participated in founding the Psychedelic Trance Label 3D Vision together with Christof Drouillet, DJ Mael and Javier Galloy. Recently DJ Lestat started up his own label called Mind Control.

One of Talamasca's albums, Zodiac, was released in 2003 and gained great popularity among Psychedelic Trance fans. The album consists of 12 tracks, each of them named after a different Zodiac sign. Then he made his 4th album "Made in Trance", a collaboration with other French artists. In 2004, Talamasca created a new label "Mind Control Records", based in Paris.

Talamasca released a double album in 2007, “OBSESSIVE DREAM”, and after the BIG success of this album, he made " One" a collaboration album with Jean-Marc Segondy and Barthélémy Bayona better known as XSI. This album was released april 2009 In 2011 they released "Make Some Noise". ‎"Psychedelic Trance" has been their latest album released earlier this year.

Nowadays, Talamasca is one of the most requested live acts in all big festivals such as full-moon festival, Samothraki or the boom festival in Europe, Eclipse, the biggest electronic festival of Canada, in the Chemical sound festival in Rio, in the Goa sound festival in Mexico, in summer arcade Fuji festival in Japan, and of course many more.

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This debut album is somewhere between minimal and melodic is right on. The sound is definately in a happy medium between the two. Songs often start out with a minimal beat/bassline and then the melody comes in 3 to 4 mins. into the track. Lots of twisted fx and samples are used. Some of the songs here manage to overdo it. Still, I definately dig the overall vibe in this one. The tracks are all pretty dark, but the melodies are always there to balance things out. I personally love You are the Machines and The Hunted becomes the Hunter. Everybody here seems to like the female voice sample on Telepathic Atmospheres. This is a great album that manages to incorporate the best elements of both minimal and melodic trance. Despite the fact that the song structures are all mostly the same, this is still a quality piece of work.

Talamasca - Beyond The Mask ( flac 443mb)

01 The Hunted Becomes The Hunter 8:06
02 The Flow (Rmx) 7:42
03 Wake Up ! 7:58
04 Drops Of Madness (Rmx) 8:40
05 Strangers 7:38
06 Telepathic Atmospheres 8:08
07 You Are The Machines 8:30
08 Halloween 7:44
09 Beyond The Mask 8:33

Talamasca - Beyond The Mask (ogg 180mb)

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What sets Talamasca apart from the crowd is his ability to sound like the crowd when the crowd sounds best, and then being able to make up his own personality. Dark and sinister, personality, that is. Stealing the high pitch sounds, themes and melodies of post 2000 psytrance while having a firm grasp of the bass of mid nineties goatrance. When it's best, this is the new generation.

Musica Divinorum is not anywhere near as dark, surreal in sound, and chaotic as "Beyond The Mask" was. This album seems to have more tracks geared toward the dance floor (which is cool), but they mentally take you less places. It is an argument to say that Musica Divinorum is better then Talamasca's last masterpiece. Some tracks are too minimal and go on for too long,  before the whole flow of sound changes into something better. Outstanding is track 9, (Joint O Clock) which is very well done. It is a
 very floating, powerful dub song that really leaves a good lasting impression on an album that deserves it. The same Talamasca feel is alive and well, but the dark power, insane energy, and mind-pumping rhythm that their last album had just isn't here.

Talamasca - Musica Divinorum (flac 502mb)

01 Psychedelic Knights 7:51
02 Magnetic Fields 8:08
03 Insanity 7:37
04 The Racer 8:27
05 Musica Divinorum 9:23
06 The Old School 7:39
07 Time Simulation 7:56
08 Why Not 8:10
09 Joint O'Clock 8:28

Talamasca - Musica Divinorum (ogg 196mb)

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If you like psy-trance, this is a must-have. The melodies, the beats, the bass... It put's a chill down my spine, it's that good. It very nice to hear how different the songs get depending on which artist he works with. At first, all the sonds were quite similar, but veru good. After listaning a few times you found ll the good bits in each song, and learned to really apreciate it. Great production, masssive bass lines and cool samples. Recommended even if you dont like the more anthemic side of trance. Takes Lestat to the top of the tree in the scene.

Talamasca - Made in Trance ( flac 523mb)

01 The Awakening 9:00
02 Unknown 8:10
03 Hypnotic Control 8:33
04 Action!!!  7:52
05 Kung-Fu Lesson 8:12
06 A Frenchman In Cape Town 7:56
07 Lestat Sound Development 7:58
08 Time Hunter 8:51
09 The Messenger 8:46

Talamasca - Made in Trance  (ogg 188mb)

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Aug 30, 2013

RhoDeo 1334 Goldy Rhox 123

Hello, today the 123rd post of GoldyRhox, classic pop rock. Today in the blacklight an American rock band that gained popularity in the late 1960s and early 1970s with a number of successful singles drawn from 5 studio albums released between 68 and 72. The band sold 26 million albums in the United States alone before brotherly disputes ended their highly successful reign, being abused by their record company Fantasy didn't help either, on a side note, responsible was Saul Zaentz who brought a series of lawsuits against Fogerty, claiming defamation of character for the lyric "Zanz can't dance but he'll steal your money,

The band consisted of lead vocalist, lead guitarist, and primary songwriter John Fogerty, his brother and rhythm guitarist Tom Fogerty, bassist Stu Cook, and drummer Doug Clifford. Their musical style encompassed country rock and swamp rock genres. Despite their San Francisco Bay Area origins, they positioned themselves as Southern rock stylists, singing about bayous, the Mississippi River, catfish, and other popular elements of Southern iconography. In contrast to many a band these guys never got back together again (probably because of demon Zaentz).

***** ***** ***** ***** *****
Most of the albums i 'll post made many millions for the music industry and a lot of what i intend to post still gets repackaged and remastered decades later, squeezing the last drop of profit out of bands that for the most part have ceased to exist long ago, although sometimes they get lured out of the mothballs to do a big bucks gig or tour. Now i'm not as naive to post this kinda music for all to see and have deleted, these will be a black box posts, i'm sorry for those on limited bandwidth but for most of you a gamble will get you a quality rip don't like it, deleting is just 2 clicks...That said i will try to accommodate somewhat and produce some cryptic info on the artist and or album.

Today's mystery album was the 5th studio album by todays band and released July 1970. The name of the album comes from the room where the band rehearsed early in their career. Bandleader John Fogerty was so insistent on practicing nearly every day, and the atmosphere was often so smoky from the other members' cigarettes, that drummer Doug "Cosmo" Clifford began referring to the place as "the factory". In January 1970, the double A-sided single, "Travelin' Band"/"Who'll Stop the Rain", peaked at #2 on the Billboard Hot 100. In April, the band released their next double-sided single, "Run Through the Jungle"/"Up Around the Bend", which reached #4 and #2 on the Hot 100, respectively, and started their first tour of Europe. Today's mystery album was released in July 1970, as well as the single "Lookin' Out My Back Door"/"Long As I Can See the Light", both of which reached #2 on the Hot 100.

The heart of the album lays in those six fantastic songs released on singles. "Up Around the Bend" is a searing rocker, one of their best, balanced by the menacing murkiness of "Run Through the Jungle." "Who'll Stop the Rain"'s poignant melody and melancholy undertow has a counterpart in Fogerty's dope song, "Lookin' out My Back Door," a charming, bright shuffle, filled with dancing animals and domestic bliss - he had never been as sweet and silly as he is here. On "Long as I Can See the Light," the record's final song, he again finds solace in home, anchored by a soulful, laid-back groove. It hits a comforting, elegiac note, the perfect way to draw today's mystery record-- an album made during stress and chaos, filled with raging rockers, covers, and intense jams -- to a close.

Our mystery album was an international hit, topping the album charts in six countries. The album was certified Gold (500,000 units sold) by the Recording Industry Association of America on December 16, 1970. Almost twenty years later, on December 13, 1990, it received a certification of four times platinum with sales of over four million copies. In 2003, the album was ranked number 265 on Rolling Stone magazine's list of the 500 greatest albums of all time.

