Jul 8, 2018

Sundaze 1827

Hello, huge quality difference (as expected) in the two sets of 1/4 finals on Friday the A list battled it out with Belgium and France meeting in the semi finals, today's matches were rather poor with England scoring first the Swedes were left impotent, Russia and Croatia made a battle of it which ended with a victory for Croatia after their 2nd penalty shoot-out, it means England will meet them extra depleted, should be another walkover into the finals...

Hamilton was shaking from his out of body qualifying lap which saw him 4 hundredths faster as Vettel, pole for Britain in England however the Ferrari's look strong, Red Bulls in no man's land 5th and 6th, Verstappen will have  depend on something going wrong in front i he wants to continue in podium finishes.

The Tour start saw 3 topriders loose time Richie Porte, Chris Froome lost 51 sec and a stupid mistake (changing a flat at 3.4 km) by Nairo Quintana cost him 1:15.A strong Quickstep team made sure their sprinter Gavrilia won  his first ever Tour stage well in front of Peter Sagan

Today's artist is an American composer of space music, a genre of ambient electronic music, and New Age music.  Jonn soars and glides with his hands on the controls of analog and digital synthesizers. His rhythmic outings often have an understated heroic feel, although he has also done some more pop-oriented instrumentals

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Serrie has been composing and performing music for planetariums since the early 1980s. His first widely available album, And the Stars Go With You, was in memory of the astronauts lost in the Space Shuttle Challenger disaster in 1986. The following album, Flightpath, contains six songs that commemorate the pre-space-age test pilots of Edwards Air Force Base in the 1950s. Jonn is a pilot with advanced instrument and commercial ratings and flies for the Civil Air Patrol as a search-and-rescue pilot.

Serrie's next album, Tingri, was based on a remote village in Tibet. It was his way of infusing more spiritual and romantic emotion into his music. In so doing, he strayed a bit from his space music roots but without sacrificing his trademark sound. In 1992 and 1994, he made two albums in which he put his earlier planetarium work from the 1980s on CD, on Planetary Chronicles, Volume 1 and Planetary Chronicles, Volume 2. In between, in 1993 and 1995, Serrie composed his own musical science fiction story based on a fictional Century Princess in Midsummer Century and Ixlandia. In 1993, he submitted a song from his planetarium collection called "Soft Landing" to a Various Artists album sponsored largely by Steve Roach, another prominent new age musician. This song is only available on this recording. In 1997, Serrie's first Christmas album Upon a Midnight Clear was released; he rearranged known and less-known Christmas songs from around the world in his unique style. Due to its popularity, Serrie released two more Christmas albums, Yuletides in 2001 and Merrily on High in 2004.

In 1998, Serrie collaborated with David Carradine on his tai chi video series and released a CD soundtrack based on the videos, called "Dream Journeys". Also in 1998, he took a trip to shamanic America, which resulted in his musical collaboration with several Native American elders on "Spirit Keepers". In 1999, Serrie appeared as a special guest of honor at the 30th anniversary of the Apollo 11 moon landing mission, which was held in Cape Canaveral. As the final act of the after-dinner entertainment, he played a specially composed song "Out of the Blue", which has not been officially released.

The year 2000 brought Serrie's "best of" space music compilation, Century Seasons. On this album two new songs appeared, although "Deep Mystery" reappeared on "Lumia Nights" two years later in a slightly shorter version. The other bonus track, "Andromeda Dream", appeared on this album. In 2000 Serrie collaborated with flutist Gary Stroutsos on the Narada label, on an album called Hidden World. Since 2000, several of Serrie's albums have appeared on independent labels. 2002 brought Lumia Nights, a space romance release on Valley Entertainment, composed in the style of Ixlandia and Midsummer Century. In 2003, he signed a contract with New World Music, a major label in England, which included the reissue of his earlier Miramar releases. 2003 also brought The Stargazer's Journey with liner notes from famed astronomer David H. Levy. This was a return to form in Serrie's more traditional space music style.

Serrie took an interesting musical turn in 2005 with Epiphany, Meditations on Sacred Hymns, featuring his arrangement of traditional hymns and psalms, which he dedicated to his grandmother, his primary childhood church organ and piano teacher. He followed this up in 2006 with Sunday Morning, an independent release for autistic children and their parents. A portion of the profits from this album goes to support for autism organizations in the United States. Also in 2006, music from one of his albums was used in the hit Hollywood movie What the Bleep Do We Know!? Serrie scored the award winning IMAX short film Hubble: Galaxies Across Space and Time as well as the popular astronomy software program Starry Nights and Space.com's Eyes on Mars DVD. In 2009, Serrie released the album Thousand Star.

