Jul 24, 2018

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Today's artist is a Venezuelan band that plays a blend of disco, acid jazz and funk mixed with Latin rhythms. In addition to releasing eleven critically acclaimed albums, the band is lauded internationally for their explosive, live shows, spanning nearly 60 countries. .... N'Joy

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A performance-oriented Latin dance band from Venezuela heavily indebted to funk and disco (with a dash of acid jazz), los Amigos Invisibles made a big splash in their homeland in 1995 with their debut album, A Typical and Autoctonal Venezuelan Dance Band, which featured odd Japanese animé-style artwork. Bandmembers Julio Briceño (vocals), José Luis Pardo (guitar, songwriting), Armando Figueredo (keyboards), Mauricio Arcas (raps), José Rafael Torres (bass), and Juan Manuel Roura (drums) supported their growing reputation with a series of underground dance parties at the mostly deserted clubs of Caracas.

In 1995, EMI released their debut album, A Typical and Autoctonal Venezuelan Dance Band, which was a huge success in their home country, enabling them to sell out clubs around Caracas for the next couple of years. In 1996, David Byrne's Luaka Bop record label signed the group after discovering a CD they had planted in a New York City record store. Shortly thereafter, they went into the studio to work on their sophomore record, The New Sound of the Venezuelan Gozadera, which was released in 1998 and received accolades from press and musicians alike. Two years later and under the direction of famed producer Philip Steir, they released Arepa 3000: A Venezuelan Journey into Space, which received a Grammy nomination in the category of "Best Latin Alternative Album" and a Latin Grammy in the category of "Best Rock Album." Following the success of this release, the band relocated to New York City and began work on their masterpiece, The Venezuelan Zinga Son, Vol. 1, produced by "Little" Louie Vega of Masters at Work. Initially, the album was released in the UK and Japan through Long Lost Brothers Records, though a year later, Luaka Bop released the album in the US, resulting in another Latin Grammy nomination in the category of "Best Alternative Latin Album."

After ending their recording contract with Luaka Bop, Los Amigos Invisibles started their own label, Gozadera Records. The first release, Chill Out Venezuela, was a multiple-genre collection of Venezuelan artists, produced by Los Amigos Invisibles. For Gozadera's next release and the band's fifth studio album, they enlisted Dimitri from Paris to produce a collection of Venezuelan cover songs entitled, Super Pop Venezuela, which was initially offered in their native country only. In 2006, the album was released in the US, landing the band yet another Grammy nomination in the category of "Best Urban Latin Alternative Album."

After three years of anticipation, Los Amigos Invisibles released their album, Commercial, in a joint effort between Gozadera Records and Nacional Records. In an interview with America's National Public Radio, the band explained that the change in style was not by accident, nor was the decision to name the latest project Commercial. Rather, it is a tongue-in-cheek reference to band's former musical self. The release was a hit in Venezuela, debuting at #1 on the music charts. During the week of July 7, 2009, their song, "Vivire Para Ti" featuring Natalia Lafourcade, was offered as Single of the Week in the iTunes music store and in November 2009, Commercial won the Latin Grammy in the category of Best Alternative Music Album.

Following their Grammy win, 2010 saw festival appearances and shows throughout the United States, Latin America, Europe, Australia and New Zealand. In 2011, the band released Not So Commercial, an EP of outtakes from the Commercial album. This album was a nominee for the Grammy Award for Best Latin Pop, Rock or Urban Album in 2012. In April 2013, Repeat After Me was released. This album received a Grammy nomination in the category of "Best Latin Alternative Album" and a Latin Grammy in the category of "Best Alternative Album", "Song of the year" and "Best Cover". In 2014, keyboardist Armando Figueredo and guitarist José Luis Pardo (Cheo) left the band. Both were original members. A year later, they released Acústico, a compilation of their greatest hits played in an acoustic style. 2017 saw the release of the album El Paradise. This was followed by a concert tour in the United States.

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This Venezuelan funky acid jazz ensemble delivers some of the most groovy and fun music you can run into these days. Granted it's in Spanish, you only need to have ears in order to enjoy their work. With "A Typical & Autoctonal Venezuelan Dance Band", their debut album, they deliver 20 songs loaded with beats that remind of a blend between Santana and Steely Dan. Highlights of the album are: the opening track ("Dame Tu Color"), "Dime", "Nada que decir", "Vuelo Hasta Tus Pies" (along with "Guffi's Mix", which it blends with seamlessly) and the impossible-to-ignore "Boogaloo Pa' Los Panas" (which throws the album into a Salsa loop that is closer to Fania All Stars than anything else). All through the album you can find bits and pieces that serve as a starting point for some of the Amigos' best known recordings, which would be found in following works after they were discovered by David Byrne who signed them to this label, Luaka Bop.

Los Amigos Invisibles - A Typical & Autoctonal Venezueland Dance Band     (flac  495mb)

01 Dame Tu Color 5:27
02 En El Cielo O En Tu Boca 4:09
03 Dime 3:40
04 El Humo Que Respiro Cuando Estoy Contigo 3:09
05 Nada Que Decir 3:25
06 Siente 3:40
07 Biicuaiiet 1:45
08 Vuelo Hasta Tus Piés 3:36
09 Guffi's Mix 1:44
10 Encántame 3:17
11 Pelusa 1:58
12 Dialecto Divino 4:37
13 Porno Song 6:13
14 En Dónde Está Lo Bello 4:11
15 Mauri's Mix 1:17
16 Acid Jazz De Las Mujeres Locas 3:19
17 Más Dulce 3:16
18 Boogaloo Pa' Los Panas 2:44
19 Vamonos 6:08
20 Ultima Pieza 0:31

Los Amigos Invisibles - A Typical & Autoctonal Venezueland Dance Band   (ogg   172mb )

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The Invisible Friends (LAI) is a Venezuelan band that has been called on many occasions as "Latin Funk" or "Acid Jazz", beyond the labels that said the drummer Juan Manuel Roura ("Mamel") said  that the LAI music they categorized as "music made to dance", in the second album of the invisible "The New Sound of the Venezuelan Gozadera" is the song that is probably the first true and great success of LAI, "Ponerte En Cuatro", remembered by many for the" bunny "and the" cowgirl girl ".