Goldy Rhox 123   (flac 356mb)

Goldy Rhox 123  ( ogg 125mb)

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Goldy Rhox 63   (flac 374mb)

Goldy Rhox 63  ( ogg 129mb)

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Aug 28, 2013

RhoDeo 1334 Aetix

Hello, as the warmongers in Washington and London scream attack and try to influence the neutrals without a schred of evidence, without a plan and shrugging off the unforseen consequences. Common sense is once more on standby. Lets reittarate, because the media once more show their lack of independent journalism, Assad is winning against the rebels he has absolutely no need to use poison gas. On the other hand a naive remark by Obama about a red line gave the dark forces all they need to once more use their favorite tool, a false flag operation, the US & UK as well as Israel are well known for using these tactics. Clearly something had to be done to prevent Assad from winning his war against the rebels. For me Washington and London 's posture in this is almost proof that they are behind the nervegas attack that killed 400 Syrians, and who knows the start of World War 3.  Carla del Ponte, a member of the U.N. Independent International Commission of Inquiry on Syria, told Swiss TV there were “strong, concrete suspicions but not yet incontrovertible proof,” that rebels seeking to oust Syrian strongman Bashar al-Assad had used the nerve agent. (from Washington Post) haven't seen her on the news, omitting such shows us how corrupted the media are, or maybe how fearful they are to go up against Washington Warmongers. Even when the fact that a large majority of Brits is against any involvement, the tory nazis completely ignore the public, that the uninformed and extremely gullible US public love attack attack, kill kill as if its a videogame shouldn't come as a surprise. It's crunching time for Obama, alas he clearly ain't no Dr Luther King, he doesn't have real convictions he's just another black opportunist.

As we continue the females in the eighties today, today's artist was the first major figure in the bumper crop of female singer/songwriters who rose to prominence during the late '80s and '90s. Her hushed, restrained folk-pop and highly literate lyrics  laid the initial musical groundwork for what later became their trademark sound.  And now   ......N'Joy

xxxxx xxxxx xxxxx xxxxx xxxxx

Suzanne Vega was the first major figure in the bumper crop of female singer/songwriters who rose to prominence during the late '80s and '90s. Her hushed, restrained folk-pop and highly literate lyrics (inspired chiefly by Leonard Cohen, as well as Lou Reed and Bob Dylan) laid the initial musical groundwork for what later became the trademark sound of Lilith Fair (a tour on which she was a regular). Moreover, her left-field hit single "Luka" helped convince record companies that folk-styled singer/songwriters were not a thing of the past after all, paving the way for breakthroughs by Tracy Chapman, Michelle Shocked, Shawn Colvin, Edie Brickell, the Indigo Girls, Sinéad O'Connor, and a host of others on through the '90s. Vega's early commercial success helped open doors for a wealth of talent, and even if she couldn't sustain the level of popularity she reached in 1987 with "Luka" and the platinum Solitude Standing, she maintained a strong and dedicated cult following. Her association with -- and marriage to -- experimental producer Mitchell Froom during the '90s resulted in two intriguing but uneven albums; however, following their painful divorce, Vega returned in 2001 with her first album in five years, Songs in Red and Gray, which was greeted with her strongest reviews in a decade.

Suzanne Vega was born July 11, 1959, in Santa Monica, California; her parents divorced shortly thereafter, and after her mother (a jazz guitarist) remarried to Puerto Rican novelist Ed Vega, the family moved to Manhattan. A shy and quiet child, Suzanne nonetheless learned to take care of herself growing up in the tough neighborhoods of Spanish Harlem. Her parents often sang folk songs around the house, and when she began playing the guitar at age 11, she found herself attracted to the poetry of singer/songwriter music (Dylan, Cohen), and found a refuge from New York's chaos in traditional folk (Woody Guthrie, Pete Seeger, Judy Collins, Joan Baez). At age 14, she made her first attempts at writing songs; however, when she attended the High School for the Performing Arts as a teenager, it was to study dance, not music. She subsequently enrolled at Barnard College as a literature major, and during this time, she began playing at coffeehouses and folk festivals on the West Side and near Columbia University; she soon moved up to the Lower East Side/Greenwich Village folk clubs, including the famed Folk City club where Bob Dylan started out. In 1979, Vega attended a Lou Reed concert, and the effect was a revelation: here was an artist chronicling the harsh urban world Vega knew, with the detail and literacy of a folk artist. Vega discovered a new voice and sense of possibility for her original material, and her writing grew rapidly.

Vega graduated from college in 1982 and held down several low-level day jobs while quickly becoming the Greenwich Village folk scene's brightest hope. Record companies were reluctant to take a chance on a singer/songwriter steeped in folk music, however, since they saw little chance of any commercial returns. After three years of rejections, Vega and her managers Ron Fierstein and Steve Addabbo finally convinced A&M (which had turned her down twice) to give her a shot, and she signed a contract in 1983. Former Patti Smith Group guitarist Lenny Kaye was brought in to co-produce the debut with Addabbo and lend it a smoother, more contemporary flavor.

Titled simply Suzanne Vega, it was released in 1985 to much critical applause. Thanks in part to the single "Marlene on the Wall," the album was a genuine hit in Britain, where it eventually went platinum; while it didn't duplicate that success in America, the album's sales of 200,000 strong still came as a shock to A&M (and Vega). For the 1987 follow-up, Vega overcame writer's block to craft an eclectic batch of new material, as well as drawing upon a backlog of songs that hadn't fit the debut. Again produced by Kaye and Addabbo, Solitude Standing was Vega's finest achievement; the richness and variety of its compositions were complemented by the lusher full-band arrangements and more accessible (albeit less folky) production. The album's lead single, "Luka," was a haunting first-person account of child abuse, whose terse (and fictional) lyrics struck a chord with American radio listeners. As a result, the album was an instant hit on both sides of the Atlantic; it debuted at number two in the U.K. and went gold within three months in the U.S., peaking at number 11 and eventually going platinum. "Luka" hit number three on the American pop charts -- unheard of for a singer/songwriter in the '80s prior to Vega -- and was nominated for three Grammys. As record companies rushed to fill a market niche they hadn't known existed (and uncovering some major talents in the process), Vega spent almost a year on the road touring in support of the record; exhausted, she returned to New York to take some time off, and also tracked down her biological father for the first time.

When the time came to record her third album in 1989, Vega decided to co-produce it herself with her keyboardist/boyfriend Anton Sanko (longtime bassist Michael Visceglia also had input). Vega began to experiment with her lyrics, pushing beyond the narrative story-songs that dominated her first two records, and had minimalist composer Philip Glass contribute a string arrangement. The result, Days of Open Hand, was released in 1990, yet didn't produce another hit single and was somewhat lost in the shuffle of new female singer/songwriters; though it did sell respectably, reviews were somewhat mixed. Even though the album didn't recapture Vega's 1987 popularity, she was still -- indirectly -- involved in one of 1990's most bizarre hit singles. Two British dance producers working under the alias DNA took the a cappella Solitude Standing track "Tom's Diner" and set it to an electronic dance beat, releasing the result as a bootleg single called "Oh Suzanne." When A&M discovered the piracy, Vega decided to allow the single's official release under its original title, and it became a substantial hit in the U.S., U.K., and elsewhere. The following year, Vega gathered a number of other unsolicited versions of the song and compiled them as Tom's Album.

 Intrigued by the success of "Tom's Diner," Vega began looking for ways to open up her musical approach. She hooked up with producer Mitchell Froom, best known for his work on latter-day albums by Elvis Costello, Richard Thompson, and Crowded House. Froom applied his trademark approach -- dissonant arrangements, clanging percussion -- to Vega's new 1992 album, and while 99.9 F° didn't reinvent her as a dance artist (as some expected), the synth-centered sound of the record was unlike any of her previous work. Froom and Vega began dating several months after the record's completion, and they wound up marrying; their daughter, Ruby, was born in 1994, and Vega naturally took some time off from music. She returned in 1996 with Nine Objects of Desire, again with Froom in the producer's chair, though his approach was somewhat less radical this time out; in terms of Vega's subject matter, there was a newfound physical sensuality borne of her marriage and childbirth experiences.

