Sep 1, 2013

Sundaze 1335 Inside Out 12

Hello, at Sundaze this month of September will be all under the Inside Out banner. It maybe a bit much to take it all in as there will be diverse propositions to enhance your insights and wellbeing. Audiocourses on Meditation , Lucid Dreaming and Kundalini Activation will be accompanied with some regular sundaze music However today we start off in a slightly regular fashion yet with as theme the Near Dead Experience, which is not really covering what is happening because in a lot of cases these people were clinically dead but they returned to this realm. Research in this phenomena has been going on since the eighties but thanks to the internet more and more tales have been told by those that had such an experience, tales that often they didn't share for fear of being ridiculed, the video here is a must see even if you're only slightly interested and certainly one to share with friends and family. As it happens today's artist made an album that was picked out as representing some of the sound/music experiences these people had when they were disconnected from their body.

Today's artist isn't that well known this despite the fact he stands at the beginning of what later became the ambient /new age label. Now, I know 'new age' tends to be a bit of a dirty word, especially for us music heads, but this release has the fortune of coming out at magic moment when this genre didn't exist as such and this here has little to do with the muzak that has been produced under this banner the last 20 years.

I like Eno a lot but this guy was there first, the albums here are from 75, 78 and 83 and when you'll hear them it's hard to believe these were made in days before the synthesizer, some call him the Mozart of the New Age, surely he's among the bests. Many attribute healing qualities to his music and that may very well be, drink my friend ... N'Joy

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Near Death Experience Documentary - commonalities of the experience 56 min

You may have come across headlines of NDE explained recently and the truly bizar explanations scientists come up with to reason away such as the above testemonials. It shows one thing, how desperate these people are to hold on to their materialistic worldview. Really sad and worse holding all of us back, the world won't disappear if we really knew this here is more of an illusion then the other side. This still is a beautiful place after all-even if we mess up things all the time.

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Iasos (pronounced ya' sos)  was born in Greece in 1947, American resident from 1951, he is a musician living in the San Francisco Bay Area of California. He is the earliest creator of the "New Age Music" genre. His company, Inter-Dimensional Music, is based in Sausalito, California. The psychology department at Plymouth State College rated his Angelic Music album as being closest to the music heard by people who have had Near-death experiences. The Buddhist philosopher Alan Watts has said "Iasos is doing the classical music of the New Age."Guitarist Lee Underwood has said "Angelic Music...perhaps exemplif(ies) the best this genre has to offer."

He began studying piano at age 8, with formal music education through high school. in 1967, he began to "hear" music, which he referred to as "paradise music". He moved to California in 1968, to work on creating this music. In 1975, he released his first album, Inter-Dimensional Music Through Iasos, the same year his friend and colleague Steven Halpern released his first album, thus being an early pioneer in the "New Age Music" genre. in 1982, Iasos produced one of the first New Age videos, "Crystal Vista". In 1989, the psychology department of Plymouth State College in New Hampshire conducted research with people who had had near death experiences. The conclusion of the research was that Iasos' music received the highest rating for being most like the music people heard while in their near death state. Iasos has performed and lectured internationally, and his music is distributed worldwide. His music has been used by NASA and the Laserium laser light show.

A very good interview with Iosas done in 1991 about how he started, how he relates and how he sees his work, well worth 37 min of your time if you want to know more about the man and his music.

Iasos is, by all intents and purposes, much more than a musician. He conducts seminars, concerts and special events and also produces beautiful videos in a sort of a retro-70's-meets-the-new-millenium style. He is infinitely fascinating to listen to, to watch and to enjoy. His vision and his focus is clearly Divinely inspired and after you listen to a Iasos album or watch a Iasos video, you will be Divinely inspired as well.  He may well be one of the fathers of the New Age genre having released his first recording in this vein all the way back in the year 1975. And he is still going strong!"

an opening talk Iasos gave at an event on sound healing. He was asked to explain how sound can induce expanded states of consciousness (in 10 minutes or less). He did this in 7.5 minutes.

Youtube channel  Iasos

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This is one of the 2 albums that began "new age music" in 1975. Excerpts mixed by the maestro himself
If you are listening with tiny computer speakers, you may wish to turn down the volume at the beginning, since the strong bass frequencies when it first starts might otherwise distort the sound.Try headphones!

"I thought I'd heard nectar from heaven."

"Iasos is a 29 year old musical genius here. While other musicians have taken cracks at creating what might be called celestial music, Iasos has perfected the art. 'Inter-Dimensional Music thru Iasos' does point to a previously unheard musical wavelength . . . an excellent vehicle for travelling toward higher planes of consciousness. In this newly developing form of Space Age/New Age music, 'Inter-Dimensional Music thru Iasos' has set the standard to which others must aspire or from which they may depart."

Iasos - Inter-Dimensional Music (261mb)

01 Libra Sunrise 1:33
02 Formentera Sunset Clouds 4:49
03 I Passion You A Leap Of Love-Flame 0:46
04 Lueena Coast 4:08
05 Rainbow Canyon 7:03
06 Lagoon Night 1:16
07 Siren Shallows 2:25
08 Aries 1:28
09 Crystal Petals 3:13
10 Osiris Bull-Man & Elephant Walk 5:40
11 Creation 1:43
12 Cloud Prayer 5:14
13 Angel Play 10:33
14 The Bubble Massage 4:41
15 Maha-Splendor 5:52

Iasos - Inter-Dimensional Music (ogg 125mb)

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The definitive milestone of electronic music like ambient, drone, trance. Taking a large step, leaving all previous behind, never surpassed. Iasos himself said once, that he had a vision from another, highly vibrational reality which had helped to inspire this music. If this is not convincing, hear for yourself!
The recording is still little-known to our days in the shadows of commercial instrumentalists (the oldfields, tangerines, schulzes, jarres...). And it leads any comparison with them ad absurdum. It opened a gate to all futuristic music that came aferwards (also including Dark Ambient)

Iasos - Angelic Music (216mb)

01 The Angels Of Comfort 29:50
02 Angel Play 29:50

Iasos - Angelic Music   (ogg 115mb)

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This is the quintessential Iasos recording. This is like listening to classical music - but music created with modern electronic technology. Each piece is a "jewel" in itself. And the over-all "vibe" of the album is consistently positive. There is a level of "care in every little detail" here that is quite rare in modern music. This is definitely not "background music". It's the opposite: It is music that is profoundly interesting to listen to on your headphones.

Iasos - Elixir (221mb)

01 Missing You 11:57
02 Night Became 8:12
03 Miuh (Dedicated To The Memory Of W.W.) 3:51
04 Stream 1:57
05 Pride Pigs (Live With Esa Ruoho) 6:14
06 Laulu Maapallolle / A Song For The Earth 8:11
07 Inari 8:22
08 Keplatzoo (Live With Lassi Nikko) 9:01
09 Missing You (Dub) 5:47

Iasos - Elixir (ogg 107mb)

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