Feb 13, 2012

RhoDeo 1207 AC Clark

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Ok Arthur Clark had more up his sleeve than just 2001 Space Odyssey and the coming weeks I have some BBC dramatizations lined up for you all...N'joy

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Arthur C. Clarke was born in England. His prime interest was : Science. He became the Chairman of the renowned British Interplanetary Society, when to confess to an interest in space was to admit to some kind of advanced lunacy. He began to write for British and American magazines, and his first book was one of the masterpieces of imaginative science fiction, Against the Fall of Night, later re-written as The City and the Stars. Another early book of non-fiction was The Exploration of Space which was offered by the Book-of-the-Month Club in 1952.

By this late date it is doubtful if even Arthur knows how many books in how many languages are to his credit. To mention only a few: Childhood's End, Rendevous with Rama, and the recently published Imperial Earth. But it is perhaps as author of the novel 2001: A Space Odyssey that he is best known.


"Rendezvous with Rama is a novel by Arthur C. Clarke first published in 1972. Set in the 22nd century, the story involves a fifty-kilometer-long cylindrical alien starship that enters Earth's solar system. The story is told from the point of view of a group of human explorers, who intercept the ship in an attempt to unlock its mysteries.

The "Rama" of the title is an alien star ship, initially mistaken for an asteroid and named after the king Rama who is considered to be the seventh Avatar of the Hindu god Vishnu. Asteroid 31/439 is detected by astronomers in the year 2130 while still outside the orbit of Jupiter. The object's speed (100 000 km/h) and the angle of its trajectory clearly indicate that this is not an object on a long orbit around our sun; it comes from interstellar space. Astronomers' interest is piqued when they realize that this asteroid not only has an extremely rapid 4 minute rotation period but it is quite large in size for an asteroid. An unmanned space probe dubbed Sita is launched from the Mars moon Phobos, and photographs taken during its rapid flyby reveal that Rama is a perfect cylinder, 20 kilometres (12 mi) in diameter and 54 kilometres (34 mi) long, made of a completely featureless material. In other words, this is humankind's first encounter with an alien space ship.

"This novel won both the Hugo and Nebula awards upon its release, and is widely regarded as one of the cornerstones in Clarke's bibliography. It is considered a science fiction classic, and is particularly seen as a key hard science fiction text."

A short student film inspired by the Arthur C. Clarke novel. Directed and animated by Aaron Ross, Tisch School of the Arts, NYU in 2001.
Best Animation, Marin County Film Festival, 2003, NYU First Run Film Festival, 2003

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In 2009, as part of their science-fiction season, BBC Radio 4 produced a two-part radio adaptation of the book. It was adapted by Mike Walker, and was broadcast on 1 March 2009 (Part 1) and 8 March 2009 (Part 2).

Arthur C. Clarke - Rendezvous With Rama ( 49mb)

01 Rendezvous With Rama pt 1 56:22

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