Sep 14, 2013

RhoDeo 1336 Beats

Hello, glad I can distract you from drooling over the video of that sad Disney bimbo, Miley Cyrus, a repressed lesbian who will never be left in peace as long as people can make money of her. You can just wait for the accidentally leaked treesome action. Meanwhile, Nic Jones, Vevo’s Senior Vice President, International, said: “People wanted to find high-quality, versions of, say, Rihanna’s latest video but it wasn’t easy to do that through a Google search. Vevo was created to make those videos accessible on any platform. Videos now aren’t a marketing tool to sell CDs, they connect artists to fans and make money for musicians and their labels,” it has paid out more than $200 million in royalties....

The coming months Frenchies rule the beats and they have plenty to offer even though not that much reaches the world as  the music scene is rather dominated by the Anglo - American industry. Meanwhile the French enjoyed themselves in their own niche so to speak, and they did rather well. Today's artist's music is absolutely, intrinsically, hopelessly French with its innate hip-swinging funkiness and general air of steamy nonchalance.  ....... N'joy

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Gopher (Alexis Latrobe) began his musical career in the Versailles suburb of his hometown of Paris, playing in a band named Orange alongside Nicholas Godin and Jean-Benoit Dunckel (later to find fame and fortune as Air). The pair shared Gopher’s love for the music of Prince, Kraftwerk, New Order, Parliament and Funkadelic.

“Of course,” says Gopher over the phone from his home in Paris. “I am a very big fan of Prince. I am a very big fan of P-Funk and George Clinton too. For this album, I just try to use all of my past influences, from funk music to pop music and jazz, because you know, I started my career playing bass in a teenage rock band. I fell in love with funk music at the start of the Eighties and I just wanted to take all these 15 years of music and put something back.”After the group split, he began to create electronic music and embarked on a successful solo career. He prefers to work alone, but since he does not sing, he recruits vocal talent or uses samples of singers.

In 1998 he released his first solo album “You, my baby andI”, which featuredthe single “The Child” with the famous letter-shaped animated video with references to New York, directedby Antoine Bardou-Jacquet (H5). Early 2000, Alex wrote the scorefor the Yves Saint-LaurentSpring-Summer 2000 fashion show with Hedi Slimane. Catherine Deneuve made a vocal appearance on the tracks. He collaborated with Demonto release a few 12” in 2001 under the name Wuz, introducing the
album in March 2002.

In 2003,Alex went back in studio with Etienne de Crecy, for the follow up to the Superdiscount project  (#2).  He  co-wrote  2  tracks  plusthe single Fast Trackand performedon a long worldwide tour. With Superdiscount Alex produced remixes for the likes of Kraftwerk,  Who Made Who, Benny Benassi… Then two new projects: a series of 12” releases(on BTK, Pias and Kistunérecords) and in 2007, a new album, simply called‘Alex Gopher’,revival of his early music with Orange with more
pop song writing, produced by Etienne de Crecy.

2008 & 2009 : the Aurora EPs vol.1&2, the Belmondo EP, and the Handguns EP. The track Aurora is now a classic Soulwax did a cover in their live gigs and always play it in their DJ sets as many other famous Dj's). The success of these records made Alex one of the most asked remixer in 2008 & 2009 for artists like Fischerspooner, Ladyhawke, BennyBenassi, AutoKratz to name just a few. He released a double compilation album  "My  New  Remixes"  with  all  these  remixes  in november 2009 on hisown label Go 4 Music.

In 2010, he mixed Flairs’new album, Carte Blanche EP (DJ Mehdi & Riton / Ed Banger) and produced  two  artists  on  Go  4  Music  Pablo  Decoder  « Echoes  In  My  Head »  and  Sovnger « Breathless ».Alex has released with Pierrick Devin two remixes for Pacific and Etienne de Crecy. In his brand new own studio builtin 2010, he is working with Xavier Jamaux on a soundtrack for the movie « Motorway » produced by Johnnie To and directed by Soi Cheang. He just finished a new EP « Invasion/Virages » and remixes for AutoKratz, Light Year and Alb. His track "Brain Leech (Bugged Mind Remix)" plays on the Electro-Choc station of Grand Theft Auto IV. He plans to release an album and a movie soundtrack during 2013

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Alex Gopher finally made a worldwide splash with his 1998 full-length debut, You, My Baby & I. The former associate with Air and longtime producer for two linchpins of the Gallic dance world (the Solid and Source labels) leans toward the Cassius and Dimitri from Paris arm of French dance, heavy on the filtered-disco and good-time funk inspirations instead of the slightly more uptight acid squiggles of Daft Punk and compatriots. But he does have the same Parliament-Funkadelic inclinations as Daft Punk, drafting P-Funk vocalist Michael "Clip" Payne for several tracks. Gopher proves himself just as excellent a producer as Air or Daft Punk, emphasizing a sound based on the studio sheen of disco and late-'90s hip-hop throughout. The occasional detour through more atmospheric territory also works well, not-so-strangely reminiscent of Air (Jean-Benoit Dunckel guests) on the vocoder haze of "Ralph & Kathy." Throughout, Gopher proves that he has no need (or desire) to ride anyone's coattails.