All was not well for long, however; Froom began seeing Ally McBeal singer Vonda Shepard, and he and Vega split up in August 1998. In 1999, Vega released the best-of retrospective Tried and True, taking stock of her past career (she had also split with longtime manager Ron Fierstein); she also published her first book, The Passionate Eye, a collection of poems, lyrics, essays, journalistic pieces, and the like. Vega began playing shows with bassist Michael Visceglia again, and worked on material addressing the breakup of her marriage. Songs in Red and Gray was released in the fall of 2001 and marked a return to the more direct sound of Suzanne Vega and Solitude Standing; it also garnered her best reviews since those records. Retrospective: The Best of Suzanne Vega arrived in 2003, followed by the Live at Montreux 2004 DVD/CD in 2006 and the all-new Beauty & Crime in 2007. In 2010, Vega released Close Up, Vol. 1 and Close Up, Vol. 2 -- the first half of a proposed four-volume collection of re-recorded versions of songs from her catalog, all featuring stripped-down, unadorned arrangements that highlight the lyrics and melodies -- and followed the first two installments of the series with Close Up, Vol. 3 in 2011. The final release in the sequence, Close-Up, Vol. 4: Songs of Family, appeared a year later in 2012.

xxxxx xxxxx xxxxx xxxxx xxxxx

Though early comparisons were made to Joni Mitchell, Suzanne Vega's true antecedents were Janis Ian and Leonard Cohen. Like Ian, she sings with a precise, frequently half-spoken phrasing that gives her lyrics an intensity that seems to suggest an unsteady control consciously held over emotional chaos. Like Cohen, Vega observes the world in poetic metaphor, her cold urban landscapes reflecting a troubled sense of love and loss. The key track is "Small Blue Thing," in which the singer pictures herself as an object "Like a marble/or an eye," "made of china/made of glass," "lost inside your pocket," and "turning in your hand." The sharply picked acoustic guitar and other isolated musical elements echo the closely observed scenes -- everything seems to be in tight close-up and sharp focus. Often, the singer seems to be using the songs to measure an emotional distance; sometimes, as in "Marlene on the Wall," she observes her own actions from a remove. In "Freeze Tag," she tells a companion, "I will be Dietrich/and you can be Dean"; in "Marlene," a poster of the aloof movie star "watches from the wall," observing the singer's succession of lovers, and she tries to emulate her heroine's persona, telling the current one, "Even if I am in love with you/all this to say, what's it to you?" The ten songs on Suzanne Vega constitute the self-analysis of a young woman who desires possession without offering commitment; no wonder that, upon its release, it was taken to heart by young women across the country and in Europe.

Suzanne Vega - Suzanne Vega  (flac 195mb)

01 Cracking 2:52
02 Freeze Tag 2:36
03 Marlene On The Wall 3:40
04 Small Blue Thing 3:56
05 Straight Lines 3:51
06 Undertow 3:28
07 Some Journey 3:41
08 The Queen And The Soldier 4:51
09 Knight Moves 3:37
10 Neighborhood Girls 3:21

xxxxx xxxxx xxxxx xxxxx xxxxx

The songs on Solitude Standing, Suzanne Vega's second album, had years listed beside them on the lyric sheet, so you could see that some of them dated back to 1978. But that bold admission heralded the album's triumph -- its diversity was what made it so good. Partially, that was because the old songs were the equal of anything on the first album -- tunes like the a cappella slice-of-life "Tom's Diner" and the warmly romantic "Gypsy" simply wouldn't have fit thematically on the debut. On Solitude Standing, however, they became part of an album of story songs set in a variety of musical contexts; many had band arrangements, and in fact, members of Vega's touring band often were credited as co-writers. Additionally, Vega had developed more as a singer without losing the focused intonation that had made her debut -- one of many compelling elements which helped make "Luka," a character song about domestic abuse, a fluke hit.

Suzanne Vega - Solitude Standing  (flac 281mb)

01 Tom's Diner 2:09
02 Luka 3:51
03 Ironbound / Fancy Poultry 6:19
04 In The Eye 4:15
05 Night Vision 2:48
06 Solitude Standing 4:49
07 Calypso 4:14
08 Language 3:56
09 Gypsy 4:04
10 Wooden Horse (Caspar Hauser's Song) 5:13
11 Tom's Diner (Reprise) 2:39
12 Tom's Diner (Dance mix) 5:28

xxxxx xxxxx xxxxx xxxxx xxxxx

Suzanne Vega is a beautiful example of an artist excelling despite her limitations. While the singer-songwriter doesn't have much of a voice, she has no problem being incredibly expressive. Subtlety is the quality that defines Days of Open Hand, an album every bit as compelling as the superb Solitude Standing. Vega doesn't need to shout or preach in order to get her points across. On "Men in a War," the folk-pop-rock explorer examines the plight of disabled veterans without expressing the type of anger that Bruce Cockburn would when addressing such a subject. Restrained and understated, treasures like "Those Whole Girls (Run in Grace)," "Rusted Pipe" and "Room Off the Street" and the unsettling "Institution Green" show that for all their delicacy, Vega's songs can be quite meaty and give listeners a great deal to think about.

Suzanne Vega - Days Of Open Hand (flac 248mb)

01 Tired Of Sleeping 4:22
02 Men In A War 4:47
03 Rusted Pipe 4:16
04 Book Of Dreams 3:22
05 Institution Green 6:15
06 Those Whole Girls (Run In Grace) 3:09
07 Room Off The Street 3:00
08 Big Space 3:48
09 Predictions 4:59
10 Fifty-Fifty Chance 2:36
11 Pilgrimage 5:10

xxxxx xxxxx xxxxx xxxxx xxxxx

Aug 27, 2013

RhoDeo 1334 Roots

Hello, we still find ourselves in an environment that gave rise to the worlds monotheistic religions be it on the Arabian peninsula, here we stay in the Saharan/Sahel band stretching from the West-Atlantic coast to the highlands of Ethiopia in the east of the continent, a vast area where fresh water tends to come at a premium , where the sun is burning down during daytime and nighttime can be cold, where the moon is the sole light source apart from the warming campfires. Is it any surprise then that singing and making music together lifted the spirits of those gathering in these desolate landscapes. And the moon became their God.

Today more from Mali, it has one of the most intensely musical cultures in all Africa, and among that country¹s greatest musicians is the guitarist Djelimady Tounkara. While he's not nearly as well known as his compatriot Ali Farka Touré, he has been a driving force in Mali's rich music scene since the early 60s.  . .......N'joy

xxxxx xxxxx xxxxx xxxxx xxxxx

Born in the culturally rich town of Kita, west of the Malian capital, Bamako, Djelimady grew up surrounded with traditional music played by members of his family, griots, musicians and historians by birth. Djelimady played djembe drum and ngoni, a banjo-like lute, as a boy. When he moved to Mali's capital, Bamako, during the 1960s, he had actually planned to work as a tailor. But music proved a stronger calling. He started playing guitar in a large, government-sponsored neighborhood band, Orchestre Misira. Voted the best guitarist in the band, Djelimady was selected to join the Orchestre National as rhythm guitarist, a great honor for the young player.

All his adult life, Djelimady has worked to transform his ancestral traditions into dance pop. But at the same time, he has continued to work in more traditional contexts, backing the great griot singers of Mali on records, in concerts and at the day-long wedding and baptism celebrations that are the modern griot's life blood. Djelimady Tounkara & the Rail Band’s renewal.

It was Djelimady Tounkara who restructured the Rail Band to give birth to the Super Rail Band international. Tidiani Koné gave up on his leadership over the group and joined the Poly Rythmo orchestra in Cotonou, Benin. Mory Kanté, lead singer, found solo careeer opportunities and recorded his first album without the Rail Band. Djelimady’s new Rail Band played live very often, either at local open air weekend balls such as the ones held at Ifossi’s dance hall, or in large Malian & Ivorian Dioulas baptism & marriage ceremonies.

Djelimady’s brother Issa Tounkara played the bass, Cheikh Tidiane Seck was at the organ & Djelimoussa Kouyaté on the backing guitar. The rest of the personnel is uncertain (possibly Dexter Johnson on saxophone). They recorded their « Affair Social » LP for Nigerian producer Lassissi (tracks 2, 5, 7 & 8) at the Radio Télévision Ivoirienne (RTI) in poor studio conditions, revealing the technical limits of the local record industry. But Lassissi’s international distribution network guaranteed a modest visibility to the group in Western countries’ record stores.

