Feb 9, 2012

RhoDeo 1206 Goldy Rhox 58

Hello, today the 58th post of GoldyRhox, classic pop rock. In the darklight an German band, their discography consists of six studio albums, two live albums, and three video albums. They has also released twenty-three singles, all of which are accompanied by music videos. The band was formed in 1994 by six musicians from East Berlin and Schwerin: singer Till Lindemann, guitarists Richard Kruspe and Paul Landers, keyboardist Flake Lorenz, bassist Oliver Riedel, and drummer Christoph Schneider. As of 2009, they have sold over 15 million records worldwide. Their live shows are famous for their pyrotechnic performance and theatrics, earning them awards from many countries, including The United States of America.

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Most of the albums i 'll post made many millions for the music industry and a lot of what i intend to post still gets repackaged and remastered decades later, squeezing the last drop of profit out of bands that for the most part have ceased to exist long ago, although sometimes they get lured out of the mothballs to do a big bucks gig or tour. Now i'm not as naive to post this kinda music for all to see and have deleted, these will be a black box posts, i'm sorry for those on limited bandwidth but for most of you a gamble will get you a quality rip don't like it, deleting is just 2 clicks...That said i will try to accommodate somewhat and produce some cryptic info on the artist and or album.

Todays mystery album was released It was released on 25 August 1997 it is the second album by this German industrial metal band . They started recording todays mystery album in November 1996 at the Temple Studios in Malta. The album was again produced by Jacob Hellner. "Engel", the first single off of the album, was released on 1 April 1997 and reached gold status in Germany on 23 May. The second single from the album was "Du hast", which hit the German single charts August 1997 at number 5. They then continued touring in the summer whilst todays mystery album was released on 22 August 1997. The album reached number 1 in Germany after only two weeks in the charts. Simultaneously, both the singles "Du hast" and "Engel" were in the Top 20 of the German charts. The band continued to headline sold out shows throughout Europe in September, October. On 5 December 1997, they embarked on their first tour of the United States with KMFDM.

The album booklet folds out to reveal six different covers, one for each band member (each photo depicting the member with bizarre facial-wear made out of ordinary kitchen objects like spatulas, spoons, forks etc.). The cover art was created by Austrian artist Gottfried Helnwein. The album is the only album entirely in German to be certified Platinum by the RIAA in the United States. This here is the tour version with extra tracks and a live bonus ep.

Goldy Rhox 58 (flac 399mb)

Goldy Rhox 58 (ogg 127mb)

Goldy Rhox 58 bonus (flac 189mb)

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