Nov 30, 2013

RhoDeo 1347 Beats

Hello, some of you have survived another 'black friday', the day that cynically follows the familyholiday for Thanksgiving and Praise to our beneficent Father who dwelleth in the Heavens. Clearly it's back to unfeathered greed for Americans the next day, bargains and total anarchy for the rat race schmucks. O.M.G if only I had more, more, more stuff i would be happy, as happy as that millionaire kitchen goddess who could snort as much coke as she wanted, ah yes Nigella's looks are deceiving. Meanwhile some dickhead econometrist has calculated optimal happiness isn't that expensive an average income will do, i'm sure he is on the NSA watchlist now for this unamerican propaganda. The Beatles said it 45 years ago, "happiness is a warm gun" kill baby kill.

The coming months Frenchies rule the beats and they have plenty to offer even though not that much reaches the world as  the music scene is rather dominated by the Anglo - American industry. Meanwhile the French enjoyed themselves in their own niche so to speak, and they did rather well. Today's artists formed by two psychologists, Jean-Philippe Freu and Patou Carrié, the project originally intended to produce house music entirely based on a traditional rock set up made up of guitars/bass/percussions. It however quickly became clear that a touch of technology was needed, and Johnny Palumbo became the third member of this unusual combo. Their disco house sound based on guitars and electronic wizardry has never been embraced by the very Parisian ‘French Touch’. . ....... N'joy

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Guitarist Jean- Philippe Freu and bass-player Patou Carrié, the two halves of Rinôçérôse, launched their respective careers in the early 80's, playing with a band called Les Maracas. Together with groups like Shériff and OTH, Les Maracas - a 60s-influenced pop combo - were one of the leading lights on the sparse Montpellier rock scene. After Les Maracas went their separate ways in 1993, Freu and Carrié re-invented themselves as a duo, locking themselves away in the studio to begin experimenting with electronic sounds. The duo of musicians also work as psychologists, calling themselves, "Psychologists by day, musicians by night". As for the group's strange new name, Freu and Carrié sought inspiration in the work of Gaston Duf, the famous artist and founder of the 'art brut' movement who was interned in a psychiatric hospital. (Rinôçérôse was the title of one of Duf's best known paintings).

They compose music in English, French, and German. They are based in Montpellier. The self-proclaimed house-with-guitars unit formed in 1995 around the French duo of Jean-Philippe Freu and Patrice "Patou" Carrié, from the ashes of two indie bands. Recording for the Spanish label Elefant, the pair released an eponymous debut soon after coming together (recorded with help from programmer Johnny Palumbo), then assembled a seven-piece band to tour the country. Soon, the French major label PIAS signed the duo and released the EP Le Mobilier in 1998. A support gig for Underworld in Paris cemented the group's rather tenuous credentials in the dance world, and released their album debut, Installation Sonore, on V2 in mid-1999. Music Kills Me followed in 2002, but its lack of success caused the group to lose global distribution.

Schizophonia followed in a limited release during 2005, it marked a new turning point in the band's music, with a more mainstream rock groove rather than a more ambient electronic sound. Schizophonia also contains an unprecedented amount of vocals compared to previous albums, in which lyrics are used extremely sparingly, or not at all. The band soon ended the dry spell when Apple decided to use the album's song "Cubicle" for an iPod advertisement. V2 re-engaged them on a worldwide basis, and released an eponymous collection -- spanning 1997 through 2005 -- to help newcomers catch up, titled Rinôçérôse (only differentiated from their first album by the diacritics). Rinôçérôse contains hit singles such as "Bitch", "Cubicle", "Music Kills Me", and "My Demons". After promoting their greatest-hits album with an international tour, the duo took a short break before regrouping and releasing Futurino in 2009.

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Culling inspirations from only the most stylish of late-'90s dance acts (Daft Punk, Basement Jaxx, Underworld), Rinôçérôse focuses in on lush, filtered disco (with the requisite clipped beats and streamlined sound) as a pad for frontmen Jean-Philippe Freu and Patrice "Patou" Carrié to layer their accomplished guitar work. While the guitar lines occasionally sound gimmicky or muzaky -- closer to Steely Dan than Underworld -- the duo often succeed in transcending the boundaries of house-with-guitars. Though the opener, "La Guitaristic House Organisation," begins with a few clichés, the interstellar-overdrive effects near the end of the track rescue it from oblivion. And on several other tracks, added flute and Latin percussion make for some solid pan-global vibes. For all the lap steel, talkbox, bottleneck, wah-wah, fuzz guitar, whammy bars, E-Bow, and Spanish guitar in evidence, the programming work of Johnny Palumbo bears much of the burden. Thankfully, he's at least slightly ahead of the curve.

From the trippy atmospherics of "La Guitaristic House Organisation" to the weird lounge core of "Mes Vacances ê Rio," the duo recombines routine dance devices into a mix that defies classification. Like the rhino painting by a mental patient that lent Rinocerose their name, Installation Sonore is a lesson in exuberant schizophrenia, full of hallucinatory bravado.