During the same period, manager Mady Sanfo was also the producer of three LP’s led by Tounkara. The quality of those Togolese OTODI recordings is much better than the RTI sessions. Djelimady developed a side project called Trio Manding du Mali together with D. Kouyate & I. Tounkara. The sound of this short lived group was very similar to Rail Band’s OTODI sessions. Female singer Sadio Kouyaté (who was singing live with Djelimady by then) and Ghanaian organist (possibly Ernest Honny) joined for an unusual meeting between mandingo singing style & jazzy piano on track 1. On tracks 3, 4 & 6, the group is credited as Djelimady Tounkara et le Rail Band du Mali. Those tunes differ quite strongly from the earlier band’s style, whether it’s straight manding style melted with jazzy influenced organ or Malian disco funk.

The late seventies and early eighties were the beginning of an era for Mali’s most proeminent group. The recordings evidence the new leader’s talent, who gave the group a new breath for quite a long time. While Djelimady proved how skilled accomplished and creative he was as a guitar virtuoso or an inventive leader. He is the proeminent influence behind those Rail Band’s recordings which are quite singular compared to the group’s remaining discography.

In recent years, Djelimady has performed in an acoustic trio called Bajourou, accompanied by another masterful griot guitarist, Bouba Sacko, and by singer Lafia Diabate, a veteran of the Rail Band.

In 2001, he has won the BBC Radio 3 music award in World Music - "Africa" category for his album titled Sigui.

In 2002, Djelimady collaborated on a track with rapper Common for the Red Hot Organization's compilation album Red Hot and Riot in tribute to the Nigerian afropop innovator, Fela Kuti. Tounkara plays a prominent role in the book In Griot Time by American
musician and author Banning Eyre. 2005 saw the release of his 2nd soloalbum Solon Kôno with support from several female vocalists as we as Sekou Kante on bass, Samba Diabate on guitar and guests on drums and ngoni. It was very much a continuation of his previous great album Siqui. Then in 2007 a compilation of 78/79 recordings with the Super Rail Band, Allo Bamako. The late seventies and early eighties were the beginning of an era for Mali’s most proeminent group. The recordings evidence the new leader’s talent, who gave the group a new breath for quite a long time.

xxxxx xxxxx xxxxx xxxxx xxxxx

Djelimady Tounkara has achieved legendary status as the leader of Mali's Super Rail Band; now he gets the chance to step out on his own for the first time with Sigui, and it's a gorgeous experience. On a mix of Super Rail cuts and traditional Malian songs performed acoustically, he gets a chance to show the true breadth and depth of his immense talent. For much of the album he's content to lead from the back, letting others -- be they singers or ngoni players -- take the spotlight -- with his fretwork introducing the numbers then adding runs to slide through the song and push it along gently. But on both "Djoura" and "Samakoun" it's all Tounkara, and the stunning fluency of his invention and expression is a joy to hear. He's been called one of the three best guitarists in the world, and on the basis of this, it's possible that title doesn't even do him justice. The sumptuous, swinging solo in "Mande Djeliou" is a lesson in how to play the guitar, staying rooted in your own tradition but still taking on board influences from all areas of music and making them entirely your own. And to prove it's no fluke, he shows again and again just how to play, such as with the solo of "Amary Ndaou." a sheer masterpiece of construction. Whether working in the griot tradition that informs the title cut and "Yamaryo," or the praise singing of "Amary Ndaou," Tounkara reinvents the Manding tradition in glorious fashion, with a vibrancy that illustrates exactly why he's deified as a player. An essential for people who considers themselves guitarists or guitar lovers.

Djelimady Tounkara - Sigui (flac  301mb)

01 Mande Djeliou 5:10
02 Gnima Diala 5:08
03 Sigui 5:04
04 Ayebo 4:38
05 Diaoura 5:21
06 Amary Ndaou 5:33
07 Djanfa Magni 4:38
08 Samakoun 2:28
09 Makan Djan Woule 5:06
10 Senelalou 4:05
11 Yamaryo 3:46

Djelimady Tounkara - Sigui  (ogg 141mb)

xxxxx xxxxx xxxxx xxxxx xxxxx

Solon Kôno, his second solo recording, features Tounkara giving free reign to his prodigious improvisational talents. The former bandleader and soloist of the Super Rail Band shows his composing and arranging skills alongside his awesome guitar playing. Artists include vocalists Mountaga Diabate, Samba Sissoko, Mariam "M'Baou" Tounkara, and Mariam "Djodjo" Diabate; bassist Sekou Kante; guitarist Samba Diabate; and guests on drums and ngoni. Originally released in 2005 on Marabi

Djelimady Tounkara - Solon Kôno (flac 325mb)

01 Fanta Bourama 5:47
02 Ikadigné 4:43
03 Solon Kôno 4:01
04 Bolondola 5:45
05 M'Bématoma 5:49
06 Téguindo 5:52
07 Adama 3:57
08 Kanougnogon 4:51
09 Sarankégni 4:51
10 Téyé 4:34

Djelimady Tounkara - Solon Kôno (ogg 140mb)

xxxxx xxxxx xxxxx xxxxx xxxxx

Between 1978 & 1979, the Rail Band orchestra left Bamako, capital city of Mali, for a tour in Abidjan, Ivory Coast, West Africa. This was an inspired move from their former manager Burkinabe Mady Sanfo, as this trip would be the starting point of international careers for artists such as Mory Kanté (Rail Band’s lead singer since Salif Keita’s departure in 1972), Cheikh Tidiane Seck (piano & organ), band leader Tidiani Koné (saxophone & trumpet) or Djelimady Tounkara (lead guitar). It also gave a new breath to the 10 year old Rail Band orchestra.

Allo Bamako

Malian popular music styles were already quite popular in West Africa and Europe. The Malian government was willing to define a consistent national identity through cultural policies that also encouraged local cultural expressions. Since the 1960 independance, the main cities’ regional orchestras (Kayes, Mopti, Gao, Sikasso…) received public grants as well as Bamako’s Rail Band. Cultural festivals were officially held from the end of the1960’s throughout the 70’s. Those events reminded Malians & foreigners that Mali had a complex diversity and a conscious unity despite the recent colonial disaster. The Malian State also encouraged the spreading of Malian musics beyond the countries’ frontiers. The reception by other West Africans might have been favoured by their exposure to Malian cultural expressions during the long Malian empire domination prior to the European colonization. Important migrations to Ivory Coast and Senegal led to the establishment of large groups of Malian peoples in those hosting lands during the post-colonial period.

Malian migrants living in Abidjan remained closely related to their homeland and massively attended the Rail Band live shows & presentations during the 78-79 tours. Mali’s most famous modern music orchestra went threw important changes during this stay away from home as well as it helped migrants to maintain the communication with Bamako.

The late seventies and early eighties were the beginning of an era for Mali’s most proeminent group. The recordings evidence the new leader’s talent, who gave the group a new breath for quite a long time. While Djelimady proved how skilled accomplished and creative he was as a guitar virtuoso or an inventive leader. He is the proeminent influence behind those Rail Band’s recordings which are quite singular compared to the group’s remaining discography.

Djelimady Tounkara & L'Orchestre Super Rail Band International - Allo Bamako   (flac  376mb)

01 Duna Ma Yelema 3:53
02 Baba Drame 4:33
03 Les Enfants de Pierrette 5:39
04 Samba 3:06
05 Bebe Bo Nadero 4:32
06 Tunga Magni 5:13
07 Courir un Homme Qui Vous Aime 3:47
08 Macire 4:49
09 Serrer la Main 4:19
10 Kalilou 4:36
11 Solo de Kar Kar 3:15
12 Kar Kar Madison 5:39

Djelimady Tounkara & L'Orchestre Super Rail Band International - Allo Bamako  (ogg 161mb)

xxxxx xxxxx xxxxx xxxxx xxxxx

Aug 26, 2013

RhoDeo 1334 Foundation 03

Hello, well I hope you enjoyed the sunday, where Vettel took his Red Bull by the horns, swiftly passed Hamilton and never looked back. Alonzo once again showed his cunning and split the two young riders on the podium, there was a get together by the three just before the vicory ceremony it showed the generation gap, even if its just 6 years. Body language between the stars showed me that Vettel is much more respectful towards Alonzo who he probably sees as his biggest most dangerous challenger. That said, if the car holds up it's hard to see who will be able to keep Vettel from a fourth consecutive world title.