Alex Gopher - You My Baby and I ( flac 594mb)

01 Time 4:30
02 Tryin' 5:35
03 The Child 4:34
04 Ralph & Kathy 4:36
05 With U 3:45
06 You, My Baby & I 6:41
07 06 10 98 2:03
08 Party People 3:53
09 Consolidated 4:26
10 Quiet Storm 4:31
11 You, My Baby & I (Pepe Bradock Remix) 4:27
12 Party People (Romanthony Extended Mix) 7:49
13 The Child (Faze Action White Wall Tea Party Mix) 6:59
14 Time (Mr. Oizo For Dogs Remix) 3:31

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A slightly different record than You, My Baby & I, Wuz presents a deep, dark sound world of precisely programmed house music. With compatriot Demon (aka Jérémie Mondon) helping out on production, Gopher turns in an LP of chunky beats and glittering effects, occasionally referencing the disco-fied P-Funk of his first full-length, but with less of the retro crossover of Daft Punk or Les Rythmes Digitales. Gopher moves from track to track but never breaks up the mix, making Wuz very much a dancefloor record. The epic "Without You" cranks up the energy like a latter-day "Revolution 909," pausing for breath midway through for just a minute until the bass comes crashing back in. A few tracks, though, offer a (comparatively) experimental aesthetic; "Focus" deals in stuttered vocals while cavernous creaks phase through the mix, and "Long Island" detours into stop-start glitch processing (behind a steady backbeat, of course). Balancing get-on-the-floor beats with a few mind-expanding ideas, Wuz is a very nice second record from Gopher; if the identical record appeared under Daft Punk's name, fans would likely christen it an imaginative return to form.

Alex Gopher With Demon - Wuz (flac 364mb)

01 Intimacy 2:38
02 Wuz 5:34
03 Focus 3:29
04 Without You 6:32
05 Long Island 4:53
06 Use Me 5:52
07 The Shell 6:51
08 Be As One 5:27
09 The Dark Side 1:12
10 Keep On Dancing (Last Man Standing) 11:27

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Although Alex Gopher made his name internationally as a producer, remixer, and DJ, his roots are in more pop-oriented territory. From 1985 to 1991, Gopher was one-fourth of Orange, an electronic dance-pop band from his hometown of Versailles, France. Gopher is a return to the past, a deliberate evocation of Orange's late-'80s sound: basically, what that means is that this album is an unapologetic homage to New Order and their followers. First single "Brain Leech" even throws in a recurrent melodic bass riff so blatantly lifted from the New Order playbook that Peter Hook should get royalties, and "The Game" explores the same Ibiza-inspired beats as their 1989 album Technique. The unashamedly commercial "Carmilla," meanwhile, mines the Brit-funk pop of A Certain Ratio and late-era Orange Juice in pretty much exactly the same way that Franz Ferdinand do. For old times sake, Dunkel and Godin make appearances, as does fellow '80s obsessive Olivier Libaux of Nouvelle Vague. Die-hard house music fans may well be horrified by the forthright pop direction of Alex Gopher, and many of the retro-pop fans who are its target demographic will miss it simply because they don't look in the dance/electronica bins at their local CD emporium. But this is a catchy, good-humored, and unpretentious throwback to Gopher's roots that's hard not to enjoy.

Alex Gopher - Alex Gopher ( flac 460mb)

01 Out Of The Inside 4:56
02 Brain Leech 3:42
03 Nasty Wish 2:51
04 Isn't It Nice? 3:52
05 Boulder, Colorado 3:45
06 Carmilla 3:49
07 The Game 2:17
08 Song For Paul 2:44
09 5000 Moons 3:23
10 Go! 2:57
11 The White Lane 3:27
12 Brain Leech (Alternate Version) 3:42
 + Bonus
13 Motorcycle (Dry Clutch Edit) 6:35
14 Brain Leech (Bugged Mind Remix) 5:52
15 Odyssey 4:21
16 I Need Change 6:21
17 Dust 6:14

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