Feb 24, 2012

RhoDeo 1208 Grooves

Hello, today's artists have been up to the downslope and carved out their own niche in the globalmusic mind..PPP FFFunk from the start of the seventies onwards they laid their grooves on us, and even, as you can see at the bottom, if i posted several vinylrips 4 years ago (Rhotation Grooves 10 & 20), I think a further and deeper look into their discography is essential. So the coming weeks Fridaynght Grooves will be...

"A Parliafunkadelicment Thang"

Well after ten weeks of P Funk audio we've come to the end of the series and what better way to finalise with a choice of two video's, both are essential for the P Funker Enjoy !!!

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Don Letts's hilarious and colourful profile of the godfather of funk, whose 50-year career has defined the genre. From his 1950s days running a doo-wop group out of the back of his barber store, through the madness of the monster Parliament/Funkadelic machine of the 70s to his late 90s hip-hop collaborations with Dre and Snoop, George Clinton has inspired generations of imitators. Contributors include Outkast's Andre 3000 and Macy Gray.

This is a great documentairy on George Clinton and the P Funk well worth an hour of your time, view directly at Youtube or download it here.

George Clinton Tales of Dr.Funkenstein (BBC 2006)

George Clinton Tales of Dr.Funkenstein part 1 (300mb)

George Clinton Tales of Dr.Funkenstein part 2 (300mb)
George Clinton Tales of Dr.Funkenstein part 2 (300mb)

George Clinton Tales of Dr.Funkenstein part 3 (236mb)

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Stoned 1976 minds must've been blown by this delightful spectacle. George appears as Lollipop Man, StarChild, The UnDisco Kid, and Dr. Funkenstein. The three guitar players are Michael Hampton, Glenn Goins (who sings his booty off) and the iconic Gary Shider (who also does some NASTY singing). Bernie Worrell is absolutely there, funkin' out. The old Parliaments are there sangin like only they can (Sheik Grady Thomas, Stingray Davis - doin those BAD bass parts - Calvin Simon and Fuzzy Haskins, who goes off during "Standing on the Verge of Getting it on). Debbie Wright and Jeanette Washington are the female singers and they are incredible, both singing and slinking around the stage. Maceo, Fred, and the horny horns are as horny as ever. Musicianship and stage performance like no other, totally unconventional, strange, engaging and extraordinarily well played and performed, the freedom of the musicians is total and they move and groove like nothing you've seen.

George Clinton,Parliament Funkadelic - The Mothership Connection live from Houston (1976)

01 Introduction
02 Cosmic Slop
03 Do That Stuff
04 Gammin' On Ya
05 Standing On The Verge Of Getting' It On
06 The Undisco Kid
07 Children Of Production
08 Mothership Connection
09 Swing Down Sweet Chariot
10 Dr. Funkenstein
11 Comin' Round The Mountain
12 P. Funk
13 Tear The Roof Off The Sucker
14 Night Of The Thumpasorous Peoples
15 Funkin' For Fun

Bear witness to the Mothership descending into Houston's Summit Arena.

The Mothership Connection Live part 1 (180mb)

The Mothership Connection Live part 2 (180mb)

The Mothership Connection Live part 3 (180mb)

The Mothership Connection Live part 4 (150mb)

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