The Beeb provides us with a great adaptation of Isaac Asimov's fifties classic SF masterpiece The Foundation Trilogy for decades now stories go round Hollywood would envision it, clearly this is not an easy thing. In an audioplay its our imagination that supports the experience  ... NJoy

 xxxxx xxxxx xxxxx xxxxx xxxxx

Isaac Asimov - The Foundation Trilogy ....
The premise of the series is that mathematician Hari Seldon spent his life developing a branch of mathematics known as psychohistory, a concept of mathematical sociology (analogous to mathematical physics). Using the laws of mass action, it can predict the future, but only on a large scale; it is error-prone on a small scale. It works on the principle that the behaviour of a mass of people is predictable if the quantity of this mass is very large (equal to the population of the galaxy, which has a population of quadrillions of humans, inhabiting millions of star systems). The larger the number, the more predictable is the future.

Using these techniques, Seldon foresees the imminent fall of the Galactic Empire, which encompasses the entire Milky Way, and a dark age lasting thirty thousand years before a second great empire arises. Seldon's psychohistory also foresees an alternative where the intermittent period will last only one thousand years. To ensure his vision of a second great Empire comes to fruition, Seldon creates two Foundations—small, secluded havens of all human knowledge—at "opposite ends of the galaxy".

The focus of the series is on the First Foundation and its attempts to overcome various obstacles during the formation and installation of the Second Empire, all the while being silently guided by the unknown specifics of The Seldon Plan. The series is best known for the Foundation Trilogy, which comprises the books Foundation, Foundation and Empire, and Second Foundation. Originally broadcast in 8 parts, between 6th May and 24th June 1973.

Isaac Asimov's The Foundation Trilogy was adapted for the BBC in eight hour-long episodes by Patrick Tull (episodes 1 to 4) and Mike Stott (episodes 5 to 8), directed by David Cain, first broadcast in 1973, and repeated in 1977 and 2002.

xxxxx xxxxx xxxxx xxxxx xxxxx

A hundred and fifty years after the Foundation was established, the now powerful trading nation, guided by master trader Hober Mallow, faces its greatest threat to date.

The Foundation Trilogy 03 - The Merchant Princes (26mb)

03 The Merchant Princes 57:57min

complete series featuring

William Eedle as Hari Seldon
Geoffrey Beevers as Gaal Dornick
Lee Montague as Salvor Hardin
Julian Glover as Hober Mallow
Dinsdale Landen as Bel Riose
Maurice Denham as Ebling Mis
Gary Watson as Toran Darell
Angela Pleasence as Bayta Darell
Wolfe Morris as Magnifico/The Mule
Cyril Shaps - The Guardian/Preem Palver
Carleton Hobbs as Dr Toran Darell II
Prunella Scales as Lady Callia
David Valla as Encyclopedia Galactica Read-out
Heron Carvic as Advocate
John Hollis as Yohan Lee
Roy Spencer as Lewis Pirenne
Rolf Lefebvre as Anselm Rodric and Dagobert IX
Ronald Herdman as Lord Dorwin
Brian Haines as Tomaz Sutt and Huxlani
John Rowe as Jord Fara and Student Planner (Second Foundation)
John Samson as Sef Sermak
William Fox as Poly Verisof and Cleon II
William Sleigh as Doktor Walto
Michael Kilgarriff as Theo Aporat, Lieutenant Vrank and Tubor
Francis de Wolff as Prince Regent Wienis
Terry Scully as King Lepold I and Oval
Anthony Jackson as Jorane Sutt
Peter Williams as Ankor Jael
Robin Browne as Jaim Twer and Orum Palley
Fraser Kerr as Comdor Asper and Meirus
Gail MacFarlane as Commdora Licia
Douglas Blackwell as Onum Barr and The Governor (Rossem)
David Gooderson as Tech-man
Martin Friend as Ammel Broderig
Michael Harbour as Lathan Devers
Ronald Herdman as Sennett Forell and Elder (Rossem)
Haydn Jones as First trader
John Ruddock as Second trader, Mayor Indbur III and Elder (Rossem)
Peter Howell as Ducem Barr
John Justin as Han Pritcher
Nigel Graham as Franssart
Lewis Stringer as Randu
Nigel Anthony as Prince Dagobert
Trader Faulkner as Bail Channis
Sarah Frampton as Arkady Darell
Gabriel Woolf as Pelleas Anthor
David March as Homir Munn
Peter Pratt as Lord Stettin
Katherine Parr as Mrs Palver

xxxxx xxxxx xxxxx xxxxx xxxxx

The Foundation Trilogy 01 - Psychohistory and Encyclopedia (27mb)
The Foundation Trilogy 02 - The Mayors (25mb)

Foundation Trilogy @ Wiki

xxxxx xxxxx xxxxx xxxxx xxxxx

Aug 25, 2013

Sundaze 1334

Hello, as the Vuelta (Tour of Spain) started today with a team time trial which shook up the classifications before going all out tomorrow with the first of 11 ascend finishes. These last years the Vuelta has been a more entertaining spectacle than the Tour De France which btw did have an excellent 100th tour. There's two spanish favorites and a clever Italian, Nibali, who won the Giro earlier this year-he's my tip. Tipping who will win tomorrow's F1 Grand Prix at the grandiose Spa circuit could be easy, if Hamilton's Mercedes will run to specs he will win, if not Vettel will be right in his trail.

So tonight we dwell under the northern lights courtsey by a Finnish artist who meanwhile has found a scene in Amsterdam that inspires him to make the next step in his musical footprint. ... N'Joy

xxxxx xxxxx xxxxx xxxxx xxxxx

The Finnish artist Blamstrain (Juho Hietala) has been named an up-and-coming force in the local underground scene of Helsinki for a number of years. Well respected among his artist peers, his endearing ability to nonchalantly cross genres and try out new things has also caused debate among his listeners, wondering where he will go next. His trademark sound is very immersive; analog, warm, with a high concentration on ambience and space. Praised by The Wire, XLR8R, Mary Anne Hobbs (plus other Radio 1 DJs) and a favorite of many well-established artists, the Finn has a lot of diverse material to offer to a wide range of listeners.

Finland, a country that is home to so many talented electronic music artists that find their work respected all over the world. Blamstrain is one of these artists. Via his debut cd Ensi and a 12″ on the USA-based Merck Records and a killer 12″ collaboration with Brothomstates on Merck’s sublabel Narita,  subsequently we got treated with Disfold (06), a mighty work of gritty, evolved ambient that is undoubtedly his most grown-up release yet. 2007 saw the release of Lowblow a more techno orientated album as was its 2008 follow up Exosphere. In 2009 he released the ambient Tundra I-VII under the moniker OSC , a year later he released a collection of his ambient work, Selected Ambient Dub Works 06-09  . There was a techno release that year as well, Red Green Blue. Followed by Keeping Up Appearances in 2011.

In 2012 he released a drone, dark ambient, musique concrète album "Non-Rapid Eye Movement Sleep" under the moniker of Invisible Hands. His latest a mini-album released last month is Sunday Dub " The first album to be completed fully after I left Finland for the Netherlands. I was living in the more rural parts of Holland for a while, spending a lot of my time bicycling and foraging in the woods at night. I discovered that the man-made nature of this country is both beautiful and frightening in equal amounts; at some times seeming like a kafkaesque tale of ecological horrors, and others a poetic struggle against the forces of nature by the will of the settlers."