In 2011 the album Sunday Morning was expected be released, available worldwide. In 2014 the album "Day Star" was released available worldwide on New World Music In 2017 the album "The Sentinel" was released available worldwide on New World Music. Jonn Serrie founded the Galaxy Music Scholarship in 2001, a US$1000 annual scholarship for graduating high school seniors desiring a career in new age and space music composition. He lives in Atlanta, Georgia.

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Dream Journeys is an electronic new age masterwork by veteran artist Jonn Serrie. It is, in many ways, the middle album of an unofficial trilogy. It shares cross-cultural textures with Spirit Keepers and Dream World. While those discs have distinct Native American timbres, the ethnic influences on this album are more global. Serrie performs all of the music on this disc and he does so quite capably. The music was designed to accompany David Carradine's Tai Chi workout videos. It has qualitative healing powers and is a relaxing and meditative experience.

Jonn Serrie - Dream Journeys  (flac  307mb)

01 Native Seasons 6:10
02 Summer Dreamer 11:03
03 The Winds Of Change 18:56
04 Messengers 15:24
05 The Power Of Chi 7:50

Jonn Serrie - Dream Journeys  (ogg   129mb)

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Jonn Serrie is one of the leading space music artists in the U.S. His commissioned work for planetariums is legendary. Gary Stroutsos is one of the world's leading flutists. He excels particularly on Native American flutes. These two virtuosos got together and collaborated on Hidden World, a cross-cultural hybrid. Serrie says, "(Music) exists to help us explore a sense of ourselves and our place in the universe." According to Stroutsos: "...Music creates unity among peoples, cultures and nations. (It) can touch the soul, making it our universal means of communication." Taken out of context, such philosophies can -- and often do -- seem maudlin. However, listening to this album with those words fresh in mind clarifies and validates the philosophies. This music transcends hypocrisy and conflict -- both internal and external. Serrie and Stroutsos do indeed touch the soul with their large and gentle atmospheres. The soundscapes are warm and comfortable.

Jonn Serrie n Gary Stroutsos - Hidden World  (flac 275mb)

01 Hidden World 4:33
02 The Ocean Of Night 7:01
03 Mystery Of Falcon Cove 7:02
04 The Rain Maiden 4:40
05 Sunrise Song 6:13
06 Earth Sky 5:26
07 Bird Canyons 4:41
08 Rhapsody 3:44
09 Tuptim's Garden 5:24
10 Vision Lake 3:16

Jonn Serrie n Gary Stroutsos - Hidden World  (ogg  115mb)

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Jonn Serrie is one of the great space music composers of the 20th and 21st centuries. He is also an expert composer of electronic new age romance music. Lumia Nights features some of the best of both worlds. Serrie runs the gamut but does not go to the dark side to capture his space elements. His music is timeless as he generates good will, solid vibes, and positive karma at every level.

Jonn Serrie - Lumia Nights  (flac 362mb)

01 Lumia Nights 5:25
02 Lovers In Motion 5:10
03 Tidepools 5:48
04 Autumn Leaves 5:13
05 Starshower 7:34
06 Evening Shade 6:05
07 Deep Mystery 6:39
08 Lumahai 7:57
09 From Here To Eternity 8:53

Jonn Serrie - Lumia Nights  (ogg   129mb)

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David Levy, a world-renowned astronomer, called The Stargazer's Journey by Jonn Serrie, a "collection of cosmic musical poetry." That is an accurate description. Serrie is one of the world's foremost space music composers and a romantic at heart. This album, obviously on the space music side, gives several nods and winks to his romantic minimalism. Serrie stands in an elite zone with his ability to create pastoral space music. These atmospheres and soundscapes are full of joy, radiance, and vivid colors. Serrie does not go to the dark side for inspiration, it comes from his heart and soul. He embraces the stargazer's joy of exploration and discovery.

Jonn Serrie - The Stargazer's Journey (flac 329mb)

01 The Stargazer's Journey 8:47
02 Eye Of The Beholder 9:34
03 Goldstone 8:32
04 Pan Galactic 9:27
05 The Stars, Like Dust 15:35
06 Radiant Dawn's Whisper 7:58

Jonn Serrie - The Stargazer's Journey (ogg 124mb)

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