Jul 4, 2018

RhoDeo 1826 Aetix

Hello, two 1/8 finals saw 4 largely impotent teams battle it out, the Swedes, with their run of luck that started 2 years ago against the Dutch, were always the favorite against the Swiss and so a shot that was deviated decided the match 1-0. Harry Kane scored another corner tussle penalty and that was all th english managed in 2 hours, extra time was needed after a late equalizer from Columbia's first corner in the 93rd minute. Unsurprisingly nothing much happened in 30 extra minutes so it was penalties, the format the English dread as they always loose these shoot outs, they missed first this time but at 3-2, the Colombians missed their remaining 2 and the English ..didn't 4-3 for the queens boys.

What's left is a rather uneven quarterfinal draw with on the one side Brazil-Belgium and France-Uruguay and on the other 'light weight' side Russia-Croatia and Sweden-England

Today's artist is a Japanese musician, singer, record producer and actor, who is best known internationally as the drummer and lead vocalist of the Yellow Magic Orchestra, and as the former drummer of the Sadistic Mika Band .. ..............N'Joy

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Yukihiro Takahashi first came to prominence as the drummer of the Sadistic Mika Band in the early 1970s, and became known to western audiences after this band (led by Kazuhiko Kato, formerly of The Folk Crusaders) toured and recorded in the United Kingdom. After the Sadistic Mika Band disbanded, some of the members (including Takahashi) formed another band called The Sadistics, who released several albums. Takahashi recorded his first solo album, Saravah, in 1977. In 1978, Takahashi joined Ryuichi Sakamoto and Haruomi Hosono to form the Yellow Magic Orchestra.

After the Yellow Magic Orchestra disbanded in the mid 1980s, Takahashi went solo and released a large number of solo albums, primarily intended for the Japanese market. Takahashi has collaborated extensively with other musicians, including Bill Nelson, Iva Davies of Icehouse,[2] Keiichi Suzuki of the Moonriders (often as a duo dubbed "The Beatniks", although Suzuki essentially functioned as a member of Takahashi's backing band during the Moonriders' brief hiatus) and in particular Steve Jansen. Takahashi has released a single Stay Close and an EP Pulse as a duo with Jansen.

Takahashi helped compose the soundtrack to the anime series Nadia: Secret of the Blue Water in 1989, including the song "Families".[3] Takahashi participated in temporary reunions of both the Sadistic Mika Band (missing the lead vocalist Mika who was replaced by Kaela Kimura), and The Yellow Magic Orchestra (YMO). Both of these reunions included tours of Japan, and an album of new material.

In the early 2000s, Takahashi became a member of the duo Sketch Show, with Haruomi Hosono. Sketch Show has released two albums, one of which, Loophole, has been released in the UK. Both Takahashi and Hosono have recently reunited with Sakamoto as HASYMO – a combination of Human Audio Sponge and Yellow Magic Orchestra. This collaboration produced a new single "Rescue" in 2007 and a new album looks to be in the pipeline in the near future. Takahashi's latest solo album Life Anew will be released on July 17, 2013.

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Yukihiro's works can be classified into English-centered and Japanese-centered. I think "Once A Fool  ..." is the latter's best masterpiece. It is difficult to say the impression of music, but feeling something that sticks to the pin while being a light, soft and good quality pops.  As usual guests are luxurious, Ryuichi Sakamoto, Haruka Hosono as well as Akiko Yano, Minako Yoshida, Hirofumi Suzuki, Peter Barakan etc participate. A masterpiece full of pop feeling in total.  Last "Today's Sky" and Todd. "I Saw The Light" which is the cover of Langrene is especially recommended. In addition, the EP "Stay Close" is included on this album, By the way, "Betsu Ni " seems to be the title that Jansen got interested in the word "Separately" that Yukihiro casually said.

Yukihiro Takahashi - Once A Fool (flac  358mb)

01 Harukanaru Omoi 2:29
02 Fuyu No Silhouette 4:17
03 Providence (Subarashiki Gensou) 4:21
04 Shigoto Wo Oeta Bokutachi Wa 3:40
05 One More Chance 4:10
06 Sailor 4:23
07 I Saw The Light 3:48
08 Konchu-ki4:34
09 Nakitai Kimochi 4:14
10 Kyou No Sora 3:46
Bonus Takahashi/Jansen
11 Stay Close (12" Version) 8:12
12 Betsu Ni 5:08
13 Stay Close (Wierder World) 2:58

Yukihiro Takahashi - Once A Fool   (ogg  127mb)

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It was remarkable and puzzled that the sound of Yukihiro changed from European to American sound.  The jacket shows a miserable face .This is Yukihiro Takahashi;s 2nd album of the Tent era and it's drawing the same flow as the previous work "Once A Fool"  A unique world that can not be shown to others by the Japanese lyrics "Weekend" and "From now I am ..." Because of that, impression that the introspection in Japanese songs pulled the legs of other songs.  Especially "Life Like A River " is a masterpiece. The album finishes with a strong cover Moonlight Feels Right

Yukihiro Takahashi - Only When I Laugh  (flac  248mb)
01 Weekend 4:32
02 Solution 4:56
03 Life Like A River 4:12
04 Ima No Boku Kara... 4:50
05 Episode 87 4:24
06 Camp 3:49
07 Ie Ni Kaeritai 3:33
08 Yume Kara Sametara... (Tenshi Wa Sugu Soko Ni Ita) 5:02
09 Moonlight Feels Right 4:22

Yukihiro Takahashi - Only When I Laugh   (ogg  91mb)

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EGO starts of in a great way the beatles 'TomorrowNeverKnows' cover (and moreover George Ismballlike arrangement). There are some songs reminiscent of "Yukihi Kaeda" until a while until "LookOfLove", but songs that make you feel hommage to Hosono, such as "Sigh of the Morning Color" "SeaChange" Dance Of Life ""Yes" with a simple moisture system that uses two kinds of snare drums. Although the number of tracks is limited the quality isn't, I mean, if you introduce this album it may be enough to keep all the lyrics of "left bank". The strongest enemy is in me, the best God should also be inside of you

 Yukihiro Takahashi - EGO   (flac  287mb)

01 Tomorrow Never Knows 3:41
02 Look Of Love 4:48
03 Erotic 4:03
04 Adele's Favourite (Asairo No Tameiki) 3:41
05 Sea Change 4:42
06 Dance Of Life 4:37
07 Yes 5:12
08 Left Bank 4:41
09 Only The Heart Has Heard 6:49

 Yukihiro Takahashi - EGO    (ogg  102mb)

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It is a feeling that I take it to heaven in the development of 1st and 2nd songs. The 2nd and 4th and 5th songs are totally beat works by beatniks. Although it is a solid title, "1% relationship" is also a very good song. (Jake is Yokoo Tadanori.) It is a five star.

Yukihiro Takahashi - Broadcast From Heaven (flac  231mb)

01 Tengoku Kara No Chuukei 1:38
02 6,000,000,000 No Tengoku 4:34
03 Fait Accompli 3:30
04 4:30am No Yeti :51
05 1% No Kankei 4:07
06 The Sensual Object Dance 4:15
07 Sabishisa No Sentaku 4:16
08 Forever Bursting Into Flame 4:34
09 Rehabilitation 6:19
10 What The World Needs Now Is Love 2:37

Yukihiro Takahashi - Broadcast From Heaven     (ogg  89mb)

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Many thanks for the continued YT goodness. He's like the Japanese Bryan Ferry and Phil Collins rolled into one! :D