Meanwhile Juro is living in Amsterdam and is immersed in it's trippy music scene you'll be able to hear him spinning @
 Redlightradio live from the notorious Amsterdam district. He tends to make a lot freely available at Soundcloud and keeps up his facebook you can buy directly at his shop.

xxxxx xxxxx xxxxx xxxxx xxxxx

Debut album by young Finnish lad by the name of Juho under his moniker of Blamstrain. Ensi was released Apr 10, 2004 on the Merck label. This is the first album by Blamstrain, a young Finnish lad by the name of Juho. Heavily influenced by other notable Finnish acts like Brothomstates, Lackluster and Vladislav Delay; his album straddles the divide between idm and techno. We like to describe the music as splatterfuck smooth electronic soundscapes, with harsh melodies and crisp percussion.9 tracks with a running time around an hour, this is a solid cd for dark nights and early mornings flying down the expressway, or whiling out in a field in the Finnish highlands watching the sky shift.

Blamstrain - Ensi (379mb)

01 Process 7:03
02 Batman 5:30
03 Etkno76 6:30
04 List 6:00
05 Linja 5:18
06 Goodbye P10 6:22
07 Alive In Arms 6:34
08 Turn Back 8:41
09 Hello A16 7:49

Blamstrain - Ensi (ogg 137mb)

xxxxx xxxxx xxxxx xxxxx xxxxx

"Disfold" is a journey of muffled, dubbed ambient pieces, all aligned nicely on one underlying environmental track that carries the whole album further, like a train, evergoing and gently pulsing, almost progressive. The concept of the electric train is omnipresent, even in the artwork, and provides lots of subtle samples crafted into things like singing steel wheels, buzzing electricity interfering with the sound of a needle cruising on black curves, distant city sounds and voices hushed by electromagnetic engines, dancing power lines and of course lots of whooshing turned into purified noise. Fans of Echospace/DeepChord and Basic Channel will certainly enjoy in this release. Everything that has a scent of dub and techno seems to be condemned as a sort of repetition of the work done by BC/Echospace, but "Disfold" has to offer something in addition - echoing ambient pieces blurred into dark city noise. Obviously all this doesn’t result in a cheery walk on the seaside, but despite all this gloomy roaring activity, the album manages to provide enough positivism and soul to make it plain fascinating.

Blamstrain - Disfold (365mb)

01 Diacedita 6:43
02 Sight Of Field 4:30
03 The Thing You Hate Me For Is Also A Part Of The Rest Of Me You Love 7:59
04 Nyt Revisited 11:56
05 Frame Math 10:44
06 Revelation 21:1 8:10
07 Spring/Summer 10:15
08 A Song For Jonas 8:47

Blamstrain - Disfold   (ogg 156mb)

xxxxx xxxxx xxxxx xxxxx xxxxx

A collection of selected ambient and dub works from 2006-2009.

I've kept some of these under wraps for a long time waiting for the right moment to be put together into an album, and here it is! The contained music itself is as warm and analog as you'd expect, with every track's placement carefully considered to fit for the big picture. If you liked my 2006 album "Disfold" you will like this too.

 I sincerely hope you enjoy the listen from start to finish!  -Juho

Blamstrain - Selected Ambient Dub Works 06-09 (345mb)

01 Missing You 11:57
02 Night Became 8:12
03 Miuh (Dedicated To The Memory Of W.W.) 3:51
04 Stream 1:57
05 Pride Pigs (Live With Esa Ruoho) 6:14
06 Laulu Maapallolle / A Song For The Earth 8:11
07 Inari 8:22
08 Keplatzoo (Live With Lassi Nikko) 9:01
09 Missing You (Dub) 5:47

Blamstrain - Selected Ambient Dub Works 06-09 (ogg 137mb)

xxxxx xxxxx xxxxx xxxxx xxxxx

Aug 24, 2013

RhoDeo 1333 Beats

Hello, mysterious things are happening in Damascus a thousand or more die from poisoning and it isn't clear who has done it, to me it would be who stands to gain the most from these victims. However,this is not the party with many resources for it, then again it could be a sabotage act from within the army to bring about the end of Assad, or finally allow them to use nervegas to smoke out the terrorists. What happened exactly, ordered by whom, will remain unclear for some time, images from a rocket say nothing in Syria to be continued.

The coming months Frenchies rule the beats and they have plenty to offer even though not that much reaches the world as  the music scene is rather dominated by the Anglo - American industry. Meanwhile the French enjoyed themselves in their own niche so to speak, and they did rather well. Today Christophe Le Friant,  born 10 May 1969 in Douarnenez, Brittany, France. Grammy Award-nominated French record producer, house music DJ & remixer, and owner of the ultra-hip independent label Yellow Productions.  ....... N'joy

xxxxx xxxxx xxxxx xxxxx xxxxx

The man behind such productions as the Mighty Bop (downtempo hip-hop), Bob Sinclar (house), and Réminiscence Quartet (acid jazz) is Chris the French Kiss (aka Christophe le Friant), a Parisian DJ and head of the crucial French label Yellow Productions as well as a producer. Le Friant began DJing in 1987 while still a teenager, and formed Yellow Productions in 1993 with Alain Ho. Several of the first releases on Yellow were by Le Friant: the Mighty Bop's "Messe Pour le Temps Present," Réminiscence Quartet's "Roda Mundo," and his first LP, the French hip-hop summit The Mighty Bop Meet DJ Cam et la Funk Mob. Alongside releases from a parade of excellent French sources, including DJ companions Dimitri from Paris and Kid Loco, Yellow also hosted two more Mighty Bop LPs during 1996-1997, La Vague Sensorielles and Autres Voix, Autres Blues.

Eager to inject some fun into the burgeoning French house underground, Le Friant borrowed the name Bob Sinclar (from a character in the well-known French film Le Magnifique) and in 1997 produced his first Sinclar EP, A Space Funk Project. Soon enough, he had an entire Bob Sinclar LP ready to go, and Paradise appeared on Yellow just in time for summer 1998. One of the album's tracks, "Gym Tonic," began getting some club play in France thanks to its bouncy house vibe and incessant singalong chorus (lifted from a Jane Fonda workout record). A huge anthem during the summer season in Ibiza, "Gym Tonic" looked ready to explode on the charts until Fonda sought legal action for the illegal sample. Perhaps wary of overly burdensome commercial success, the song's co-producer -- Daft Punk's Thomas Bangalter, who'd just recorded his own breezy house delight, Stardust's "Music Sounds Better with You" -- refused to have even a remixed version released as a single. Nevertheless, assorted bootlegs cropped up and by October a mysterious artist named Spacedust -- probably just a major-label-fronted cash-in attempt -- hit the top of the charts in Britain with an almost identical remix of the Sinclar-Bangalter original, entitled "Gym and Tonic."

With all the offending samples removed, Sinclar's Paradise LP was re-released worldwide in 1999. He also worked on remixes, providing tracks by Bangalter himself, Ian Pooley, Second Crusade, and the Yellow project Tom & Joyce with additional production. Le Friant returned to the Mighty Bop alias in 2000 with the retrospective mix collection Spin My Hits. In 2000, he issued his first U.S. album release as Sinclar, Champs Elysées, on Subliminal Records. The 2001 release Cerrone by Bob Sinclar found him mixing his personal favorites from the back catalog of one of his big influences, Cerrone. Dropping the original concept of "Bob Sinclar" after that, the release of "III" (2003) . After climbing the dance charts in 2005 with the single "Love Generation," he released the full-length Western Dream in 2006 and established him as a popular/commercial DJ.

The following year Sinclar put out a mix-tape style CD, Soundz of Freedom, which featured remixes by the likes of Tocadisco and Axwell, alongside a clutch of new songs from the French DJ. His 2009 album Born in ’69 stepped away from his earlier disco-inspired beginnings and toward a more dancehall crossover sound which included collaborations with Shabba Ranks and Kevin Lyttle. He moved further into dub and reggae-influenced sounds in 2010 when he teamed up with legendary producers Sly & Robbie on his seventh release Made in Jamaica. The LP included reggae interpretations of some of his biggest hits, such as “Wold Hold On” and “Love Generation.” Two years later Disco Crash came, and signalled a return to his club roots. Here he revisited the big beats and synth lines that powered his rise to fame and assembled a host of artists, including Sean Paul, Sophie Ellis-Bextor and Pitbull, to complete his ninth album.

xxxxx xxxxx xxxxx xxxxx xxxxx

This was the actual text presenting Bob Sinclar to the public in his first incarnation:
"Who is Bob Sinclar? An international man of mystery, since he first emerged in 1976 this career path has taken in spy, jewel thief. Riviera playboy, mercenary, arms smuggler, Monte Carlo card shark, Studio 54 bellboy, high-class gigolo, sunglasses model and hardcore porn star. It's also rumoured he was roped in to teach John Travolta to dance for Saturday Night Fever, but we don't want to play with the rumours - the mere facts themselves are incredible enough. Now, since his autobiography was banned worldwide for in order to protect NATO security, Bob has decided to tell his story via the medium of House music."