Rinôçérôse - Installation Sonore ( flac 510mb)

01 La Guitaristic House Organisation 7:09
02 Radiocapte 5:30
03 Sublimior 5:33
04 Le Mobilier 4:21
05 323 Secondes De Musique Répétitive Avec Guitare Espagnole 5:23
06 Mes Vacances À Rio 6:30
07 Popular Mechanics 4:45
08 I Love Ma Guitare 5:18
09 «Rock Classics» Volume I 5:21
10 Le Triangle 5:20

11 Le Mobilier (Raygun Remix) 3:15
12 La Guitaristic House Organisation (Terry Farley Remix) 6:50
13 Mes Vacances A Rio (Francois Kevorkian Mix) 11:30

Rinôçérôse - Installation Sonore  (ogg 184mb)

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For these house hedonistic aristocrats, confronting their dance floor bonanza sound with the harsher realm of rock music has always been a mean to characterise their music. Their recent In Rock EP, which included the opening track of Music Kills Me, Le Rock Summer, was a condensed version of what this new album has to offer: incisive riffs, groovy bass lines and powerful beats. Le Rock Summer and Music Kills Me both set the standards for the most unusual journey into club music, with pulsating aggression and runaway beats. It’s Time To Go Now!, Resurrection D’Une Idole Pop and Brian Jones: Last Pictures denote a more laidback side of the <> sound, stuck between Daft Punk and St Germain, with their almost jazz influences, mainly translated through the omnipresent flute, which, if used elsewhere in the album, never has more impact than here, and soulful guitars. The trio clean up their attractive atmospheric ambiences on the slightly more melancholic Professeur Suicide and No, We Are Not Experienced!, reaching the realms of deep house in style with elegant seventies pianos and guitar gimmicks. The live <> sound is truly alive and palpable here. The last few tracks of Music Kills Me emphasise on the near chill-out incarnation of the band, with the bossa inspired Dead Can Dance and the acoustic Highway To Heaven. 
The references made to legends of rock through song titles - Hendix (No, We Are Not Experienced!), Brian Jones (Brian Jones: Last Pictures), or Led Zeppelin and AC/DC in the conjoined Highway To Heaven – as well as some Motown touches here and there clearly demonstrate that, if the <> soundscapes have a modern feel, their roots are firmly set in the past, between rock and funk. The trio's music is reverent enough to dissipate any accusation of shameless pillage though, and proves to be more intrinsically modern, inspired and clever than most of their Parisian contemporaries.

Rinôçérôse - Music Kills Me  (flac 438mb)

01 Le Rock Summer (Edit) 4:00
02 Music Kills Me 6:04
03 It's Time To Go Now! 5:30
04 Lost Love 4:30
05 Dead Flowers 5:55
06 Resurrection D'une Idole Pop 4:04
07 Professeur Suicide 6:55
08 No, We Are Not Experienced! 5:43
09 Brian Jones: Last Picture 5:34
10 Obseques D'un Guitar Hero 4:23
11 Dead Can Dance 3:50
12 Highway To Heaven 4:06

Rinôçérôse - Music Kills Me  (ogg 140mb)

xxxxx xxxxx xxxxx xxxxx xxxxx

On their 2005 album, Schizophonia, Rinôçérôse broke their habit of producing purely instrumental tracks and invited half-a-dozen vocalists into the studio. The collaborative experiment produced such satisfying results that the duo have used the same formula again on their new album, FutuRINO. But this time round Montpellier's foremost electro-rock act have gone upbeat, replacing dark brooding atmospheres with hedonistic pop anthems. Patrice "Patou" Carrié and Jean-Philippe Freu, the two complementary halves of Rinôçérose, have never believed that music is a question of hitting upon the right notes and the right beats. To them, making an album involves a meeting of minds and a quasi-visceral bonding between singers, producers and themselves. The duo's fourth studio album, FutuRINO, involves more vocals than ever before, singers guesting on all tracks apart from the instrumental Mind City. But while Rinôçérose have adopted a classic pop format on FutuRINO they have kept their distinctive electro-rock flavour.

Following his impressive performance on Bitch on Rinôçérose's previous album, Jessie Chaton (the glam-rock frontman of Fancy) lends his vocals to two tracks on FutuRINO (the dance-driven Touch Me and My Cadillac). Rinôçérose also tried out a bunch of newcomers on their fourth studio offering, the stand-out star among the new talents being Luke Paterson who puts in a show-stopping performance on Panic Attack. While the Montpellier-based duo have remained loyal to their usual producer John Palumbo (who masterminded half of FutuRINO), Patou and Jean-Philippe have branched out on their new album to work with the 'crème de la crème' of producer talent all the way from London to Lausanne.

Despite the fact that Patou and Jean-Philippe upped the number of collaborators this time round, FutuRINO remains a surprisingly coherent work. However, this does not mean that the duo made any effort to stick within one genre - one minute they're going full-blown electro with Ninja (from the GO Team) on Time Machine, the next they're belting out rock guitars on Head Like a Volcano! Rinôçérose's fourth album, mixed by Alex Gopher, is a resounding success - largely because beyond the gizmos, the technology and the special effects all the songs on FutuRINO revolve around brilliant melodies!

Rinôçérôse - Futurinô (flac 282mb)

01 Panic Attack 4:02
02 Time Machine 3:28
03 Where You From 3:37
04 Head Like A Volcano 3:15
05 Mind City 4:39
06 Touch Me 3:50
07 The Heroic Structure Of Rinôçérôse 5:17
08 Tomorrow 4:06
09 My Cadilliac 2:56
10 Week-End Of Sin 4:12

Rinôçérôse - Futurinô  (ogg 96mb)

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