Listeners tired of hearing Latin dance music riddled with drum machines and cheap synthesizers will be enchanted by The New Sound of the Venezuelan Gozadera, as los Amigos Invisibles are fully committed to playing all their own instruments. And they do so quite well, turning in a series of infectious, good-spirited Latin funk/jazz/disco jams that sound undeniably Latin but also, true to the title, quite modern.

Los Amigos Invisibles - The New Sound Of The Venezuelan Gozadera   (flac  447mb)

01 Güelcome 0:19
02 Ultra-Funk 3:39
03 Mi Linda 3:46
04 Sexy 3:24
05 Las Lycras Del Avila 3:02
06 Groupie 4:40
07 Otra Vez 6:21
08 Cachete A Cachete 4:48
09 Balada De Chusy 3:53
10 Asomacho 1:16
11 Ponerte En Cuatro 4:33
12 Mango Cool 2:54
13 Nerio Compra Contestadora 0:24
14 Quiero Desintegrar A Tu Novio 3:26
15 El Disco Anal 6:14
16 No Me Pagan 3:20
17 Cha-Chaborro 2:45
18 Aldemaro En Su Camaro 3:15
19 The New Sound Of The Venezuelan Gozadera 5:05

Los Amigos Invisibles - The New Sound Of The Venezuelan Gozadera   (ogg  169mb)

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Perhaps even better than their debut American release, Arepa 3000 proves that los Amigos Invisibles have an unlimited number of musical rabbits to pull out of their hats. This band from Venezuela manages to infuse all of their songs with a funky Latin flavor while tromping through swanky lounges, disco halls, and the occasional horse race. Named after a common Venezuelan food, this band serves up a tasty buffet of sound. It's no wonder they've found themselves on David Byrne's prestigious world label Luaka Bop, which seems to find the best music, regardless of ethnic markings, from around the world.

Los Amigos Invisiblesare quite possibly the greatest funk band ! They can be funkier than George Clinton, more bossa nova than Antonio Carlos Jobim, more housier than most house music producers, & their music will also range from salsa, to pop, to disco. Most of their lyrics are very perverted, but at the same time, they can be very comical. Cool stuff. Even if you don't speak Spanish...

 Los Amigos Invisibles - Arepa 3000 (A Venezuelan Journey Into Space)   ( flac  426mb)

01 Intro 0:35
02 Arepa 3000 2:35
03 La Vecina 4:19
04 Qué Rico 4:00
05 Cuchi-Cuchi 3:44
06 Si Estuvieras Aquí 4:11
07 Masturbation Session 4:53
08 Mami Te Extraño 3:21
09 Mujer Policía 4:14
10 No Le Metas Mano 0:34
11 Amor 4:10
12 Pipi 2:11
13 El Barro 2:21
14 Domingo Echao 2:35
15 Piazo E' Perra 3:28
16 El Baile Del Sobón 3:28
18 Fonnovo 4:07
18 Caliente 6:57
19 Llegaste Tarde 4:41

   Los Amigos Invisibles - Arepa 3000 (ogg  154mb)

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Some things are absolutely certain. No matter how cold and endless the winter may seem, summer will eventually come, and with it a plethora of Latin-tinged dance grooves designed for chill days on the beach and hot nights in the club. The Venezuelan six-piece Los Amigos Invisibles know this, which is probably why on their third album they left the worldbeat cul-de-sac of David Byrne's Luka Bop label in favor of the less internationally specific realm of house music, teaming up with Nuyorican dons Masters at Work to produce The Venezuelan Zinga Son, Vol. 1. But fortunately for the group, Louie Vega and Kenny Dope refuse to just rub them down with house grooves and send them on their way. In fact, contrary to what most folks would expect from an album bearing the iconic MAW logo, most of the tracks here are light-footed Latin numbers, with "Esto Es Lo Que Hay" and "Calne" sounding like pure traditional music played overhead in your corner pupusaria. But the boys do groove ahead on "Ease Your Mind" and "Una Disco Llena," which might have you believing these beats were made with samplers, rather than the real thing. Blending original roots with big-city beats, Los Amigos Invisibles already have their thongs (the sandals) on.

 Los Amigos Invisibles - The Venezuelan Zinga Son Vol.1   (flac  499mb)

01 Rico Pa' Goza 0:08
02 Comodón Johnson 4:22
03 Una Disco Llena 5:31
04 Venezuelan Zinga Son 2:30
05 Playa Azul 4:39
06 Ease Your Mind 5:27
07 Gerundio 5:21
08 Ojos Cerrando 2:24
09 Esto Es Lo Que Hay 6:19
10 Majunche 2:56
11 Mambo Chimbo 4:10
12 Diablo 4:23
13 Calne 4:12
14 Superfucker 5:39
15 Bruja 8:55

Los Amigos Invisibles - The Venezuelan Zinga Son Vol.1 (ogg  160mb)

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