Paradise is the debut album by Bob Sinclar album released on May 30, 1998, on his own label Yellow Productions, Paradise with a remarkble cover includes the Thomas Bangalter remix of "Gym Tonic" plus 11 more get-on-the-dancefloor Daft Punk alter disco-house movers like "Get into the Music," "Disco 2000 Selector," and "Move Your Body."

Bob Sinclar - Paradise ( flac 386mb)

01 Intro 0:25
02 Get Into The Music 5:19
03 Disco 2000 Selector 5:22
04 My Only Love 4:37
05 Paradise Interlude 0:40
06 The Ghetto 6:32
07 New York City Music 6:19
08 Ultimate Funk 5:33
09 Move Your Body 4:09
10 Souvenir 2:24
11 Vision Of Paradise 6:25
12 Mo Underground People 6:08
13 Gym Tonic (Thomas Bangalter Mix) 6:11

xxxxx xxxxx xxxxx xxxxx xxxxx

Bob Sinclar, just slightly more of a self-publicist than Thomas Bangalter (Daft Punk), seemed completely resistant to changing any of the longstanding clichés of filter-disco and the '70s nostalgia movement for his second LP, Champs Elysées. Ably summoning the spirit of the age of Cerrone and Charlie's Angels, Sinclar proved himself a solid producer despite the lack of freshness, adding in plenty of swooping strings, nickel-bag guitars, and soft-toned keyboards. "Got to Be Free" and "Darlin'" (featuring ex-D-Train vocalist James "D-Train" Williams) are a pair of disco-mover productions that wouldn't sound out of place on classic American R&B radio, and Sinclar has plenty of fun throughout the album.

Bob Sinclar - Champs Elysées (flac 387mb)

01 Champs Elysées Theme 4:26
02 I Feel For You 5:51
03 You Are Beautiful 2:07
04 Striptease 4:30
05 Got To Be Free 5:43
06 Life 6:24
07 Save Our Soul 4:24
08 Phasing News 4:05
09 Ich Rocke 4:06
10 Freedom 6:31
11 Darlin' 5:01
12 My Only Love (Exclusive Subliminal Mix) 3:33

xxxxx xxxxx xxxxx xxxxx xxxxx

Anyone who enjoys house will be familiar with the first track 'Beat goes on' it's already a modern dancefloor classic. To be fair though my favourite track is number 2 'Kiss my eyes', it's got a bit of a tango feel to it with a chunky bass line and an infectious melody. Sinclar has fused old synthetic instruments like a moog and old synths with modern sounds and recording technology. This is a blend that has been attempted by numerous artists but I've never heard it pulled off quite as well as on this album. Audiophile listeners will not be disappointed, the production of this album is second to none. However, iIt is cheesier and has more of a disco-feel, hence it is more light weight than his previous albums.

Bob Sinclar - III ( flac 435mb)

01 The Beat Goes On 2:59
02 Kiss My Eyes 4:20
03 If I Was 4:41
04 La Musique Is Fantastique 4:44
05 Nature Boy 4:50
06 Who Needs Sleep Tonight 5:01
07 Sexy Dancer 5:12
08 I'm Not Perfect 4:59
09 Do It 3:34
10 Métro Blanche 3:22
11 Beat The Clock 3:03
12 Europa 4:12
13 So High / I Wanna Go Bang (Hidden Bonus Track) 12:40

xxxxx xxxxx xxxxx xxxxx xxxxx

Aug 22, 2013

RhoDeo 1333 Goldy Rhox 122

Hello, today the 77th post of Goldy Rhox, classic pop rock. In the darklight today are an English symphonic rock band formed in 1970.  The group from Birmingham released eleven studio albums between 1971 and 1986 and another album in 2001. They were formed to accommodate Roy Wood and Jeff Lynne's desire to create modern rock and pop songs with classical overtones. After Wood's departure following the band's debut record, Lynne wrote and arranged all of the group's original compositions and produced every album.

Despite early singles success in the United Kingdom their 4 albums were totally ignored, however the band were successful in the United States, billed as "The English guys with the big fiddles" They soon gained a cult following despite the lukewarm reviews back in their native United Kingdom. By the mid-1970s, they had become one of the biggest-selling acts in music. From 1972 to 1986, they accumulated 27 Top-40 hit singles in both the UK and the US. The group also scored 20 Top 20 UK hit singles, as well as 19 Top-20 hit singles in the US. The band also holds the record for having the most Billboard Hot 100, Top 40 hits of any group in US chart history without ever having a number one single. They sold over 50 million records worldwide during the group's active period of recording and touring.

***** ***** ***** ***** *****
Most of the albums i 'll post made many millions for the music industry and a lot of what i intend to post still gets repackaged and remastered decades later, squeezing the last drop of profit out of bands that for the most part have ceased to exist long ago, although sometimes they get lured out of the mothballs to do a big bucks gig or tour. Now i'm not as naive to post this kinda music for all to see and have deleted, these will be a black box posts, i'm sorry for those on limited bandwidth but for most of you a gamble will get you a quality rip don't like it, deleting is just 2 clicks...That said i will try to accommodate somewhat and produce some cryptic info on the artist and or album.

***** ***** ***** ***** *****
Today's mystery album was the fourth studio album by the band, released in  November 1974. It is the first complete concept album; Bandleader Jeff Lynne conceived the storyline before he wrote any music. The plot follows a Walter Mitty-like character who journeys into fantasy worlds via dreams, in order to escape the disillusionment of his mundane reality. Lynne began to write the album in response to criticisms from his father, a classical music lover, who said that the band's repertoire "had no tune" . It marks the first album on which Jeff Lynne hired an orchestra; on previous albums, Lynne would overdub the strings. Louis Clark co-arranged and conducted the strings, and would go on to become a full member. The group's three resident string players continued to perform on recordings, however, and can be heard most prominently on the songs "Boy Blue" and "Laredo Tornado". Lynne plays the bass and provides most of the backing vocals for the album.

"Can't Get It Out of My Head" was released as a single (with "Illusions in G Major" as the flipside) and was a success in the US. An edited version of "Boy Blue" was released as the album's second single, but failed to make any commercial impact. The album was certified Gold in the United States soon after its release. The album and singles, however, failed to find a wide audience in the band's native United Kingdom, barbarians. However Canadians recognized it's brilliance and gave the band it's first platinum album. Personally, it has been my favorite album by the band, here in it's 2001 remastered version.

Goldy Rhox 122   (flac 303mb)

Goldy Rhox 122   (ogg 110mb)

***** ***** ***** ***** *****
previously and freshly re-upped

may 2011
Goldy Rhox 26   (176mb)

oct 12
Goldy Rhox 77   (flac 373mb)

Goldy Rhox 77   (ogg 134mb)

***** ***** ***** ***** *****

Aug 21, 2013

RhoDeo 1333 Aetix

Hello, as we continue the females in the eighties today, those days saw some great female lead bands, alas in the anglo-american music industry looks are everything, as well as strong prejudices towards non american/british acts, Canadians and other former colonies considered hicks. When today's band came along they had another problem they were old enough to have opinions, in the end it cost them a big career outside Canada, and this when it started so well with a big hit form their debut album, they got better but were shunned by their record label not once but twice, ah well by now we know how much these coked up A&R ego's didn't deserve their status. Time to give them another finger and check out Martha & The Muffins music   ......N'Joy

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The group's initial line-up came together in Toronto in 1977, when David Millar asked his fellow Ontario College of Art student Mark Gane to help him start a band. Millar recruited Martha Johnson to play keyboards; Johnson brought in a friend from high school, Carl Finkle, to play bass; and Gane's brother Tim signed on as the drummer. They chose the name "Martha and the Muffins" to distance themselves from the aggressive names adopted by many punk bands of the era. According to Mark Gane: "We decided to use it as a temporary name until we could all agree on something better." The name ended up sticking for the next 7 years.

