Feb 27, 2012

RhoDeo 1209 Sofa 1

Hello, hope you'll had a good weekend, having one eye at the Oscars i notice Hugo picking up all the minor Oscards, the music score went The Artist hmm guess that settles it nostalgia wins..Billy Crystal ain't very funny and looks way past his sell by date. Well at least the Oscar presenters try to be funny..

The coming 6 weeks i will present you with comedy drama of the highest quality from the guys who did Shaun of the Dead and Spaced starring Simon Pegg, a superb two season tv series which im inclined to post after this series.

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"The Sofa of Time was a BBC Radio 4 comedy drama written by and starring Nick Frost and Matt King. It was first broadcast in 2002.

"Milford (King) and Parker (Frost) get sacked from their jobs in a soft furnishings factory in Crouch End. As they are clearing out their lockers, they fall into the magical world of Gravy. Frost described Gravy as an "Tolkien-esque world with supermarkets and banks".

"There they meet Marmite the Dwarf, (Mark Heap), who believes that Milford is "the chosen one", who has come at last to save the people from the evil emperor warlock Raamen Bod, (Peter Serafinowicz), who plans to find the Sofa of Time, the most magical and powerful item of furniture in the entire universe, and use it for evil purposes.

"The series featured Spaced regulars Mark Heap, Julia Deakin, Peter Serafinowicz, and Simon Pegg as well as Kevin Eldon, Daisy Jones and Joseph Marcell. The series was produced by Mario Stylianides, for Talkback.

The Sofa of Time, is written by (and co-stars) Spaced's Nick Frost alongside comic Matt King. It also features Spaced regulars Mark Heap (as Marmite the Dwarf), Julia Deakin, Peter Serafinowicz, and Simon Pegg as well as Kevin Eldon and Joseph Marcell (of The Fresh Prince of Bel Air fame).

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The Sofa Of Time pt 1 ( 26mb)

01 The Sofa Of Time pt 1 27:56

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