In 1979, the band travelled to England to record their first album, Metro Music (1980). It contained their 'one hit wonder'  "Echo Beach", that opened doors and created expectations. Later in 1980, the band released their second album, Trance and Dance, which was less successful and didn't give the band any hit singles.
In 1981, bassist Finkle left the band, and was replaced by Jocelyne Lanois, the sister of then-unknown record producer Daniel Lanois. After Jocelyne introduced the band to her brother, they figured Daniel was an ideal candidate to produce their next LP. However, in order to utilize his services as a co-producer, Martha and the Muffins had to agree to Virgin Records' demand that if they were going to insist on working with an unknown producer, they would also have work with a lower album recording budget.

Martha and the Muffins' 1981 album This is the Ice Age, produced by Daniel Lanois and the band, was recorded in Toronto and Hamilton, Ontario. More experimental than previous efforts, it also gained significant Canadian radio airplay . However, despite critical acclaim, the album didn't spin off any hit singles internationally, and Virgin dropped the band from their roster. Considering it launched Daniel Lanois' career as a sought after producer, it goes to show how little these music execs are in touch with music.

Dan Lanois produced the follow-up album, "Danseparc", recorded at Grant Avenue Studio during the spring and summer of 1982 with new drummer Nick Kent and the first of three albums to be recorded with Canadian indie label Current Records.With the release of "Danseparc" in 1983, the band embarked on another tour, playing dates in Canada, the U.S. and the U.K. After the tour Martha & Marc broke up the band and went on together as M & M, one year later they'd score their biggest hit "black stations/white stations" from the 84 Mystery Walk album, it gave them the financial freedom to record at leisure.

In 1985, Johnson and Gane started work on their next album in Montreal before heading to Bath, England to work with producer David Lord, resulting in the album The World is a Ball (1986), once again their record companies seemed to have lost interest, i.e no promotion. Johnson and Gane took several years to record a follow-up to The World is a Ball. Recording started in Bath, where the couple had moved to in 1987, and it continued in Toronto when they moved back to their home city in 1989. In 1992, they released the album Modern Lullaby. For these and all future releases, the duo revived the name "Martha and the Muffins", they released a babydaughter into the world aswell that year (92) Priorites change and for much of the 90's, they did film and television soundtrack work, but their recording artist days seemed history.

In 1995, Johnson inspired by motherhood released an album of children's music entitled Songs from the Tree House. Credited simply to "Martha", the album was an M+M/Martha and the Muffins project in all but name, as the record was written, arranged and produced by Gane and Johnson. Songs from the Tree House won a 1996 Juno Award for best children's album.

In 2003, the Johnson/Gane duo (augmented by session players) performed at the CFNY Reunion as Martha and the Muffins. Then in 2005, they performed a number of reunion shows in Toronto. A later concert that year also included Jocelyne Lanois on guitar. However, no other former Martha and the Muffins members participated in these 2005 'reunion' shows, which were the first full-length Martha and the Muffins concerts since 1987.

In June 2008, Martha and the Muffins announced that their next album would be called Delicate, and be mixed by David Bottrill. In December 2009, the first single from the album Mess was available on YouTube. The album was released on February 2, 2010, on their own label Muffin Music. It was Martha and the Muffins' first album of new material in 18 years.

In 2001 Johnson was diagnosed with Parkinson's Disease, but continues to perform and has used this platform to raise awareness in her shows. In 2013 Johnson released a project called "Solo One" with a portion of the proceeds going to the Michael J. Fox Foundation.

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An incredible debut album, and one that both stands the test of time and serves as an excellent sampler of a distinct era and sound called new wave. Hailing from Toronto, though recorded in England by Mike Howlett, the Marthas (there were two Marthas in the original lineup, Johnson and Ladly), and their Muffins recorded energetic and fun pop songs. Just try standing still during the brilliant "Echo Beach" or "Paint By Number Heart." They also managed to write some pretty powerful and intelligent lyrics on this album; just listen to the beauty of "Saigon," featuring haunting vocals from the Marthas, and excellent playing from the band. Mark Gane stands out with his distinctive guitar, featured prominently throughout the album, and Andy Haas provides some very catchy, memorable sax solos. The album also features witty, almost silly songs, such as "Cheesies and Gum," simplistic and hilarious, with a heavy dance beat. Perhaps the only negative aspect of the album is the production; Howlett at times seems to want to focus on the pure pop aspect, while not allowing the band to have their own distinct sound. It is the production that dates the album, but nevertheless, the brilliance of the songs shines through.

Martha and The Muffins - Metro +  (flac 332mb)

01 Echo Beach 3:39
02 Paint By Number Heart 4:23
03 Saigon 4:23
04 Indecision 4:26
05 Terminal Twilight 4:42
06 Hide And Seek 4:00
07 Monotone 2:47
08 Sinking Land 5:28
09 Revenge (Against The World) 3:31
10 Cheesies And Gum3:14
11 Insect Love 4:10
12 About Insomnia 3:10
13 Motorbikin' 2:55
14 Suburban Dream 3:20
15 Was Ezo 4:00

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It all came together on this album for Martha & the Muffins. Working with a new producer, a young Daniel Lanois, and a new bass player (Daniel's sister, Jocelyne), the band seemed to have the freedom to produce their sound their way. And it worked in a big way. From the first track, the incredible "Swimming," to the fantastic closer "Three Hundred Years/Chemistry," this album is a multi-layered, unforgettable experience. Mark Gane wrote the majority of the album, and he branches out both in his writing and his playing, while Martha Johnson produces one of her finest songs, the exquisite "One Day in Paris." The humor is still there, but now somewhat bittersweet, as evidenced in the wonderful "You Sold the Cottage," a wonderful companion piece to their single "Echo Beach" in that it showed just how much this band had grown in two years, and how much more mature their sound had become. A very strong album, one that would appeal to a great many tastes if given the chance; not instantly accessible, but well worth the effort of several listens. There are no real highlights, as the entire album is a standout, and also groundbreaking, with several production techniques still being used today. No wonder then their label Virgin scrapped them.

Martha And The Muffins - The Ice Age  (flac 235mb)

01 Swimming 3:55
02 Women Around The World At Work 3:59
03 Casualties Of Glass 5:17
04 Boy Without Filters 4:59
05 Jets Seem Slower In London's Skies 2:39
06 This Is The Ice Age 7:28
07 One Day In Paris 4:20
08 You Sold The Cottage 4:01
09 Three Hundred Years / Chemistry 7:02

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A new label, and the beginnings of a name change. Working with Daniel Lanois again, M + M managed to produce another album full of beautiful, layered sound, not entirely unlike the previous release, This Is the Ice Age. In fact the two releases are good companions. Mark Gane and Martha Johnson, the writers and main creative forces behind the band, once again expand the pop music form into ambient sounds mixed with solid dance beats, augmented by thought-provoking lyrics and top-notch playing. And, not forgetting the wonderful layered sounds created from a variety of sources, from the powerful, driving "Obedience" to the somber, yet beautiful "Sins of Children" and the almost bittersweet, beat driven yet melodic "Danseparc (Every Day It's Tomorrow)." An excellent album, and once again, the band shows a continuation, yet also a progression from their prior releases. It's also amazing to hear how far they have come since their Metro Music debut a mere four years prior to the release of this album.

Martha And The Muffins - Danseparc (flac 219mb)

01 Obedience 3:30
02 World Without Borders 3:08
03 Walking Into Walls 2:57
04 Danseparc (Every Day It's Tomorrow) 3:22
05 Sins Of Children 5:37
06 Several Styles Of Blonde Girls Dancing 5:52
07 Boys In The Bushes 4:43
08 What People Do For Fun 4:02
09 Whatever Happened To Radio Valve Road? 3:00

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